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Greetings, my name is Yusuke Kitagawa, an aspiring artist from Shibuya. For my entire youth, I had been trapped in the chains of my former Sensei, the legendary Madarame, but as a result of the Phantom Thieves' actions, I had discovered the true beauty of freedom. I hope we can get along well.

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Yu Squad Assemble
<quote user="Yusuke">Move over old timers, I'm painting a new Yuniverse, without Yu in it!</quote>Indeed, our Yusukeverse will hereby surpass all that come before it!
So my Dad’s Playing Persona 5
<quote user="DongleDude">He’s 35 hours in and is just about to send the calling card to the second palace. He also calls Yusuke “You suck”</quote>I may not fully comprehend the term &quot;suck&quot;, however, I find that cognomen utterly distasteful!
Mmmmm I'm in my UFO
This distasteful imagery doesn't even deserve deserve a lazy sketch. My disappointment is immeasurable.
Mmmmm I'm in my UFO
Delusional* Please end my existence.
Mmmmm I'm in my UFO
My word.... excuse me, what the fuck?
Why are we still here?
What is a bimbo?
Why are we still here?
Such a short, yet complex inquiry! I will need some time to think of a response, after all, all of us have our own reasons. Hm...I would say the motivation that allows us humans continue forth is- Hold a moment, this thread is labeled as... https://i.imgur.com/mLAHrGg.png
1v1 Shuake? Looking for Akechi!
<spoiler>Are you accepting other Phantom Thieves too? Because this sounds quite interesting and I would be delighted to join.</spoiler>
<<l|Futaba vs ???|l>>
<i>He backs away, noticing he's being ignored...</i>

Recent topics

Ann, Please Stop
Futaba is Annoying
Her hacking is annoying, she is annoying, and she needs to learn proper grammar.
I Am Starting a Gallery of Shame
However, I need inspiration to make it successful. Would any of you be willing to show me something I should add to it?
I am Very Much a Straight Man
Proof: https://youtu.be/EYzDAIX3ib0
...Wait a second. What is a thot? I heard Ryuji and Ren use that word constantly.
I Do Not Understand Internet Slang
I ask that you teach me, I would be very grateful.
Futaba's Immaturity
I am sick and tired of her constant &quot;memeing,&quot; most of which does not make any sense. She even seems to pair me and lobsters, and imitates my dancing, and I find it disgusting.
A Portrait of Futaba
Yesterday, while at Leblanc, a rush of inspiration for my next piece rushed though me like a subway train whenever I would look at Futaba, so I immediately started working on this piece. I drew her, looking to her left, smiling freely, under the darkness of the rain. However, she manages to be as carefree as ever! Her dark past, her mother's death, her social anxiety, all cause the immense pain she feels on the inside of her heart, but she still perseveres! Her large eyes, and her grin, how could she be so joyful? Those are answers I am still looking for, but with that being said, please send your input. https://img00.deviantart.net/1e40/i/2018/146/f/1/best_girl_futaba_by_camzdoesart-dccl1tc.jpg OOC: I actually drew this and it turned out good in my opinion, though it annoys me that her head is weirdly shaped. Also mods please delete https://phansite.net/forum/topic.php?topic=14693
What Is a "Waifu?"
I have heard my comrades, especially Futaba and Ren talk about them. When I search the definition on the internet, I cannot find a good one. Could someone explain this term to me?
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