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Imaginary Vision - The Pale Cloud Above and The Diamond Realm
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[Perhaps out of curiosity, clumsiness or a general desire to survive, you have taken the path of the "Safe Escape" at different spaces, and at different times. Despite this detail, they have all managed to get here at the same time. This realm, and different plane of existence entirely, is completely white with a light blue shade to it, with hints to a darker blue. The walls are made from a shining diamond, to a crazy extent. As they head inside, they feel a sense of inner peace. Of course this only lasts a moment, as they are reminded of the situation at hand.] You've arrived, I see. [A man in white robes, long hair and a large staff awaits them.] Primarina, Spell Punk, "Ene", Quintus. [The room itself had nothing but one door at the wall to the front.]
Quintus was unsure of where he was and who the others with him were, besides Ene of course but the old man before him was more of a pressing concern. He kept his voice calm but to the point, no longer having the nergy to get worked up. "I've met so many odd figures today. Who're you? Are you one of Louis acquaintances? I guess another question would be where we are exactly?"
The Spell Punk in its quick haste to chase and stop Prima would only find itself lost in another strange realm unlike those of previous nature which boggles his curiosity from his other thoughts and to this one. “Another strange dimensional pocket it seems it with much more calming presents I sense out.” The Spell Punk would see the old man as well as two other not familiarized faces and greet them both not sensing really any hospitality but rather wishes get to the point and learn more. “Ah greeting others face it seems the spirits brought us here together intentionally or not. I must agree and inquire the nature of what we are doing here let alone where is here. Many question to ask I feel and such little time so i’m gracious to start talking now.”
It took a moment for Prima to adjust to the alien nature of this place. It was definitely another world, with its unique structure and peaceful aura. Even so, the peace sadly couldn’t last. She bowed to the man that greeted the group. “I would ask how you know our names, but it seems to be common among beings like yourself. What is this place, sir? It came to mind as a ‘safe escape,’ yet I know nothing outside of that.”

Ene marvels at the design of the place before turning to the person who called her name. Around her she recognizes Quintus, but the other two people look pretty weird and are not really familiar to her. She assumes everyone is on the same page though since no fighting has broke out. Do you happen to be another angel mister? She asks the man since it seems to be the logical conclusion.
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Relax, there is time for every single question. [The old man was talking in a calm tone, as a way to help them relax somewhat given the extreme situation in which they were all in.] I do not know this Louis, and I am not an angel. This place is the Kongoshinkai, Vajradhatu, or "Diamond Realm", if you will. And I am but a man who lives here, a guide to those who end up here; my name is En no Ozuno. [The man simply gestures at himself as he says his name.] It's certainly a pleasure to meet you all, of so many different moral stances and even alliances. I do not know the nature of this "Safe Escape" you speak of, but whatever it was and whoever casted it, it was certainly nothing but a gate into this world. This place, the Diamond Realm, is a plane that is part of Tokyo and the world at large, a series of halls and different points connection to the vast web of times. On more simpler terms, time does not exist in this world, as everything and all has happened, is happening and will happen. But these halls cannot be patrolled freely, it is fate itself that dictated where and when the people who come here will end up. As such, I am to remain here. And if you have been brought here, then it must mean you are to reach somewhere through the path that shall be created for each one. Or perhaps, just like me, it is your destiny to remain here and guide those with a destination. [He would move to the side and use his giant staff to point at the door behind him.] You can always return to this room; not matter how far you are. You may also end up in groups or perhaps you shall depart alone. Whatever the case, I would recommend you begin your journey if you do not need any more answers.
“I have many questions, but I suppose all the answers are up to fate, as is the nature of this place. I am not sure of my destiny here, but I will go forth and reach for a favorable one. Thank you, En.” Prima bowed once more, then took a few steps towards the door. She paused to see if anyone was following her. If not, she’d wait. Going alone wasn’t the best plan for her.
Quintus would tense up at the mention of angel. That already seemed suspicious but he thought not to press it yet, not here. It seemed that fighting in a place like this might be unfavorable and moreso he didn't want to jump to conclusions. "Alright, more to do then. Guess I better focus myself then. No time to be moping around." Quintus would step forward and enter the door without waiting for anyone to come along. "I'll choose my fate for myself even if I have to carve it out of God's corpse."

Thanks for the info but I don't really want to stay here forever. There are still people who need me somewhere else! Ene quickly makes her way to the door, but stops as she notices Prima waiting around. Aren't you going in? She signals to the door once she utters her question.
“Ah, yes, sorry... Ene, right? I was just seeing if anyone else was leaving right away. Shall we go follow the... rather bitter gentleman?” As she spoke, she opened the door and stepped out.
The Spell Punk would attentively take in the knowledge this man has granted on them. It would try to juggle it since while these concepts aren't something so shocking but it still leaves the small being with many more questions. Before it can really chatter away all the other were on their way out without him. "Much thanks but it seems we are already in a rush to all leave, i'll consider such a offer to return though I must fancy a special place like this." It would move to catch up with he rest more so annoyed that that all the others would decide to dip so quickly but at this rate it was getting use to everyone being in a haste.

Sure. Ene says as Prima leaves and she follows right after them.
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I wish you all the best of lucks. [Regardless of who was following who, they would end up a long, boring looking hall that is in no way different from the room they were all in before. The important part to note about this situation is that they were all separated. Despite using the same the exact door, Quin would find himself in the same series of halls that stretch out into the horizon; the one difference being that Quintus' walls had a crimson shade to it. The door behind him was nowhere to be seen.] [Punk's would be of a green shade.] [Ene and Prima's would be of a light blue shade.] [With no way to go but forward, who knew for how long they would have to walk. The light that the walls create would pulsate slowly and calmly, giving the impression that the realm in the which they are in may not entirely be physical, but created from pure spiritual energy.]
“Where did everyone go...? I was sure we took the same door. But that might be the nature of this place. Perhaps Spell and Quintus are together, and it appears you and I are a pair here.” Hopefully the others weren’t alone, but for now, Prima had only Ene for company. She began to walk down the hall. The journey had no known end, but the hall was peaceful enough for Prima to not mind. She even began humming a melody somewhere in their walk, although it didn’t match any songs Ene knew.
Quintus would stare onwards. The red light of the hall would be odd but not completely uncomfortable. He couldn't see much else to do but move forward in this place. He wasn't even bothered at all at being alone. "With or without anyone behind me it's all the same. I had a feeling we'd be seprated anyway. Places like this don't usually favor groups."
Spell Punk would stare at the many endless halls and would notice that none of the people it was with were present. It would assume that everyone has went off some way on their own path and grumble a bit not particularly liking this scenario. Regardless it ventured forward down the endless halls and would pay close attention for anything off or a weird fork in the path.

I'm sure the two of them are fine. Spell Punk seems pretty strong and I know Quintus can handle himself. Just hope they don't destroy the place before we get out~ Ene replies as she follows alongside Prima. She doesn't recognize what Prima is humming, but she is still able to skip along to the rhythm. Prima's humming even reminds her of an old idol friend she used to have. That was way back then though.
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[As they walk forward, the hall does not reveal anything else. There is no end in sight. The footstep sounds become double at times. The humming for the girls gets a reply from beyond. For Quintus and Punk, even their breathing gets a response.] [The hall has not changed.]
Ene’s words were comforting, although the monotony of the hall still made her mind wander. At least, until she realized there was some kind of echo in the distance. Curiosity won over her, and she began to sing as she walked, just to see if it would echo back as they journeyed. The song matched the melody she’d been humming. It was gentle and slow, and its lyrics were related to the sea. It was a song she’d remembered from back home. It felt nostalgic and calming for her here.

Ene suspiciously looks around after the sound echoes but doesn't see anything too strange. So she resumes listening to Prima's musical gifts while following behind.
Quintus would just continue forward without stopping. The place was unsettling but he had just been through worse. He didn't see anything else to do but move forward. "Getting a response to my breathing? What is this?"
The Spell Punk would feel such an odd presence among it, not the spirit kind that speak to him but something else instead. It looked around but as expected nothing. "Quite a weird calling, personally I don't agree in such form of communication I like my spirits just fine." Curious about the nature of this place rather then immediately moving forward it would slowly move back and see how this response responds to it.
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[As Primarina and Ene keep advancing, and the first girl's song becomes clearer, so does the voice at the other end of the hall. They were multiple in fact, sounding young and happy. Perhaps Ene could not tell, but Primarina certainly could; they were the faint, faraway voices of a dozen Popplio. The walls have not changed, and the end cannot be seen.] [The walls would not change for Quintus. The light becomes clearer in the diamonds and some light footsteps could be heard somewhere down the hall. Voices would whisper for a second before another, quite clear, would speak as if it was right by his side.] What is this? Is this... a dream? Where could this be? No, it cannot be a dream. That is still following me. [Punk would turn around and try to move back, however, regardless of how long he had been walking, the way back never seemed to end. The door he had uses seemed to be miles and miles away; it was never there.] Unsure of what to do? Who are your true companions? [A voice would call out to him, he could hear someone's footsteps on top of him.]
Was this an illusion? Prima couldn’t tell, but happiness bubbled up inside her anyway. If she closed her eyes, she could almost be fooled into thinking she was home. Still, she kept her eyes on the hall ahead as she moved into the last couple of verses of her song. Whatever was ahead, she could not tell, but this place seemed to resonate with everything she did. ...Hopefully Ene would still understand the song, even with the popplios’ language layering her own.
The Spell Punk would wander backwards regardless and look up at whatever walked above it. It was unsure how to answer these questions nor does it fully comprehend the weird notions going about in here. "This is much more eye opening then the times in the library, these callings and auras I feel are unlike the old roots of mystic arts I've come to know...what is this place? Its something more than what the man seems to say."
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Quintus would seem to sigh as he walked on. The voice responding to him was odd, he wasn't sure what to make of it. "Who is this? And what do you mean by following? What or who is following you?"

Where do you think the noises are coming from? Ene asks Prima as she stares down the hall with a curious glint in her eye. The mimicking was odd enough but the addition of a few copycats was beginning to make her nervous. If they were lucky it would be nothing to fear. If they were unlucky then they could be surrounded in seconds or attacked by some sort of siren. Ene hangs back a bit as she thinks more on the source of the noise.
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[As they walk closer and closer to the origin of the singing, it also becomes clearer. The sound of waves that were at first distant become rather close to them. A faint light can be seen at the end of the hall; the sounds of Wingulls and a couple of Pelippers make it clear they are nearing some kind of beach.] [Punk would keep walking back but there was no end to it; the door was gone, and he was essentially trapped in a seemingly infinite hall. He would look up at the footsteps that were becoming ever clearer, but would find that in the blink of an eye, the ceiling of the diamond walls had disappeared completely.] This place is time and space, and nothing at all. Time is a human made concept and so is space. Therefore, this realm is a void. Who are your true companions? [Quintus, on the other hand, decided to deal with a disembodied voice of his own.] It's not who is "this" but who is "that" which follows "you". Maybe you are to look back and meet a monster, perhaps you can look ahead and meet a savior. What lies here, is nothing but an animal. Where are you going? The route of a revolutionary, or the route of a god of destruction? "That" awaits.
“It sounds like... a beach? But I am not sure if this is an illusion or not. It sounds like a beach from my homeland - a beach unlike any in Japan. Nevertheless, we have little choice but to move forward.” Prima sped up her walk as the light at the end became more visible. Whatever was ahead, she’d have to be prepared. It was too early to tell if it would be dangerous or not.
The Spell Punk would squint at the disappearance but chalk it to another weird trait of this space. It would just respond to this voice and the knowledge it gave with a more gracious tone. "How fascinating I've heard whispers of such void like spaces such practices I've not been familiar with at all. How expansive is this void then?" The Spell Punk would aimlessly keep moving back to see for itself. It doesn't really answer the voices question almost glossing over it cause Spell Punks are never to have companions.

So does that mean the beach up ahead is dangerous? Ene could do with a day at the beach but what Prima says isn't exactly reassuring. She begins to skip to keep up the pace with Prime and maintain a pleasant mood.
Quintus would continue walking forward. He wasn't about to look back, especially not with the voices warnings. "Does it matter? I'm not going to know where I'm going until I get there. That's just how life is. I'd rather be a revolutionary, nobody should be trusted with the power of a god and those with such power should know better and throw it away. Power like that isn't worth it." He'd begin to pick up his pace, trying to walk faster, trying to reach the end faster. He had a feeling that the end he's looking for wouldn't be so easy to reach.
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[Prima and Ene would eventually reach the light at the end of the tunnel, and the thing the would see was...a beach. Nothing but a vast, silent and warm beach under the hot summer sun. Next to the coast, a small group of Popplio would be playing together; some in the water, and some others in the sand. A lone Primarina would be watching over the children. And close by, a group of young men and women were all spending their time together. They were all very colorful and of differing personalities. They didn't seem to mind the small Pokémon at all or the fact that there were Pokémon all around. One had a red shirt, another a pink dress, then comes one in an orange swimsuit, followed by a pair wearing who respectively had a purple hoodie and the other a green shirt. The small kid had light blue eyes, and a rather unfocused one with a white and black t-shirt.] [The footsteps stop, and Punk would slowly notice that the hall was slowly going downwards. Rather than the forward steps he was taking, he could feel himself somewhat lower. The green tint would also darken slowly, but surely.] I see. So you do not have true companions. But perhaps you could find them, perhaps there is no need to be trapped by the notions of your equals. The void is as massive as your fate, and your heart. That which extends to infinity means the greatest of potentials. That which has no shape can choose its own identity. Why are you here? [Quintus would move forward but there was still no end in sight. The walls around him would palpitate irregularly. One beat, and after three minutes five consecutive beats. Then nothing, and one final beat. Similar to Abaddon, the walls would have light lines of red energy cursing through them and way past Quintus' gaze towards the end of the tunnel he could not yet see. He could feel some heavy footsteps from behind him, closing in.] Do you want such power? I would imagine your aspirations are quite high. But would you relinquish your humanity as well? Normally, those who battle monsters become one themselves. No... they become far worse, they may even surpass the gods, the become the highest of predators. A human or a beast. Which will you be? A mere human cannot ever hope to succeed after all. You saw what happened to every single one.
“So it is... perhaps my song brought us here. Ah, I should probably tell you about this place. It’s one of the islands of Alola, a tropical region known for its beauty. Do not worry, those creatures are not demons. They’re Pokémon, like my normal form is. See there, that’s a Primarina like me...” Prima identified any creature nearby for Ene if the younger girl took interest, even the Wingulls circling above. The familiar scenery relaxed the seal-turned-human. The tension in her body had faded, replaced with calm grace as she walked across the glittering sands. Since the humans here were the most notable visitors - and the only ones Ene could understand - Prima greeted them with a bow once she got closer. “Hello there. Pleasant weather, is it not?”
Quintus would begin running, shouting back even more urgently than before as he desperatly tried to reach the end of the path. "Then I'll be more than a mere human. I won't become a god but a tool to smite even the gods. That's been my goal from the start. To use everything I can for that purpose yet... Even then I refuse to betray that cause, to become that which I want to be rid of. I won't become the highest predator but merely an equalizer to topple the food chain." He could barely even keep up with his own thoughts now. He felt his heart racing as his desperation to reach the end of the path grew.
The Spell punk would descend with little hesitation almost more curious then hesitant. It would converse some more with the spirit since there was literally nothing to do. "I am here by the spirits and nature of fate itself moving me to such a spot and being an amendment for some of my peoples actions. While this space has great power that i'm gracious for your offering there are reasons why such beings like me should not have such possession." Those words would trigger some distant thoughts ones of varying positive and negative feels. It would just brush them aside and still just keep moving downwards thinking what else the words could entail though.

Ene prepares herself for a possible fight once she sees the old seals on the beach, but relaxes once Prima fills her in on what the creatures are. Seeing as Prima had not done anything bad she assumes that Prima is trustworthy enough. Though Ene is left with a few questions in mind as she takes in the sea breeze. How is that pokemon over there similar to you? Ene walks with Prima and points at the Primarina as they pass by. Then she finally notices the people they approach after being distracted by the sea and is stunned. The different colored articles of clothing they have on sharply remind her of some friends in a previous life and she carefully brings her eyes up on the guy with the red shirt. She half expects to see a familiar half and is half prepared for abject disappointment.
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[Ene would recognize the entire group, it was the entirety of the Mekakushi Dan. And almost like they couldn't see them, they would not reply. Not immediately at least. They would appear to rudely ignore Prima's attempt of small talk until Ene's voice came to the one in red's ears. He would turn around and look at both girls with his brown, tired eyes and lazy smile.] Well the weather is just fine, nice to meet you But... where have you been, Ene? I was wondering why you weren't showing up anymore, and it's been a long time. [One of the Popplio would slowly approach Prima, although nervously. The rest of their siblings were all hidden behind a rock.] [Punk would descend further and further down the road of increasingly darkening green, that would soon become absolute black, next to colorless. The hall was a mere meters away from becoming a hole going straight down.] But there is nothing to offer, but something you may want. Something you may need. If you are to choose between the void of darkness, and the blinding sun, which would you prefer? What you possess is exactly what you don't have and will acquire. If you are to choose between infinite wisdom, or infinite power, and you had to relinquish one of those. Which will it be? [For him, the walls seem to stop completely. The freeze, turn into diamonds, and so his feet would start to shine, they would start to feel heavy.] [Quintus would run and run but nothing would ever be there at the end of the road, because there was simply not an end to it. The red lines would still be quicker than him, and the footsteps, quite heavy and with the recurrent sound of armor, become louder. There is something unseen chasing after him, something that has begun to pick up the pace.] Have you ever thought that you are indeed a tool? That you always were that regardless? That a god always had you in their thumb and that they may even be the one coercing you into killing them all. Still, knowing that you, a weakling, a human could never possibly do it. Because you have a limited time to do it; because your body can only go on for so long after getting hit for hours and not eating for mere days. Someone like you can never balance anything, because you're just human. What will you do when two demons try to consume your flesh? What will you when you have to confront other humans? [Whatever was behind him, was quickly closing in. "That" would make Quintus realize the air would become heavier and slightly harder to breath.]
The Spell punk would slowly trudge along the floor the wight being unusual for a floating creature of its nature. "Usually infinite wisdom is better possession of power itself but as I said our kind has been denied of both for many reasons. Is such gifts proper to bestow? My voices say no but you may differ I feel, regardless that is just my wishful thoughts." Though each step the Spell Punk would not stop till it steps into the hole to presumably fall over. It just felt normal or even fun to it without much afterthought for this weird realm.
"I guess you could say that I am one, but... it's easier to show once we're back home." Prima winked at Ene, then listened to the boy's belated reply. Odd... perhaps this was another feature of the Diamond Realm. Prima's musings about this group were pushed aside when she noticed the tiny blue seal approach. She smiled and crouched down. "Well hello there, little one." She'd gently speak to it, although in the language of Pokémon rather than what she'd been using with the humans. It was unusual for a human like her to be speaking like this, but it would make communication easier.

Then hopefully we make it back soon. Ene replies to Prima but when she hears what the guy says she quiets. Carefully moving back a few paces she hesitantly asks the guy a question. Are you really Shintaro? She already went through tricks like this before and wasnt holding much hope that this time around was any different. She wasnt a fool this time. One of her hands slips into her cloak prepared for anything this illusion could bring.
Quintus knew he couldn't keep going forever. This tunnel seemed to never end. The voice, could he deny what it said? He wasn't sure what to think of such an existence. Despite it all though, he kept trying to push forward, feeling that if he looked back then whatever was chasing him would truly get what it wanted. "So what? What am I supposed to do besides what I need to, to survive? I'll fight as hard as I can and if I die in the process...then my will just wasn't strong enough. Until then though, I'll do what I have to, I won't let anyone's ideals stand in the way of my own. I'll do all that because I am nothing more than a mere human right now but I won't remain a mere human forever."
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[Spell Punk would fall back into a room similar to the one he first arrived at. Diamond walls, a soft, shining floor of white, and no signs of darkness whatsoever, not even his own shadow. Right under his feet, a single glove would be awaiting. If he were to look at it, information would be sent directly into his mind.] "Chiloé's Warlock Gauntlet: This piece of equipment allows anyone to concentrate their innate magic and make it double its power without any drawbacks. Only those who seek balance, to stand aside or simply to reject both desires and norms may use it." [Besides this, the room is completely empty, but it's interesting to note one of the diamond walls seems to have ripples going around it, almost like calm waters reacting to drops.] [The small Popplio would jump in surprise as the human is somehow capable of communicating in the same way they do. The other smaller ones slowly try to approach her, and the Primarina would look towards the group and Prima herself. She was smiling, aware there was nothing to fear.] "Miss how do you talk like us? Where did you learn how to do it? Are you... a legendary Pokémon!?" [Their small eyes had lighten up and their cheeks were getting red. But on Ene's side, the boy with a red jacket would raise an eyebrow and make a confused expression. Taking a step or two to get closer, he would speak again.] Of course it's me, why else would I be here? Unless... no, this doesn't seem like the Heat Haze. But it doesn't feel like the usual either... could be a dream. [He shrugs.] I haven't seen you in like five days, where have you been? [As Quintus keeps running, "That" would be running by his side. In fact, this humanoid silhouette with circular, soul-piercing white eyes was running on the wall to his right, bending its neck in an unnatural way as it keeps the pursue. The voice had been coming from it, and the diamond walls would crack with each time its hands and feet would contact them.] So you wish to become like me, I understand. But can you walk the walk, I'm certain you have the potential. Indeed, you must survive. Survive so you can see the end, and perhaps you will acquire a power so incredible, nothing will ever compare to you. But before then, you would do well to not let yourself be blinded by light or drown in darkness. [The road ahead was almost over, Quintus was able to see a heavy closed door, but one that was not locked. The silhouette to his right however, was preparing itself to jump at him.]
I guess you could say that I’ve learned how to from one. I couldn’t hope to hold the same title as the celestial beasts or the island guardians.” This explanation would suffice, as it was mostly the truth. Prima kept her welcoming smile to ease the childrens’ nerves. Their guardian seemed fine with this, so she had little to fear. “How are you all today?
The Spell Punk would look at the Gauntlet and store it right in its robes, given the description it sounds like a nice item to collect not sure if its safe in its hand but it shall keep it safe. "Now then where have you whisk me to now...If this place is infinite then am I to be constantly whisked away?" The Spell Punk would observe the ripples in the diamond wall. Seeing how it shows no concern for itself and was mildly curious with nothing else to do it would poke at the wall to see what was up with the strange occurrence.

The Shintaro I know was a trashy neet so this whole situation is weird ... Ene leaves off with that not quite knowing how to continue. A part of her wants to accept that the person in front of her is really Shintaro but she has been bitten too many times with that belief. When he comes closer she can't help her instinctual reaction to back away further. Only making her feel more broken by previous events. Wrapping her arms around her body she desperately asks Shinatro. Where were we the last time you say saw me and what was happening?
Quintus wasn't sure if he could make it in time. The odd thing chasing him was about to strike now that the door out was fianlly in sight. He'd try to pick up his pace a bit, trying to reach the door and get through it. He'd almost insticntually begin casting magic, trying to keep the thing chasing him at bay. "To become like you, maybe. I'm the one who will decide how I end up though. Garutera!" Quintus would attempt to summon forth a small dust storm to push himself forward while trying to force the figure back as he made his way to the door.
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[Punk would approach the diamond wall with ripples and poke it, but nothing would happen, except for a human going right through it at high speeds and crashing into him.] [Quintus' Garutera would stop the silhouette from jumping at him, and at the same time it would give him the boost he needed to get to the door.] Yes, that's right! YOU REALLY ARE WORTHY! I'll be waiting for you, see you at the center point of it all! [However, the door would not really be a door, but an illusion. He would go right through it and crash against one person, Spell Punk. At the very least, he was now safe, and he would be able to realize the room was back to its usual diamond wall, white floor and peaceful self. Nearby, Quintus may be able to find a rather small necklace. It had a small magatama made out of ruby. If he were to look at it, then information would be sent directly into his mind.] "Ragnarok Magatama: It's imbued with a strange energy, but its exact use remains unknown. It is said that only a being with a will that can challenge that of the world may unlock its true potential." [The entire group of Popplio would finally approach Prima and they would all look up to her. The first one is the first one to talk.] "We're having fun, miss. Our mom brought us here to play its far from the ghost-types!" "They are big jerks" [Another one says.] "Especially that Ghastly!" [The shyest of the group would slowly approach Prima and speak softly so the others don't hear.] "We came because they all lost to a single ghastly and mom wanted to make them feel better." [Shintaro would look at Ene with confusion.] I was waiting for you to tell me that. Last thing I knew was that you went out with Momo and after telling her to follow a weird guy in white you just vanished. So what happened? Did you get lost in an obscure forum or something? [The young man would sigh.] Honestly, I don't get it, I went to sleep, and I see this super creepy guy with a hat and no mouth... He said something about needing me for a minute or two… And then I woke up in this beach with mirages of everyone, and then you showed up.
Quintus would have fallen over from crashing into someone. He'd slowly get back up, shook up from whatever happened back there but beginning to calm down. He'd first notice the odd necklace, picking it up. It seemed important but he wasn't sure for what exactly. Oh, wait. That's right, he crashed into someone. "Hey, you alright? Didn't mean to come out so fast but I was being chased. Hey, aren't you from the beginning?"
The Spell Punk would get up and brush itself off from the crash. It didn’t really bug him but it had to make sure the cloak was still fine. It would address the man it crashed into with a apologetic tone. “Terribly sorry I must not tamper with the strange phenomenon of this place. But I am indeed the one from before a Spell Punk if you will. And I remember seeing you at the start as well, I take it you had your own weird run ins?” It would stare back at the wall again a bit disturbed by what just happened and the mention of being chased did draws his attention to see if something way coming this way.

I don't really know. Ene never did find out how she ended up in this world filled with humans, demons, creatures, and so many other things. The first memory she had here was of being in her shop and it never fleshed out any more then that. Though how she got here sort of fell out of her mind once she found herself in dangerous situations over and over again. Now she didn't really have any explanation to offer Shintato and had no idea where Momo even was. A ton of stuff went by and how I got here sort of faded from my mind. If that makes sense ... Actually it does so don't question me neeto. She didn't mean to snap back at Shintaro, but something about him always brought out her ire and trickery. Especially now that she was really herself rather then either Ene or Takene. Gazing at the other figures of the Mekakushi Dan she really has to ask. So if you are real then the others over there are fake? How can you be sure you are real then baka?
Prima chuckled. It reminded her of the antics she’d be dragged into as a child. “Well, it must be more fun here, then. Dhelmise and Gastly don’t like sunny places like this.” As much fun as it was to talk to these children, Prima reminded herself that she had a mission here. “Have you seen anything odd lately? I’ve been looking for any unusual things to help with the professor’s research.
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[In the room that both Punk and Quintus were sharing, nothing of interest would happen at first. Although Quintus was being chased, the passage of seconds revealed that such a being was not behind him any longer, or them, for that matter. Regardless, the wall in front of them would feature even more ripples than before, creating a faint image.] [Shintaro would point with his thumb back at the group of playing teenagers.] I tried talking to them and then touched them. They're all some kind of hologram, but I can still feel myself. But... I can kinda feel myself waking up already. Oh, right, that man wanted me to say something a lot, like... "Make sure you come back alive." [He would shrug right after.] Dunno what this dream is all about but... but I guess it's true. Somehow the world feels different, like it's missing an important piece in its fabric. It's like I realized this after meeting that man, but as if I always knew. [His image would flicker in place. On the other side, but close-by, the Primarina would approach Prima herself, getting in the way of the disappointed children.] "There is indeed something. Recently, a strange trainer that covers his mouth and has a strange kind of feel to him just keeps releasing overly aggressive ghost-types and sinister-types." [Taking advantage of the fact that she was taller than her children, Primarina would grimace.] "He defeats trainer after trainer, and whenever we run into him he asks me specifically where the person with the hat and a cat is, along with the old man with a lighter." "Please tell this to any powerful trainer the professor can send, he keeps targeting our species. Saying he will only leave if 'his precious Primarina' does make it back."
The descriptions matched the two other veterans of Melbourne’s little “quests”: Tatsuya and Raidou. But what could that man want with them? And as for this Primarina... well, that man was on the right track in his targets, but sadly wasn’t searching for the right form. Prima bowed to the seal. “I will. If I may ask, where did you last see this trainer? It would be wise for us to locate him as soon as possible, for everyone’s sake.” Realizing that Ene couldn’t understand their conversation, she gave the girl a quick explanation. “There’s a strange man looking for me. He’s searching Tatsuya and Raidou, too. Whoever he is, he’s rather dangerous.”

Wait! Shinatro don't go please! Ene begs as she hurriedly grabs his hand to keep him there. At this point her doubt has faded and she had unwittingly slipped into considering this Shintaro her actual friend. Despite traces of suspicion she was willing to risk being tracked again instead of loosing Shinatro due to paranoia. When she sees him flicker her heart drops and tears almost begin to form on the corners of her eyes. Take me with you! I want to go back and be with you, Konoha .... Her voices dies before she can mention the others as raw emotion rises to her throat. She almost feels like she is choking with something overpowering within. Deep withing her feelings of need she barely notices what Prima tells her or cares.
The Spell Punk would squint at the wall with intensity to try and make out the image forming in it. It was hesitant on whenever or not it should try tapping on the wall again but instead just questions Quintus on if he can make it out at all. "Not too alarm you too much but something is defiantly forming in that wall right from where you came from...don't suppose you can make it out any better than I? Or if we should be on guard at all?"
Quintus would be distracted by the necklace still. He wondered what potential it truly held, the Ragnarok Magatama. He'd try to wear it if he could and if not he'd simply slide it into his pocket for now. With the necklace settled for the moment he'd focus on the ripple in the wall. "Great, more to deal with. Hopefully it'll just be some kind of image but if not you should get ready to fight or run."
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[Ene tries to hang on to him but he's not corporeal, although he used to be. His body disappears but not so his voice.] I don't know in what kind of trouble you got yourself or your new friends into but... And I'm being serious here... Ju.........me back........alive. [His image disappears, and so do the mirages of her friends. They would instead be replaced by a square opening back into the Diamond Realm. From this position, she would be able to see the backs of Quintus and Punk looking into a wall with ripples. Besides this, on the sand and right in front of her, a photograph still not revealed would be waiting. Perhaps moving it a bit would help reveal it.] [Primarina would think it over for a couple of seconds.] "He was heading off to the Ruins of Conflict, saying something strange about absorbing the guardian deities and... 'having fun with this world too'. I have no idea what he meant." [She would then draw a few numbers on the sand for her to see.] "He would also always say this..." [It reads "2022".] [Quintus would put on the Ragnarok Magatama and feel a strange affinity to it, but also a kind of sensation similar to what Louis Cyphre would make him feel, with some hints of demonic energy. Still, he cannot figure exactly what it does. Punk on the other hand would get closer to the wall and distinguish two vague human figures. He can barely make anything out of it, but it seems like it's two young people running on the streets.]
That is where Tapu Koko is said to dwell... thank you. I will keep this in mind.” Prima bowed again and repeated the number in her mind. With a destination set, she turned to face Ene. “We should hurry to the Ruins of Conflict and-“ The blue-haired woman hesitated. Ene was obviously distraught from whatever that mirage of her friend had said. Prima got down on one knee and put a hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Nevermind. I know not of what you’ve been through, but if you need a moment, say so. And... it seems you have a new path ahead of you. I have some business here, but if you wish to follow that path when you’re ready, I cannot stop you.”
"Well it certainly isn't a threat but rather...It looks like two people running on paved streets. It's quite difficult to distinguish the wall itself isn't doing any favours. Maybe you should have a look but I don't recommend touching the wall for your own safety." It would gesture for Quintus to have a gander with it but still just sit and ponder over what was beyond the wall. It could try again where was the harm in it? It was only one person crashing out surely its luck wasn't that poor against him. He would reach out his hand and just try to brush against the wall lightly. "Scratch that maybe its not the worst idea to give it a touch. Maybe it will do something to make this clearer I presume?"

Ene falls to her knees after Shintaro fully disappears. Tears drip from her eyes as a wave of hopelessness comes crashing down. Trapped in her own thoughts she doesn't notice the diamond realm but she can make out what Prima tells her. Just go ahead. She mumbles and then noticing the photograph in front of her. She lethargically picks it up and motions it in the air.
Quintus wasn't sure what else there was to do here even. It seemed as though the wall was the only thing around anyway so there was little point in not observing it more closely. He'd walk up to it, trying to make out whatever he could of it. "I guess. Although I am worried this might just lead us to more shadows coming to life and attacking us. Guess it beats being food for demons though."
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[As Ene's photo reveals, more than a few shapes appear. It was a group photo taken at a time unknown and impossible to tell if it was even real, but it was two sides. On one side, it was a group photo of the entirety of the Mekakushi Dan extending their hands at the camera. The only person missing was Ene. The other side of the picture were familiar yet not necessarily close people. The group included Shinji, Kalib, Emerson, Takeno, Quintus, Kotori, Homura, Kazuya, Gamma, and Jackman. They are all also extending their hands at the camera, except for Gamma and Jackman, who simply make a peace sign with both eyes closed, and Kazuya, who stands in the middle in a completely neutral position, as in one hand is reaching out, and the other has a blur, like his fingers were moving before the picture was taken. The Mekakushi Dan side says "Come Back ! !", and the back side says "Earn It !". Looking at it, Ene somehow receives information regarding it.] [Mumler's Photograph: The photograph has a strange but powerful energy surrounding it. It cannot be used on its own. It is said that only those who understand the light's true essence can discover its purpose.] [If Prima decided to head towards the Ruins of Conflict, she would find nothing too strange or amazing, besides the fact that the place is an exact copy, if not the real, Melemele Island. The road towards the bridge would have nothing uncommon, just people seemingly unaware of her being around. However, the way back into the Diamond Realm is still open for both people at the beach.] [Quintus would approach the wall and he would see a rather simple image, although not very easy to make out. A man without features would talk to a small mic on top of a bizarre desk full of buttons and different screen with tons of numbers. In front of him would be something close to a small window that stands beside him and a deep hole with a large, elongated rocket. Through the same wall, En no Ozuno would appear unannounced.] So, you've completed your trials, though I can never guess why it is that visitors end up scattered in random places inside here. Tell me, did you find out anything about your fate?
Prima had given the younger girl a bow before leaving for the ruins. She knew Ene would be safe with the way back right at the beach. Those she passed didn’t even look at her despite her attire. “Another feature of this illusion... if it is one. But I cannot allow that man to cause more chaos.” Her goal was set. She began to walk across the bridge, although kept an eye out for any danger. High places like this made her uneasy.

Ene can't help but smile at the photograph as tears continue to blurry her vision. She holds it against her chest for a while. Taking deep breaths in and out to calm. Then she finally stands up and pockets the photo in one of the interior areas of the cloak. She doesn't know what she has to earn but at least it's a clue on how to get back. Okay let's do this! Speaking to no one in particular she follows after Prima with newfound bounce in her step.
The Spell Punk would continue to poke at the wall still largely confused with what its looking at. It tried to circulate some ideas in its heads but nothing really sparks an idea. It would turn to Quintus and try asking him on if there is anything else to say or do. "I'm largely confused with what to do next. Don't suppose you know what to do with these weird images I don't recall ever seeing it in my life and all I can do is...Keep on poking this rippling wall." It would continue to do such just lost at the moment.
Quintus wouldn't be sure what to make of what was before him. The image was simple but its meaning was unclear. He'd reply to the spell punk but rather plainly. "No idea. As far as I know all we're doing is sticking around here until things cool down back on Earth." Quintus would be startled suddenly by the familiar voice though before turning to try and look at them. "Didn't I already say before. I'm the one who decides my own fate. Regardless of what it might be doesn't matter. I'll figure out how to twist it until it's the outcome I desire. Guess that almost makes me sound like some kind of villain though."
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Not necessarily, all humans have such capacity, even the demons and angels. It is the deities that are truly bound by fate. [This time around, Punk's poking would bring no fruits, the images he would see would be rather quick and more like a constantly changing perspective. The pair that was seen running out in the streets had now made its way inside of a two floor building with some very tall walls, blood stains paint a grim reminder.] It is however a sad occurrence, what is about to happen. If there were any humans that are bound by a terrible fate, then it must be those in Tokyo. [A bit of the wall Punk is poking would extend itself for a moment.]
---------- O ----------
[Prima and Ene would find crossing the bridge a rather difficult task, for it was weak, and moving a lot. They could tell that just one more person stepping in would make the thing break and send them both into the abyss down below, and onto their untimely deaths. Beyond the forest, a large temple could be vaguely seen. But more importantly, and at the end of the next bridge, right after their most recent blink, a man in a suit, hat and rather messy hair would be waiting. His awfully dark eyes and lack of mouth would quickly reveal him to be Melbourne.] Yes, indeed, Primarina and the remnants of Takane Enomoto, Ene. What brings you here? Inheritors of the Light, allies of Law?
Primarina’s venture across the bridge was slow, but thankfully uneventful besides the worrying creaks. However, that concern was now second to the man in front of her. She took another step forward and gripped the sides of the bridge harder. “There you are, Mr. Melbourne. I suspected the man the other Primarina mentioned was you. This Diamond Realm we entered through a mysterious portal - or at least I did - because it presented a possible way to alter the fate of the world’s calamity. But as for why I am in front of you right now, that is to stop your meddling in my world, illusion or not.”

Ene took her time following behind Prima. Fully aware that a drop could kill she was not really up for speeding things. It is when they arrive at Melbourne that she can once again breathe in peace. However, what Melbourne calls her easily bothers her sensibilities and she can't help frowning in obvious discontent. I just entered a shiny portal so I don't really know why I am here. Ene then leaves Prima to do most of the talking. Since Prima seems to know what she was doing in this place.
The Spell Punk would watch and listen to the voice as well as the vision before it. It would nod in agreement I’ve the sentiment of the fate of these people. “Yes while it seems some have capacity to control this fate there are also those quite unlucky, I wouldn’t have wished for such a scenario to be layered on them like that but I guess that’s how it is since you can’t write it up again...but what else to learn?” When it’s poking caused the wall to extend it would cause the Punk to shuffle back and move again caught of guard by the weird nature of the wall in a alert state once again. “I do believe I touched something again and it’s gonna do something. Something I may really dislike at that!”
Quintus would consider what had been said but wasn't sure what to make of it. He had already been pondering such a thing for a while. "Yes, a fate forced unto them by God. That almost seems a bit ironic in some ways. The god who is no doubt a prisoner of fate itself casting judgment on humanity who is free to choose their own fates." He'd look over to Spell Punk as well. It seemed something else might be coming but he'd rather wait and see. It may prove to be nothing after all and there was no reason to get too worked up yet.
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Then perhaps you should not speak, Takane. You can die, you must die, you will die. Data; it can be eliminated quicker than with anything else that lives. A cockroach lasts more. [Melbourne, without gravity, with no air resistance, he places one foot on the bridge as he slowly walks towards them. The bridge does not react to him, he lacks a shadow. However, the way his body reacts is as if the bridge did feel him. His feet, as he slowly walks forwards, moves at the less than half the speed a human could normally do, with such control, he could even be a machine.] Primarina. [He speaks without a mouth, once more, joyful.] The way into the Diamond Realm was opened by me. As I don't want the players, much less the Survivors, to die after such impressive displays of skill and courage. The "Safe Escapes" have been provided in such a way anyone can use them, any player that is. For one to ignore them, is to accept death. Furthemore...anyone who comes here cannot go back until further notice. Anyone who didn't come... they shall die. Thus include the names Tot, Penny, Rowan, Raidou and Tatsuya. [Melbourne, from the wood, moves upside down as he still walks forward.] But perhaps they have a chance still. If only someone had made it back and had given the Resistance the tip on the new bunker. Ene, I must say, your clumsiness may have caused the deaths of hundreds. [Was he chuckling? Where his mouth should be dropped melted off skin.] But how do you plan to stop me. Do tell, Primarina. It is not in the player's capacity to control the developer.
---------- O ----------
[En no Ozuno would nod.] Indeed, God is a slave to many things, and his role is that but one. As the leader of the faith that feeds him, as a ruthless monarch, as someone who shall never truly disappear. For human minds and hearts have brought the demons and gods to life, God, the greatest of them all, will always comeback. To die and to be reborn, such is the nature of this world of our; reincarnation. [After a while, the extended area of the wall would go back to normal, or as normal as a wall with ripples was.] Hmm... I have been meaning to ask but, what is that amulet you have there. Both of you, did this Realm provide them? [Ozuno pointed at both the Gauntlet and Magatama. The look on his face showed how... confused he was at the entire situation, as if that had never happened before.]
Prima closed her eyes. The meaning of Melbourne’s words almost made her wonder if the bridge will collapse under their weight. The man was like a Persian - graceful, calm, but full of cunning behind its soft exterior. He was despair-inducing, even. She composed herself and bowed. “I apologize, I did not mean to lose my temper there, though it is a struggle to keep it in check now. I doubt I can stop you with just us two in our weakened states, but I do remember you saying something about leaving if I make it back, hmm? So I just need to find my way out of this place, whenever that may be.” There was restrained frustration in her voice, but she kept a straight face. “I have confidence in Tatsuya and Raidou, and I doubt the others will perish easily either... although those thoughts might be idealistic. Still, I suppose I must thank you for providing this opportunity. But I have one question.” She remembered the symbols sketched on the sand. “What is the significance of ‘2022’?”

Screw you! Ene shouts at Melbourne after everything he has said. Her face is paled with the possible horrors she may have unintentionally caused, but her anger burns with the callousness of the monster in front. Before she goes for herself she wants to take Melbourne with her. Wipe that judgment off his face. Break a piece of him in. Destroy his speech. Before he even dares to call her data again. Tears burn at the corners of her almost glowing cyan eyes as she directs her fury at Melbourne. All you do is mess around with people and use them constantly! I haven't even see you do much for yourself instead hiding in dark places like some psycho! If I'm less than a cockroach then you are worse off as some parasite that thinks highly of himself! I'd like to see you try and help anyone instead of relying on others to fight for you! So yeah screw you parasitic animal! Ene pants after yelling all of that across the chasm.
The Spell Punk would note how the room shifted back to normal. Seems like square one all over again. Though En no Ozuni brought up an interesting point to consider. The Spell Punk would pull out its gauntlet and raise it before its self. “You mean this item? Well why yes it comes from this very realm and spot, an unusual trinket that i’m not well versed on at all. Though I guess it does merit some look into it...” It would slip it onto its own hand and get a feel for it but wasn’t really one for these kinds of things, it was rather unusual and bothered oddly enough but still partially content with just wearing it.
Quintus would look down at the pendant. A smirk would cross his face for a moment, as if merely owning the pendant he was wearing was a pleasant thought. "Yeah, guess you could call it a gift from this place. I like to think of it as a sign that I passed whatever trial was thrown at me. Point is, whatever it is, it belongs to me now."
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Help someone? Why indeed I do that, certainly, all the time. Kazuya Yasuo, he came to me long ago. Ashamed, like a failure, the weight of his sins pushing him down into the ground. The life he led in the visions you are to experience, and the events that happened while in that city you all share. Ene... you had been in his mind back then, almost the greatest of his most recent guilts and burdens. I offered a solution to him: The chance to save a version of his own world, the one you got to see replaying itself. All he had to do was to lead his friends into possible death, which...worked well, indeed, it did, I would say. And then, I can take something in return were they successful. [Melbourne goes back the way he had used to go forward, as if rewinding himself back to the end of the bridge. In that brief instant, both girls could see quite well what he meant. Perhaps Ene wasn't familiar but Prima certainly was. It was a group of teenagers facing off Thor. A way younger Tatsuya and Raidou with Prima, followed by a girl with a white coat and long brown hair, another with a gray coat and glasses, another with a red leather jacket, and finally a 15 year old Kazuya.] But this is not such a world, but memories with added events that never happened. My imagination places you into such visions. The next one is such, the year 2022, 30 years after what will happen in the next... [He would mockingly look at his wrist, no actual watch being there, only for his skin to form into one; a watch right under his skin.] 25 minutes or so, at least for the ones still down in hell, as they would call it. Want to see them? [He would draw a circle with his fingers, but nothing had happened just yet.]
--------- O ----------
[Punk would feel a sudden surge in power after putting the Gauntlet on, anything magic related had the capacity to become twice as powerful as long as he concentrates his spirit into it. On the other hand, Quintus would yet again feel the same exact thing he felt when meeting Louise Cyphre as he looks at the Magatama.] That is... new, indeed. I am familiar with weaponry or even special items being delivered to visitors, but these in particular feel alien. Somehow, the aura the give off is not similar to anything else in this world, very much like you two, or the other two women who came into this realm. [The ripples of the wall would start to become a tad more frantic.]
“So this is not a world... but an illusion? Or are we in some realm of your own creation?” The explanation only confuses Prima even more. It’s hard to wrap her head around, just like the man in front of her. The image he showed the two was one she remembered all too well. Almost without realizing it, she adjusted the hairclip nearly hidden by her helmet. “But I must ask you, what is your goal this time? And... I suppose I would regret refusing your offer.” She didn’t know what Melbourne would show, but curiosity got the better of her. And the future of 2022... “Ene, what do you make of this? We may witness the future years after whatever the ICBM is in less than an hour, is what I guess.”

We should take his offer. It's not like we have much choice anyway in this place ... Ene mumbles this out and hastily wiped her potential tears. She doesn't know how to feel after having her anger be ignored so easily. As fear seeps into her bones since Melbourne has basically told them that they are in a world of his own creation. Another heat haze, but this time with a god that is unable to feel human. She had no idea how Prim could accept this all so easily when the new info made her fear. Unconsciously she took a few steps back.
The Spell Punk would jolt up in the surge of power not anticipating such a feeling and would faulter a bit to the floor. “By the... Whatever this artifact is it’s nothin i’ve study it’s feels so powerful, like something crafted and lost by our old ancestor.” The Punk would direct his attention to Ozuno and ramble off the many questions in his head. “Yes this all quite mystic and mysterious in the very grains but perhaps there is something that you do know about this place. Between the walls and the artifacts my mind is coming to a confusing crawl. And what about those two women you mentioned?”
Quintus would just stand by idly. He wasn't too sure what else there was to say but he would take note of the odd ripples. He wondered if something was about to happen but there wasn't much point in thinking too hard on it. For now he would just listen along to the conversation.
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I am taking back what I was promised, to have fun, entertainment. You should expect to my meet my partner in crime soon, too. The "trigger", if you will. But before we meet in the end... This world is very much real, a copy, but not an illusion; it is a vision. You all are my imagination; this imagination is mine. Small thing. Truly, the Amala Network is infinite. [The circle Melbourne was drawing would become easier to see, and so the world around the girls would melt. The bridge would fail, and both would fall for minutes, closer to 10, or she they would feel. After, they would simply "wake up" inside the same room Punk and Quintus were in. This, in the blink of an eye.] Ah, there they are. I meant these two, Punk. I was wondering if they had gotten lost or if a demon had struck them down. [Soon after, the rippled wall would get far more violent.] And... that is very much not normal. Whatever is it that is causing it, it's not from this realm. [En no Ozuno would say in a rather worried voice. The wall would then be filled with static. The wall would have this white noise and then, Melbourne would appear on it. The background behind him was a very decayed but very well decorated set for some kind of gameshow, giant screen on the back included. Indeed, the wall had turned into a TV screen. With a microphone on his hand, he would look far more human than ever before. But, his extremely weird appearance would remain.] Greetings! And welcome to your favorite show, the "Imaginary Vision" or "Will they/Won't they". I'm your host, Lester Philip Melbourne, and I'm happy to present you the new contestants! [The images themselves would feel like it was all tapped with a VHS, the date itself on top would read "11/13/1992 19:37:000000", static, unmoving. Melbourne would gesture to his back as the static bodies of Tatsuya, Rowan, Raidou, Tot and Penny wait there. All five are smiling and clapping at the same time as the audience, to the which the camera moves over to. Everyone sitting in the small place is but all too familiar people and creatures to them, for everyone watching now was their families, their friends, their loved ones alive and gone, even the people they had only seen once while walking from one place to another. All sitting there, all clapping and smiling with vacant eyes.] Will they? Won't they? What do you say? [Melbourne extends his hand at the camera and his hands gets through it and the wall. As his image was quite massive, his hand, too, is as big as it should be considering. Lights from inside the Diamond Realm appear on top of everyone but Ozuno. Melbourne remains, as if he had be paused.] You are participants, too. [His voice says, coming from all over the walls, and not the screen.]
Quintus was disturbed by what he saw. His own family just as he remembered them, all his friends who were now dead, everything was on display. He wanted to lash out but was unsure of even how to do so, so instead he used his words. "Just what kind of sick joke is this? Is this a game to you or something?!?" He already knew the answer but felt as though he needed to do something in this situation. He'd move up to the wall and attempt to put his hands on it to see what would happen. "Stop hiding behind this wall already! Whatever you are...I..." Quintus wasn't even sure what he was going to do. He didn't actually know much about Malbourne, just that they were toying with him and whatever power they held wasn't normal.
The Spell Punk was taken aback by the imagery and some familiar faces that it would rather like to forget, almost as much as this game show asthetic its ggiven witness to. "Why this space keeps getting more bizzarw and ominous by the second.A gameshow how ominous and unpleasent indeed..." The Spell Punk would study their host and the scenes before him though rather frazzeled by this all perhaps it just needs to ask and learn whats happening here with a bit of fancy tounge. "Yes this is all very detailed what you put up but truth be told I don't get why you did any of this whoever you are mind dumping the exposition you make yourself quite the menacing figure I do say."
“A ‘game show’ you say...?” Prima was unfamiliar with the term Spell Punk used, but whatever it was, Melbourne was playing a game they’d have to go along with. The audience was slightly disturbing, but she dismissed her concerns once she remembered the man’s illusionary abilities. She folded her arms and stared at the massive Melbourne. “I am afraid I am not familiar with this one, so do you mind explaining the rules?”

Ene remains quiet and leaves the reactions to everyone else. After her previous outburst she knew it was futile to really react. Seeing her long gone family and friends stirred up her heightened emotions. Which she snuffed out since Melbourne wouldn't even give the satisfaction of paying attention to them. She steps back and watches the screen with a steely gaze.
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What, will you stop me. Make me suffer, no. [Although Quintus tried to go through the wall, it was pointless, as all he could feel was a completely solid wall with nothing weird on it besides a strange static. From it, the faces of everyone he knew would emerge, and speak at the same time.] "Why are YOU alive?" [After this, the heads would elongate themselves and bite him on every single are of his body hard enough to make him feel pain but not enough to actually hurt him. The way they do this is by stretching their jaws towards him. Their eyes stay in the same place and the skin moves so much it's on the verge of ripping itself apart, and yet it doesn't happen. After getting a hold of him, they stretch even more and pushing to the other side of the room. Once this is done, the jaws retreat to their skull and the faces of everyone he knew had changed. For their previously smiling faces were now a melted mess after simply touching the young man. Then, they disappear into Melbourne's hand.] No exposition required, for this game is rather simple. [The hand retreats and the camera zooms into the faces of the five copies, all smiling. Melbourne would walk up to them with a simple smile.] Will they/Won't they is a game about gambling. You simply cast your votes on how likely it is that they will, or that they won't. Once the time comes, you are to vote a simple "Yes" or "No", and something incredible will happen. There is a time limit though~ Let's see it! [The corner on the screen that had displayed the current date and time would be replaced with a small, cinematic screen displaying static. It would soon expand itself and replace Melbourne's image into what seemed like a movie. The cinematic display would feature a very attractive but serious looking woman of age 17, her long and brown hair went well with her long white robe similar to the one some of them were wearing. Under it, she had some lightweight military gear and even a SMG ready to shoot. By her side was a young man that was a bit shorter than her. 15 years old, his hair was of the same brown as his senior but still long for a man. His green jacket and grey pants made it obvious who it was. Checking the computer on his wrist and returning his handgun to its holster, he would look back at the building with the American flag in the middle of it. His eyes were full of fear and a quiet determination.] ???: "We're almost there. Now that Gouto is done for, Thorman should force a retreat." Kazuya: "Yes, or at least get them help us eliminate the demons." [At the front gate, there were two guards that would check their IDs first of all. After which they would be allowed entry. The teenage Kazuya would look back at the girl who was leading the way.] Kazuya: "Will it be okay, Yuuka... ?" Yuuka: "Of course it will, Gouto was the only one truly malicious." [She would stop and place her hands on his shoulder, after which he would blush and look away.] Yuuka: "Keep calm, Kazuya. When this is over, we can go somewhere nice. Like Mount Fuji or spend the day in Inokashira." Kazuya: "Yeah... I'll do my best. T-Then we can rest..." [As the scene played out, even music would be playing in the background, a calm melody clearly inspired by "Don't Dream It's Over". The two don't say another word before Yuuka turns around and keeps walking. The still blushing Kazuya would look at his COMP and nod silently with one hand placed over it.] Kazuya: "... and Mom, too." [The scene would be suddenly replaced by the images of Penny crawling over wooden floor. Tot carrying a black armor. Tatsuya and Rowan desperately fighting and quickly getting overrun. Raidou and other Resistance members battling weakened demons. The image would return to the corner and Melbourne would show up again, pointing at Penny.] So... Will they... ? Won't they... ?
Prima, despite the situation, smiled a little at the sight of the two teenagers. This was probably what would have happened in the normal timeline. She shooj her head and focused again. Melbourne was trying to intimidate them. Truthfully, she was struggling to keep a level head. She let out a sigh and began to analyze the images. She would have to choose carefully. Knowing Melbourne, this was no ordinary game show. Prima wanted to cling to optimism, and she tried to reach for it. The little girl that served as Melbourne’s first contestant had been with the girl holding the armor. The two were currently nowhere near each other, but would the latter come back...? She opened her mouth to speak, then hesitated. “I... given my current knowledge, will vote no.” She bowed her head. That was her vote for Penny.
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Quintus would be shaken up by what just happened. What those faces told him...they were right but he had to try and ignore it. They were just Melbourne's attempt to mess with him, he knew that. He'd try to regain his balance before speaking under his breath. "Damn that freaky bastard...no choice but to play his game...but what kind of game even is this..." Quintus would focus on Melbourne's rules and realize immediately that they made no sense. "Will they or won't they what? You gave us the rules but didn't even explain what we're meant to guess. It's gambling though, right? So then...we're not meant to know what we're guessing...In that case, I'll go with 'Yes' since it seems to just be 50/50 anyway."
Spell Punk squinted at the images before it, not like they really made any sense to itself. Truth be told it was rather lost at whatever it was being shown. “Quite a poor description of your own game dear host? Well I ain’t a knowledgeable individual on whatever is happening here but...” It would tilt its head yet make no lead way in making a deductive answer. It was at this point just a random for the Punk so it just gave it bluntly. “I’ll go with a No. I got a weird hunch I suppose.”

Ene withholds her vote after hearing what Quintus has to say. She knew firsthand that creatures like Melbourne could be deceptive and she didn't want to play into his hands. I'd like to know what the will they and won't they actually mean before I say anything. Is it possible to pass a vote?
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