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Send me some Phantom Thieves meme
What Is Your Favorite Moment In Persona 5
I actually haven’t finished the game yet, but so far, it’s probably any scene with akechi talking. His voice is just so perfect for his character and I’m dazed every time I hear him. Personality wise he’s not my favorite but I love hearing how well he phrased his dialogue and so forth
Who should I cosplay as?
Chuuya bc it’s chuuya I’m going to a convention this September and It’ll be the first time I wear my morgana cosplay to a con
What would your P5 palace be?
Maybe an underground haven, like beneath a forest, and the deeper you go it somehow it will get brighter to the point that it’s unbearable and will distort your senses. It’s just the first think that came to mind, although idk if I would really call it a haven, I just don’t know how to word it...

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