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Aki: http://fav.me/dbyl2j9 Clerval: http://fav.me/dbkolmj Kaori, Serval, Kuon, Alfa: http://fav.me/dcb8gbe Feral Cheshires: http://fav.me/dcnq7gy Just an Artist who kinda makes her own persona project.

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biggest bops in gaming
God Eater: https://youtu.be/LJuqO4BO_p8 https://youtu.be/nGfj-YpmDPE Right now I have a trip.back into the Tales series: https://youtu.be/3-__8BbQccI https://youtu.be/9bfp_ubBgbc https://youtu.be/pyoWUBVF8Q0 https://youtu.be/wUogKmsOe_I https://youtu.be/onl7SNvVT0Y
Is dancing star night a good dancing game?
I prefer moon night music wise, but all night has story. Star night is also okay just more Jazz. If you know Project diva its easier and if you know DS Rhythm games its harder than that. <div class='edited'>(edited by Aki-Joker)</div>
Birthday Thread
Happy Birthday. And Trust me, Not that much will Change. Becomeinf 16 or 18 Changed nothing for me. 20 was a different thing
A second look at my least Fav Final Fantasy... 13
<quote user="Gin">Caius Ballad is my favourite Final Fantasy villain. That is all</quote> I can understand why he was like the only thing i liked about 13-2.
Lol, Aki became from Black haired to Miku with open hair. Still nice try.
Oh I remember these. I would suggest mine but it would be a challenge.
Reach out to the truth is the best Persona song
Do we include Dancing Games? I just name my fav from main and Dancing. Persona 3: Deep Breath deep breath Persona 4: Pursuing my true self (Reach out to the truth is my least fav) Persona 5: The days my mother was there Dancing: Persona 3: A deep mentality (lotus juice) Persona 4: Backside of the TV (Lotus juice) Persona 5: Willpower (mix) Persona Q: Laser beam Persona Q2: Pull the trigger Persona arena games: best friends Also P3 soundtrack is still my fav.<div class='edited'>(edited by Aki-Joker)</div>
Happy Birthday, Aki!
<quote user="Burnt_Bread">Aki can now drink, have fun. </quote> I am from germany, so I already could drink since I was 18. So already since I joined here.
Happy Birthday, Aki!
Stay away Kokichi, it's not needed.
Happy Birthday, Aki!
Thank You guys so much. That You still think of me. 😄 I still don't Feel like 21.<div class='edited'>(edited by Aki-Joker)</div>

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Velvet room bar: Blue Sunrise
<i>The blue door opened once again to Welcome guests into the Velvet room bar. As the previous Summers a Pool was build up at the side. Aki sat at the Pool looking into the Water</i> How Long has it Been? I still havent found the Excalibur. But how can I If I dont know what it is. <i>Kuon, Serval, Kaori and Alfa sat at the bar talking with Clerval</i> A: This isn't Like her, she normally is the Most determined Out of US to get a Mission done. S: Kuon, any Info? K: Nuffin- Kai: Could you Stop talking while Rating. K: Nope. I for one need a Break, y'know. [i]He Jumped into the pool. Clerval Shakes His head.[/I] I Wonder If guests drop by today.
A second look at my least Fav Final Fantasy... 13
Final Fantasy is one of those series I love and am passionate about. I played all games except 11 and 14, because i don't like MMOs and some of the spinoffs. From the simple fun in FF1 to experimenting with Job systems in 3, to loving Kefka in 6, Sephiroth in 7 and Kuja in 9, to the tears and fun of 10 and my first and favourite final Fantasy with 12. Even 15 although it's story was not the best, the time was fun and it made me stick for what it had and Type-0 surprised me for being categorized as spinoff. So I wanted to talk about the one I liked the least which is 13, because I gave it a second chance because of a FF Marathon. And I have to say, I redeemed itself. Let me talk about what I liked and disliked about every game. OG Final Fantasy 13: Before I hated nearly every character, the story was kinda ehh to me, the world felt bland and I hated the combat system as well as the linearity. Thoughts: -I like and understand some of the characters much better. Lightning is not the emotioness blob but a group mon kinda, Vanille is still annoying in her voice but I understand why she acts how she is, Fang is still the only female I like in the game, Hope was a brat but redeemed himself through the whole series. Sazh is my fav character from development and Story. Snow might be a dumbass but his Troy Baker voice and his hard make me like him sorta. Serah though is the weakest to me, she just seems annoying and kinda useless to me. Like she should be the main drive, but everytime I see her I get annoyed with her character -The world is still not big, but the music and themes make it kinda alright, I still don't like the hallways and the system, but I can get why people might like it -Storywise I think the first game was overall the best out of the trilogy, it still had charm and some good moments. -I think thanks to Type-0 I saw both concepts of L'cie and I still like the Type-0 more too, to be a strong power at a cost FF XIII-2: Screw this game, this is the only game where my opinion has not changed and is probably now my least fav in the series. If you introduce time travel, time paradox and Alternate Universe, you know it will get complex without needing to be. And then you make the weakest character of the last game the protag.... I think I should first say the good things, it has some great tracks, like said I love Hopes development, some concepts are interesting, Noel is okay I guess, Caius I liked though. But I think that is it for Positivity. This game is just to me more like they wanted to make 100 what if situations and couldn't decide on what to choose. But I guess that is preferance for me. Now on to the last. Lightning returns FF XIII: It did redeem Lightning a bit, It made a good choice not to include Serah that much, I kinda liked how Lightning and Snow interacted. Overall how the characters interacted, the story was nothing special but it was a up from the second game. It was at least not as clustery. And I liked some of the moments in it. I cant say if it's good or bad but it is at least a improvement. So my Final opinion, give things you dislike a second chance, you might discover some new things. The game still has many flaws but I can understand it's fans now better. Will I be a fan of FF13 now? Probably not, but at least I can appreciate it for what it tried to do. It had some of my fav tracks with Etros Champion, Defiers of Fate, Savior of Souls etc. So what is your opinion? What is your least Fav FF or your Fav FF? Did you also try a game you disliked before?
Update, reason for Unactiity
Hey, Aki here. Some probably wondered where I have been. Basically since Rp kinda died here and memes are not as good as in the past as well as me working on Nicoronpa and getting a job I just didn't post anything here. I think I probably will once I continue with Aki and the golden Prankster as their artwork but for now I just am much more active on Discord and Deviant art. I will check in from Time to time still here but I don't know if I'll be as active as before.
Devil May cry 5 discussion
My overall thoughts, it's wonderfull as a fan of the series. After the Reboot letdown i am so happy to finally have a great DMC. Mostly I love so many references to the past, heck even the DMC anime. I got the Deluxe edition and the Live Action cutscenes are hillarious. And now Nico and V are tough Rivals to my previous favs Dante and Lady in the fav characters category. I just love playing as V. Overall I recommend the game. I enjoy it lots.
Share some Music.
Just again to share some songs you want to share with others: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBWgqb3KIeA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvK-3Ms3m34
Danganronpa styled Talent plan events
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-DfbTHKauk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4lFJdaR-dg&amp;t=1s I tried my best to recreate kinda the style.
Phansite Valentines Year 3
For those who are new, every years I made a thread where people posted suggestion with a Character and a line and I made it into a Valentines day card. Can be either a phansite user or a character you like. Examples of the old threads: https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=13536 https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=9431 Exa. https://i.imgur.com/UgWcLXX.jpg So leave your suggestions below, I start on weekends till V-Day, I of course only choose the ones I like the most also, after all I still have other things to make as well.
KH3 is finally out...
Time to beat this game as soon as possible to avoid spoilers. Hope you guys all enjoy it.
Who is your favourite Pokemon character?
Just kinda asking because I discussed Pokemon related stuff with friends.<span class="through">Mostly because I am not a fan of the two newest</span> Anyway my favourite two Gens are 2 and 5, mostly because lots of content, Gen 5 had a great story and gen 2 the two Region mechanic. As for favourite Pokemon characters: Steven Stone, enjoyable Champ, liked his character and design a lot. N is one of my all time favs, his morals, design, viewpoint of things, how he wants to change the world. Silver and Blue should be appreciated as Rivals that are done well and still redeem themselves. Hugh was a good mix between friendly and Douche Rival, Love his design. Barry is a dufus but a funny dufus. Misty is the only anime girl that travels with Ash I enjoy, same with Brock. I also like Sabrina alot and how far she came from Gym leader to Pokestar actress. Wally is a cinnamon role I wanna protect. Cynthia is the best champ still to me. Overall I think for me it's a hard tie between N and some of the other Rivals. The Rivals just impact your Journey so much.
Velvet room bar: Andromeda
<i>Aki decided for today to redecorate the Velvet room a bit. She used her powers to spawn an illusion of a space themed bar. Some of the areas in the bar had floating chairs and tables. Aki talked with Clerval at the bar</i> I think now we only need to open the place again. This kind of theming, maybe I should do it more often.
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