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About me

The local cat demon~

Call me Cait Sith or Artemis, nya!

Arcana: Fortune
Persona: Black Cat
Weak: Elec
Resist: Curse
Null: Wind

Persona Skills:
Garudyne, Magarula,
Mudoon, Wind Amp,
Masukukaja, Tarunda,
Evade Phys, Terror Claw

Recent posts

Phans of Reddi- I mean the Phansite, why are you here?
Mishima’s trapped me in his basement and I can’t leave. Help.
Weird Design Choices
https://i.imgur.com/VqQgJi1.jpg Now I have an excuse to show this again
Intermission One
I jump out of the way of something moving past me. It’s Sam, but he looks and smells <i>wrong</i>. It’s no ordinary injuries. It has the look of decay and smell of death. My stumbling back turns into a fall and I don’t make any move to get up. I’m just shivering with my eyes squeezed shut. Even if I wanted to stand, I would probably just collapse anyway with the way floor feels unsteady under me.
Intermission One
I squirm out of the pile and tumble forward. Once I get my bearings, I blink at Mal a few times. “What do you mean? He’s probably on... the pile...” Quick headcount. Nope, we’re missing one. I jump up and run back towards the elevator, pounding on the doors if it’s closed. “Hey! Take us back! We left someone behind!” I’m not sure if I’m yelling at Walton or Sinbad or the room itself but it helps me ignore how powerless I am to do anything.
Chapter One: The Philosopher King
I scratch the back of my head. These two fight like children... Somehow, I’m not too surprised. Hakuryuu’s arrival makes me flinch, but he’s not here to attack us. I smile a little and my ears point low to both sides of my head. <i>An embarrassment to the empire? Pot, meet kettle.</i> “It’s kind of a long story that I’m not sure you’ll believe, but the gist of it is that we were shoved into these bodies against our will and if we don’t beat Sinbad, we’ll be trapped in this world or worse. You don’t have much reason to trust us, but I can’t see many reasons why we’d lie to you.”
Chapter One: The Philosopher King
The person in the window sends chills down my spine. It’s as if I’m staring at a god from afar, or even a chesire cat with great power in its paws. PK’s sudden painful-looking revival only startles me more and I hide behind the princess. “E-erm, anyway... he’s coming back as we said... That’ll probably happen to me too by the way this day’s going...”
Chapter One: The Philosopher King
“He- he’ll- he’ll be back.” That’s the best reply I can give the princess. The sudden arrival of Gamma and this new guy makes my fur stand on end, but I relax and creep out from under the statue once I realize they’re not hostile. I don’t feel like talking much right now so I just wait for the others to explain everything. My gaze wanders towards the places Mona and Yamraiha could have fled to. Maybe I can catch a glimpse of anything interesting.
Chapter One: The Philosopher King
Now that we’re under cover, I keep my grip on Niko while examining the surroundings. The sounds the spears make against the statue are worrying, but hopefully it’ll stay standing long enough to protect us. Mona and the water sorceress are probably safe by now. That tether I noticed confirms that. PK and the girl he’s fighting, though, aren’t so lucky. My chest heaves and I close my eyes. Just breathe. It’ll be over soon. Sam, Mona, Gamma... you guys better have good luck. You’ probably have ours.
Chapter One: The Philosopher King
They’re invisible right now and that only adds to my anger. Alright. If you wanna play like that, I’ll just AoE you jerks. I still don’t feel confident about this killing thing, but I won’t be dealing the blow, right? Before I can cast Maragi, our new ally prepares something. Field-wide attack! Perfect! That’ll hit them and... and... oh no. “Let’s book it, nya!” I cling to Niko while praying that we don’t become a victim of bullet hell.
CYOA: Selection Of Thy Own Journey
Melt into the ground and get everyone's shoes all icky

Recent topics

I had a dream that I was playing FE Three Houses but then I woke up this morning and now I’m sad I don’t even own a switch
SMT be like
https://cdn.christianaidministries.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Thinking-about-it-nonstop-300x225.jpg <spoiler>Best thing about rural Ohio: unintentionally mildly amusing billboards like this</spoiler>
School’s gonna be out soon
Hopefully the site will be more woke in the summer. Who’s excited? I’ll be graduating from high school so that’s nice.
Persona 5 theory generator
https://perchance.org/p5rtheories go wild kids
Real morning hours who up
I lived bitch but yeah, how’s everyone doing today?
Phanganronpa School Mode
“Death? Destruction? Nah, none of that here. What, you still remember the game? Ha! That was probably a bad dream. Everything’s fine. Look, everyone’s alive! I’ll even open the door so visitors can come in! Just relax and do whatever you kids do.” <i>-A mysterious handwritten note, found in every bedroom of the underground lab.</i>
Most powerful Persona, but...
There’s certainly a few Personas that are a cut above the rest in gameplay. However, after seeing a debate over the most powerful pokémon solely based on their extreme pokédex entries, I was thinking: what is the most powerful Persona based on mythology alone? Considering there’s so many gods, this’ll be interesting.
Phanganronpa: An Unfortunate Sequence of Events
<i>It’s been a night since the trial, and there are fewer left than before. And it may keep dwindling. The Duple unit was scrapped with much muttering from Monokuma about necromancers and their magic explosions. At least he was in a good enough mood to unlock the lowest floor: Floor B4.</i>
Persona Spinoffs You Want
While we always complain about the flood of spinoffs, they're stuck pretty neat regardless. What kinda spinoffs would you want to see? I'd personally like a crossover with mainline SMT or a spinoff with the P2 cast.
Phanganronpa: Spreading Distrust
<i>You know the drill by now. If you're an outsider curious about this, just ask for the Discord. Fourth wall breaking aside... The group of 16 has dwindled down to a mere 12 over time. Monokuma's morning announcement is supplemented with a cheery announcement of access to floor B3. What a great &quot;reward&quot; for solving last murder.</i>
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