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"Hiya there, my name's... Eh, that doesn't matter, just call me Scout." Weapons: Austrailum Scattergun, Akimbo Pistols (Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol and Stock Pistol), The Sandman

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King of Nexus 2018 Round 2 Fight 1
<i>Among the abundance of people in the spectator stands is The Scout yet again. Unlike the previous times he has spectated the brawls, this time he appears to be asleep, probably from boredom, or maybe the fact that this goddamn fight is taking too long to come to a conclusion. He should probably stay asleep until it ends at this point.</i> Zzzzz.....
King of Nexus 2018 Round 1 Fight 7
<i>The Scout stand still like a statue as he’s put in his small trance by Sho, causing him to be vulnerable for any attack.</i> Whoa whoa.....the hell? <i>The Scout slowly snaps out of his daze just as Sho finished his flurry of spear attacks to him. Focusing on his opponent once more he instantly noticed that Sho’s pistol was aiming directly at him. With his eyes widening, he swiftly ducks, dropping his entire body to the ground, and kicks his opponent’s leg, attempting to sweep him off balance. After doing so, he holds his stomach in pain from the spear attacks and coughs up a small amount of blood on the ground.</i>
King of Nexus 2018 Round 1 Fight 7
<i>As The Scout landed on the ground, he would quickly notice that Sho has just fired three more shots at him. To react, The Scout would dodge the first two with ease, but unfortunately, he gets hit by the third one in his already injured left arm, causing him to now drop the other half of the spear.</i> Grrgh! This arm’s really gettin’ beat to death today, huh? Looks like I’ve gotta use it less. <i>The Scout kicks away the blunt half of the spear before reaching down to pick up his grey pistol. If he could recall, he would have about 2 bullets left in the pistol’s magazine since he already shot 10 of the 12 bullets from the gun. To make these bullets count, he quickly aims the gun directly at Sho’s right leg and fires at it twice to cripple him.</i>
Does anyone want a remake of Persona 3?
They should make a Persona Mario Party spinoff instead.
King of Nexus 2018 Round 1 Fight 7
<i>The Scout winces in pain as the spear strikes him right in his left arm causing him to drop both pistols. He grips onto the spear before slowly pulling it out, staring at the spear intensively. Grabbing the spear with two hands, he breaks it over his knee with only half effort before holding both halves of the spear in each of his hands.</i> That hurt ya know! <i>The Scout throws the half of the spear with this tip into the air with it spinning rapidly. As it comes down, he hops into the air before kicking the half towards Sho with the tip pointing towards him.</i>
King of Nexus 2018 Round 1 Fight 7
<i>The Scout stumbles back after the spear attack connected, but he manages to instantly retain his balance. As he stopped stumbling backwards, he hears the gunshot sound coming from his opponent, causing him to instantly sidestep to the right die to his almost instantaneous reaction times.</i> Heh, I was only joggin’. <i>The Scout drops his bat to the ground before reaching inside his pockets, pulling out two pistols, one black and the other grey and aims them both at Sho. After doing so, he would unload 10 bullets from each gun at his opponent while backpedaling.</i>
King of Nexus 2018 Round 1 Fight 7
<i>Opening his eyes just as the scenery shifted, The Scout surveyed the immediate area, getting a plan of what actions he could make and how he could defend himself. He then looks towards Sho with a smug grin on his face, throwing his bat imo the air once before catching it.</i> Gimmie your best shot! <i>Dashing towards his opponent with his blazing speed, The Scout raises his bat high. Once he approaches Sho, he would attempt to swiftly swing his wooden bat directly at his head. If the attack connects, he then would make another attempt, this one being a kick to the opponent’s gut to send him sliding backwards a bit..</i>
King of Nexus 2018 Round 1 Fight 7
<i>Stepping into the arena with his baseball bat resting on his shoulder, The Scout overlooked the roaring crowd surrounding him. In the crowd, he spots two of his friends from the previous matches cheering for him, one being the BLU Spy, and the other being the BLU Heavy. Stepping onto the machine, he takes a quick glance at Sho before closing his eyes, taking a deep breath in, then out.</i> Let’s just get this thing over with.
King of Nexus Round 1 Fight 2
<i>The Scout, accompanied by his mask wearing friend, The Spy, and his larger friend, The Heavy, are sitting in the same seats in the stands they sat in yesterday. Both The Scout and Spy are closely observing the fight with expressions of boredom on their faces, but The Heavy on the other hand is too focused on eating his sandwich. Sighing, The Scout looks over to his masked friend.</i> Scout: Hey Spy, ya mind tellin’ me the time? <i>The masked man looks down at his left wrist, checking the time on his watch. He makes eye contact with The Scout, speaking to him in a noticeable French accent.</i> Spy: It’s 7 o’ clock. What, do you have another date with Pauling that’s coming up? Scout: G-Gah! N-No! I just have this fight that’s comin’ up soon, and I don’t wanna be let’s for it! Spy: Hmm, I see... <i>They both look towards the projector in unison.</i>
King of Nexus 2018 Round 1 Fight 1
<i>A tracksuit wearing man is seated among the crowd, watching the two fighters enter the arena. Thankfully, he joined the tourney at the last minute so that he could test out his fighting skills for once. There seems to be two other blue clothed men sitting beside him, one being a large man munching away on his chocolate bar, sandwich, and banana, and the other being a formally suited man with a blue ski mask covering his face, silently watching the fight with his hands folded.</i>

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GYM: A Swing and a Miss!
<i>The inside of the GYM was silent. Not even a single person, including the owner, Kalib, who usually sits behind the juice bar from time to time, was not present inside the building. It almost felt like the interior was a miniature ghost town in a sense...</i> <i>Just then, the silence of the GYM was interrupted by a loud bang at the door of the building followed by the door flying off of it’s hinges, crashing into the opposite wall with another loud bang. Just after that, a blue tracksuit wearing man with a wooden baseball bat in hand, which was most likely used by the man to destroy the door, steps into the building, scanning the area for any other people. The expression on his face told that he was itching for a fight since he hasn’t had a “real battle” since the battle with that cowboy and his “pet” at that sawmill. Walking over to a wall to lean on it, the man would wait for a worthy opponent to enter through the doorway.</i>
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