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Is makoto best girl and agreed by everyone
We all know me and steak are best grill
What are the best quotes in gaming?
I'm sure I can remember others given the time, but I personally love Auron's &quot;Now, now is the time&quot; speech at the end of FF X. <spoiler>https://youtu.be/eoAk8s3H4u0?t=19</spoiler>
Meme wars: Episode 1:Lvl 1 izanagi
she opens up her eyes, feeling the power of memes rush through her body... &quot;steaaaaaaaak.....&quot; she whispers...
This is getting out of hand
Good post Hibiki. that's why we love you, that's why we admire you!
This is getting out of hand
You do realizes that the mature ones are the ones who stay, face the situation and deal with it. you're just fleeing from it all.
JUNES Department Mall
Curry? Sure ! I love curry! Should I cook it for you? I know you just love my cooking!
JUNES Department Mall
I didn't know you could get that worked up about things like that Yu-chan... It's like I discovered a new side of you !
JUNES Department Mall
This place is nutso Yu-chan. Don't let it get to you!
JUNES Department Mall
Like I said Yu-chan, there is no real yosuke here. he's not even a real shadow, probably.

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What's your favorite toothbrush scene in gaming
Mine's is where the brother and sister have pseudosex while brushing the other's teeth
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