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god everyone hates me

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
corbin's actually alive what the fuck
Video Game House
310 million yen for both Gin, Eito, and Luna have a nice day. You’ll have no use for the money
Video Game House
One. Kill Archer. Two. I’ll pay you.
Video Game House
<i>Currently is holding yet another switch</i>
Video Game House
Somebody lend me an Archer to throw at this giant Switch
Inari steals a meme and reveals the truth once again
that doesn't know how to spell thief xd

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Backwards Speaking
A friend of mine told me once &quot;... backwards is still ...&quot; Any stupid things including speaking backwards you've witnessed?
Anyone up for talking to this lonely bitch with insomnia?
I got PaiNT
Does anyone miss me yet?
I'm going to be dead.
Just a random note if anybody cares. I'm going to be on vacation for a week. I'll probably pop up in PM's once in a while, just to send pictures and chat.
We ded. Either we lurking or we just ded. Maybe a few bumps. Still dedsite.
Freezing oranges
Freezing an orange in my freezer for approximately 2 hours.
Anons declare War no. 3
Stuff's happening in anon chat. Check it out.
Being an insomniac.
And also chatting with Anons in morse.
Odd freezing
Threw a cup of coconut soda in the freezer. Checking back in 3 hours.
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