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Waifu war
Nishimiya Shouko Becuase that movie maybe me cry Yuri (DDLC) VS Natsuki (DDLC)
It’s my birthday
Happy Birthday Rosie! <b>Happy Birthday</b> <i>Happy Birthday</i> <span class="underline">Happy Birthday</span> <span class="through">Happy Birthday</span> <center>Happy Birthday</center> <spoiler>Don't ask why i just did this</spoiler>
Banana Fish
dafuq a banana fish
F’s in the chat for my iPhone 6S
I came here to say: OO<b>F</b>
Persona 5 after ending discussion
<span class="through">Orgy</span> Tbh they just kidnapped Joker at the end so they all have magical adventures until they are adults (Because that's when the magic ends) then they become actually thieves only to be confronted by the investigation team from P4
It's time for me to go.
So long old friend. I'll look forward to playing. And of course enjoying it, though that much is a given.
Reason I was less active...
You'll be fine, life just dealt you a bad hand is all. Hope everything works out in your favor Good luck!!!
What Persona games should Atlus remaster?
Guys Guys Guys Guys Guys Guys Guys Guys Guys <spoiler>Persona 5</spoiler>
God Has Heard Me

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God Has Heard Me
just <span class="through">crying</span> chilling in my room and then check Anon chat to see my question replaced the question. Mishima-Senpai has heard my words. I can die now in peace.
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