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The future leader of Japan who will save the masses from this sinking country! (TOTALLY NOT EVIL)

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Mmm I'm in my bed..
<i>Visibily sweats</i>
Mmm I'm in my bed..
Seems wholesome enough.
A Grassy Field.
*Shido walks away in thought, muttering to himself as he goes on his way*
A Grassy Field.
*Looks up to the sky* It is indeed. I wonder how much has happened since I was last here. *Shido starts to ponder about the things he has missed*
A Grassy Field.
Strange... I don't know her either. She must be someone who came while I was gone.
A Grassy Field.
So, I don't remember there being a grassy field in here before, how much has changed since I was last here?
A Grassy Field.
The name is Shido, I've been.... absent for a while, but I have decided to come back. Nice to meet you.
A Grassy Field.
*Pokes Shinji*

Recent topics

So, I've been away for a while...
Last time I was here we had just defeated Ramengod. I'm assuming I've missed ALOT, could anyone sum up what I missed? If so, thanks.
Soon... we strike
Ramengod's heart will be stolen in about an hours time, let's make it a good one and do the heist well.
Damn sue, I'll brat.
Last post for me tonight, hope you all have a good day.
The deadly sins
I've not been active much over the past week, so are we fighting the 7 deadly sins now? If so cool and how do I sign up, gotta use my presidential power somehow.
What is 'Thot'?
I must have missed when this came to be, anyone mind telling me what it means?
Thanks Mishima.
Should multiple people be allowed to log into one account?
Just playing devils advocate here, since if it wasn't allowed there would be a lot less spam.
Is the moderator on at the moment?
If so, could he please deal with this Morganalover?
Who are you voting for to be leader of Japan?
Be honest, I don't mind. After all, it is good to see my rivals will be.
Ask Shido
I see that this site has a lot of hate towards me, but I wish to quell that. Ask me some questions so that I may prove my intentions are noble.
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