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In this thread I give you a designation
Yeah, crew moves pretty slowly for sure. Haven't really had much opportunity, and the Last Post thing lost its appeal so. Here I am I guess
In this thread I give you a designation
I suppose this was inevitable
Street of Shibuya: Defense Of Virtue
&quot;because I'm comfortable here.&quot; <i>The woman lets out a sigh and lays down her head</i> &quot;And I know if I get up I'll never get this position right again.&quot;
Street of Shibuya: Defense Of Virtue
&quot;Yeah I met a couple of the knights. They didn't take to fists too well.&quot; <i>The woman dryly remarks, still showing no inclination to leave</i> &quot;Look, I'm really comfy here.&quot;
Street of Shibuya: Defense Of Virtue
&quot;cool&quot; <i>the woman remarks, her eyes glazed over with boredom</i>
Street of Shibuya: Defense Of Virtue
&quot;Eh. I've been to Purgatory before. Its not that bad.&quot; <i>The woman makes another bored-sounding remark, clearly not intending to go anywhere</i>
Street of Shibuya: Defense Of Virtue
&quot;call it whatever you want, its still a device used for communication.&quot; <i>The older woman lets out a sigh. She doesn't even care about Bill Nye the Science guy, as used to annoyances as she is.</i>
Street of Shibuya: Defense Of Virtue
&quot;You know, its probably not a good idea to ramble about your secret plans out loud.&quot; <i>an older woman at the flower shop remarks. She looks to be in her mid twenties, a little tired as she gazes wistfully into the roses</i> &quot;Let me guess, communication device?&quot;
gacha life role play
Its happening again.

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A Shinjuku Izakaya
<i>A small, independent bar lies tucked away in the busy streets of Shinjuku, with only the old-fashioned lanterns decorating the doorway acting as advertisement for the location. The building is small enough for nearly the entire place to be visible from the entryway. There's one main room with a long bar serving drinks, as well as a smaller side room with a low table using tatami for seating in case any larger parties showed up. But for now, there was only one woman with silvery-blue hair acting as customer. The woman seems somewhat out of it, muttering to herself before taking another sip of sake.</i>
Crucible of Conviction
I suppose we've put this off long enough, so its finally time for the next chapter of our play to begin. For those who seek to follow through I assure you that I aim to make our little play.. Interesting, if nothing else. And for those in the audience who would rather stand by and watch... Well the words of a certain flower come to mind, but none of that matters in the end. So without further ado. <i>It had been a long time since rumors of the midnight channel had come and gone, fading into obscurity. For some time it was as if the worst was over. you'd have to be paranoid to continue checking it after all this time. Even those who knew the true secrets of the realm. Yet, for once, it seemed, such persistence would be rewarded. Seemingly of its own accord, the channel lights itself back up, showing a high-school age girl with long black hair walking towards what seemed to be a massive courthouse. The girl looks to the side as something catches her attention, but continues onwards regardless. Some might recognize the girl as a classmate, others may have heard of her as the sole survivor of a mysterious bus accident a little over a year ago. Still others may not have heard of them at all, drawn by nothing more than their own foolishness. I suppose that's where the question begins. Just who are you?</i>
Ichijouji Ramen Shop
<i>It was a calm day, average at the least. One might even call it peaceful, just as any other. Or at least as peaceful as such a bustling city could ever be. Our young heroine, a girl about sixteen years of age stands in front of a small ramen shop hidden in some discrete corner of the city. There's still traffic aplenty, but not so much to make it difficult to meet up and chat. Which is perfect, for the occasion. Sen waits outside the shop, checking her phone. Sen had promised to bring Niko and Akia here after all, so she thought to follow-through. Though of course, anyone who passed by would see her.</i>
A City Between
OOC: Sort of just putting this up to see what happens. I don't have any grand plans nor am I entirely sure what'll come, or if anything'll come, but I thought it might be interesting to observe, if nothing else. IC: <i>Its strange.. Dark. Your memory is hazy, though it feels like you were doing something important, the thought of it eludes you. Though you cannot see, or hear, you feel a dark, powerful presence around you. Yet in a moment it is gone. Leaving your newfound peace undisturbed. Everything is gentle, yet strange. For the time, it seems as if everything that makes up yourself is gone. One is left as if floating in a void, only vaguely aware of others around you. Other small, winged creatures like an insect, left drifting half-asleep through their consciousness. However, you maintain a few strands of identity. A key memory or two from one's life. A fragment of self-consciousness that one could grab onto. An anchor to allow one to pull oneself out of the void, and back to consciousness. And so, who are you?</i>
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