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Chapter Two: A White Century
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You are abruptly dropped with your companions at the center of a large gathering of people. Gone is the pretty spacious elevator from which you entered, now replaced with a high profile antechamber decorated in the finest of luxuries. From where you have fallen you can see ostentatious couches, marble animal statues, and paintings dating back to a classical era. The calm melody of a fine German piece of music waft in accompanied with a wiff of orchid and rose. The soft peals of water from a fountain within the room sometimes overpowers the music, but both sounds never become too overpowering. Laughter and light bits of conversation are also sprinkled about from the mouths of people wearing vibrant, decorative masks. Upon your arrival some of the people had filtered around you and your companions in a circle and are now discussing this random occurrence in harsh whispers. Their masks occasionally leaping up with their facial movements and their fancy, frivolous style of dress putting what you are wearing to shame. These people don't even bother to help you get up as they chat on and on around you. At the furthest end of the antechamber is a regular sized door decorated with perfect white orchids. It would have been easy to reach on a different day, but the circle of people and the rest walking about could easily slow you down.
Well, this certainly isn't what I expected. It was sudden, even made me jump a bit but I didn't panic at the sudden change. Of course, I needed a moment to process things but other than that I'd quickly try to get myself up. Lets see...Yeah, I've seen gatherings somewhat similar before but this already was strange. There's a chance that these people aren't friendly but right now we need to try and get our bearing of where we are. I'd try to at least speak up in a polite tone, didn't want to seem like I was ordering them. "Hello, sorry to have dropped in unannounced. Would anyone here happen to know where we are? It would be helpful to have an idea as to where we've arrived." Guh, those masks. They make the people here look like dolls. Definitely unsettling but I had to try and ignore that for now.
Right, let's put aside the paladin. I'll go bard instead. Now dressed in a prim tunic and a stylish bandana, I take out my harp and play a couple of alluring notes. Of course, the music played by a bard such as Bartz is no mere sound. It's power changes depending on the song and this "Alluring air" has the ability to muddle the mind and make it easy to manipulate people. This way, Yu's interrogation should go off without a hitch. "A song for you fine folks! It is a courtesy of our host for we are naught but travelling artists who seek to impress the world with our talents !" I pray to god the others will play along.
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[The place was unlike anything I had seen before in real life, so full of luxurious things of all kinds... for a moment there, I was feeling amazed by the sights. But, as always, it was people ruining it for me. Still, I was used to not caring for what people said as offhand comments. I will simply avoid looking at them because my face shows my true emotions too easily. I get up and look back at the group. Yu was already doing the talking and Liam helping with that so, as we all are in the same room, I would rather try to look around a bit more and not be stopped by the masses.] I’ll try to go and check the door and anything else of importance, I don’t know for how long I can keep looking at all these guys. [I clear my throat and keep my eyes on the door as I walk forward; I simply try to make my way through by being polite and excusing myself through them.] I beg your pardon, but me and my friends must get through. [My objective was simple: To approach the door and to scout carefully for anything else that may be important to note, perhaps details that the group of people made hard to see.]
Seeing as how all these losers...including me...had all entered this fancy ass party by falling onto the rich ground, the first thing I would immediately do is dust myself off and look around. As well as scramble to find all the vending machine snacks I might've dropped along the way. "Ah, the fine things that you can get by being a privlileged person. How quaint." Instead of speaking like a little poor person, I'd just stand back behind Yu and probably let all the others do the speaking, if they do decide to speak. In fact, instead of hanging around, I might as well try to make my way through the crowd quietly with Kaz. "Yes, that'd be very nice to accomplish." I put on my shades, and hold a bag of chips seeing whether or not now would be the best time to merely open them or not. Mostly because these rich people might not like food that isn't at least the cost of a McDonalds worker and has the serving size of two ants.
"O.. Oh.. Right, sorry." I dust myself off as I stand up and almost reflexively apologize to one of the partygoers. Glancing around I see myself getting left behind rather quickly. Again, so I simply rush to catch up to Kaz. I don't really say anything, just try to push my way through behind him so I can get to the edge of the crowd and maybe help out there.

Considering I actually remember how long Gamma would be, I'd actually take some time to sleep. Granted, I only manage to get about four hours before my alarm goes off. And quickly walk through the door. I stand up a bit slower, not really feeling any need to rush up and make myself fall again or something. The others have really said all I feel needs to be said, so I'd simply aim to walk after Kaz for the moment while running a hand over the belt around my waist and the flask on it. I do speak to the others though, eyes glancing around the room for any possible threats. "Hmm, a curious place so far. No clue where we might be... Ah well, I guess it's something to figure out."
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(Quintus and Bartz)
As a new tune replaces the soft bellows of German opera the people surrounding you become noticeably confused and lax. They almost sway to the additional song like drunken sailors aboard a shaky ship. Some even wander off to partake in the merriment of elsewhere. With masks hanging at the tip of their noses and relaxed posture. The partygoers that stay near you quickly barrage you with answers to the single question asked. Among the sheer number of rapidfire voices one rings true and provides you with the answer you seek. This is the Millefiore family manor in Milan! The provider of the answer pushes forward from the crowd and when in front of you she adds. You are at the annual Millefiore gala though i'm sure you already knew that.
(Kazuya, Florina, Toki, and H2O
Initially, there is some resistance to letting you pass as masked people approach and attempt to engage in light conversation. Their whispers and words taking on a malicious tone as they notice your peculiar style of dress. Questions ... Could they be Japanese? Comments ... Didn't anyone tell them that this is a formal gathering. and reprimands arise. How dare you sully such an important party. Hopefully mutts like you get tossed to the street. Yet they still let you pass by parting as they take in all your clear differences. The crowd even parts around you and your companions as if you were contiguous. The repulsion of the crowd allows you to spot a variety of banners hung around the arches of the antechamber. Each of the banners display a different symbol with a curious name beneath. You spot names such as Cervello, Tomaso, Carcassa and many others. There are also statues of vicious animals with the same names etched beneath that are routinely cleaned by maids wandering the premises. Passing through you are also able to catch glimpses of various firearms on the partygoers accompanied by traditional weapons in the forms of blades and knives. The presence of weaponry seems to catch the attention of no one as people continue to mingle and chat. Once you approach the door you are able to see a sliver of light coming from its slight opening. Whimsical melody floats through the opening and if you were to peer in you would be able to make out an even large ballroom straight ahead. A ballroom filled with even more masked people currently dancing and partaking in the drinks offered.
[So we are in some kind of European mafia place. Great. What's worse is that it seems to retain that fantastical aspect. Suddenly, the thought of a random angel with gangster attire comes to me, and realize that such an idea should be discarded for the moment, not even sure if I could use it for my own writing.] I wonder if they will get angry if we... No, we can't split up even more. I say that we should wait for the ones behind before we go into that room. With this many people, it'll be easy to get lost. Also, try not to drink or eat anything, we have no idea what effect it could have on us. It may also be that all this is nothing but average, normal drinks and food but... somehow, I don't doubt Europeans would be big on drugs. [I look back at the people and do my best to keep a neutral expression. Their words didn't get to me, but their entire behavior, so high and mighty, it irked me. I've never liked that kind of person, even if I do it as a joke.] Be careful, everyone. These guys, as you probably noticed, may just shoot at us and I don't think gameplay shields or plot armor will save us from that kind of damage. Treat every bullet as certain death... y'know, like you normally would. [I take a deep breath and decide to wait for the rest of the guys who were getting information.] And if you can't help but look around, don't go too far.
Oh boy, European mafia. And to think I would’ve fit in were it not for my anime aspects. Oh well, even if I have a gold chain, shades, and a get smoked hat, I surely still look to be a character from a fantasy. Too bad they might have better guns than me. “I sure do love rich people bullets. Can’t wait to be 100 dollars more disappointed.” I brush off their stupid little comments with a whole-heartedly fake laugh and a scoff afterwards. Kaz’s little comment irks me a bit, my bag of chips would be open if he didn’t say not to eat anything. Or drink anything. Whatever dumbass god that just so happens to run the rules of this place better know I brought beverages too. “Does that include vending machine snacks? Because if my Doritos just so happened to get injected with ecstasy when we landed here, I’m going to sue the hell out of that velvet room.”
"Um.. No, I'm not.. Sorry," I'd feebly mumble apologies to the people as we pass, though there's not really much I can do about the situation. Instead I just follow along with what I was told, patiently waiting near the edge of the party for the others to reconvene. "Um.. Yeah, that's probably for the best..."
The way they all tried to answer at once was almost overwhelming. I wasn't sure if I could keep this up, I was losing my nerve and my energy for this but...Liam was there supporting me. I couldn't show a lack of confidence, not now, not in this situation. The one who gave us an answer though and seemed to break through the crowd would offer a moment to absorb what was going on for me. That's right, no need to panic, just stay in character. "Ah, yes! Thank you, I just wanted to make sure we arrived in the right place. I heard you all comment on our clothing before but as you can tell from our star performer here we're actually a group on entertainers...well most of us, I'm just the manager. Speaking of which since this is quite an important event I'm assuming the host is somewhere around here. I'd like to inform them of our arrival."

Guns and blades huh, not too much trouble if I'm ready for it. But if I'm struck without having my Rider Armor on... Well, this could be bad for me in that case. Too bad I'm not Nanoha or Fate right now though, telepathy would be real handy. I'd look to Kaz and chuckle slightly while waiting for the others to catch up. "If it comes to bullets, stay behind me. A Rider's armor won't fall to something as simple as mundane gunfire after all, that's not empty boasting either. Many of them stand up to such things fairly easily, and as the designer of this armor, I can say that defense is one of it's better traits too." I'd say that in a fairly quiet voice while keeping a hand on my belt, ready to Henshin at any moment's notice. I can call upon that power in a split second if I really have to, but I'd prefer not to go around relying entirely upon the armor if I can avoid it.
As I keep plucking the strings of my harp, I try to improvise some lyrics about not worrying and staying strong in the face of adversity. I always knew those improv' classes would be useful one day ! I glance at Yuu. Don't worry! You got this ! The mellow notes keep enrapturing the guests that stay close enough to hear my song.
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(Quintus and Bartz)
Locked into a musical trance the audience continues to freely give out answers. Though some of the guests begin to grasp at their heads or their weapons. The musical spell wearing thin on them the longer it is used. The cacophony of readily given answers once again produces a disorienting effect, but if listened to carefully a statment can be made out. Byakuran is in the grand ballroom past the large doors. A few confused faces turn into glares directed right at you. The general crowd continues to be in your thrall, but some return to their senses. What are you performing? Where do you come from? Could you be non-flame users? Yet, questions continue to rain down upon you.
(Kazuya, Florina, Toki, and H20)
A waiter approaches as you wait for the rest of your companions and offers what is on his silver tray. Would any of your care for a drink? On the tray are a few glasses filled with bright red liquid and a few filled with something clear and bubbly. It should be difficult for the waiter to balance so many glasses with only one hand, but he manages. A faint green glow from his fingertips seem to attach the tray to his occupied hand. Some almost imperceptible sparks flying from where the flesh connects to metal.
I slowly put an end to my song with a flourish of notes. "That was a "Autumn Leaves", a song of my own composition. We hail from a small land far to the East. We are traveling all over the world as a troupe to bring joy and entertainment to fine folks such as you ! That is also why I would like to apologize if we may look or act unlike the customs you uphold. In the name of the troupe, I bid you my sincerest apologies." I try to put up a bit of an act. I'm quite confident in my abilities as a liar so I don't expect them to see through us that easily. But then again... Bartz is normally honest. Hopefully he won't hold it against me.... Wait, "he"? Ugh. Whatever. Let's just hope my bluff works. "Now, Mister Manager," I say looking at Yu, " Why don't we either join the rest of the troupe or go speak a few words with the host of this sumptuous party?"
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No, thank you. [I simply wait for the rest of the group with both arms crossed and staying close to the wall, looking straight into the direction from which we came from. I found myself wondering what the nature of this place was and if not killing anyone was a legitimate solution. Honestly, we'll have to see. Perhaps them staying alive at all will come back to bite us later on.]
“You know what, I’d like to take one if you please.” My fakest accent has been used for this fake ass place, so now it’s time to make something that would pretend to be useful but instead just be pointless. I took a glass with the bright red liquid so that his burden would be lifted a little. But instead of drinking, I just poured the drink in my dorito bag. “Thank you very much, good sir.” I wrapped the top of the half-eaten bag up and shook it so that the Doritos would...take in whatever I just put in the bag while it was closed. Yes this crime of alchemy will surely be useful when we move on forwards. “Is there anything else we’d like to do? I’m getting kind of bored.”
"I'd agree with that idea but it seems the rest of our troupe is already on their way to do just that. Seems they must have grown overexcited and gone ahead or maybe they were just looking for a bathroom? Now, if you'd all be so kind as to please excuse us? Wouldn't want to hold you up from your festivities any longer." With that said I'd attempt to get past the crowd as well, hopefully without having to push them out of the way now that I've explained my reasoning for being here. Though, they mentioned fire-users, a detail I had chosen to ignore but was quite important. Let's see, guns...check...European atmosphere...check...magic fire...check. Considering the last world seemed to be based on the anime/manga Magi it seemed as though we were now in another anime/manga based world, one I knew little to nothing about, Reborn. Considering I didn't know much about it aside from the protagonists design knowing the name didn't even seem like something all that important. For now my goal was simply to rejoin the others.
Naturally, I follow suit and try to rejoin the others with Yu.
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(Quintus and Bartz)
The people that had been swaying to the impromptu music are left at a loss. Without the music still holding their attention they soon disperse and go back to their disordered ways. Though the ones that had been fighting off the song are left with a certainty of action once you leave. They follow behind you with purpose as some of their masks twitch with angered expression. One or two of the fellows right behind you reach to some pocket or other on their person. A silver pistol pulled out by one and aimed at the back of the musician. While the other continues to shift through their own pockets. The crowd having lost interest with your companions allow you to pass without a hitch. Curiously watching the few that tag after you in earnest. Your companions are right ahead by the doors, but behind are a few possible assailants.
(Kazuya, Toki, Florina, and H20)
As you wait by the entrance to the grand ballroom you are able to spot your two remaning companions coming near. However, you also see a few following behind them with guns at the ready or knives held in finely gloved hands. The masks of these followers are twisted in a range of annoyed to angry expressions. The rest of the guests watch this chase with cursory glances, but is unknown if they would help these possible assailants should the need for orderly action arise. Satisfied with the giving out of one drink, the server retreats back into the throes of the party.
I fidget nervously against the wall as I look about to the others. After politely declining a drink I look over to Liam and Quin. Noticing their new... Friends, I lean over to tell the others "I think this might be a good time to slip in. I'd.. Rather not be here when that blows up."
[I had been tense the entire time, so when Yu and Liam comeback, and as I was looking at the same direction, I am able to notice the new guys with actual guns ready to throw down. I quickly try to make up a plan to get them off our back as swiftly as possible without having to fight.] Mal, throw that bag of yours to try and distract them for a second; Tatsuya, get between those assholes and Liam fast; you got the Kamen Rider suit. Liam, you change clothing when you're out of their sight. [I then turn around trying to remain casual and walk fast into the next room.] Scatter, we don't need to get into a fight. Let's meet up anywhere near the right wall of this ballroom once we lose them.
I did not need to be told twice. Without any reason to wait for the others' replies I would slip through the open ballroom door, remaining by the wall as I slip around the edge of the party. I wouldn't have any sort of destination in mind, just further away from the door where a fight seemed likely to break out.
"Wasn't gonna eat these, so, yeet." After opening the dorito bag, I threw it at Liam and Yu's little followers at a break-neck speed that wasn't necessary at all. If it hit them in the face as planned, they would be assaulted by a family size bag of soggy wine chips. "Where we going now? Oh right." I stretched the arm I threw with and headed in the next room, planning to just go in a random direction that would look to be something short of isolated enough. Though since I don't know any parts of the room, I just go away from Gamma as far as possible.

"Sure thing, I'm on it. I'll do whatever I'm able to, and that should be plenty by my guess..." I'd sigh and nod to Kaz, I was planning to help Liam out anyways. But it is good knowing he's got the same idea. My legs carry me far faster than my actual body would, which makes sense given Mizui's practice for being a Rider is paying off some I guess. My hand remains placed upon the Calamity Driver, staring across the room quietly for the momeny while speedily placing myself between whoever these people are and Liam. I'm not about to simply leave someone behind after all, couldn't even come close to calling myself a Rider if I pulled that.
What to do right now? Confront the men and try to reason with them? Might be too risky and it already seemed like Tatsuya was trying to help Liam. I don't want to make an extra target he has to protect out of myself. Besides, talking to these people almost seemed pointless, they seemed almost like their responses were automated in a way. Still, if they somehow still reported us to their boss that might be trouble too. I knew what needed to be done, I needed speak to their boss directly and try to win him over. "Try not to hurt them, Tatsuya. The last thing we need to give the people here is a reason to hunt us down. I'm gonna be heading for the big door. Trying to find the one in charge seems like the best way to figuring out what to do next." With that I'd try to cross through the big doors as mentioned earlier. According to the info I digged up it seemed that he'd be waiting somewhere over there.
God damn it. I was hoping it wouldn't be the case, but there were people who managed to resist the magic and figure me out. Thankfully my team's got my back ! I want to ask tatsu to keep them busy but I don't want our assailants to know of my plan so I just stare intensely at him. But first I need to change jobs. I try to go back into the crowd in order to hide myself. Kaz told me to change my clothes. I hope he doesn't want me to knock someone out à la Agent 47... Jokes aside, I hope he doesn't expect me to be able to blend in with a different set of clothes. I don't have anything normal to wear, as far as I know anyway. The most normal looking job would be the dancer job. But for this plan, I need something different. Alright, let's go for it. I hope no one notices this. In an instant, my traditional outfit is replaced by a black hat that somehow manages to project such a shadow on my face that it becomes indiscernable. All you can see is the sheen in my eyes. With a pair of puffy, beige and green striped pants and a large blue cape to hide the rest of my body, this disguise is the one that hides my appearance the most. "Time for some black magic..." I whisper to myself. Well, I say that but uh... How would that work? My previous jobs were of the physical nature so I guess the power of the crystal guided my moves. It was the same for the bard. I just kind of felt instinctively what to do, as though my body had already performed these moves a million times. So what about magic? I take the ornate Magus Rod hanging from my belt. In the crystal ball that sits on top of it I can see a swirl of elements. Wind, thunder, fire, earth, ice... They swell and swerve around in this tiny ball, like a storm that could destroy entire cities but on a microscopic scale. This job is one of the more powerful ones, if I could master it. I try to close my eyes and think hard about the spell I wanted to cast. Then I tried to imagine how the spell would materialize in real life compared to the game. I can "feel" something surging from within. Like a flood of power, a raging fire that consumes the earth. It's different from physical power... but not so different either. I try to force this power out and order it to take the form of the Sleep Spell I had envisioned. I imagined the green powdery mana raining down on our two assailants and picture them getting so sleepy they just can't help but lie down. "I hope this works..." With the rod suddenly giving off a green sheen, I raise my hands and cross them in the air. I feel the power inside me slowly being drained and amplified inside the rod before it finally casts the sleep spell on my foes.
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(Toki, Kazuya, Florina, and Quintus)
You enter a massive ballroom filled to the brim with people and tables carrying the finest foods only wealth can offer. Arriving at a classical balcony you can see a multi-layered crystal chandelier hanging low from the domed ceiling above. People in the finest of regalia dance below this crystalline monstrosity with learned or inherited poise. As others watch them with the lurid gazes of those terribly imbibed. The only similarity these two types of guests share is the presence of some fanciful mask on their faces. Other than that the youthful couples dancing below have a certain grace in movement which puts most to shame. While the older men simply watching let out terrible guffaws while holding the hands of ladies almost tipping on their heels. From where you are you can easily pick out the unfocused gazes of many around you as they slosh various colored liquids in their cups. Two stairways connect the balcony you are on to either elevated side of the room. As people make their way down additional stairways connected to these sides to reach the dance floor which is the lowest tier of the room. The elevated sides also reach across the room to another white marble balcony with an open air veranda behind it. This balcony is right across from the one you are currently on and on it are plenty of people in that appear to be a little more focused than the rest. A striking young man with pure white hair languidly hangs over the partition of this balcony. Watching those that dance beneath him with fascination. People seem to be calling for the man's attention as he watches. The band near the dance floor begins to strum out a powerful hymn as people close in on you or move away with no rhyme or reason. The crowd just flow about wherever there is ample space making it a constantly shifting game of movement.
(H20 and Bartz)
The bothered guests following from behind are agile enough to avoid the snack bag thrown. They dodge and weave through the people as the snack bag ruins the pure white dress of a now distraught heiress. Without a second to spare they then cock their pistols and fire a beginning volley of bullets. The room is thrown into chaos once the shots are heard as many of the guests dive to the sides or cower where they are. However, most of the bullets do not strike their intended target as they meet rider armor. The ricochet of these bullets is proven to be more harmful as wasted shots embed themselves into walls or scratch off the skin of people. This furthers the chaos in the room as more people pull out their guns and start shooting. Some even wielding knives and slashing at the perceived culprit. In the midst of the chaos a few more bullets meet armor and some guests start to bleed profusely on the floor. The original assailants suddenly drop on the ground asleep, but the damage is done. One semi-destroyed antechamber and many guests locked in angered combat.
[Caught the main character, having white hair is pretty much the biggest indicator to who is important and who is not. I hear the gunshots from behind, but I can tell at least Liam is doing okay now; bless Tatsuya's Kamen Rider. Anyways, I have to move quickly. I stay close to the right wall in the same layer we are. I'm thinking that we should go for that one guy.] Alright guys, we found the one that's important... or one of them. How do we approach? [I ask to the ones close to me while I make my way to the white haired guy from the right. Not too fast however; no need to catch too much attention.]
"huh... Well that went well, didn't it tatsy?" Anyway, now that the coast is essentially clear, we should get going and join the rest. Just.. Don't look at your feet. Don't think of their lifeless bodies. Dont'... Think anything. "let's go." I make my way towards kaz&co
Is having white hair really that important? Whatever, it's a sign, and it's good enough to assume they're not a faceless generic. I take out a can of sprite cranberry and sip some as I move on, peeking out slightly and then following Kaz in a "stealthy" manner. Mostly because I now know that Liam and the others behind are safe and sound. Thanks Tats, your knockoff Kamen Rider saved the day. "...yes. I dunno." How helpful of me.
As for me, I had already slipped into the ballroom adna round the left side, leading to me being unfortunately out of earshot of the others in my attempts to simply hide among the crowd. Something that wouldn't be too easy considering my lack of a mask, so without any real polan I simply attempt to make myself as small as possible as I make my way around the balcony
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(Kaz, Liam, and Florina)
You descend from a right wing of stairs and then proceed to make your way through a terribly intoxicated crowd of people. As they shuffles about with uneven paces they can't help, but bump into you as you move forward. Spilling some whine or a few muffled apologizes as a parting gift. To the left is the marble railing sectioning you off from the dancing crowd below and to the right are white clothed tables laden with a feast of the upmost quality. The aroma of caramelized ham floats in the air in tune with an empowering crescendo given by the live band. About halfway across the room you spot a listless blue haired girl being dragged away by a man wielding an electrified baton. The guests merely chuckle at the sight and the girl doesn't react much to the forcible pulling/
Making your way around the balcony and down a left flight of stairs you encounter the natural ebb of the wizened. The people on your side are as drunk as the ones on the right, but they still seem to have their wits about them as their discussions take a secretive cadence. Some whisper of monetary exchanges as other tell tales of recent prowess even if they look away at strangers glance. If you should meet any of their eyes you would note the suspicion they have directed at you. About halfway across you pass by an arched exit seeming to lead into a garden. The white haired man continues to party on the balcony, but a voice calls for you within the shadow of the arch. Join me in the garden if you want to know more.
I was only distracted for a moment...At least that's what it felt like to me. Before I knew it, Kaz and the others were now ahead of me. I almost went to follow them but then I realized I was alone. I tried to push past the crowd but I couldn't any longer. My confidence was gone, I couldn't even fathom how to get through them. The others were out of sight now. I had no idea where I was and this feeling was getting worse. I knew part of it was the affliction increasing my emotions but another part of it was a simple disdain for being around too many people. It felt as though the crowd had begun to grow thicker and I smaller. I wasn't short by any means but I suddenly felt as though everyone in the crowd was three feet taller. "...Um, excuse me. If you'd please let me pass through..." Panic was beginning to set in as my head began to hurt mildly. It wasn't so much that I had to take notice of it but it didn't help my urgency to reunite with the others.
As I take in the aroma of rich people ham and rich people scenery, I simply shift my eyes towards the floor in hopes of avoiding any and all eye contact. Even though I had my shades on it still felt necessary so I won't have to look at these idiot's faces. But at the same time, looking halfway across the room proved to be a possible event and some fun. "Should we be concerned that Marianne over there is getting escorted by security?" If the white-haired twink on the balcony is a sign, the blue hair girl should be enough of an indicator that she's important in a stupid world like this, plus she's being dragged by some guy with a baton. That's totally supposed to be a sign of plot-relevancy. I side-eye our leader Kazuya before looking back at the scene. "...Kaz, hold my sprite cranberry; I want to go for them. This is important because of the anime hair color like my own. Or is it more important to, sigh, stick together?" I say in a droll and sarcastic tone, trying to make it evident on how well we've been doing with not splitting up. In any case, I shove my sprite cranberry towards Kazuya in hopes that he'll hold it and flip my hair, making my hat go sideways and enter the crowd in order to go for wherever blue haired girl is about to head.
"Oh great I did it again. Real genius plan there." I mutter to myself as I continue around. I didn't know where the others were, so I simply stayed my course. They were probably going to come around soon enough anyways and I didn't want to make more of a commotion than was needed. I initially jump at the sound of another voice I didn't know. Stranger danger... Wait, everyone's a stranger. That's nothing new. Though I'm somewhat nervous, they were at least inviting me out of this huge throng of people. So after taking a deep breath I take the excuse to slip out of the ballroom and into the more open garden, awkwardly saying "Umm.. Hello?"

I'd follow along after 'Bartz', not even bothering to untransform at this point. Mizui might be the kinda overlysure fool who'd take off his armor merely because the active threats seemingly stopped, but I'm not. Instead I tap the belt and its water shifts colors, becoming a deep purple and seeming to bubble violently, along with a large hazard symbol on the chestplate. Caustic Form, a nigh-unbreakable defense and capable of melting down most anything... But rather slow by superhuman standards. "I'm not so sure well is what I'd call it, but decent enough at any rate. We didn't die so go us for now." I'm still more than fast enough to catch up with Kaz if nothing else, and hopefully the shift in colors and symbol will throw off those chasing after us if anyone is.
"Wait, where are Gamma and Yuu?" I look around us. They're nowhere to be seen, as far as I can tell from here. Maybe I should go have a look for'em? It's best if we don't split up too much, but having people roam around on their own could be way more dangerous. "I'll go look for them. I'll try and be quick about it." I trace my steps back in hopes of finding Yuu or Toki. Whether Kaz answers or not doesn't matter. The safety of my friends comes first. Kaz&Co should be more than able to handle things. And if it gets rowdy, I know I can quickly make my way back there. As soon as I find one of them, we'll go search together for the last one.
[I immediately notice people are awful at following rules, but I can't hold it against them by the simple fact everything was really confusing and there are too many people. Maybe they didn't listen, or something happened. Whatever the case, I easily grab on to the drink; something my normal body would have done clumsily... maybe I should train my reflexes and precision when I get back home.] Come back to this same place as soon as you're done, even if you got in trouble; find a way to make it back here. We can't afford to get lost now. [I simply tell Mal who is already going forward. Next I notice Liam going to search for the other two who were lost, and I begin to think about what to do. I simply nod at Liam.] Alright, just make sure to make it back here. Stay safe, I trust your ability to think quick. [Right now, I keep looking at the white-haired guy if possible. I need to figure out a way to approach him, but I have the feeling Yu and Liam themselves know something already. I have no idea what to do, not until I catch a glimpse of Tatsuya. Between Mal who went off on his own, and Liam who did the same, it was safe to assume one of them needed the most help now.] Tatsuya follow me. We'll quietly look after Mal and if anything goes bad, we jump in to help. We can't let the kid go on his own. [At the very least, I have to take my role seriously. So, I cautiously make my way in the direction Mal went while holding the drink. I wonder if I would have the guts to jump into battle if I needed to, or if my words would be enough for any given situation.]
"Don't worry Kaz ! I'll try and be quick about it!"
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A few look to you with pity and others pointedly glare at you with sheer hostility as you meekly wander about. No one lifts a hand to help as all attention is captured by the festivities of the night. Your way forward is blocked off by one masked stranger after another until you are practically pushed against the marble railing of the balcony. Beneath dancers continue to sway and weave in haphazard harmony. While flames of various colors dance from the barest of skin or shred of cloth upon the person. As the dancers light up to a climbing crescendo your eyes are met with pale, purple orbs across the expanse of the room. Etched into the pale face of a content man these orbs wink at you as if in understanding. Beneath the left one is a purple tattoo that is jarring to the sight as a few strands of white hair fall over the other. After winking, the man waves to you with a bubbly smile.
Tracing back your steps to the entrance of the room you soon find a companion of yours being pushed against the marble railing of the balcony. He seems to be slightly anxious, but the party goers pay him little attention as they get rowdier and rowdier. The force held in the newest song being played does little to help as people unwittingly match the energy of the music. Nearing your companion you notice that the white haired man across the balcony seems to lose interest in the dancers. Turning his back completely to you and your companion once you arrive.
You enter a garden bathed in the light of a crescent moon and filled to the brim with white orchids of various temperaments. The terribly white flowers look almost ethereal under the night sky as calm winds gently sway them apart petal by petal. It is here in this shedding of white that you find a man in black uniform holding a plain letter in his hands. The man wears a plain white shirt with a black coat over it as the rest of him remains demure in appearance. The most unusual thing he carries on him other than the letter is a pool stick, but even that is lacking in any unique inspiration. Not that the man seems to mind as he allows the wind to mess with his hair and a few petals land to land on the yellowy strands. He only motions to fix himself once he notices you arrive unto the grass. I believe someone left this for you. The man holds out the letter in his possession. The white envelope betrays nothing of value, but the red seal keeping it closed resembles a a wolf in hunt. It's dangerous getting admirers in places like these. Before you know it the girl has a dad with thick wallets and plenty of men willing to shoot a bullet.
"Yuu ! Don't get lost like that! Kaz and the others are over there. I'm still looking for Gamma. Do you know where he is? I feel like we should look for him together. If we split up again, it could be bad. Mal is about to do something dumb on her end so we need to be ready to head back and help if needed." I look around worriedly. The white haired guy, the boss, left his place, which, in my opinion, is not a good sign. I liked it more when I could keep an eye on him. But Gamma comes first right now.
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You catch up with your two companions just in time to watch one of them leave to follow a girl. The incident you helped cause in the antechamber seems to be going ignored for now as the music drones out any concerning noises. But, that may not last forever though the drunken state of most of the people could be to your favor. Many are so befuddled that they take your suit for costume and poke fun at you to their plus ones. One tiny girl in black uniform even tries to grab at you as you pass and stares at you with huge, awestruck eyes. Whispering. Hero-chan. As you move along.
(Florina, Kazuya, H20)
With one leading and the other two carefully following the hunt for the captured maiden begins. Though the task isn't easy as her captor quickly drags her through the crowds with a skill that only someone used to parties can have. The maiden doesn't provide much resistance to the dragging either as she leans into the hold allowing her white cloak to trail along the spotless floor. Her dull eyes look to nothing in particular as she munches on a donut that she managed to grab before capture. Eventually, the captor and the maiden exit the side hall and enter an old wooden door instead of approaching the crowded balcony. The white haired main pauses in his festivity as he watches the two go and then he stares at you with pure curiosity. Waiting to see what happens next in this slipshod night. A rustic, wooden door heading into the depths of the manor or an open balcony visible to all yet holding the shadiest of characters. The white haired man doesn't say anything to rush a choice, but the crescent moon ascending behind him says otherwise.
I walk into the garden and have to blink a few times at all the sudden... Whiteness, all different manner of white orchids. Funny, I actually had a character named Orchid once, after the flowers, but that's not important right now. I shake my head and look around to find the source of the voice. I look down at the letter, somewhat confused. "A... Admirer?" Not Again. I shudder a little at the thought of what happened last time I caught a popular guy's eye. Curse this teenage girl's body.. I've not the slightest idea of how to deal with a situation like that and it'd only get worse as time went on... For now I simply bow to the man for a moment before accepting the letter. "Um... Thank you for delivering this.. I hope its alright..." I slowly, deliberately break the seal to open the letter, worried about the kind of nonsense it could contain.
I'd take a moment to register Liam's return after I looked back at the odd man with the smile. It was almost reassuring to see someone with such a friendly expression after wandering around a crowded place like this for so long. I'd turn back to Liam for a moment in response. My nervousness would begin to fade as I no longer felt alone. "I have no idea where Gamma might have gone. It might only get use even more lost to look around blindly too. There's also something of interest over this way. Not sure if we'll get another chance like this..." I'd begin to regain my confidence as the mild pain in my head faded all at once. I'd now try to push through the crowd, mostly staying by the railing to try and avoid as many people as possible. My aim was to reach the man on the other side.
I work my way through the crowd of party people, albeit much less better than the one escorting the girl. Not used to parties yet, but like, who the fuck thought this was a good idea? The personal space you get to have is atrocious, but I guess they didn't pay attention to what happened in Tanacon. If that even existed. AND the girl got to sneak in a donut too? Lucky ass. "Your lord and savior coming through." Is what I muttered to the people I quietly shoved aside so I could catch up to the two. The hallway was a nice place where I could breathe in some fresh rich people air, but at the same time, due to me forgetting to breathe sometimes, I was still fairly quiet. What wasn't quiet at all was that balcony. One that looked very suspicious. "I'm so tempted to flip him off, I swear..." If the crescent moon wasn't enough with all of these stupid people obscuring a clear view, the white haired man from earlier was even more of a fact that he wants to be paid attention to. Maybe. He's not doing anything immediately. And jokes on him, I'm not going to be the one to give it to him. More quiet muttering under my breath. Blue haired girl's more important to me. Plus splitting up even more is bad. But what I can do, is do a dumbass hair flip to look more girly as I sass walk down the hallway, pointing in the white haired man's direction without even looking at him to at least acknowledge he exists, as well as see if anybody following me would go there instead.
Not in a million years. [I would mutter as I notice Mal exaggerating his own act. I swear, he was supposed to be born a stereotypical girl as they usually play them in media. Anyways, I barely give the white hair guy a side glance before simply following behind Mal. Hopefully this leads us somewhere good and not with people pointing guns at us. I lower the scouter over my right eye and make sure my COMP is at the ready. I will have to try, Pixie's wind will surely come in handy.] Just hope she will listen. [I tell myself as I make my way through the demon list and find her. Now it's just one button away from summoning, but this is for an emergency. In the meantime, I just have fun avoiding the people, which I do enjoy since I can show off with my own agile movements, and Kazuya's body only makes it way easier.]

I just stare at the others for a moment, observing the madness before me with a concerned face under my helmet. The only good news is that in this form, I'm at least very hardy if anything goes wrong. Because of that I'd take the lead just as promised, standing in front of both Kaz and Mal without even missing a beat. "Just gonna keep moving huh, fine with me. I'll take point I guess." I'd say in a fairly quiet voice, glancing at the white-haired fellow from the corner of my eye. Of course, there's no reason to rush off and deal with him. He seems like an obviously important person to be sure, but I just don't care that much right now. Even if he is likely an 'enemy stand user' as one might say.
"Ugh, I mean... Sure, but I really don't like leaving Gamma alone. I feel like we should prioritize the team's safety for now, especially since we don't yet know much about this place." I say that, but I try to keep up with him. I hope my words will make him reconsider but strategically speaking, if I were to choose between Yuu and Gamma, I would focus on Yuu as he's been elected as leader. "Cut the head and the rest of the body will fall" is what you often see in media. As such, protecting that head is more important. Still... I don't know. I don't want Gamma to suffer the consequences of that mindset. I hope we spot him while we walk. Let's just keep following Yuu for now.
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The seal splits in two revealing a slip of paper within the envelope that is scrawled upon with messy, rushed writing. When read the letter urgently states. This life resets at midnight. You only have a few hours to resolve things. Before all the pieces are moved back to their original positions. The reset will set you back. Please hurry! - Favoring The man allows you to read the letter without interruption. As you reach the last line he finally breaks the silence by tossing a golden pocket watch at you. The desperate young lady also wanted you to have this. Said that it was very important. Probably a family heirloom or something. If you were to open the watch you would see two golden needles indicating that it is nine.
(Quintus and Liam)
You take the left path in the grand ballroom and travel to meet the man with white hair. Along the way there is an arched exit to the side that leads to a garden. However, the darkness outside makes it difficult to pick out any distinguishing traits of the two people currently standing out there. No one else is entering the garden at this time making it a sort of dead zone among such a vibrant display of human antics. Meanwhile, the white haired man is staring at you and awaiting your arrival on the furthest balcony. His location is up ahead while the garden would veer you off a side path.
(Florina, Kazuya, and H2O)
You pass the rustic door and enter into a massive room that could fit thousands of people within. It should be impossible for a room of this stature to exist beyond such an unassuming wall, but here it is in full view. Adding to the room's oddity is its pure white color scheme. Everything is bathed in white from its walls to its flooring and any decorations in between. Even the vases and portraits are colored as if some child went liberal with the white paint. The only thing lacking in magnanimity and white is a traditional dining hall table that stretches from a few feet near you to across the huge room. The brown sheen of the table makes it stand out from everything else around you and the chair against it act as little brown dots in the white desert. Seated nearby on one of the chairs is the blue haired girl you decided to follow and her captor stands behind her. In her captor's hands is some device that you can't make out, but you can see that he is rubbing gauze on her neck in preparation. The girl doesn't seem to mind as she continues chewing on her stolen snack and staring blankly at the white walls across from her. The white cloak that she had been wearing is laid on the table. Across from the girl and her captor sits an entity with a red oni mask on its face and hooded grey cloak. The entity pokes at the fabric on the table seeming as disconnected from the world as the girl.
I carefully read over the lines, all manner of thought filling my head. This is likely from the aforementioned person who remained trapped here, in hiding no doubt. Their presence didn't change anything. Once again the wheels begin to turn. We only have until midnight to get our mission done, which means the sooner the better. Just as I was wondering what time it was, I had to react, deftly catching the watch that was thrown to me. I look down at it of course, three hours is all? Not a lot of time to find someone, especially if they're secretive like this. I carefully stash the watch in my bag and nod to the man "I'll make sure to treasure it." I turn to head back to the party, after all I'll want to inform the others of the situation as well, but before I leave I turn back to ask the mysterious messenger "By the way, if you had to name one person in this city who would it be? As you might be able to guess I'm new here so I'm not sure of the characters."

I'd Sigh while whispering to the other two. "Gonna go up there, see what happens. Be ready, but I'd rather avoid fighting if we can. I assume that's cool with you?" Either way I begin moving forward, waving to those in front of us slightly even while my suit bubbles with caustic water. I'd then speak up in a louder voice with a polite tone. "Hello there, how goes it tonight? I was wondering what exactly might be going on here? Seems a rather curious room and all so maybe you'd care to chat. Or not, but I thought I'd ask." I'm expecting an unfriendly reaction, but there's nothing to do but try I suppose.
[The thing I had to do was quite simple: Be the back-up. Truly, it's foolish to expect these mafia guys to just react calmly or non-violently with Tatsuya simply approaching. Any fighting must be avoided, and therefore, Pixie was needed. I take a deep breath and press the "Summoning" option, and the usual vortex appears behind me, revealing the small Pixie. This process never ceases to amuse me. The small demon looks around quietly, not knowing exactly where she is... before shrugging and awaiting for a command.] I want you to make everyone but the armored guy fall asleep if they even show aggression, please. [Pixie immediately crosses her arms as she looks straight to my eyes. It took me a moment to realize what it was.] Pixie: "Please? Since when are you so polite in these situations? I already felt something off, but this just settles it, you aren't Kazuya. Even if you feel similar." [The small fairy would point at me accusingly. I would get a bit nervous at this, but I need to think. Pixie warmed up to Kazuya through their journey from 1992 to 2022, and she only got some appreciation for him after Yuji died at the hands of Black Count despite being the first demon he recruited. Her personality is closer to a bratty 16-year-old chick. She likes flora above all and feels more comfortable around girls, not to mention the other Fairy race demons.] Pixie: "Leave his body alone before I blow you away and everyone with you." [First thing I do is raise both arms to show I won't do anything weird. Now, I'm glad I'm relatively hidden from the others.] I already talked to Pascal, but I can't take him out now because of everyone around. I'm a guy who got trapped in Kazuya's body without any other intent, all I want is to return to my own body and leave this place along with the others who are in a similar situation. I promise you I will summon him if you don't believe me, but I need some time before then. So please, help us. [Pixie would think it over, and I'm here just hoping "RNG" doesn't screw me over. After this, the fairy would sit on my shoulder while pulling on my hair lightly.] Pixie: "Alright, I'll help you for now. But if I find out you are lying to me; I'm bringing Pascal to turn you into ashes. You probably don't know this, but he can summon himself from the Program." [Can he? I don't think he can, or at least... I don't remember ever writing about it in actual RP, so it must be something I keep constant in the canon for this guy? That, or Pixie is bullshitting me. At least she agreed. Once the condition; those inside going aggro; she would immediately force Sleep with Lullaby.]
While I would feel a bit offended by Tatsuya merely stealing leadership and dominance from my standpoint...he's the tank. He's supposed to go first. I'm still salty about not being able to get first blood though. "Yeah, sure, whatever. Get it over with, why don't you." I take out one of the pistols on one side of my waist and peek from the door, charging it with blue energy since they won't be able to actually see me and interrupt me. Probably. Though at the same time, I sigh out and stop peeking, taking a breather and then having my eyes immediately be set towards Kazuya and his demon friends arguing because of the fact that he isn't even Kazuya. At least they agreed, but at the same time, I just stared blankly, waiting for Kaz and his pixie to finish their little quarrel before speaking once again. "You know, thanks to your bickering with a pixie, I just remembered that I can charge two pistols at the same time. Because I can carry both of them in each hand. And also, you better get that straight with all your demons so that I won't have to awkwardly sit idly by in silence." I take out another pistol and begin to charge that as well. Sure we need to avoid killing and conflict...I guess, but if things go south, the cover fire is always an option.
For a moment I'd think about the current situation. The man turned his back the moment Liam appeared. It seemed he didn't want to just talk to both of us, perhaps he might not even talk unless only one person is around. I'd turn to Liam with this in mind, trying to explain my reasoning. "Liam, I think you should search for Gamma on your own. I know I said splitting up was a bad idea before coming here but it seems like this area is much smaller than the last group's. I also am not sure if the guy over there would talk to me if you came along. It's more important for us to keep tabs on each other's activity than to all stay together, especially in a space like this where it's hard to move as a group." Hoping Liam understood I'd approach the white haired man, hoping he might be willing to talk if I was alone.
"Well, if you're sure of it, then I will. Just... Don't get yourself into trouble. I'll try and keep an eye from afar so if you're ever in trouble and you want me to step in, simply discretely tap your left earlobe twice in rapid succession. If I see that, I'll try and see if I can give you a hand. It's better than nothing. Anyway, break a leg Yu. And don't let the crowd get to ya !" And on this note, I split up from him. Still, I try to do so while throwing quick glances in Yu's direction every so often. I'd rather not loose him from my sight. Of course, I also keep an eye out for Gamma. Not wanting to stand out too much with my black mage robes, I decide to switch back to my bard's outfit. It's still my best bet to blend in here. I'll just go back on my steps and see if there's anywhere I didn't go before.
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Tracing back your steps leads you past the side hall connecting to the garden and up the balcony where you originally started. Though the increased attention you pay does allow you to notice a smaller additional door along the right hallway of the room. The small door continually flings in and out as mobs of servants rush through it to maintain the opulence of the gathering. A silverette with a tux and a few too many rings bumps into you as you watch. Sorry. He barks out. Before taking up conversation with a fair lady in a rosy dress. A skull-shaped ring is left behind after the sudden collision.
The man studies you with an odd expression. You really came to the greatest mafia gathering ever held without any idea of who was running it? Within seconds you find a pool stick aimed directly at your chest. The man watching in a hungry manner as his left hands firmly grips the stick and aims it at you. Byakuran is the main star here. But anyone that belongs here would know that. Air shifts around the tip of the pool stick as the man sizes you up with his eyes. Show me that invite of yours missy.
You reach the secondary balcony in the ballroom and what awaits you there is the same man that beckoned you earlier. Up close you can tell that his white hair is a veritable bird's nest and his pristine white uniform had been tossed on without a care in the world. Easily separating this man from the elegant people around that hunger for his attention. Yet, in mannerisms this man holds himself in a posture that naturally begs authority. He almost towers over you on the stairs without even intending to. Though there is something missing from his stance and the air around him feels empty without it. The space just simmering with the lack of something. This master does not care much for the empty space surrounding him. Instead greeting you with the bubbly smile he offered earlier and sharp eyes that seize every detail on your person. Have you come to entertain me outsider? The rest on the balcony watch you through masks that betray no features.
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(H20, Florina, and Kazuya)
The captor leaps with surprise upon being addressed. As the needle delicately placed on the girl's neck is shifted with his sudden hand movement. The needle is sharp enough that the momentary slip is enough to draw blood from the girl's cream neck. Before the captor can do anything to amend his error some blood spills onto the girl's lap and blends with her black uniform. Despite the mistake made the girl does not react at all to your sudden intrusion or the cut made on her neck. At best she absently scratches the cut drawing more blood and doesn't stop until her captor forcibly hold hers hand. Her gaze remains focused on the wall across. As the demon faced entity below it also remains stoic and unreactive. The only one really attentive to you is the captor and his response is short and sharp. Just administering some medicine. Now if you could please leave so I can continue. The captor curses under his breath after answering and quickly opens the pocket of the white cloak. From it he obtains a capsule containing a dark liquid blend with flames racing upon its surface. He replaces a capsule of similar substance with the new one and then refixes it to the machine.
His reaction is hardly a surprise, but he was kind enough to answer my question so I could humor him for a second, slowly raising my hands over my head “I don’t have a mask on either, but don’t worry, I’ll be sure to send them my regards.” that’s all the warning this man gets before I focus on myself again. This one’s more... Complicated. I focus on my spirit before.. “Leaping” backwards through time, bringing myself back to the moment, a matter of seconds ago, when the messenger throws me the pocketwatch Time spell uses remaining:2 “I’ll make sure to treasure it. Thank you for the delivery.” I briefly nod my head to the messenger in thanks before heading back to the party. After all the others would likely be interested in knowing our target
We can't bother to lose any time with this, whatever this is, it seems fishy. Pixie: "Yup, no doubt about it. If you ask me the guy looks like a total creep. He may be selling that girl into slavery! Guess he thinks she would be a great mom, eh?" [Pixie's comment catches me off guard for a moment, but the decision was clear in my mind. Truth or not, we are going to know soon enough through whatever method is necessary. I look at Pixie and lift two fingers.] Change of plans, use Marin Karin on them to charm them, and then use your Seduce tactic. I know you are most effective at charming men. [Pixie would poke my cheek before gleefully flying into the room while I wait and listen.] Pixie: "So you even know about that; decent idea but cross your fingers~!" [I don't need to cross them, just use them to prepare the summoning of Pascal in case things go badly, since at the very least, he has a Bind skill. But... the summoning gauge is not yet full, it'll take some more time. But it does seem to recharge faster, which means my soul should be getting used to these. Regardless, Pixie would fly high above the room and extend her arms, dropping a kind of pinkish dust that she would direct with the flap of her wings and her index fingers towards the "captors."] Pixie: "Alright boys! You better spill the beans, or you'll make me feel bad! Maybe I'll give you a kiss when you're done~!" [Pixie casted Marin Karin on the men and then proceeded to use her "Seduce" negotiation skill. Assuming it works, we should be able to know all we want to.]
I sigh as I was seemingly brushed off. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that important in the “heat of the moment” but I don’t really feel at much of a climax with this stupid clown ass captor and a very jaded captive. Would say relatable if her life wasn’t actually important to what we need to do. “Not the first time this happened.” As the pixie flies outwards into what might actually end up becoming a field of battle, I peek my head out slightly to just watch for no real good reason. And since there was no good reason, I went back in hiding behind the cover, that being the door. I still checked to see my pistols being fully charged as I put them back on my hip in case I’ll actually need them. “You better hope this works the first time.”
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This man, something about them left a chill running down my spine. Maybe it was their almost otherworldly aura...wait, what am I talking about? If anyone gave off an aura like that it would be us. I'd try to smile back at him but smiling in truth was never a strong suit of mine. Still, I didn't want to approach him with too much caution. That might seem rude. "Well, looks like I don't have to try and pretend I belong. If you know that already then are you perhaps Byakuran. Forgive me if I'm jumping to conclusions but the way the guys in masks are looking at you seems to suggest that you're in charge here. As for the part about entertaining, I can try but truth be told I have performance anxiety."

I'd just step back a bit and stare quietly for the moment, in truth a small trail of water is creeping across the floor from my foot. It's so small and thin though that if one weren't paying very close attention to the ground below them then it wouldn't even be spotted. If Pixie's magic worked for example, then I'm fairly sure the foe wouldn't see anything amiss. Beyond that I'm just watching and waiting, trying to come up with a plan that I can use if things go south. There is an idea of sorts starting to form in the back of my head, but... Best to save it for the moment, can't mouth off about an idea for taking this jackass out while we're trying to charm him after all.
I bow down to grab the ring. I always feel as though "curiosity killed the cat" was made just for me. I wonder for a brief second whether I should give it back, or keep it to myself but my sense of guilt immediately kicks in as I imagine myself putting the ring on. "why meeeeeeee..." I moan under my breath. I don't want to keep this thing, but it could be important. Alright, here's what I'll do. I'll keep it for now and discuss it with my team. If I can I'll just bring it back to him later. Yeah, that's a good compromise. Now, about that door I just saw. My guess is that it leads to the kitchen but... Well, you never know, I might as well just check it out and see what I can find. The more info the better. I take a quick glance backwards in hopes to see what Yuu is doing. I hope he's not panicking again. I walk up to the door, ring in hand, and take a peek inside.
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The man pulls back his hand and momentarily frowns. You might not be one for entertaining, but an ally of yours seems to know how to grab my attention. He then pulls back the left sleeve of his coat to look at a watch on his previously covered wrist. Humming, he looks to the tiny hands within before letting the sleeve reclaim his wrist. You should introduce me to Toki when you get the chance. A gentle laugh escapes the man's lips. Shame on you for keeping me to yourself. I can be shared. The man reconsiders his statement right after it is said. Well as long as you continue to have anything interesting to bring. Byakuran tis I, but tell me who are you "Quintus"? Byakuran puts some stress on your name with a conspiratorial glance in your direction.
Peeking inside you see a darkened wing of the building that hasn't had a good sweep in a long time. Dim flames flicker out from ancient candles mounted along the walls as slight bursts of cold wind quick up dust in steady intervals. Right next to your place of peeking you can see a door marked as the kitchen. Light emanates from the space between the door and the floor giving some life to the rest of the wing. The other two doors connected to the wing are dark and cold in an ornate manner. A portrait of a young girl with bluish hair hangs alongside one of the doors at the very end of a line of portraits depicting women of similar characteristics. While the other darkened door is almost hidden behind a deteriorated statue of two dragons battling it out in suspended air. Servants have stopped flying through the kitchen doors for now, but there is no telling when they will be called on again.
The messenger nods in response before turning back to clean his pool stick. You arrive back to the grand ballroom in the midst of a lagging portion of the party. Folks that were previously dancing are now taking seats alongside the party floor to relieve their weary feet. While those that partook in general consumption wander about aimlessly without any acute awareness to their surroundings. Some even rest against the walls for support while recovering from the highs they submitted themselves too. All this makes for a cleared hall and you can easily spot one of your companions engaging with the white haired man seen earlier. While another companion can be seen openly peering through a door at the side of the hallway. Guests whisper and look at the odd behavior of this companion, but none seem willing to engage with him yet. You are unable to spot anyone else from your group from where you are.
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(Florina, Kazuya, and H20)
The captor is easily charmed by Pixie's wiles and with little hesitation says. I was ordered by Byakuran to sedate the sky arcabaleno for the main event. Upon stating this the captor does look at the tool in his hand with clear intent to continue his job. However, his lax focus prevents him from really continuing with the task and the tool simply hangs on the hand in a loosening grip. Byakuran won't be made at me for entertaining such a charming lady, right? The captor asks Pixie with a relaxed grin. Up until now the demon masked creature had been quietly sitting across the girl, but upon hearing the question of the captor it suddenly dissipates in form. A few seconds later it reappears behind you and the roar of chainsaw pounds in your ears with the proximity of its source. A chainsaw is aimed at the abdomen of the one with guns.
[It's a good thing I added Negotiation skills into the demons all the way back and decided on an actual set, those should work great. Now, we just need to take that machine and figure out who this Byakuran is. Huh? Where's the other guy? I try to look around, now leaving my hiding place, but as I do, I quickly take notice of this "person" going right for Mal's abdomen. I feel my body moving on its own, as crimson flames circle around me and Belial reaches out to the chainsaw. I feel a bit of a quick sting suddenly, wondering if it was because it went for the cutting part of it with his long hands. But still, this should be enough to save the kid.] Belial: "Tough luck, try again in your next life!!" [Was I thinking that deep down? To mock a murderer. Or rather, someone who was clearly going for it for no reason. Makes sense. Turning to Tatsuya, the idea was set in my mind. Belial would attempt to move the enemy into the room once again and launch him into the air, trying to keep it in the ceiling.] Tatsuya trap him! [Meanwhile, Pixie would try to keep the man's attention to herself. Getting closer to him and sitting on his shoulder, she would wink at him while dangling her legs.] Pixie: "Y'know, you got a big finger right there, you shouldn't waste your time with that machine. Leave it somewhere else, I want your full attention...AFTER you tell me who this Byakuran is, that is. Is he strong? Does he have like, superpowers~?" [She was prepared to act at any second, so if thing got out of hand, she would simply "Lullaby" the man with some magic of her own.]
Oh nice a chainsaw. Vroom vroom, amirite. I think to myself as it heads straight for my anime girl abdomen. Maybe there's some way to bullshit a solution. Shoot it? Summon a weapon or something? I could also try and create a shockwave...but that takes luck. Then again... "Oh. Ok. I could've done that...but thanks." I say bluntly as Kaz saves me the trouble of trying to think of a dramatic way to dodge my attacker. My hand was moving on it's own so much, that I didn't even know I grabbed a pistol from it's sheathe. I also just noticed the blatant lie that came out of my mouth, but hopefully he knows that I'm thankful either way. I position myself behind him so that I won't have to look at that clown's face and take a breather. A sigh of relief. Pistols are still charged, but avoid conflict they say. We won't need to have to use violence.

The 'man' who rushed at Mal would quickly find the a trail of water that flowing towards him and expanding in an instant. Magic rushing into it and causing the thing to split off into four tendrils that seek to grapple onto his arms and legs, dragging him down to the ground if able and holding his limbs in place with a tight grip. Of course, given I'm in my Caustic Form right now the water would also begin to burn through his clothing. I'm keeping it restrained enough for the moment to merely cause some mild pain upon his body after reaching it. If he seemed even remotely close to escaping however the water would quickly amp up to max power, seeking to melt through flesh and bone if given a good few seconds of solid contact. "Yeah I got it, or I think so. And don't try moving around too much Mr ya dig me? I can do a lot worse than just holding you in place and burning through some clothes a bit if I need." I'd prefer not to do that if it can be avoided, but there's no need to let him know the thought of killing someone bothers me. I've always had a decent poker face, so my voice is able to stay pretty calm and relaxed while staring down our foe from behind my mask.
Hmmm.... Alright, I can't deny it, this place is titillating my curiosity. And if it does so for me, it probably will do so for others. I can't just deny that Gamma may have gone through here so just to make sure, I should check it out. But then again, it looks almost abandoned... I'm probably not meant to go there so I should try and be discrete. And that means, it's ninja time ! I pass through the door and switch jobs. With these dark blue ninja clothes, I should be a lot harder to see in the darkness. This job is one of the more useful ones as it has a bunch of handy abilities such as the ability to dual wield, the throw skill which make shuriken and such a lot more powerful, smoke bombs, shadow clones ( it's so cliché though...) and they even enhance the chance of getting a preemptive strike ! Downside is, they're pretty fragile. I don't want to get hit too much while I'm wearing these thin soundproof clothes. I try to walk quietly and do my best to keep my breath in check. My easily excitable temperament makes this harder than it should be as I just can't keep my heart under control. I'm nervous and excited with a tinge of fear. When I finally reach the portrait, I decide to check if there happens to be a tag underneath it to identify the young girl in the portrait. Needless to say, she must be some kind of heiress to an ancient bloodline. If I find anything, I would examine the portrait in more detail, if not, I'd just quietly make my way to the dragon statues.
He knew that name? How...Is he the one we're after? No...It was too early to say and also not to mention the way he looked at his watch. I'm not too sure what he was doing but it seemed suspicious. Regardless, now wasn't the time to start making accusations anyway. The situation already seemed somewhat delicate and throwing fire in the woodwork seemed like a bad idea. "I didn't know you were acquainted with my friends. Though I'm more suprised with how you knew that name of mine. I guess you can already tell that, that isn't my true name or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I have many names... Maybe that's a little too ominous though. Anyway, you wanted to know who I am? Well, I'm a drifter from a long way away. I've come to settle some business here but I'm not completely sure what that business is yet."
I look back out into the crowd, it definitely looks like the others have all gone their separate ways, not a problem, it just means they got themselves distracted again. Looking around, I see that Quintus is talking to a notable, white-haired man. They weren't old so they were probably an important character, and considering the number of people in this ballroom I'd rather not fight one without any assistance. I still had no idea how useful Quintus would be, so instead I'd follow after my ally by the door. I'm not as concerned with stealth as he is, I'd simply aim to sneak around the side of the ballroom to follow after him, much as I had earlier.
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(Kazuya, Florina, and H2O)
The captor obediently bends to pixie's command and simply drops the device on the table. His lack of care when dropping the device manages to shatter the glass container attached to it. The black liquid within slips through the remains of the container, greedily eating into portion of the table. Ignorant of this the captor jabbers on revealing plenty of tidbits that could be useful. Byakuran is the boss of the Millefiore famiglia and a wielder of the almost extinct sky flames. With his flame type he can easily rule over anyone residing under the sky dominion, but that isn't what makes him so great. Conspiratorially, the captor leans toward pixie and adds. Byakuran can see multiple parallel worlds at once. He can fix our world by seeing what went wrong in other versions of it. The captor would have said more if he did not have a chainsaw ripping straight through his sternum. While the captor was talking, the demonic faced creature had been tossed into the air and promptly manhandled by tendrils of water. However, not heeding the given warning the creature had struggled against the tendrils until the water sank into its flesh and bone. The tendrils burned through the creature's robe revealing dried, cracked skin covered in talismans. Yet the creature offered little reaction to the punishment as it allowed portions of its arms and legs to be cut off by the tendrils. Not even a whimper of pain escaped the creature's mouth as its limbs were effectively severed into tiny pieces. Instead the portions of the limbs that were cut off easily turned into purple smoke as the creature regrew its missing limbs before your very eyes. Purple smoke hardening into what was lost and the creature attaching the perfect facsimiles to its body with a sickening snap. Once the creature finished fixing itself it had then struck at its next target: the captor. Appearing from behind and shoving one of its powerful chainsaws into the captor's chest with brutal efficiency. You will now die. Is all you hear over the deafening noise of the chainsaw.
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Beneath the portrait you find a golden tag with fanciful words written in cursive. Uni Boss of the Giglo Nero Famiglia Third Sky Arcabaleno Loving daughter, leader, and boss Are what the words read. The tag covered in a fine layer of dust with a small cobweb attached to it. Upon closer inspection you notice that the girl in the portrait has a face still shedding off the dredges of youth, but her expression is one that stares off into the distance. Her eyes are wide, innocent things while her clothing lies on the mature side in the form of a black dress. Even the illusion of her tiny stature is ruined with the regal framing of the portrait. With every sign of youth seen upon the girl there is another detail in the art that screams power and responsibility.
You follow after the companion that has taken to peeking into places he doesn't belong and find yourself in an abandoned wing of the manor. Up ahead you can see your companion intensely studying a portrait depicting a young girl in mafia garb. While to your left is the servants door and to the right are the dragon statue hiding an additional door behind it. You and your companion are the only two occupying the wing, but you can hear servants stir behind one of the doors.
Sorry, I am a bit of a mind reader so sometimes information just comes to me~ Stuff like your name, the names of those that accompany you, your darkest secrets, what you fear, first love ... all of that floods in sometimes. I hope you don't mind this little old curse of mine~ Byakuran playfully tells you this as he picks off a stick covered with marshmallows off the tray of a server. Some snacks my dear? He holds the stick out in mock offering before taking a bite of it himself. Satisfied with the treat he procured for himself, Byakuran focuses again and is blunt with his follow up. I can give you some business right now Quintus. How about you help me with the executions I have planned for tonight? Byakuran moves to the edge of the balcony and rests himself against the marble barricade that separates him from the rest. A quick look to your direction is the most he gives you to indicate that he wants you to follow. Horrible human beings the lot of them.

My water keeps on expanding, I'm not sure if I can stop it from reaching the captor. But I can sure as hell try, I'd tap a large button on my belt and cause it to light up. Mystical power surges through it rapidly, larger amounts of water being formed an instant and aiming to entirely engulf my foe. Assuming they were able to do that, then the thing would not only find its entire body melting down into a slurry, but also that if it aimed to swim outside of my prison it'd realize the walls of the watery box formed around it are now somehow solid. Not frozen, yet bouncing back and sending it flying if force were applied to try and leave. However, there's only a chance this action would be fast enough to stop it from reaching the captor. Otherwise, it would simply catch up while the thing is attacking and hopefully finish it off. "God dammit... Stupid healing factors, things should just learn to die quickly. Though I'm one to talk about that huh?" My voice is strained as a staff made of water forms into my hands, I've not practiced with such things much, but I did know how to use them once upon a time. And it will serve to hopefully block the enemy if I must.
Pixie: "Hey that wasn't nice at all! I was getting IMPORTANT INFORMATION from this horn dog!" [From the way Pixie was reacting, she seemed angry, almost insulted by the sudden...death. But I have to wonder if it was because the guy died, or because she was doing well. Regardless, I need to concentrate. The guy dropped the device and I need to get it. Pixie would raise both hands and keep both palms of her hand close to one another. Wild, ferocious winds focus between them before launching it towards our new enemy. A severe-damage Wind attack which my COMP's scouter identifies as "Deadly Wind". Fitting.] Alright, that and Tatsu's move should keep him busy enough. It's super easy to do, let's just go. [I take a deep breath before running into the room, closely followed by Belial, which is keeping his guard up to receive any attack directed at me. Even if he tries to teleport behind me and then go "nothing personnel" on me, I should be fine. I pick up the device while doing my best to avoid the strange black liquid and try to keep my distance while trying to figure out what this is, and what it has.]
"Ha ha, he's dead. He deserved it for being a stupid generic, little noooooobbbb." Maybe the info was important...maybe. But I feel like that white-haired person is the type to spill every in and out about their whole plan once they finally want to talk to us. And maybe also when we're all bleeding on the ground dying. Whatever. It doesn't help that I still don't know what we're doing at all. "Wasn't planning on staying, but what about that other girl?" I look back at the actual captive girl person that the captor got, ultimately deciding not to bother just yet and sandwich myself in between Kazuya and his Belial. Hopefully this edgy little prick won't decide to try and attack from above. From under my shades, I keep my eyes peeled to survey the place slightly whilst holding my charged deagle pistol.
I catch sight of my companion once again and head over to him immediately. I take note of the servants that'll likely be waking soon. We'd want to be out of sight by the time they entered the hall, and the statue door seemed to be a good place to hide. Probably has some kind of dark secret too. Not that it matters, I'd focus on contacting my.. Companion, quietly walking behind him before speaking with a whisper "I'm not sure what you're doing here but I've found our target."
This seemed like a tricky situation. I wasn't sure what to make of the man before me but it seemed like the best course of action was to follow along with him for now. On the surface he certainly didn't seem so bad and he was part of the Mafia after all. Things like executions wouldn't be so out of the ordinary in such an organization. Besides, as long as my allies aren't the ones being executed it's not really my problem anyway. I have no obligation to care for the residents of this world. "Alright, I don't really have any other direction so I think I can at least help with that."
Looks pricey. I don't know how to feel about her. Sure she seems innocent but... If she's the heir of a mafia family, I just can't picture her being an innocent little girl. I'll keep my eyes peeled for her. Now.. onto mystery number two, the dragons and whatever lies behind them! I quietly move to check it out. As I do, I try my hardest to stay in the shadow and keep a low profile.
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(H20, Kazuya, and Florina)
The chainsaw releases a sucking noise as it is torn out from the captor's chest leaving behind a gaping hole that continues to bleed. The captor's corpse falls on the lap of the inattentive girl, decorating her white robes in red. Yet the girl does not react to the sudden weight of the captor, but rather the attempt made to seize the device. As soon as the device is moved from its spot a pale hand is latched to the body of it and the hand is strong enough to prevent further movement of the device. The girl's eyes hone in on the person snatching the gun. Her person is still devoid of any reaction, but her blank gaze carries a threatening aura. Byakuran-sama will not be pleased if you take one of his toys. Is all she says as orange flames start seeping out of her body in a predatory manner. Meanwhile, the demonic creature swims to safety in its watery prison as terrible gusts of wind slice through its abdomen. Water burns at the creature's body ripping off black flakes from its skin. No blood is to be found as the creature is dissolved from head to toe. What is left of its body doesn't make it close to the edge of the prison before giving away completely and releasing dark indigo smoke. However, the chainsaws used by the creature remain on the floor and the demon mask it had sits at the base of the liquid prison.
(Toki and Liam)
After some careful movement, you find yourself at the base of a statue carrying two ivory dragon locked into ferocious combat. One of the dragons is as white as fresh snow and massive angelic wings stretch out from its rigid back as if to wrap the other dragon in feathers. While the other dragon is as black as night and fangs that seem to bleed in the light as they sink into the white dragon's throat. The two dragons appear to be of the same species with similar limbs and lithe forms, but their frozen combat is brutal and cruel. They both lack chunks of their body that could only be clawed out by fang or talon and their mouths are curved back in expressions of sheer rage. A plaque at eye level on the wall behind the statues reads. The pride of the Millifiore Famiglia Our leader in two forms His constant conflict brings humanity to new heights Exitus Acta Probat You and your companion are left in peace to read the scripture on the plaque, but not a moment too soon all the traditional lights go out and the room is bathed in darkness. Only the stars beyond a ruined portion of the ceiling can be seen as the air suddenly chills.
I know I chose right~ Byakuran happily says as he swiftly takes your hand and pulls you toward the balcony edge. The force he pulls you with is enough to send your body toward the marble, but Byakuran is careful enough to slow your approach so you gently bump the barrier. Then he randomly points at all the people with unsteady feet that have clearly imbibed themselves with no rhyme or reason. He simply directs you attention to all of them one by one with the occasional chuckle of amusement. Finally, when he has seemingly pointed out every drunkard in the vicinity he says to you with a playful tone. So tell me Quintus which one of these piggies should I rid this place of first? They have all done numerous bad deeds and are horrible people through and through so I have no qualms about picking off any one of them. He places one of his hands on your head and ruffles your hair a bit. I just want to see how fun you can be in picking a punishment. Tell me anything you come up with and we can watch right here from the best seat. Don't take too long though~ Byakuran chimes out. Things have gone on for long enough already and I hate being bored.
"Gah!" A lot happened. First, gamma came in while I wasn't looking. then the lights go out. "Did you do that Gamma?!" While I silently chastise him, my thoughts go back to the statue. Dragons are fierce creatures. And the phrase... The end justifies the means. It's a well known proverb to anyone who's done some latin. Normally, I'd agree with it, but in this context, where our lives are at stake... Well let's just say I don't want to become the means. And it stipulates it's "our leader"... The white haired guy? Or the black haired girl? Or.... Both. With much to ponder i simply wait for gamma to answer my question
Y-yeah, but I kinda need it right now so you better let go of it before I take it by force. Hey! Pixie! [I'm somewhat startled by this turn of events but I can tell already this girl is just not going to cooperate. What's worse is that this "slave girl" was getting all aggressive on me. I swear I get close to dangerous women way too often. But hopefully, Pixie's help will do something. I try to push back, trying to get away from the girl while still holding on to the device. Pixie, on the other hand, giggles and simply stares.] Pixie: "What is this~? Can't you even save yourself from a little girl~?" Thanks a lot! [I was wrong, Pixie wasn't going to help me. And here I was hoping for Lullaby. Instead, I keep pulling with the help of Belial, who grabs on to the girl and tries to push her away.] Belial: "Don't think I'm against kicking a woman's face in, so you let go right now or you're getting!! Water guy!! Soak this bitch!! Kid, do something for once!!" [Can't believe those are my actual thoughts, but the dead guy, the demon and this girl... my mind is honestly everywhere and my stomach is already kind of acting up. Wonder if I'll pass out.]
Oh nice, the demon's expecting me to try and do something. What can I do? This character sucks at pacifism. Who even made me get stuck in this character? Oh right, technically me, since I made her a thing in the first place. As I stare from a short distance away from Kaz and the girl, I take out my gun and take a deep breath. "kId, dO sOmEtHiNg fOr oNc- you know what, get out the fuckin' way." The fire isn't even that threatening at this point, I stare at the girl with an annoyed glare with my pistol in my hand. Suddenly, I swing my arm and make sure that I hit this girl square in the jaw with a fast and slightly charged smack of the butt of the pistol. Afterwards, I fire a charged a bullet at a leg of the chair that she's sitting in, crippling the foundation as it leaves a very clear burn mark before kicking it's remnants away so both her and that chair end up falling onto the floor. "Give me the thing. Right. Now. Or do you want your kneecaps to be deleted from this plane of existence? Better answer."
Anything I could think of? For a moment, I didn't know if I should. I already decided that the lifes of the random people in this world weren't important but for me to decide their fate...Relax...It wouldn't be good to hesitate now. What I was doing was wrong but Byakuran said they had committed horrible crimes. There was a chance he was lying or his idea of a horrible crime wasn't all that horrible but who knows what he'd do if I bored him. It was fine...Just think of them as NPCs who you wish to kill. They were wearing those masks already so they might as well have been irrelevant characters whose only purpose was to die. I'd point to one of them at random. "Anything, huh? Can you drown them in molten glass? And then have it harden to see what kind of sculpture that'd make?"
the lack of light surprised me, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I closed my eyes for a moment to allow myself to adjust, before opening them again to the darkness of the room. I narrow my eyes at Liam before breathing out a whisper "Of course not you idiot, now lets try to focus ok? We have a job here remember?" I wouldn't mind the cold, in fact I've often favored it anyways, the cold, the dark, and the silence. I'd simply aim to walk around the statue to where I saw the door earlier and feel for its handle. Once I found it I'd make sure to lean against it to hear if there's anything on the other side.

I'd scoff slightly at the words of Kaz's oh so strange Persona... But I'm willing to help out with that anyways, the water's acid nature suddenly shifts out. Instead taking on the form of absurd cold with bits of ice in it. "Aye aye cap, I ain't too nice to fight some girl that wants to threaten me with fire." Fire that the girl would find unable to do more than very mildly raise the temperature of my water at that, even if it's magic she'd need more than just that to burn away the power of H2O. Though, something like a god could do it so if she's on that level... Best not think about it while my icy waters rush out to try and chain her down with water that quickly freezes over plus spreading in a wave that's aimed to try and put out her fires. "Let's hope that does the job, but I doubt it. Keep ready, more foes could be anywhere and this is enemy turf we're in too." My voice is impassive at the moment, calm and collected despite the madness unfolding. The cool flowing over me in this suit doesn't just work physically, after all.
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You pick up two voices engaged in shouting match right behind the door. The voices echo in your ears as they periodically increase in intensity and noise. Escalation of the argument continues until something shatters on the floor and the shrill shriek of a girl is heard.
As your companion listens to the door a large shadow crawls along the wall leading to the other two rooms. The shadow flickers and continuously changes in size as clouds pass in front of the moon. It stops once near the door next to the painting then elongates again as it slowly moves toward you. You can see the shadow drawing near, but no person accompanying it.
(Kaz, Florina, and H20)
The device is released after the girl is hit across the jaw and dragged to the floor by a broken chair accompanied with liquid chains. Her dull eyes betray no emotion, but her body winces at the assault as her arms turn a pained red after hitting the floor. The girl naturally curls in on herself to try to mitigate the pain. Though her jaw has other plans with some signs of swelling and rivulets of blood coming out. One of her blue eyes focuses on the one that hit her and she says. I already knew this would happen. The floor beneath quakes and begins to break into jagged edges that attempt to drag you down. Byakuran-sama and my family don't like to see me hurt. The girl amicably finishes as she turns herself to lie face up with her eyes directed to the white ceiling. A peaceful aura floods her features as water attempts to douse her flames. However, this doesn't last for long as the girl is picked up by a blonde haired man wielding a pool stick. The man moves faster than you can follow to grab onto the girl and before you know it he is floating above the destroyed ground with a furious expression. Two black foxes emitting green electricity stand beside the man and eye you like a snack. Colulu, Widget the two of you are free to feast. All it takes is one command and the foxes are rapidly charging with jaws outstretched. The electricity surrounding their bodies fans out in flares as one aims for the one that hit and the other targets the one that chained.
Molten glass isn't really my forte but I do know a few that can easily arrange such a creative execution~ Byakuran administers you a proud pat on the back before calling on a man wearing a hastily made velociraptor mask. Unlike the other guests the man does not greet Byakuran with praises instead opting to groan in annoyance. His clothing is also less than regal and his hair suggests that he recently woke up or doesn't believe in the use of mirrors. What is i- Before the man can finish Byakuran chimes in and commands. Zakuro could you bring in Mukuro-kun~ Annoyed, Zakuro takes out a tiny handheld device and presses a button. Within moments a teen with a playful smile materializes near you. Like a wraith the teen has purple smoke foaming at his legs and an unusually sharp trident in both hands. You may have noticed more of the teen if he didn't seem to be in the middle of fading out of existence every second. The teen's clothing slowly fading in and out with the rest of his body leaving only his silver collar behind with each temporary fade. Byakuran intent on carrying out his plans pays no mind to the condition of the boy and simply waves Zakuro away. A gesture that Zakuro is more than happy to act upon if his rapid leave is any indication. Mukuro-kun can you show my new friend your talent. An amazing illusion of molten glass coating the dirty birds down there will do and please make it permanent~ I could use some new decorations for my garden. The teen doesn't show any indication of hearing Byakuran's words but he does open his hand and allow a puff of purple smoke to assimilate into the air. It begins with an agonized shriek ... The random people you pointed out are suddenly doused with molten glass that came out of thin air. As the glass makes contact their skin burns releasing once whole strands of hair. They have no time or ability to run as the molten glass makes putty out of their faces easily fusing with eyes and noses. The initial shriek is accompanied with groans of pain ... The people you have chosen are given no method of escape as the substance spreads to the rest of their body trapping them in a clear coffin. Those who were lucky enough to die through suffocation or complete loss of scalp don't have to suffer anymore in the sealing glass. While those who had the tenacity to live feel as their limbs are encased in inescapable glass and their body is compressed to terrible degree. The groans of these people last the longest until their lives are snuffed out one by one in meticulous order. The groans of pain are book ended by mass frenzy ... The rest of the guests watch in horror at the fate of those selected and immediate panic ensues. You watch as a once immaculate party gives way to a frenzy befitting wild animals instead of people. Byakuran claps as the guests below claw at the doors with desperation of stampede over each other with no reason behind it. Quintus what do you have next in mind?
I got it! Belial: "GAHAHAHAHA!! Get fucked, slut!!" Pixie: "That's no way to treat a lady, but then again, she WAS being annoying." [Doesn't matter, Pixie has Mediarama anyways, I can heal some of her wounds if I need to. Regardless, now that I have the device, I can concentrate on it. As I quickly try to figure out what is even for, this other guy shows up and the earth shatters. Oh, boo hoo, earth moving; luckily I was born in a place that rivals Japan in tectonic movements. Still kind of scary though, won't lie. I notice the electrical animals and thank making Pixie strong against electric attacks. However, I still need to do one thing. I stop playing with the device, since I have no time to figure it out with dangerous animals on the loose. Noticing I'm ready to summon once again, I quickly go for Pascal, as Pixie won't really believe until I get him out.] Pixie! You better help us out here, confuse them, sleep them or something! Pixie: "You don't get to order me around!" [Great, this is awesome. I press Enter and the usual vortex of data reveals the giant armored blue Cerberus, Pascal. He quickly gets in position and sniffs out the area, quickly reading on the atmosphere and understanding what was happening. He would turn towards Pixie and she would cross her arms, as if waiting for him to attack me. But he doesn't.] Pixie: "Are you kidding me, you actually trust him!?" Pascal: "I have no reason not to trust him, he's been honest so far." [Pixie would fly up and stay there, annoyed. Pascal on the other hand would rush down trying to bite down at the fox that was rushing at Mal. If this did work, then Pascal would unleash his Fire Breath at point blank. If not, then he would use the very same Fire Breath at whatever distance he is. Since I just summoned Pascal while already having another demon out, I need to wait for a second, so Belial simply acts as a shield.]
Oh nice, what I did actually helped...? Now I can finally pretend what I have done is useful for once. Ah, if only that bitch lost consciousness. That was the objective after all, but whatever. Kazuya still has a source of healing. If it’s willing to listen. She better be able to heal anyways. “Sorry, I just really felt the urge to pound your face i-“ Whoop de mother fucking doo, here comes the next one in line. The ground under me is quaking, and I really wasn’t expecting it. I stumbled onto my knees, making sure that my hat is still on my head and my guns both stay with me. From under my shades I give an annoyed glance to the man. “Excuse you? I was in the middle of something!” I yell back at him from where I’m at right now, waving my gun around in annoyance. As he sends his fox towards me, ideas rush towards my head once again. But to be honest, why bother? Kazuya is here to save the day once again. With his cute puppy no less. Taking the chance to seize the opportunity, I get back onto my feet and jump into the air, taking a pot shot with both my pistols at he fox coming after me, mostly trying to let Pascal take the lead instead of doing anything myself. As I run towards Kaz, I grab hold of my pistol and start to charge it again, since I wasted it on a fricking chair leg, and sandwich myself between him and his demon friend once again.
"Gamma watch out ! There's something here !" I try to back away a few steps to give me some time to think. it's a shadow. His form changed along with the clouds. I don't want to draw hasty conclusion but this could mean he gets his form from the shadows cast by the surroundings. In that case, a bright light could make this shadow disappear. Of course, it could also backfire and make it grow: the more light there is, the bigger the shadow. That being said, maybe the opposite would work? If he's engulfed in shadow, it might simply loose its form and vanish, for the time being. What to do... As I'm in my ninja form right now, the easiest would be to simply use a magic scroll. it won't do much damage as the ninja's base magic stat really sucks, but it could make enough light to chase it away. "I'm gonna try something that could potentially be stupid, so don't hesitate to make a break for it and join Yuu, ideally. He went to see the white haired guy !" I reach to the hidden pocket in the back of the ninja garb and search for a scroll. To no avail. My hand grabs nothing but the cloth of my clothes. I'm so stupid... I don't have any items with me ! I don't have any fire scrolls !! crap crap crap crap I need to job change ! I take a few more steps back, this time fueled by the fear of actually getting killed this early. I try to think back on what jobs could make a room lighter or darker but only one answer comes to mind: the white mage and his holy spell. I'm not really good at magic yet, and such an advanced spell is going to be hard to cast, but it'll be better than nothing. I focus my mind on the iconic white robes I've seen so often in the FF series. Again, in a but a split second, the black cagoule covering my face is replaced by the iconic white and red cap of a white mage. In my hands, the staff of Judgement, a wooden staff with arcane scriptures the flow along its surface, emits a faint white glow. I try to focus on the feeling I had when I cast the sleep spell. That energy sleeping deep within, I try to mold it into how I imagine the holy spell to really be. spending a turn to properly cast the spell next turn
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