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Memes. That's all. Also here's my discord server, join it if you want: https://discord.gg/sGydGnn

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Fanganronpa: The Game Goes On
Fav team in Blazblue crosstag battle?
I still need to get the full game, but in the demo I had a lot of fun with Ruby and Yu, Yu especially. I might try out cat waifu (Blake) and Aigis, but until I try them out, it's Ruby and Yu for me.
Guys, think about this
We tell them to start scounting right
Cait does a Danganronpa rp thing
I mean I'm helping so might as well add a character Unless you want me to be the monobear himself, upupupu~!
Hex for me It's a irl nickname I have, and I guess my costume could be almost like a witch robe with the mask being just a simple masquerade mask. Fire magic and healing for me.
The day has come.
3DS/Wii U (lol)/Switch friend code exchange thread!
Switch: SW-8467-8380-6119 Games: Puyo Puyo Tetris Splatoon 2 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario Oddessy Bomberman R I have a 3ds but I can't get it out rn
What's your most hated boss in a Video Game?
Thunderblight Ganon (BotW) I've said this before, and I'll say it again. THUNDERBLIGHT GANON SUUUUUCKS. His attacks deal too much damage, he goes too fast, and if you have a metal sheild, good luck blocking his attacks in the second phase. Cookateil (Mario Odessy) Now this one isn't hard, it's just annoying. The reason why? The entire fight, you are in podoboo form. Podoboos are EXTREMELY slippery, and don't go very fast or jump very high, and you need to go fast and jump high in this fight. It's just extremely annoying and I hate it. Whitney (Pokemon gen 2 games) I don't hate her because she's hard, I hate her because she's easy and everyone thinks she's hard. You see, even though her Miltank has Rollout, if you choose Cyndaquil, Quillava gets Double Kick. Double Kick does a lot of damage. So it's REALLY not that hard.
Your fave is problematic
I mean tbh don't we all beat up people who steal our food

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Explanation time
So, I think it's about time for me that explain why I've been gone for so long. Before July, I was just dead because of discord. However, now is a different story. My dad found out about me using discord to talk to random people. He doesn't trust me not to run off with strangers, even though I KNOW THAT BY NOW AND IM NOT A 6 YEAR OLD, and forced me to get rid of discord. Ever since then, I've been afraid to even go on phansite in case he finds me out. That's why I've been dead,and am gonna be dead for a while. I might come on every now and then to be a rebel, but for now, I don't wanna risk it. See you guys for now.
Fanganronpa: The Game Goes On
So me and a couple of friends are making a Fanganronpa and we made a discord server for it, so join it if you'd like Link is in the next post cuz I can't past the link for some reason
Guys, think about this
I think we've been counting despacito wrong So we all know the original despacito two And we all know despacito 2 But there's already a despacito 2 The version with Justin beiber. So technically, this whole time we've been counting wrong Despacito 2 is actually despacito 3
People told PK to delet RP hub
[SERIOUS TOPIC] Can I get some help here?
So me and my friends have this discord group chat we talk in, since using our normal texting group chat always lags my phone. Since it's a discord chat, anyone can change the name and title of it at any time. Me and most of my friends love to change the title and picture to stupid things, but one of my friends hates it's and always changes it to something she wants it to be, and then calls us children for having fun. How do I tell her to chill out without being rude? I don't wanna stop being friends with her, because shes honestly not a bad person, I just want her to stop doing this.
Stupid ideas you have that you know others will hate but you wanna see it anyways?
Title explains it all. If anyone knows what the heck ASDFmovie is, I kinda wanna see all 10 ASDFmovies (and 2 deleted scenes) acted out like a serious/romantic anime style Idk why I just do
Hey guys. I just wanted to say I'm taking a break from the phansite Something just happened in my personal life that I need some time to get over And I don't want it leaking into anything So I'm probably gonna be gone for a week Maybe even more Anyways, Bona04 signing off. Seeya.
Alright, I'm just gonna get this out of the way now. That plot I was doing for Bona? I've decided to stop doing it. Bona is just gonna be in RPs as usual. As for Glitch, he has been exiled....... For now. In case you're wondering why I stopped, I honestly just got bored of the plot. Anyways, that's all. Have a nice day.
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