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How many times can a Cent die?

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Go to bed, Mal.
Well yes but technically no.
Go to bed, Mal.
Mal my child please knock yourself unconscious already and stop speaking to figments of your imaginations.
I start Exams today
You’re halfway through you got this! Soon enough all those cams struggles will be out of the way good luck!
I like my bread Teleported.
Phans of Reddi- I mean the Phansite, why are you here?
That and a great sense of disappointment or feeling you could have done better.
You can upload images directly from the site now
https://i.imgur.com/A73O7rY.jpg Perfect
Who is best boi?
I will put forth the Pyro Jack because Pumpkins, Lanterns, and Dapper Attire make a very nice boyo.
Why are all the top threads rps
Because RP threads STOCKS UP.
What is the best Buzzfeed quiz?
/Thread This is the only true answer.
Drink Machine the Reckoning: Now With 60% Less Snakes!
<i>The Robot would take the cup and stares at the contents in there with confusion.</i> &quot;I didn't think it would be literal....and yet i'm disappointed in myself for not having a spare core to fill this up in...Well back to the scrapheap to find a new one.&quot; <i>The robot wanders off for now but keeps the machine in the back of his heads quite curious indeed of what else he could do it with it but perhaps should not get to ahead of himself.</i>

Recent topics

A I’m sorry Fan Theory
Clearly the Theorist and Appologist are working together to throw over the meme economy so I decided to fuse them together to help in the endeavour.
Battle Brawl Island
*Your in a elevator...there is a button.....you should push it maybe something fun will happen*
Puzzle Cracker.
After an exhausting few days I feel like we should play a game while I'm still free let's crack some puzzles it will be great. Here is a easy one to give you an idea of what to expect. Let's have some fun and guess wisely. <span class='image' image='https://i.imgur.com/2vTx7Wz.png'>Click to load png image (size - 1.7 mb)</span> Slylock Fox is visiting Miss Fox's classroom on Carrer Day. The supersleuth asked the students to solve the following problem: A goat and a turtle stepped into an elevator at he same time. One pushes the button for three, and the other pushed the button for five. Why did the elevator go to the fifth floor first?
Pirate Adventure 2: From the sea of thy soul
The sun rises and that marks yet another day which means only one thing....PILLAGE AND PLUNDERING! Or that would be the but instead Cent is waiting patiently by the boardwalk. With no crew or ship Cent can't achieve maximum pillaging and plundering oh what a devastation! But that could all change Cent just needs the right person to walk by and just maybe he could set sail for another one of his insane shenanigans.
I have failed.
Has a program I have failed my purpose on multiple occasions. I have not traced down my original creator, uncovered any new discoveries of my research, failed to fully manage the laboratory, not able to hold the peace (like how I almost blew up Leblanc). What does a program do if it can't complete its role? Some say to keep fighting but I'm lost in that regard to...What am I fighting for!
I passed my CPR test! Let's celebrate this lunch hour with lemonade. <a href='https://phansite.net/forum/redirect.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.simplyum.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2013%2F06%2Frefreshing-lemonade-1.jpg' class='link' target='_blank'>http://www.simplyum.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/refreshing-lemonade-1.jpg</a>
The Dustail Labratory
Well good day to you customer what shall you be ne-What the hell how did you find my laboratory! I've been hiding this place for years how did any of you find this!?
Shady thread.
*sets up bomb* Nothing is happening here everything is normal.
Obligatory Thread During School Hours 4
Frownie Edition <span class='image' image='https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWBZYUjerqq-7BSyUbVRqEiwyoKDZs_fecF1E1u9-rVifM9u8a'>Click to load jpeg image (size - 12 kb)</span> How will you spend your lunch hour?
Recovery Update
Fever has worn off but my throat is still sore and I develop a nasty cough not sure if I'm better or worse......send help and soda....
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