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What am I? I tell you what I hecking am, a god damn frogcat. But I am special for I am the god of Frogcats all around. Bow down to me. u r gay

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Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>The Frogcat enters stage right slowly while riding on his heelies. When he reaches the mic he taps it and a loud screech echoes theough the gymnasium</i> “Ah hi, hello. My name is Bona. I am a Frogcat, and today I have a very special act for all of you.“ <i>Bona then puts on a tophat and cape and pulls out a stick.</i> “Today I will be performing magic! The best kind of magic anyone can see! I will bewilder you all with my amazing tricks! Prepare to be mind freaked!” <i>The Frogcat would throw down a smoke pellet causing only a small puff of smoke to arise below him </i> “For my first trick I must use my tophat!” <i>Bona would proceed to put the top hat on the ground with the rim of it facing upwards. He would then flick his magic wand to turn into a small fishing pole.</i> “I call this trick...Gone Fishing!” <i>The Frogcat would proceed to cast his line into the top hat, and after some waiting something would start to pull. After some fighting the Frogcat would yank what was on the line out of the hat.</i> “Aha! It seems the fish were hungry today! And would ya look at that I caught a Shad! Did you know that if Shad were twenty pounds heavier they would be the strongest fish in the world?” <i>The Frogcat would proceed to clap his hands and smack the Shad causing it to bulk up.</i> “I present to you...the Strongest Shad!” <i>The Shad would simply flop around stage before slapping the Frogcat in the face and hopping back into the top hat.</i> “And now ladies and gentlemen...my final trick!” <i>The Frogcat would then proceed to pull out a knife and slice his throat open causing him to collapse on the stage lifeless as a pool of blood surrounded him. A minute would pass before the body would start to shake and the Frogcat would spring back to life</i> “ALAKAZAM! Thank you for watching!”
Phansite's Got Talent: 2019 Edition
<i>A lone Frogcat would make his way into the gymnasium.</i> “A talent show, eh? Well I’ve got plenty of talent! I’m the most talented Frogcat to ever live, mostly cause I’m the only one to live...but I’m still number one baby!”
<i>Salutes</i> God bless
I need anime recomendations
Steins;Gate, Erased, Mob Psycho 100, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (yes the name is weird but don't let that turn you off from it), Hinamatsuri, A Place Further Than the Universe, Kill La Kill, Kyousougiga, Beelzebub, Konosuba, and Assassination Classroom are all anime I highly recommend. Pick whatever you want from this and hopefully you find some you enjoy.
'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again,
Yeah baby tonight, grab your sword, armor and gold, take your revenge,
'Cause baby tonight, the creeper's trying to steal all your stuff again,
'Cause baby tonight, you grab your pick, shovel and bolt again,
So now you're stuck in there, half a heart is left but don't die, die, die

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By Tim Allen. Time Allen by Zoom. Zoom. Z o o m. Zoom By Timmm Allen good movie
Awww man
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Remake
As some of you may know, I am a big fan of the Super Monkey Ball series, and with the announcement of the remake today, I thought I’d come out of my lurker status and share my thoughts on this. As of right now, I am disappointed. I was really hoping for an announcement for the main series of Super Monkey Ball, not the spin offs. Especially since Banana Blitz is one of the worst spin off games. Why wouldn’t they choose to remake VII or the first Monkey Ball game? Fans have been requesting it forever now! It just makes me sad, the team behind the Super Monkey Ball series are usually really good with listening to their fans, but this seems like the opposite. I know people still enjoy it, but when a vast majority of the fanbase is really hoping for a new game from the main series, well, its just saddening. In the end I cannot change this decision, and will just have to go with it. If they announce some new stuff for it, maybe I’ll be more interested. Like possible Add-ons with the casts from XV and XVI. If nothing new gets added, well it’ll be a pass from me and I’ll continue waiting till they release a new game or remake of this great JRPG series.
Zoom by Tim Allen
Atlus give us Persona 5 Racing you cowards
Let me zoom Atlus, let me drift, let me race in a palace, just give me Persona 5 Racing. Persona 5 the Royal is cool and all but lets get the better R oit there once and for all
What if they made Koromaru from Persona 3 a real dog
I think we can all agree that Koromaru is a good boy, and having a boy like that would be even better. We need to genetically modify dogs so they can look like Koromaru. The world would be a much better place with Koromaru's all around.
Hmm, today I will post
A very serious discussion topic. I hope you didn't think this would be some &quot;Joke&quot; or &quot;Shitpost&quot;. I am more than just that. Like seriously, I don't go on Phansite to just post dumb shit, I come on here sometimes for actual connection. To talk to one another and discuss things. Sure I may shitpost here and there, maybe even more, but I can be in a normal discussion too. Now, I would like to start off this discussion by asking a question to everyone. <b>PLEASE BE SERIOUS IN THE REPLIES</b> What's the fastest way to dry off pants? I accidentally spilled water on mine and I don't want to stand up and leave because people will think I peed myself and I rather not have Sharon from McDonalds think that.
Very Odd Personas
Akira is an average kid That no one understands Sojiro and Shido Always giving him commands [Shido] Damn Brat! The Doom and gloom Up in Shibuya Is broken instantly By his crazy magic powers Which help him in a pinch Cause in reality They are his odd personas Very odd personas [Caroline] Gross and Cool [Justine] Crazy magic shit Odd Personas Very Odd Personas White Rider, Pale Rider, Black Rider, Red Rider Carmen, Captain Kidd, Goemon, M'lady Johanna, Satanael, Zorro, LOKI Odd Personas, very Odd personas It helps rebel when your a Thief with Very Odd Personas [Shido] I'll Sue!
A Phanfic
Akira, Ren, whatever the fuck his name is wakes up to find himself in the velvet room. A loud slam is heard outside the cell. It was Caroline. &quot;Inmate!&quot; She yelled, &quot;It is time to test your abilities once and for all!&quot; Justine laughs quietly. &quot;Yes, today we will be testing your stamina to the max.&quot; The two look at Akiren with a weird look. The two then open the cell door and walk in. Caroline slams her baton on a wall. &quot;Get on your bed inmate! The test will now begin!&quot; The two twins walk towards Akiren and get n the bed. 30 minutes pass and Igor hears squeaking coming from Akiren's cell. Curious he walks over to see what was going on. As he gets closer he hears Caroline yell, &quot;Oh yes inmate! Thats it!&quot; Justine chimes in. &quot;Your stamina..*gasp*..Is proving better then mine!&quot; As Igor poked his head into the cell, his eyes widened even more than they were. He then fiddled with his hands before asking, &quot;Mind if I join in? After all this MY velvet room.&quot; Caroline looks at Igor. &quot;Of course you can master! Join us!&quot; Justine laughs as she gasps for air. &quot;Yes please*gasp*Join us!&quot; Igor then walks over to the three and joins them jumping on Akiren's bed. The end.
Persona 5 Scramble
P5S has apparently been leaked as a musou game https://twitter.com/mysticdistance/status/1121397578673815553?s=21
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