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Back to School
<quote user="Xanadu200"><quote user="-Light-">It's not my idea of high school, it is my high school.</quote> If thats the case, could I attend</quote> If you wanna be in hell then yes. <quote user="TheRemitron">Okay, let’s say that there are Yanderes at your school. I doubt that they’re staring at <b>you</b></quote> Big confidence boost but seriously it is an issue.
I don't think this actually counts as rp.
Back to School
It's not my idea of high school, it is my high school.
Who is best person?
Since no one else is saying anything I agree
<quote user="InterNiko">Alternatively, you can just have patience and avoid the internet once P5R comes out in Japan, cus some fuckheads are gonna get the game just to spoil it for everyone.</quote> For example the anon chat.
Birthday Thread
If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all. You're smart enough to realize that.......right?
This website needs to be an app!
It still wouldn't change anything though
Birthday Thread
Thanks Twilight and that's cool Swift. Liam you read my mind.
The perfect VN doesn't exi-
Doki Doki Literature Club is the best VN
Birthday Thread
Time to get a part time job then

Recent topics

Back to School
I don't start until later this month but who else is excited for Junior year of highschool which is full of yanderes staring at you and people complaining about which drugs they use
Playstation Vita
I'm mainly aiming for the original or oled one so I was wondering if any stores still sell them besides gamestop.
Birthday Thread
Do you think anything interesting will happen now that I'm 16?
Important question about getting VR.
As the title says I'm interested to know if I should get a summer job and save up enough money for the occulus quest. Anyone have any suggestions?
Happy Holidays Everyone
Hey guys as the title says I hope you're having a great break from all of the stuff that's happened in your lives. I haven't gotten to spend much time here thanks to life being a jackass again to me but don't worry your favorite edgelord is here to say happy holidays and make sure to spread that holiday cheer to everyone else you know.
So about this whole Bowsette thing
Well I think she's pretty hot and not a trap. What do you guys think?
Hey What's been going on lately?
Hey I know I haven't been active here at all but I've been busy with life and other stuff so what's been going on around this place?
It's my birthday.............again.
Your favorite edgelord is 15 now.
Something weird happened when I tried to save something that I edited.
I tried to save an edit that I did on my post on another thread but a message came up in another language.
Supposed to be a kid’s show.
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib4_Aua_VO8 Yeah right.
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