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What're your OCs? Put them here!
This mans is like akechi Name: Akira Persona: Excalibur/The Grim Reaper Codename: Black Knight/ Reaper<div class='edited'>(edited by Block)</div>
Which Phantom Thief resonated with you the most?
Maybe a bit of Akechi and Joker because sometimes you need to be a little crazy to protect yor friends.
English sub P5R trailer
I have 2 things to say 1: Makoto hit em that ora ora: 2: Who the hell said they ran away ( i cant tell because japanese voices)
Persona 5 the royal Speculation
huh well i guess i might be wrong because i couldn't it was Akechi because i wasn't up to the casino when the reveal trailer came out .<div class='edited'>(edited by Block)</div>

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To become a Phantom Thief
If you had the chance to become a Phantom thief and fight for the people and stand by it at all costs even if you had leave your past behind and just be a Phantom thief. Also you would have a persona and the metanav and all that stuff
Persona 5 the royal Speculation
This post is based around one of the endings.<spoiler>Personally i believe that P5R takes place sometime within the story of P5 but mostly (just speculation) i believe that it takess place in the ending where joker accepts the fake Igor's deal and becomes evil. though i have no solid proof for it but just imagine if the final boss is an evil joker </spoiler>
What if Real Phantom thieves apeared in the world?
I would 100% support them unless they were just straight up murderers. Even if they got framed the phantom thieves would always have my support
What will be FemC's Persona in Royal?
No idea just looking for peoples ideas
What do you think the Morgana of P5R will be?
Honestly no idea but it would be amazing if they just used Morgana again
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