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I'm a true Phan nyu.

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Tokyo Fire Department: The Masked Firefighter!
Please don't assume my gender, nyu.
Ay, I'm back
Ayyyy nyu.
Tokyo Fire Department: The Masked Firefighter!
<i>Broccoli drops down on Rosie's head.</i> Handholding is lewd and not allowed, nyu.
Last Post Wins III: Revenge Of The Sequels
Shadowgears thirst is rivaled only by how little I post, nyu.
Homophobic topic
You're the gayest of all of us, nyu.
Seeking Friends - Auctioning my Soul
^ I don't consent to this, nyu.
Memes memes and m9re memes
Your life ends 15 minutes from now, nyu.
Suction cup Climbing
I will master this skill, nyu. <i>Broccoli attaches suction cups to all of her limbs and climbs like a cat, stepping over Reps face in the process.</i>
Suction cup Climbing
Gema is all I need, nyu. <i>She floats on a yellow ball up the tower</i>
Suction cup Climbing
<i>Suddenly, a tiny loli sat on the skyscraper</i> Don't fall, nyu. It's a long drop, nyu.

Recent topics

You look great in your kimono, nyu. Bet you'd look better out of it, nyu XXX Broccoli, nyu
World domination, nyu
Phansite is dead, nyu Time for the revolution no one asked for nyu
Graveyard hours, nyu.
Gordan Ramsey is my favorite anime, nyu.
I'm in my bed, nyu.
Who wants me to put a shitpost on the Phansite, nyu?
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