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yee and i cannot stress this enough HAW

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ASK Jevil
can you write a cool song
Worst Enemies in Video Games
I really hate enemies that steal your mp/money/etc, but I don't think there's any specific enemy I can think of right now.
Back to School!
<quote user="Skechi-Akechi"><quote user="3xcal1bur">more schools need ac or one of these days some kids gonna have a stroke lmao</quote> One girl did pass out last year. Might have been a seizure though. Shes fine now.</quote> Oh shit. Well, I'm glad it didn't get any worse from there.
Back to School!
more schools need ac or one of these days some kids gonna have a stroke lmao
Phansite Ships?
me x not being here, that being said whats popping
Blake Belladonna fan club
One day i just wanna go on site and not have to see another one of these dumbass fanclubs
Waifu/Husbando Depreciation
As for my awful take on this, heres some waifus/husbandos that i dont rlly get. - makoto. I feel like shes p forced as a waifu. I think i made some shit thread a while ago complaining abt it - monika. She put you through all that and yall <i>still</i> wanna fuck her?? - chie, its not anything against her but i dont see why shes so popular - bakugo. As said before hes objectively bad this isnt even a debate - komaeda, same reason as monika.
Waifu/Husbando Depreciation
Bakugo being bad is objectively correct, but i find yusuke and akihko to be ok. Kinda overrated but ok. Im only rlly saying this because my pfp used to be akihiko lmao<div class='edited'>(edited by 3xcal1bur)</div>
Akira Kurusu Club
Someone make a ren amamiya club, quick
<quote user="Lelouch">I think “King” would suit me well.</quote> guess i'll die

Recent topics

Back to School!
Do people here even still go to school? Are you all on vacation still? I'm on my second week of school, but there have been a lot of half days due to a heat wave.
Favorite free games out there?
I've got nothing to do and also no money to spend. What are some fun games out there that you folks recommend?
Cursed images
Hand em over
Phansite power levels
Who's the strongest here on this hellsite? Who's the most likely to be curbstomped? Who's a godmodder, who's not? Rank characters on a S-A-B-C-D scale.
Quick give me some cool tunes
Something nice to listen to on the train and such!
Oh god
Oh fuck
b or g e r
Guys please
Theres 7 different threads yall need to stop
Favorite foods!
What are some of your favorite things to eat? Soup? Cake? Sea snails?
Thank you for your time.
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