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Name: Jonathan Sygma Age: 15 Arcana: Hierophant Persona: Sukuna-Biko-Na (Japanese god of medicine / rain) Codename: Echo Melee: Sai Ranged: Bow Overall skills: Curse/Bless/Almighty/Support

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Suggested Romance Route for NG+? #Persona5
@JustAMimikip i finished my run,and just sped through kamoshida, madarame, and kaneshiro, so Futaba it is.
Need help on girls (Spoiler Warning)
<spoiler>Kasumi is a good romance, but for Haru you need MAX Proficiency (if my memory serves me right). They are both really good romances</spoiler>
Features you want removed
I agree on all of these. I joined literally this morning and I do not like these features.
Post your very own Phantom Thief!
Mine is in my About Me.
Daily Haru
Great Job @HaruRoyal ! This is really good artwork! https://i.imgur.com/wt5FhW9.png Found this and it perfectly conveys my feelings of appreciation!

Recent topics

Favorite Dungeon (P4/P5)
<spoiler>What's your fav Persona 4/5 dungeon? Mines Yukiko's castle and Kaneshiros palace</spoiler>
Post your very own Phantom Thief!
If you have a custom Phantom Thief you would like to share, please post to this thread! I would love to see what guys perceive of your inner Thief!
Suggested Romance Route for NG+? #Persona5
Persona 5 Spoilers AHEAD <spoiler>So I just finished doing Ann's route. My first thought would be either Makoto or Futaba, but sre their Confidants that are better than these? (Hifumi, Ohya, Chihara etc.)</spoiler>
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