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Bartz here!
I'm a traveler who follows the wind!

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Chapter Two: A White Century
I sigh. Rest in peace little bees, i guess. "I'm right behind ya" I follow Tatsuya.
Who should I cosplay as?
futaba or ranma would be my pick
Chapter Two: A White Century
&quot;I could try calling the bees back? If they found the others and make it back here, they could show us the way ! &quot; As I did previously, I put two fingers to my mouth and whistle... Please make it back little friends ! <div class='edited'>(edited by Bartz)</div>
Lucid Onslaught: Battle Of Dreams
&quot;So.... uh... Should we maybe look around? just standing here won't do us any good.&quot;
Chapter Two: A White Century
&quot;Now that you mention it, I do actually have one more question: Last time, just before we met, we got attacked by some shadowy monster-creature-thing. Was that your doing or someone else's ? And speaking of the previous timeline, i picked up a ring at some point and I was wondering if you maybe knew something about it. &quot;
Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
are we allowed to drop new characters in if our current one dies ?
Lucid Onslaught: Pre-registration
Lucid Onslaught: Battle Of Dreams
&quot;Well, this is new...&quot; Bartz scratches his head as he looks at the other individuals in an attempt at identifying them.
Chapter Two: A White Century
&quot;Hmm, magic huh? Then I guess physical offense is the way to go? Unless his many world stuff gives him insight on what we're going to do and he can just avoid anything we throw at him...&quot;

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New P5R announcement in 12 days !
* the world is breaking and glitching all over the place. Bartz's limbs spin all around him while some weird voice is singing gibberish with the occasional GET DOWN in between* AZZRAOIRVNPAJONFDVLKAJNSDPVIJANOSKQJDVOAIHQBERPIAJQNSKDJWNPIJFVAKJEFLVKAJQNSDIUVPAIUJF <div class="youtube" yt="SP5c_MEs9mo"><img class="thumb"src="https://img.youtube.com/vi/SP5c_MEs9mo/mqdefault.jpg"><img class="play" src="images/play.png"></div>
Survival camping trip in the mountains
*shouting* I'm going on a trip in the mountains! If you're interested, feel free to join me!
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