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Mmmmm, I'm in your bed~
if you were in my bed i would play smash with you until were bored then watch some anime...and see what happens next
Does "True Love" Exist?
i think true love does exist just...but i don't see it as two people are meant for each other... like i could find one two maybe three people that all count as a true love...the hard part is choosing the right one...and letting the others go <div class='edited'>(edited by 002)</div>
Sexy Geography
are we still talking about geography?...
Sexy Geography
Germany is not bad ether if you like manly men with sexy voices....and of course Russia
Sexy Geography
I think that Africa is pretty hot to.... Scotland though dam.... also how little life do we need to talk about the sexiest country

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what would you do if you and joker were alone in a room
just wondering what you would do with joker alone
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