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Resonant Hearts
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Note: As with my previous thread, all of the participants here have already been discussed and decided on the Phansite discord that is can be found as the last post in the Forum rules, as well as other places on the site. Without further ado, lets get started. Homura and Madoka it had been a few days since their meeting with Suzuki and heard of the series of disappearances that had riddled the city. The victims of which had all shared something in common suggesting they were deliberate targets. With few leads and an unknowable deadline the pair had decided it was worth checking in on their old friend and potential target, Sayaka Miki. So on one of their less busy days the pair heads to the girl's apartment in the middle of town. The building doesn't stand out much, save for an old banner advertising their friend's delivery service. As might be expected of a crowded apartment, there's an intercom at the entrance with a button labeled for each of its residents, including that former friend of theirs. Kohaku Kohaku hadn't noticed much of anything out of the ordinary. Well, ordinary for her anyways, fighting criminals and monsters whenever she finds them as she leaps around the city. While on a fairly routine patrol the girl would pass over a pair of her friends, Madoka and Homura. While she may not be able to tell what they're talking about as they head towards an apartment complex, their expressions seem troubled. Sonomi It started off as a normal day for Sonomi, she went to work, socialized with her coworkers, and made it all the way near the end of her shift without anything notable coming up. It wasn't until the day was almost over that she'd see a familiar, white, catlike creature waiting patiently for her. She'd dealt with Kyubey a few times before, so it wasn't anything particularly strange in that regard either. Kyubey: "I hope everything's been working out for you." of course, none of these were actually spoken. The creature would always communicate its thoughts directly to the girl, with no need for noise. It was a friendly, casual way of speaking without being overheard. Damon while Homura and Madoka were looking into their friend, a certain dark-haired youth took to the streets to look for one of the other two girls. Just to be safe, Suzuki had left him with a picture of a fairly short, brown-haired girl who always dressed casually so he'd be able to recognize Ruriko Imamura, as well as a warning not to mention her. With zero real leads into her location he was left mostly to his own devices, looking into some of the usual cool hangout spots for kids Ruriko's apparent age. Capri Capri, of course, was ignorant of a greater scheme occurring in the world around her. Instead she simply continues with her normal routine, walking around the city, mostly to the less occupied parts to gather her thoughts more effectively. One such place she finds is an old arcade. Though the place hadn't been closed down yet it was hard to see how. In spite of the fact school was over and most students were likely out and about, the place seemed almost eerily empty.
"Ah.. Akemi-senpai and Kan-... Sis. .,... Looks like they're doing something serious... A witch perhaps?" Interested, she hops down from the rooftop she's on and tails them, listening in on them. She's not trying to particularly stealthy though as she doesn't really mind if they notice her.
Madoka runs up to the other pink-haired and smiles brightly despite the nature of their trip. Homura simply stares at the intercom and sighs. Pressing the button to turn it on and hoping to tell her way through this. M: "Hi Kohaku-Chan! How have you been lately? We're uh... Looking for someone, another friend of ours. I hope you're alright though!" H: "Hello there, I was wondering if I could take a look at the apartment of Sayaka Miki. She's a friend of mine, and I haven't seen her in a while. At the least, does anyone know the last time she was in?" Madoka looks over at her partner at work. Simply waiting alongside the magical girl for now as Homura rubs the back of her head.
Sonomi peeked from over her phone to see Kyubey, a grin forming on her face as she puts her phone away to start engaging in some nice conversation. The earphones would pointlessly go away too, since she wouldn't have heard him if not for the telepathy. "Doing a lot better now that I've gotten used to it. How's your day?" She says in a bit of a tired tone. Gotten used to it. Can apply for a lot really. But thankfully, everyday's been relatively monotonous, so it might not change...right? Kyubey's here where she is, at this point that's a non-factor.
*Pri would stop outside the old arcade and look inside. her fingers would nervously drum against her shield as she looks.* Empty... *She would murmur. On one hand, that meant she didn't have to worry about how badly she did since there was no-one else around to laugh at her for failing. Pri had always wanted to try arcade games but was scared what people would think if they watched her and saw her doing bad and then they'd start laughing and making fun and throwing-* Stop... * Pri would take a deep breath, stopping her thoughts from going wild. She looks again. The problem was that it was empty. It creeped her out. Even so, Pri would enter the Arcade. She called in as she past through the doors.* H-Hello?
Kohaku's head tilts a little. I'm fine. Has this friend gone missing or something? Is there anything I can help with?
Hmm never knew how difficult it was to find one person in an entire city. Damon hums out as he take another peek around the corner of the building. Not one to be bored for long he can be seen listening to some music through a pair of earbuds connected to his bag. In his hands are a few fries from the local fast food place he stopped by before continuing his search. As he munches on his fries he mutters. Should have asked if there was some sort of tracking spell to find people. This is way too much walking for the kind of shoes i'm in. He sighs and crouches down to rest his poor, abused feet.
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Homura and friends It would take a few seconds for the landlord to answer. His reply is curt, as if he has more than enough business on his hands. Landlord: "Yeah I know them. Nice girl, haven't left their room in a while though. Probably won't want to see you. Welcome to try I guess." there's an electric buzzing sound as the apartment's front door unlocks. Afterwards the man once again replies Landlord: "Third floor, room 312." Sonomi Kyubey takes the reply as permission to get closer. The creature would remain pacing by her side for a few moments as he asks "You're almost done working right?" completely ignoring Sonomi's own polite question. The creature looks outwards towards the door as he continues "Seem to be alone today too. I take it Asena is busy?" Capri The door slowly creaks open as Capri enters the arcade. There are a few rows of old games situated right by the doorway, seeming to obscure her view as she goes further in. Its almost eerily quiet, with the only sounds being that of a few video game cabinets going through their demo screens. It almost seems as though she can hear a voice behind the noise. Damon Damon takes a few seconds to rest and watch the passerby, drained from his search. He watches the crowds pass by, milling about on their own busy days as he is left waiting. While Damon waits he'd find a small, white, cat-like creature crossing his path. He wouldn't pick up much of anything from it, almost as if its simply a phantom. However, the creature would soon turn his way, its beady red eyes looking into his. Kyubey: "Its been a long day hasn't it?"
Damon feels a little unsettled by the beady red eyes, but he still holds out his bag of fries to the creature. Offering them as a sign of mutual peace. Yeah it has been a pretty slow day. I was tasked with finding this one girl but I underestimated the loosing oneself in the crowd. So now i'm pretty ragged despite my chivalrous attempts to defend some fair maiden. He yawns and stretches out his body before shaking his head. Next time i'll ask for more info to go off of for a search.
*Pri timidly steps in. She hand goes to her shield, grabbing it by the side as her eyes dart around the abandoned arcade. She mewls nervously. I need to leave. I need to leave. I need to leave. I need to-* H-Hello? Is... Is anyone here? * Against her better judgement, Pri stays, calling in slightly louder.*
In response to a question going unanswered, she glared at him for a split second before stretching her arms and yawning, keeping one eye open to look at Kyubey shifting around. “Pretty much, yeah. And also, Asena’s busy taking aesthetic pictures with that camera around her neck. Don’t know why she isn’t using her phone but whatever. Guess the quality matters a lot.” Sonomi put a finger on her chin to think some more, standing upright and tapping her foot a little as she simply stared at the little feline creature thing to pass some time whilst in thought. “Oh right, was it bad that he was around? It felt like there was something important that you were supposed to tell me.
Homura thanks the man with a worried smile on her face while beckoning the two pink-haired girls forward. H: "Well, that was simple... Somehow I don't think things will keep going so well for long." Madoka sighs upon hearing those words from her friend, she can't disagree but it's still rather depressing to consider what might have happened to Sayaka... M: "Yeah Homura, I'm worried too. But there's nothing to do except keep going, you're welcome to come if you wanna Kohaku." The two girls would walk forward, Madoka wrapping an arm around her partner's shoulder as they advance up the stairs and head towards Sayaka's door.
Ok. I'll do my best to help. Kohaku nods and follows behind the two.
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Homura and friends The halls seem strangely empty as they head up to the third floor, with none of the complex's residents in sight. Perhaps they were all simply out for the day. Regardless their trip is an eventless one, and soon they would find themselves in front of the door in question, room 312. There's a faint light shining through the crack in the otherwise plain door, but no sounds or other evidence of residence can be found at the moment. Its almost like the whole building has gone silent. Sonomi Kyubey slowly shakes his head, eyes closed as he continues pacing. The creature begins moving towards the door as they talk Kyubey: "I don't have a problem with them, if that's what you were asking. And besides, its too late to worry about that now. We'll need to be going quickly. Anywhere is fine." there's a certain sense of urgency in his normally monotonous voice as Kyubey's long, fluffy tail begins waving in the air. Capri There's a pause, a moment of silence following Capri's question. This pause is followed by a faint flash of light coming from the back side of the arcade, hidden by a few of the arcade cabinets. Who, or whatever it was seems satisfied with that, and makes no further motions for now... Damon Damon's own white creature accepts one fry, quickly munching it down before cleaning his fur a little. As the creature cleans its voice can be heard clearly inside Damon's head Kyubey: "Ruriko, right? Suzuki told me about the situation. I was simply curious myself. Why is it you're trying to help someone you've never even met? Simply bored, or is there something mroe?"
* Pri takes a few more timid steps towards the faint light.* H-Hello? Are you... OK? * Pri swallows hard, almost certain that this was a bad idea. And yet, if this was a person who was injured, she had to at least try to help. It's what her mother would do, so she was going to do the same. So, she approached the back of the arcade to find the source of the light.*
H: "Come on, Masakukaja." Homura sighs very heavily, she has a solid and terrible guess as to what might happen. Clapping her hands togother a green light shines over all three of them for a moment, and soon enough Madoka has a bow tossed into her hands and a quiver placed on her back by the black-haired girl. M: "H-Homura... You don't think that..." H: "Maybe, I'm not planning to take my chances by just walking in carelessly. There's a chance she may have gone witch at this point, if its really been days with all this going on... Best to be ready for a fight." A grenade launcher appears in Homura's hands while she walks forward, weapon aimed forward and a hand on the trigger as her eyes dart about. Shadows flickering all around her, while Madoka seems to shake slightly for a second before simply placing an arrow in her bow and holding it ready while advancing behind her partner. M: "Be best to get ready on your end too, Kohaku-chan... If Homura's right then well, only one thing to do." The pink-haired girl's voice is rather strained while saying this, and the other simply goes quiet for now and focuses on what's in front of her. If they reached Sayaka's door, she'd simply kick the damn thing in with rather startling strength for a teenage girl.
"Uhm...we got to go, I know that, but uh, uhm...why would you say anywhere again?" Honestly might be a stupid question to ask in hindsight, but the sudden spike of urgency flowing in the air made her really confused as she wasn't really adapting to it well enough. Sonomi looked at Kyubey with an anxious gaze as she plays with her hair to try and calm down. "Is there a way to get out of here super quickly without anyone noticing? If I have to tell them I have to leave early they might reject it." Though there might've been a super easy answer to the question, she was making it more apparent how airheaded she can get when tension rises. Then again, Kyubey communicates through telepathy so he totally has a solution she isn't thinking about at all.
... Right. Already in her transformation, Kohaku steps back a little and prepares herself. "So this friend of theres was a magical girl..." Before the door is opened, Kohaku reaches out with her senses to see if there's any sign of magic on the other side of the door.
Damon ponders on the question presented to him. Taking some time to get back to the white creature, but the answer he gives is rather careless. Yep I am pretty bored so I decided why not. It's not everyday I get to protect some princess with magic. He finished his fries and rests his head to one side. Maybe if I do a good enough job people will start taking me seriously~ His eyes focus on Kyubey after he says this. So any idea where I might find this Ruriko?
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Homura and co. Despite the uneasy atmosphere the three’s trip to Sayaka’s room would be notable only in how little happened. None of the neighbors peeked out, the owner was nowhere to be seen, it was simply a peaceful, if tense, walk to Sayaka’s door. Kohaku would stand near the door, and she would find one magic signature, it’s a weak one, one she’s likely used to by now.... The door is knocked over with a loud crash as the totally ordinary wooden door is blown off its hinges, revealing the room within. Sayaka’s room is mostly blue, as one might expect, and has one bed, a mat laying on the floor, a nightstand and a dresser, both topped with a few small figures from some manga, as well as a portable CD player that seems to have been abandoned. There’s also a small bookshelf filled mostly with manga, though there are also some CDs to help fill up the rows. This bookshelf sits in a space near which two doors are housed, one leading into a small bathroom, and the other one closed, likely to a closet Lying on the bed and roused to wakefulness is a white creature with beady red eyes that would be familiar to all three of the girls. Kyubey stretches for a second before asking Kyubey: “Why is it that all you humans have doors if you’re just going to break them anyways?” Sonomi Kyubey pauses and looks back at Sonomi, his Brady red eyes boring into her before he continues walking towards the door Kyubey: “I wouldn’t be too worried about that. There’s a grief seed about to hatch nearby and I’d rather you not get hurt when it does.” Kyubey stops moving once more as it looks to an area just outside the door before mentioning Kyubey: “unless you’re planning to fight the witch that comes out, leaving’s our best option.” Capri Pri cautiously approaches the video game cabinets, wary of even the slightest sound. Soon enough her fears are confirmed when she hears a shout followed by a girl she’s... Unfortunatrly acquainted with with short blue hair jumping over the cabinets with sword in hand. Though they were clearly attempting an ambush upon realizing their target the girl stops themselves from slashing, instead landing near Capri with a sigh Blue-hair: “great, it’s you again. You sure you’re not a Magical Girl?” Damon Kyubey takes a few steps back before he begins pacing in circles, simply preferring to be in motion as he continues Kyubey: “Protecting a Princess, huh? Well if you’re expecting some fairy-tail damsel I think you’ll be disappointed in the result, but yes. I was just on my way to meet her myself, so if you’re about ready I can lead you. Just like one of those stories right?” Kyubey would wait for a moment to give Damon the chance to stand back up before heading off towards one of the less occupied areas of town, an older part filled mostly with small businesses and the owners who live above them.
Yumina looks in the room and lets out a sigh of relief as she lets her guard down. Oh thank jeedis.... It's just you... Do you know where the owner of this home is? We're looking for her.
"A grief seed?...you mean like those things that pop out whenever a witch gets killed? Uh, why would it be here though?" She pulls out her phone again, thinking about calling Asena over, but instead just pretends to check the time since Sonomi was moreso worried about more interactions between the two. So to pass some more time, she asks more questions. "I'm not going to fight it obviously, but if that's the case, where are we supposed to go then?"
Eep! *Pri insitictively crouches down, cowering, as the blue haired girl leaps at her. Her shield flies in front of her to defend her from any attack. After hearing her voice, Pri peeks over the edge of her shield.* Y-Y-You're... that m-mean person who was s-so intent on f-fighting. Why are you h-here and trying to kill me? Are you still m-mad about the other day? Oh... I-I'm not going to f-fight you so p-lease don't kill me. I'm s-sure it'll be more annoying t-then satisfying.
Damon appreciates the gesture and starts jogging to keep up with Kyubey. He carries his backpack in both of his arms instead of simply wearing it again. Allowing him to catch a glimpse of everything he passes in case the white creature is tricking him. He mutters under his breath. You could be a fairy godmother helping me out or a devil leading me into a trap. Can't wait to find out which it is.
Homura sighs as her weapon vanishes, Madoka's too. Not because they trust this thing, but because they can't hurt it. H: "I guess I could have tried to pick it. Might have been fun. Anyways what she said." Madoka just watches quietly for the moment, clearly uncomfortable with the presence of Kyubey. Sparks glimmer around the girl while she leans against her friend. Homura meanwhile points at Kohaku and speaks on. H: "All things considered, I half expected a fight. Guess not though, so yeah we're looking for Sayaka."
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Homura and co. Kyubey stands up, his tail swishing back and forth as the creature paces across the bed, treading lightly enough as to not disturb the covers as he looks over to Kohaku Kyubey: "Its nice to see you again Kohaku, at least someone's not carrying a grudge." Kyubey's beady red eyes looks over to regard the others, pointing them out before continuing as if he hadn't said anything. Kyubey: "I'm glad to see we have a shared interest then. I was hoping you would be willing to stop Sayaka for me. I've tried talking to her myself. But she.. Doesn't seem interested in listening to me anymore. I can't imagine why." Kyubey pauses for a moment, his eyes drift off towards the closet as he awaits the others' replies. Sonomi Kyubey pauses for a moment, looking back at Sonomi as he thinks. Soon he's back to walking circles around the girl Kyubey: "Grief seeds are much more than just a reward. They're like an egg from which a Witch will hatch after gathering enough despair. It was probably just thrown here by another witch that happened to be passing by. It doesn't really matter where we go. Unless..." once again Kyubey would take a few steps towards the door before pausing to look back at Sonomi Kyubey: "Have you thought about your wish yet? If you were to make a contract with me you'd be more than a match for any newly-hatched witch." Capri The blue-haired girl quickly tosses away her swords, raising her hands up as she kinda just blurts out blue-hair: "H.. Hey what do you take me for? I'm not some psycho who kills people for fun. My job is to protect this city, not destroy it." The girl looks back towards the entrance before letting out a sigh. blue-hair: "I just.. Thought you were like that brown-haired girl earlier. Its nothing... Really." Soon enough she'd look back at Capri, making a half-decent attempt at a smile before giving the girl a little warning. blue-hair: "Anyways, don't you have somewhere to be, its uh.. Pretty dangerous here... Though, I guess you can't feel that." Damon Damon passes by a few notable things, a dog statue, a couple of restaurants, a CD store filled with music that seemed to be all the rage these days, but nothing seems to jump out to bite him as he follows Kyubey through the streets. The white creature would soon turn off the main streets, heading to a less occupied part of town. They don't seem to mind Damon's lack of small talk, letting them focus on the job ahead instead. Soon enough the creature would stop in a park a short distance off the side of the road. Its not a very impressive place, acting as more of a resting area than anything else, only a couple of benches looking into a bed of flowers. Kyubey seems satisfied with it, jumping onto one of the benches and curling up as he waits.
H-Huh? * Slowly, Pri rises to her feet. She makes a motion with her hand, causing her shield moves through the air and floats by her side. She shifts nervously on her feet.* S-So you're not going to try to kill me? That's a r-relief. I, erm... I just wanted to... I mean... I... *Pri pulls the edge of her hood down slightly, hiding her eyes.* I...erm... w-w-what do you mean by... dangerous... exactly?
Kohaku tilts her head in curiosity. Huh? Why would I hold....? Nevermind... You can explain the situation while we make our way to her right? Show us where she is please. Kohaku opens the window and leans out, making a show of it to urge the others on.
Damon sighs when he realizes he passed all the other cool stuff for a place with dirt and flowers. Its calm, but doesn't scream exciting or interesting. Kyubey curling up on a bench isnt too promising either. Hey pal what happened to the girl and the magic stuff. He pokes Kyubey's tail with some annoyance. Don't tell me that I followed you for nothing.
"...I-i," While it would be more safe to run, Sonomi thought to herself, it'd be better to take care of it now. This way, the witch won't be able to grow and hurt anyone. It might have spawned here...but it was most likely for an actual reason. "I've...made up my mind. Since you've asked so nicely..." Surely, they won't know? Right?...if it's taken care of now, her friends won't have to waste their time trying to take care of it. And then, there's no way that they'll have a way of finding out that Sonomi is finally about to do it. "Here's my wish, Kyubey. I wish to be able to give people a voice." To give them hope. To give them strength. To make them smile. Having a voice can do all of these things. Especially so that they won't have to waste time trying to protect Sonomi whenever she merely exists in the same plane as these things.
Homura sighs while staring at the alien beast, she doesn't really trust it at all. But there's no other leads they have at the moment... Best to stay on guard though. She simply nods while Madoka speaks up in a quiet voice. M:"I guess we do have something in common here, yes... I'm not entirely sure if she'll listen to me either, but I have to try. Somehow, this all feels like my fault." The black-haired girl would grind her teeth against each other even while speaking up, Madoka's words clearly having annoyed her. H: "Your fault? Don't blame yourself for the actions of others, it's regrettable to be sure. But you can hardly claim to be behind what Sayaka is doing." M: "... Yeah, I know you're right. But it doesn't seem that way, not really. Anyways yeah, any clue where Sayaka is?" The pinkette simply sighs slightly while rubbing the back of her head.
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Homura and co. Kyubey stops pacing and sits down once more, shaking his head Kyubey: "Even if I knew where Sayaka was it wouldn't be a good idea for me to lead you to her. However there is a better solution." Kyubey flicks his tail a couple of times as he looks towards the closet, his voice once again ringing out to its occupant. Kyubey: "You can come out now Kamilla. They're safe." The closet door cracks open as its occupant peeks outside. After making sure there's no monsters or anything, the door is opened a little more as a young girl with soft, lavender hair peeks out from behind the doorway, her eyes darting about like a deer looking to escape. Kamilla: "Um.. H.. Hello.." Sonomi Kyubey nods, acknowledging Sonomi's resolve as he perches up on a nearby windowsill Kyubey: "There's normally more of a ritual than this but.. Considering the situation I'll skip some of the fanfare. Now close your eyes, and I'll grant your wish." Kyubey would wait for Sonomi to close her eyes before continuing. While no one is around, Kyubey would reach out, the fluffy appendages dangling from his ears stretching out towards Sonomi. Once they reach the girl, they would pass straight through Sonomi, leaving an uncomfortable feeling as he grabs hold of her potential Kyubey: "Your wish has overcome entropy, now accept it, and bring hope to the world." Kyubey would next retract his arms, pulling out a small, egg-shaped gem from within the girl, which slowly descends for Sonomi to catch. Capri The blue-haired girl sighs and strikes her forehead with the palm of her head as she slowly shakes it. Blue-hair: "Look, I think we really got off on the wrong foot earlier. Lets just... Start over alright? I'm Sayaka Miki, resident Magical Girl and guardian of this town." Sayaka would straighten back up and reach a hand out for a handshake. Whether or not Capri accepted the girl would scratch the back of her head. Sayaka: "Well, as I was saying my job's to go out and hunt these monsters called witches so they don't get the chance to hurt anyone." Sayaka would draw one of her katana-like blades from beneath her cape and point further into the seemingly endless arcade. Sayaka: "and sure enough there's one down here. There's no telling what it'll do when its cornered so its better if you get out of here and let me handle it." Damon Kyubey remains undisturbed for the most part, only making a single effort to swat away Damon's hand with his tail as he notes Kyubey: "You're not very patient are you? I know the schedules of every Magical Girl in this city. It should be right about...." Sure enough, soon a rather short girl with long, brown hair wearing casual dress steps out from the street opposite Damon, with a face he might remember from the picture he was given. The girl doesn't seem to notice him at first, immediately glaring at Kyubey Ruriko: "Great, what do you want this time you little rat. I don't have any seeds to dispose of if that's what this is about." Kyubey: "I actually came to warn you about something, but I believe it would be better to leave that to our guest." Ruriko's gaze shifts to Damon, her hands slip inside the pocket of her lavender hoodie to bring out a piece of gum which she proceeds to unwrap as she asks. Ruriko: "And who exactly is this loser?"
.......... W-wait? Don't know? Don't you have like.. a mental link with magical girls or something? She shuts up when the girl comes out. Surprised, she smiles at the girl. Hello. I'm Kohaku. Nice to meet you.
*Pri slowly and hesitantly extends her hand to meet Sayaka's hand shake. In the end, she barely touches Sayaka's hand before nervously retracting it.* S-Sayaka Miki. OK. Oh, I'm C-Capricorn. I'm sorry it's such a mouthful, so please j-just call me Pri. *Witches Pri thinks. Wasn't that what that monster from the Library was called? Aunt Gemini told me to leave them alone but... Pri looks at Sayaka, trying to calm her nerves. I know mama wouldn't just let them hurt people.* W-Wait! I... I want to h-help you. I know you h-have no reason to trust me after... everything. But I... I think I've fought one of these Witch things before and... well... they hurt people and I can't just let... I...erm... *Despite trying to sound confidant, Pri's voice eventually trails off into mumbles. She looks at her feet.* Sorry.
Sonomi glances around the room before nodding at Kyubey, staring with a kind intent. Less of a ritual means more time to deal with this. “That’ll be fine. I understand.” Was all she replied with before she shut her eyes and braced herself. She tries to shake off the uncomfortable feeling that flows through her, but Sonomi’s body takes it a bit literally as it twitches slightly. Finally, after a little wince, Sonomi opened one of her eyes nervously, then looked at the egg that came out with a calm gaze. She held it a bit close to her as if she were almost hugging it. “It’s what my sister would have done, after all.”
Damon lets out an offended chuff as he glares at the girl for the slight. He really does hope she isn't one of those warm hot people he keeps meeting that change attitude at the drop of a hat. That is pretty annoying to deal with. Or the kind that pretends to be tough, but freezes up in battle. That is annoying and inconvenient. I am the loser that has been tasked with protecting your pretty little head meanie. He childishly sticks out his tongue before continuing. So apparently a whole lotta magical princesses like yourself are being kidnapped or something. Which is apparently bad because - Damons actually doesn't know why that is bad so he really just stops there. Poking at Kyubey's tail once again he curiously asks. Hey fluffball why is it bad for these youngins to be kidnapped? Can't they defend themselves from whatever wants to snack on them in the middle of the night?
Madoka waves to the new girl slightly, smiling a bit even as she's mildly confused why this person was hiding in a closet. She'd snicker slightly as well, but leaves it alone. Homura meanwhile is simply watching the newcomer with slightly wary eyes. It's strange, and this one's working with Kyubey... But for the moment she'll merely keep an eye out and greet them with a cautious friendliness. M: "Ah, hello there! I'm Madoka, nice to meet you I'm sure. You've got some kind of trick for finding people, then?" H: "Homura, judging by the way you were hiding I'll assume you aren't at home on a battlefield. That's fine though, we can manage ourselves if it comes to anything like that."
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Homura and co. Kamilla finally steps out of the closet, nervously bowing to the other three girls as her eyes drift to the now broken front door. She takes a moment to adjust herself before actually replying. Kamilla: "Um.. N.. Nice to meet you, Kohaku-san. Are you..." The girl's eyes lighten up a bit as she looks over Kohaku's outfit. She nervously adjusts her shirt before asking. Kamilla: "A... Are you... Like Sayaka?" Kyubey: "If you mean a Magical Girl, then yes. She is." with Kyubey's answer, Kamilla would run over to Kohaku, feeling safer with the girl like her guardian than the other two strangers. Kamilla uses Kohaku as something to hide behind as she addresses Madoka and Homura. Though she almost seems to want to run. Kamilla. "I.. Um... No.... Are you... Sayaka's friends? I mean... I overheard a bit..." Sonomi As Sonomi grabs hold of her soul gem, she'd begin to notice herself able to.. Tune in, to the thoughts of those around her. It wasn't much, but she'd be able to effectively listen in on thoughts, or connect people together in this way, in addition to the general Meguca abilities (you'll have to work on an outfit and fighting style yourself). Now that the work is done, Kyubey would wait a moment to let Sonomi get used to her new existence before commenting Kyubey: "Are you about ready? The Witch is going to hatch soon so we'll probably want to be ready to face it." Capri Sayaka looks over Pri for a moment, it'd definitely be safer if Pri were to leave, but from their last encounter she's not really worried about Pri's ability to defend herself, so after a brief pause Sayaka scratches the back of her head. Sayaka: "I uh... If you're sure I guess you can tag along. Just.. Don't worry about me ok? Keep yourself out of trouble and I don't mind you watching." it was kinda nice to be able to order someone around anyways, and now that she thinks of it, Sayaka could use this as a chance to explain herself, if nothing else. The girl turns towards the back of the arcade and begins walking. Sayaka: "Just stay a fair bit behind me and don't worry. I'm basically impossible to hurt. Just bounce back in seconds." The girl tries to keep an upbeat tone but she's noticeably tense as she walks down the hall, occasionally looking over her shoulder to make sure Pri was keeping up. Damon Ruriko blows a bubble while Damon explains himself before, her eyes narrow a bit, wary as she looks over the new boy and the creature who brought him there. She'd scoff at the princess remark before replying Ruriko: "You can't be serious right? You look like you haven't fought a day in your life." Once again Kyubey's even voice simply breaks through the space, speaking directly to the pair Kyubey: "If they could defend themselves they wouldn't be going missing, would they?" Ruriko: "And what, you think I can't? I've been doing this gig for years." Ruriko redirects her anger to Kyubey, glaring now at the small white creature as she remarks with a self-satisfied smile. Ruriko: "I'll have you know I've already met this little killer of yours. Kicked her ass too."
R-Right! I promise n-not to hold you b-back. * Timidly, Pri walks behind Sayaka, letting the more experianced girl lead the way. She would clip her shield back onto her arm, causing it to close into a smaller shape. She would look at the ground, her hood hiding her eyes if Sayaka were to look back at her. After a while of silence, Pri would clear her throat.* S-So...erm... I-If I may, why were you and m-miss health inspector f-fighting last time? Y-You mentioned you were both... magic or s-something? S-So shouldn't y-you be working t-together?
Upon further inspection, Sonomi was now adorned with a ruffled, collared lilac and white dress with a lavender bow on the front, as well as white cuffed boots that go up towards her knees. On her right arm was a black, transparent arm band, and on her left arm was a white arm band with a fluffy bracelet. Her short cut, blue hair was now wrapped in two tiny bun loops, and on her head was a large, purple bow over her white headband, with multiple mini flower hair-clips accompanying it. A flamboyant and striking ribbon cape flowed from behind her, complete with a bow tied behind her head and wrapped around her back. Like her outfit, the cape was colored both light and faded shades of purple. “I feel...different...” Sonomi spun around briefly to see how she moved in her new outfit, before letting her focusing her previously starry eyes towards Kyubey, facing him with a determined look. Inside her was a newfound power that she doesn’t really know what to do with. “...and raring to go.”
Homura rubs the back of her head while looking at the young girl, Madoka smiling kindly despite their... Rough intro, it'd be best to get the kid calmed down somewhat if they can. H: "Yes we are... And um, sorry about the door. I kind of expected something else in here, I can help with the repairs sometime..." M: "Haha, yeah I've known Sayaka for a long time. That's why I've gotta try and do something. Please don't worry, we'll do our best to help!" She isn't sure if that's actually good enough, even while grinning and showing confidence. But there's nothing to be done except try, really. Homura clears her throat for a moment before going on. Smiling slightly and speaking in a calm tone. H: "Anyway, we're ready to go whenever. Though you don't have to get involved honestly, if you don't want then don't feel forced."
Ah.... She pats the girl on the head comfortingly. Akemi-senpai and Sis were magical girls once too. And they're Miki-senpai's allies. So you can trust them.
Hey I've fought against some st- Damon hesitantly stops mid sentence as he watches Ruriko and Kyubey argue among themselves. He knows that sometimes the best way to get info is to just let two people have at it so he does. When they finally finish he looks to Ruriko with a surprised glance. So who exactly was this infamous magical girl kidnapper?
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Homura and co. Kamilla seems to calm down a bit, at least their grip on Kohaku's cape loosens, although they're still hiding behind the other girl. The girl closes her eyes as she receives headpats, unused to the situation, yet it doesn't seem to be bad so the girl accepts it before nodding slowly. Kamilla: "Um.. Ok.. H.. Homura-san, Madoka-san. I'm... I'd like to... I mean if it'd help." the girl stutters a bit again, before simply nodding and staying close to Kohaku, reluctant to leave the other girl. As for Kyubey, he leaves the bed, jumping over to Sayaka's windowsill before turning back to the group. Kyubey: "Now that you know each other my job here's done. Good luck." and with that, he's out the window and simply gone, vanished to both sight and magic senses as he goes... Wherever it is Kyubeys go, leaving the group with a young child. Were Kohaku to try scanning, she'd notice three other sources of magic, each highly similar to each other, circling the building. One of them's already taking a spot in wait around the window, while the other two are inside. Simply Looking outside would provide no insight to what's happening. Sonomi Kyubey almost seems to smile as he heads for the door once more, if nothing else it seems like he'll be watching this time. Following him just to the front of the studio, Sonomi would be able to feel a surge of energy as the witch's barrier is formed. Though normal people wouldn't be able to see or feel it, Sonomi would have a general idea of the barrier's location in the otherwise uncrowded street. Kyubey: "Alright, now all you have to do is focus on its position, and force open the labyrinth. If we're quick enough it might not even have the chance to fully form. Then everyone'll be safe." Capri As Capri follows Sayaka, the walls gradually change from the smooth arcade cabinets to more pixelated ones, finally to simple black and blue walls like one might see in a Pac-Man game. Pri and her companion Sayaka are totally unaffected by this change, and the other girl doesn't seem bothered by it, as normal as this had become to her and instead simply moves forward silently for a bit before answering her. Sayaka: "Its... Complicated and I'm not entirely sure if you'd believe me even if I talked about it. Instead lets... Well... Answer this, where is it that you think Witches come from?" Damon Ruriko leans back, putting her hands in her pockets once more before giving a curt reply. Ruriko: "Some blue-haired psycho. They weren't too keen on telling me their name anyways. Had to be like me though." Ruriko blows another bubble as she glances around the park. Getting somewhat bored, she simply starts to walk off. Ruriko: "Anyways, If that's all you two were interested in I've gotta get patrolling. Try not to get yourself killed oh brave knight." Kyubey makes no motion to follow her, in fact he almost seems to have disappeared while they were talking, leaving the other two alone again.
This is... wierd... *Pri would be distracted from the strange new area by Sayaka's question. Pri takes a moment to think* W-Well... a big p-part of who I am is t-thanks to ma... to m-mothers philosophy. That p-people can reason with each other, n-no matter what. In the end, it a-always happens. W-wars and conflicts always t-tend to end with the t-two sides working out their d-differences, though they d-do it too slow and p-people suffer. *Pri places a hand on the edge of her shield as her eyes dart nervously around the area.* B-But, from what I've seen of these....erm... you called them w-witches? T-the one I saw and helped... d-defeat. It seemed c-completely mindless as it ki.... *Pri swallows hard and shakes her head* As it h-hurt others. Like an animal or s-something like that working on only i-instinct. It's n-nothing that can be reasoned with. S-So... I suppose that these w-witches maybe beasts? T-This planet doesn't seem to be their n-natural habitat, so maybe alien b-beasts? D-dropped here by accident or by some c-cosmic plot to destroy this place or...something. I d-dunno. Sorry if It sounds weird, b-but that's all I can really c-come up with.
Kohaku tries to gauge the intensity of the sensed magic, hoping to gleam some sort of information on them. Hey guys... I feel three... Uhh... unknown but very similar sources of magic surrounding us... One's right outside the window... The magic in the air around Kohaku grows more sense as she prepares for danger.
Damon motions to follow Ruriko. Wait up mi'lady! You may still have need of a royal knight for all your travels in these realms. He says this was exuberant sway, but there is no hiding the momentary tug of his lip. His eyes also betray some worry for the girl before closing in a content line. I'll dutifully follow and you won't even know I'm there. Pwomise!
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Kohaku and co. Kamilla looks around the room, though of course she doesn’t notice anything. The young girl seems a bit confused as she asks Kamilla: “umm magic’s good right?” as for her sensing attempt Kohaku would be able to tell the sources are not particularly strong, likely either weaker witches or a particularly strong familiar. It’s signature would be rather similar to the shapeshifting witch she fought a while back
Seeing Kyubey almost seem to smile put a grin on Sonomi's own face as she followed Kyubey towards the front door of the studio. "They won't be able to see any of this, right?" She asks the creature before closing her eyes and trying to pinpoint the location of the barrier, and do what he says to force open a labyrinth. Though it might take a bit of time considering she still doesn't know what she's actually doing. Coincidentally this also makes it so that she's accidentally tuning into the thoughts of everything in a short radius around her.
Kohaku smiles reassuringly to Kamilla. Nope. Either they're strong familiars or weak witches. It kinda reminds me of that witch we... well... "We" I didn't really do much... That "You" fought.. when we first met Akemi-senpai. The one that pretended to be a bunch of different things.
Homura sighs slightly while handing Madoka her weapon again, a black rune marked sword appearing in the girl's hands as well. H:"Joy, we should be able to eliminate it quickly then. I don't especially want to waste time dealing with this, so let's work fast." M: "Yeah, we've got other stuff to do. Don't get careless or anything though, we can't afford to rush so much it becomes dangerous..." That said they'd slowly begin walking out, advancing into the hallway as that green burst of magic rushes from Homura once again. Her blade held ready while Madoka stands a ways back from the other girl.
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Sonomi Kyubey walks along beside her, casually noting as an answer to her question. Kyubey: "You're not invisible, if that's what you mean. However no recordings will show anything solid about you. Its a passive thing I don't really bother explaining. As long as you want it to be a secret normal people will likely never know." Focusing for the entrance gets Sonomi to a... Point in space, at least it started out as such, soon she's able to force it open and cause reality to unfold. The street around her fades away, making way for a bright, and colorful backstage. The area she finds herself in is colored in simple, bright, primary hues like one might expect from a children's show, several lights shining down into the area. She finds a wall to her back and the stage area packed with various... Creatures, running back and forth, literal stagehands setting up some kind of show. That is to say, the familiars are cartoonish, floating hands deprived of eyes or other limbs that carry various boxes, cameras, and lights to and fro with no real meaning that can be derived, and a dark curtain far ahead. Capri Sayaka chuckles a bit before breathing out a sigh. The other girl hangs her head in resignation as she dully responds Sayaka: "Yeah, that's what I thought too at first. I mean it makes sense anyways, they don't look like they're from our world right?" Sayaka gestures to the pixilated wall, her tone lightening up a bit as she spins around before breathing out a sigh Sayaka: "Anyways, as a Magical Girl its my job to defeat monsters like that to keep them from hurting people, just like you said. If these things can't be reasoned with, then there's no choice but to get rid of them, right?" Damon Ruriko glares back at Damon, breathing out with a huff. The girl puts both hands in her pocket and shrugs, but she doesn't chase him away immediately. Instead she starts questioning Damon as they walk Ruriko: "So then mister knight, what is it that brings you after this beautiful princess anyways?" Ruriko looks over her shoulder at Damon, eyes narrowed in suspicion as they proceed along the city streets. She doesn't seem to be paying attention to anything in particular as she blows another bubble with her gum, simply walking around like Damon had been for much of the day.
Homura and Madoka The pair head out into the hallway, not exactly excited, but not surprised at the ambush either. Soon the walls shift around them as the Witches' labyrinths form into being. It begins as an old, abandoned house, its wooden planks are rotting. However, almost as soon as it forms the landscape shifts to that of an ancient, ruined cityscape, toppled buildings stretching as far as the eye can see. However, the buildings are... For lack of another word, wrong. Some of the crumbling buildings have others clipping through them, as if the former businesses had merged, others appear as if there were two of the same stacked in the same space as the other, giving it a strange distortion as the two ideals for the buildings clash. Behind you is another abandoned building, much like the others, with a crumbling wall leaving a hole for entry It seems as if they aren't alone in this place, as the clicking of heels resounds through the street ahead... Kohaku You and Kamilla stay behind for a moment as the others head out to face the apparent threat. As with the others, Kohaku and Kamilla are soon brought into the barrier, Sayaka's room simply vanishes around them, replaced by a destroyed cityscape. Kohaku and Kamilla are in on the ground floor of one of these buildings, a crumbling wall replacing the doorway. Looking around you can see what's left of a reception desk, though it seems... Off, as if two of the same object were stacked in the same point in space and just left there. There's a crumbled elevator shaft, covered in debris that makes for a makeshift ramp to the next floor, as well as a couple of windows they can see Madoka and Homura from. Kamilla tightens her grip on Kohaku's cape, as if suddenly reminded of something terrible. The girl remains deathly silent as the sound of heels gets closer.... Homura and Kohaku Walking down the street is a high-school age girl with short-cut white hair, so as to keep it out of the way as she works. Now she's dressed in a painter's smock, the long dress covered with all manner of grays and dark hues. She seems almost bored walking through the empty streets, a single paintbrush adorned with an opalescent gem swaying carelessly in her hand. The girl brings the brush to her lips for a moment, in thought before she actually calls out Suzuki: "Figures you two would show up. Not the rat I was looking for, but I guess you'll do." She doesn't seem to have noticed Kohaku and Kamilla hiding in the shadows, instead she's focused solely on the two who ran out into the middle of the street, a slight smirk playing its way across her face. Suzuki: "Either of you care to enlighten me on where the child is?"
"T-that's, nice. Thanks for noting it, I guess." Normal people won't see. That's fine...probably. What good would it do, most people considered "normal" shouldn't even need to know of this recent occupation. But Homura, and Madoka...they'll both see. They're the ones that said not to do this in the first place...but here we are. A magical girl for 5 minutes and a newfound witch that needs to be exterminated for the good of others. "It's always like this, isn't it?" Sonomi looks around in a bit of a daze at this new scenery that she's stumbled upon, merely staring at the familiars with a confused glance. Even though it brings back memories, she'd rather not let them resurface. Breaking out into song and dance isn't really the best thing to do right now. With a deep breath, she inadvertedly takes out her megaphone gun out from god knows where, and reaches for the curtain. In fact, since she was so focused on trying to progress somewhere she doesn't even notice the gun in her hand yet.
The child huh... Homura glares, Madoka simply looks at the girl in front of them curiously. The black-haired one speaks up first, voice echoing across the street coldly as she sizes up Suzuki. H: "I'm sorry to say I have no idea who you mean by that. But now you've gotten me curious as to why exactly you're asking." While Madoka steps forward a bit and begins to speak somewhat, the shadows around them almost flicker slightly. It isn't anything very notable really, a trick of the light most likely. In truth it's Homura preparing to act of course, her magic seeping through the world and hiding within mundane shadow while gathering strength. M: "What she said... I can't imagine why you'd call somebody a rat, either. But I'm sure that we can work this out without resorting to hurting each other, right?" The pink-haired girl smiles slightly, even if this is mostly a distraction. She hopes they actually can avoid fighting, but Homura's taught her better than to simply assume things will go so well. And if they want to hurt that kid... She won't let that happen.
I-I guess... * Pri looked down, her eyes sad.* But I s-still don't like the idea of h-hurting anything. B-But nothing can beat my d-defence. So, I'll t-t-try and make sure y-you don't get hurt either. Though... * Pri looks back up at Sayaka* Y-You said... at first.
Sheer boredom to be really honest. Damon smirks at Ruriko after this is said and his hands worm their way into his pockets. If I weren't on some quest to keep you from being merked then I would be bored at home. He tags behind Ruriko at a pace slow enough to give her some space but not too slow in case she tries to ditch him.
"She's looking for Kamilla it looks like... I should keep her hidden..." Kohaku pats Kamilla to calm her down, and checks to see how structurally stable the building is. She keeps her movements low, so as to not be seen through the window by the newcomer.
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Sonomi Kyubey remains near the entrance, answering one last question for Sonomi. Kyubey: "Each labyrinth is different, but rest assured the Witch will always be at the center. After all they're the one who made it. I'm afraid this is as far as I can help you. I'm no fighter after all" With that, he'd turn back around and vanish from the labyrinth, perhaps even from the world in general. It wouldn't matter, as it doesn't change what you have to do. So, Sonomi passes through the curtains. On the other side of the curtain, she finds a massive concert hall, greater than any she'd ever seen, with banners advertising... Something. The banners are all written in unintelligble runic script, and with no apparent thoughts to draw off of she'd be left in the dark as to their meaning. The concert hall has dozens, perhaps even hundreds of rows of seats, in each seat is another creature. Much like the stagehands in the back, these familiars have no real body, simply a pair of hands attached to the chairs. Perhaps they're even a part of it, none of it matters. All of these creatures are clapping enthusiastically, as if they were watching the greatest show in history, despite the fact no performance was going on. The aisles are patrolled by roughly a dozen creatures, these ones different from the others. They're much larger than the other familiars, each towering up on long, ten-foot tall legs. Their main body is like that of a crane, with feathered ears where their wings ought to be and a beak formed of ribbons. One of them reaches down to one of the more tired-seeming hand-shaped familiars near the front... And eats it, chair and all. Sonomi is the only one on-stage, with no witch or familiar in sight. In spite of this the hundreds of pairs of hands continue clapping, as if it they had just seen the best show on Earth. Finally, the girl can feel a sort of... Pulsing, coming from a closed VIP box near the back of the stage. Capri Sayaka takes a deep breath before putting back on a cheery, energetic air. The girl laughs a bit as she brings out her sword Sayaka: "That's nice of you, but there's no need to worry about me. I'm not really human anymore. In fact, I'm basically invincible." To prove her point, Sayaka raises her right hand to show it to Capri, before bringing the blade across her palm. Though her sword cuts almost an inch deep, by the time she's finished drawing it through her injury has already healed. Sayaka: "So you just focus on yourself. I'll be perfectly fine...." The girl's voice gets a fair bit more quiet as she whispers to herself Sayaka: "Even if I do die that's just one less witch to worry about." She wouldn't give you much of a chance to mull over her words before the corridor opens up into a maze. Just at this first intersection are three paths, one straight ahead, another curving to the right, and a third going straight to the left, all pixelated and empty blue walls like the rest. Sayaka: "Great, one of the more maze-like ones. What a pain." as if on cue, a blue, pixelated fairy, an orb much like Navi flutters above the group for a moment, before heading a little ways down the right path and fluttering in the air. Sayaka doesn't seem to notice it, instead waiting at the intersection. Damon "Tch." Ruriko clicks her tongue in annoyance, but after looking back at Damon for a moment, decides against running. If they're bored maybe she can at least use them to make it easier. Y'know, assuming Damon's capable of anything anyways. No real loss either way. For now, she simply keeps going, taking her right hand out of her pocket to look at a simple, silver ring. It begins to glow a little, which causes the girl to grin "Well, you won't be bored for long. Just caught one." Without saying anything more, Ruriko runs off towards an old arcade. She heads off to its left side through an alleyway.
Kohaku The headpats don't seem to help much, though the girl's grip slackens a little, she still holds onto Kohaku's cape and glances around the place as if searching for something. The pair stay low as Kohaku goes to check the base of the building. Despite its crumbling nature it doesn't seem ready to give way any time soon. At the very least it would take quite some effort from Kohaku to break anything. Remaining on the first floor means you can still hear most of the following conversation. Homura and co. Suzuki: "Such a vulgar greeting." Suzuki lets out an irritated sigh and begins motioning with her hands for the different options as she begins rambling Suzuki: "No 'what a relief to see you'. or perhaps a more hostile 'why are you here?' Lets try that again. 'What are you doing here Suzuki? And at least try to act surprised" Suzuki shakes her head, apparently changing her mind already as she backpedals in speech. Suzuki: "Nevermind, its too late for that now. Honestly I have no interest in the kid." Suzuki shrugs her shoulders and almost closes her eyes, leaving them just open enough to glare at the pair in front of her Suzuki: "However that annoying friend of yours is a rogue element. One I can't afford to let ruin my play. Still, if you don't want to help.. MihMeh!" As Suzuki calls for her pet, a small, mouse-like creature would emerge from the back side of her dress. Its little nose sniffs the air curiously before it leaps off its master's shoulder, aiming to delve into the shadows itself Suzuki: "I'm willing to entertain you two for a moment."
That all to familiar overconfidence... *The mouse like fear and timidness faded from Pri's face, turning it neutral and unreadable. Her eyes brighten and seem to glow red under the shadows of her hood.* Just because you can heal doesn't mean you can't be killed. Everyone needs someone watching their back. A bodyguard. A friend. A family member. Doesn't matter. Going in solo is a surefire way to get yourself kidnapped. Or worse. If you get yourself killed, people will be sad. So don't be so stupid. * Pri closes her eyes and breaths. She grabs her shield's edge tightly. When she opens her eyes again, she looks scared again and her eyes are dull.* Oh... I'm so S-Sorry. I didn't mean t-to project. I've j-just... It's n-n-nothing. Please just forget this ever h-happened. ...t's embar... *Pri starts mumbling nervously. She glances around, chewing her lip. It's at this point she sees the odd fairy like mess of pixels fly away. She raises the arm her shield is clipped to, pointing in that direction.* U-Umm. M-Miss Sayaka. Something just... w-went that way. I-It be the w-way to go.
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