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MK Infinity Tournament Round I-2: Asena versus Hikaru!
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After having witnessed the match between Cait and Gin conclude, Itachi ordered everyone back on the heli-carrier. It then thrusts away to a new location. It then begins to gradually accerate faster and faster, eventually going past the atmosphere as a cardboard roof with vacuum-sealed windows is pulled up over everyone's heads, protecting them from harm. Eventually, the ship reaches what seems to be an entirely new planet. The boneless stairs roll up and push into the soft, foam ground which made up the crust. As soon as they got there, one would notice that geometric shapes of various craft material made up the landscape of the planet, as well as matter both organic and not. Upon stepping foot in the land, you would notice a strange sensation in your wrist which would activate a colored panel upon being felt. This panel contained the basic shapes that much of the world was made of, as well as logic to grant them mechanical functions. Simply reaching for the object in the panel would bring it into existence. Itachi stretches and stands firm in front of the participants, respectfully motioning the next combatants to get ready. "The next match will be between Ms. Asena Otome and Hikaru Michi! I expect a clean fight, it goes without saying that no one will benefit from overdoing it."
Hikaru steps forward, cigarette in mouth, loading bullets in each chamber of his revolver Man this is one strange place, nothing like Shinjuku. I'm surprised I can even breathe up here. He flicks the revolver, snapping the cylinder back inside then turns his attention to Asena Well then, you seem like someone interesting. Hope you won't go easy on me.
Asena skips outside, spinning around as her eyes dart towards the whole atmosphere with glee. She jumps with joy and looks over towards Hikaru, tilting her head. "Oh, I didn't expect to be facing you." Her index finger raised to push up her glasses, her other hand being free to reach for the colored panel uninstinctively while she gave Hikaru a friendly smile. "Go on, you can go first."
Hikaru takes on last puff of his cigarette, and then flicks it away Well, don't mind if I do. Let's begin He smiles and quickly raises his revolver and fires a shot aimed for Asena's left leg, his speed rivaling that of an old west movie
Asena blew at raspberry at Hikaru, before moving her left leg out of the way right before it would've hit her. Immediately turning her who figure around and leaving her back exposed to other kinds of shots. "Wow, nice gun." She snidely commented on the bullet that traveled past her with a grin, her voice still being in a horribly polite manner. She almost snickered, before turning back and facing Hikaru with another friendly smile. "I've always wanted to be an astronomer, you know." After that, her purse had opened, spreading cosmic dust all around her. She extended her arm out and opened her hand, gathering some in her hand. Once that was finished, she blew out the cosmic dust, forming 16 stars that were to explode on impact once it reached Hikaru...or rather, 8 were actual stars that'd cause some damage. The other 8 were fakes created by the panel, but they'd look extremely similar.
Impressed by the bullet dodge, he then began to look confused as the stars approached him What in the hell?! He raises his arm to try to block whatever was thrown at him, only for the panel to bring up a thin rectangular shape in front of him The fu- The stars explode on the shape, but is shattered on impact What the hell is all this? How’d that happen?!
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Asena crossed her arms and made a pouty look, obviously a bit upset that her initial attack didn't work. It wouldn't really have been a problem if it wasn't so obviously on accident. "Hmph. Hope you know what planet this is." Her own panel brought up a "small" blue circle. Though, Asena really only would call it small because it'd only dwarf both her and Hikaru in size instead of taking up the whole entire arena. "I'll give you a hint. It has no moons..." As she went on droning about elementary grade trivia, her purse had opened up once again, circling the blue circle and enveloping it in stars. Only 13 would actually explode on impact, the others were there to look pretty and take up space around the circle. "And it comes first in the solar system, nearest the sun!" The little hints she gave had her eyes sparking with joy and glee, afterwards not wasting any time in darting towards Hikaru in a bit of a slow rate, at least, slower than the bullet he had shot. It'd still be at a bit of a high speed, but it's also pretty heavy. The circle rotated, the stars went in an elliptical orbit, and it'd all hurt if Hikaru was to stand there and do nothing.
Slightly annoyed, Hikaru responds Is it Uranus cause my foot’s gonna end up in yours when I’m done! He then forms a cube of average length and width, and sticks a piece of plastic explosive on it, along with a detonator. The cube floats freely, not affected by gravity at all Alright, seems like we’re using powers already! Let’s do this! The Smiths appears in front of Hikaru, and forcefully throws the cube at the direction of the circle Let’s see how you like this!! He detonates the plastic explosive. Where you should hear a loud explosion, instead the sound of a loud car horn comes from the explosion
In retort to Hikaru's little planet joke, Asena laughs out loud. Of course, it took a bit of a snicker, and then it happened. Too bad it also turned into maniacal laughter when she raised her hand up. "Wow, that was so funny. Give yourself a medal." She immediately slammed her hand down, giving out an exhausted sigh as she looked back over towards Hikaru, actually glaring over at him with a distance. "Hope our fighter that's gone MIA would be proud of this!" Before the actual impact from the colliding planet and the cube were to occur, an asteroid that would be .53 kilometers in width would be heading towards Hikaru in a bit of a telegraphed matter, but otherwise it'd travel at a moderately fast speed. The explosion that came from the planet however, would simply not be much of an issue to the circle, the stars circling around it all spreading out in sporadic directions. Of course, it'd be noticeably weaker, and that'd car horn noise would tip her off a bit, but there were only two things Hikaru really had to worry about as of now.
Thinking to himself, he knew he had to land a clean hit to stop the asteroid, but what about the stars? Screw it, even if he takes a few hits, it’s better than taking an asteroid head on GO! His voice bellowed, The Smiths then broke apart its javelin and turned it into two swords. It’s blade sharp enough to cut through the asteroid like a hot knife through butter, cuts the asteroid in half I hope this works The Smiths grabs Hikaru by the arm and throws him over the circle. He stumbles a bit before he gets his footing Alright, clever one aren’t we? Let’s see how you like this!! The Smiths combines it’s swords back into a javelin. It throws it at Asena, and Hikaru turns halfway behind him and constructs another rectangular wall, a little bit more heavier than the last one. With one arm on the wall, and another free, he grabs his revolver and fires 3 shots at Asena
Due to Hikaru's main focus being the asteroid, the asteroid simply broke away into bits, disintegrating even, after Hikaru had cut it. "Oh cool, the guy can cut through asteroids." While the stars that had ended up getting away from the plant, had missed Hikaru where he initially was, they still ended up hitting him, only just that it didn't do much actual damage. "Nice try, but the constellation is already set! Destiny's in my favor!" The javelin "pierced" into her chest, and the bullets were "shot" into her body ""successfully"", but she still smirked with glee even after her pretty black hipster clothes dripped with blood. "Good luck. You're going to need it, just like I do..." The next thing Hikaru knew, Asena disintegrated, just like that. Into cosmic dust. The same cosmic dust that turned into stars. The same ones that had formed into stars just now. They were all around him. The ones that came from the meteor, and the ones that came from Asena's body. Soon enough, Hikaru would find themselves back where they started, exact same distance. Only, that Asena was now unscathed while Hikaru was stuck between a rock and a hard place. "Have fun with that." All the stars exploded after the statement was made, just like a landmine, the stars all burst into light magic that'd blind any normal person, and would certainly make an impact on Hikaru. Though, ironically enough, while half of the damage was a fluke, the light still was extremely bright.
Hikaru winced in pain after being hit by the stars, they hurt, but he’s still standing. Though the issue now is the effect of the stars exploding God dammit, can’t see! Man did that hurt, but I don’t think it got anything important. Only one thing I can do now. The Smiths stands behind Hikaru, and he waits there patiently until he can see. 2 more shots in the revolver, if only he can land them successfully he may have a chance
Asena simply giggled a bit as she looked at Hikaru, now blinded by the stars. The constellations can be so pretty to look at sometimes, blinding even...heh. "Hmmm, one thing you can do, huh?" She twirled her finger around as it left a trail of cosmic dust, forming another elliptical galaxy that was moderately small, covering Asena and sucking in one of the bullets that had gone towards her. The other merely grazed over her cheek, though Asena seemed to not really mind it much as she rubbed it casually. "Well, I guess that's a step in the right direction?" However, the other bullet would be spit back out by the galaxy, immediately going in Hikaru's direction as it aimed itself for the hand that had held it's gun.
Hikaru’s face lit up in immediate realization. The Smiths immediately threw the javelin at Asena’s direction. The sound of the bullet rupturing her skin a little gave him an idea where she was, but her voice painted the perfect picture of where she was I can hear you, clear as day. You’re over there The bullet that returned to him grazed his wrist, catching him off guard a bit, though not enough to break his concentration. The javelin landed next to her, just shy a few feet. A small metal clang noise came right after the javelin implanted itself into the ground, and there rolled out a flash grenade with its pin pulled already I can hear even the littlest of things, and with my Stand, I can hear everything, and I can control everything you hear!! Have fun, kid! Hikaru constructs another wall in the direction he threw the javelin. The flash grenade explodes, a blinding light fills the area, however the piercing screeching sound made from the grenade was 4 times as louder, and very uncomfortable. His eyesight returns and he reloads his revolver behind cover, thinking of his next move. Whatever it was, he needed to cause a bit more damage to pay her back for the stars.
Asena’s purse immediately started spewing out more cosmic dust, Asena letting it fall to the ground after he javelin had landed next to her, and she gave a little smug smirk towards Hikaru now that she finally realized how good his hearing was. “Oh no, not a flash grenade, whatever can I do? Oh gosh, a wall to prevent my escape? The horror!” It took a lot of willpower not to actually give out a snicker, but it didn’t take much for another galaxy to appear right under her feet. It was her size exactly, so the javelin wouldn’t get sucked in with her. Her acting was actually a bit convincing, but to anyone who actually saw it, it’d be seen through very easily. “Alright, joke’s over. Turns out, you were wrong.” Asena’s voice appeared very closely toward Hikaru, as she’s now behind him. She’s casually give Hikaru a star for his efforts, immediately exploding behind him. However, Asena was back where she was, her galaxy portal not actually disappearing when it should’ve, letting her appear right back here she was after the flash grenade exploded. While the damage wasn’t really all too much, it would annoy him at best. “And right at the same time.”
After tanking the small blast from the star, Hikaru stood back up. His revolver now reloaded, he began to slowly step forward towards Asena You know kid, you’ve got heart. Too bad that ego of yours makes you a real pain to deal with. The Smiths recalled the javelin. Something inside of him said this was a bad idea, but it threw the javelin again anyway I’m not gonna go down that easily! He fired one shot at her head, the javelin screaming towards the chest, all he could hope for was that it could land a clean hit anywhere
Asena duly noted Hikaru’s spirit, making sure to make a note of that in the back of her head as she lets out a little clap. “I’ll admit, I admire your tenacity. It’s what drives people, so I’m glad that you have it.” She simply stood where she was, making up a constellation of her own as the javelin and and the bullet came her way. Some might say it’s disrespectful, but she’d say it works fine. “Too bad, my luck is supreme! I hope to see you after this, Hikaru.” She simply danced her way around the javelin, only ripping off a sleeve on her shirt. The bullet grazed near her other cheek, and she completed the constellation. It seemed to be in the shape of a cage. “After all, you did great!” The constellation rolled it’s way towards Hikaru, immediately expanding in size and forming a little cage with bars that’d hurt him if he tried to escape. Though, there might be no way for that to happen, as a bigger star had appeared at the very top of the cage, shooting out little stars that were much of an annoyance like her initial surprise attack was. After a few of those, it’d burst once again, forming a multitude of stars that rained down on Hikaru, exploding once more and pelting him with light magic.
Trapped and with stars raining down on him, Hikaru had no time to think, save for the small thought of getting the hell out of the cage. He commanded The Smiths to return the javelin, only this time he snapped his fingers as the javelin left the ground, splitting the javelin into it's sword form. Instead of returning straight back, it spun around like helicopter blades, slicing the bars, but not knocking the top of the cage off. As the swords returned to The Smiths, he had no other option but to use his Stand to knock the top of the cage off, only then would he escape Gotta move fast!! The Smiths flew up to the top of the cage and punched the top off, knocking it out of place and freeing Hikaru. A few stars pelted him and exploded, hurting a bit, but nonetheless he focused on escaping. As he climbed out of the cage, his mouth had a small amount of blood dripping out A trapped wolf would chew off it's own leg to survive. This stung a bit but you think this would be enough to hold me down? I can survive anything!! He then wiped off his own blood and charged forward towards Asena. He fired 2 more shots while The Smiths traveled ahead faster than him and swing it's mighty swords at Asena
Asena watched Hikaru with a bit of excitement watching him do everything in his power to escape the cage, even having time to try and fiddle around with the control panel that was given to them to make a makeshift window that floated in the air, covering her face. Once he was out, she merely opened the flap of the makeshift window. "I feel like I would've been better off not knowing that...do they really do that?" Of course, seeing as how there were indeed 2 more bullets coming her way, she ducked under the window for the bullets to pierce through them. She winked at The Smiths, waving her arm to make the shape of a rectangle appear in the way of the stand to try and distract the swords. The rectangle would easily be broken, but Asena would be nowehere to be found. "You can survive anything, huh? All the time? Multiple times at once?" She was actually now finally up in the air, realizing that it's actually more of an advantage to be there where it's easier to dodge rather than try and stay on the ground. Cosmic dust was spattering out of her purse to keep her figure floating, and she another wink towards HIkaru. "Either way, this fact is for sure. Space is cooler than whatever you can do!~" After her little comment, she made another snap with her fingers, and Hikaru was now met with a comet coming straight towards him, and Asena simply danced around in the air, messing around with the control panel to try and make some type of art with the control panel.
He looked up and saw the comet coming towards him Another one? Dammit! The Smiths then combined it's swords again, and threw the javelin in a spinning motion, effortlessly slicing the comet in two. He then used his device to create a rectangular, building like structure, reaching to where Asena is. He then had The Smiths throw him up to the top of the structure, stumbling a bit when he lands You can keep running, but I'll keep coming after you! The Smiths recalls the javelin, and Hikaru continues to rush down Asena, creating similar structures in front of him to give him a makeshift bridge of buildings to run on. He fired the last three shots at her and The Smiths still continued to fly past Hikaru. Playing things safe was no longer and option, he had to rush her down or he's in trouble
"Jesus christ, stop cutting through what makes up everything!" She pouted out in the air, merely raising her hand up one last time to create a triangle that spun around, deflecting the three bullets away. Afterwards, she'd merely flick her wrist and made the triangle hit the structure that Hikaru was on to try and reach her. "Hope you know the star that I'll be bringing up!" Once she said that, Asena merely disappeared into more cosmic dust. However, her presence was still lingering, as Hikaru would probably sense. Dead silence filled the area, until a very bright star appeared in the room. "People used this one to navigate in a certain direction." Her voice was distant, though to Hikaru, it'd seem like it would come from where the star is. It shined brightly, signaling for him to try and get to it. However, his stand probably wouldn't be affected by this. Either way, Hikaru was being tempted to go where the star was.
Hikaru heard the voice clear as day, his hearing impeccable when The Smiths is out, though if he knew anything this entire fight, is to never trust stars This doesn't seem right at all. Let's see here... Hikaru used the device to make another platform, this time a bit more taller than the one he's on. He then commanded The Smiths to slice it in quarters, and then punch them, now hurling in the direction of the star Maybe I'm being paranoid but these stars have caused nothing but pain. He then loads his revolver again, now playing the waiting game, he stands on guard until he can get an idea of where she is
Of course, Asena couldn't really be found, the room seeming to be fixated on the star. However, as the parts of the building began to come closer and closer in contact with the star, Asena's presence had seemed to clog the room each second the star was about to be touched. "Oh, silly. Why would the North Star ever hurt you?" Asena's voiced ringed out, and the building parts finally came into contact with the star, the star immediately exploding into 5 other stars that scattered around, leaving a trail of dust. "This certainly will. I'm certain that you might have a feeling of deja-vu?" While Hikaru's attention was mainly on the star, it didn't feel the need to account for Asena since it strayed away from her. Now that Hikaru knew, the room was all covered in cosmic dust, floating by idly as the 5 stars that came from the "North Star" had landed onto the ground. Once they did, however, they exploded once again, triggering all the cosmic dust to be spread around and create other stars that had burst into light magic energy, similar to what had blinded him before. Only this time, while the light would still be horribly dazzling, now all the damage was real.
Shit!! Hikaru quickly made another structure, 4 solid walls surrounding him, and one above him. He boxed himself in quickly. The Smiths was still outside, standing on the makeshift fort he made himself. It spun it's javelin around, blocking many of the stars hurled at him. A few hit The Smiths but it continued to block the stars in a flurry of sword swings. It then broke apart it's javelin and begun to cover more ground with the two swords. A line of blood came from Hikaru's head, though it wasn't severe, he certainly felt some pain Okay, I've lost my patience. This is gonna keep going unless I rush her down. But for me to use this technique now, I have to end her swiftly. As the barrage of stars ended, he broke out of his enclosure. He then used The Smiths to project his voice even louder Hey, you can hear me right? I know you're out there and you can hear me!
Right on cue, once he asked the dreaded question, Asena's little school girl giggle had echoed across the room. She raised her hand and pointed a finger towards Hikaru playfully. "Clear as day, Hikaru. If that's your name." Now all Hikaru saw from Asena was her in a cute little house, stupidly plain and simple, but she didn't feel like going the extra mile with trying her creativity with the panel. Not with this little bout going on that was bound to finish sooner or later. "Hopefully you like my little house. I can see you made one of your own." She flicked her wrist from out a window of the house, sending a star his way, flying straight towards his face. Once it made contact, it'd explode, acting as a flash grenade that disorientates his senses more, but luckily for him, it wouldn't do actual damage.
The flash grenade exploded, though Hikaru's hearing wasn't affected. There he stood in the silence that surrounded them both, with a stern look in his face, almost as if he was concentrating immensely,though in reality he had run out of patience. You can feel a menacing aura coming from him as The Smiths hovered behind him. The quiet Stand felt it, it was time. The Smiths undid it's bandages covering it's mouth, fully revealing his face. Hikaru took a deep breath and though it hurt to open his eyes from the effect of the star, he didn't care about pain anymore. Tch... Hikaru then made a loud, bellowing yell, like one of those manga characters powering up. His eyes widened, it looked like he was about to pop a vein, then without hesitation, The Smiths began yelling as well, it's yell sounding like a monster SOUND BLAST, TIMES 3 The Smiths then clanged it's swords together, like a spartan clanging it's sword against it's shield. Both their yelling, and the sound of the clang suddenly turned into a very high pitched screeching noise, like 100 cats clawing at 100 chalkboards. It was loud, it was ear splitting uncomfortable screeching that would make any normal person's ears bleed, or shatter windows in a very large mile radius. The Smiths focused on the house and charged at it, with the screeching sound continuing. That was all that could be heard, no footsteps, no breathing, not even the sound of your own heartbeat. Hikaru had an idea where the house was and fired his gun at it, though no gunshots were heard
Asena was shocked when her ears were now being assaulted so suddenly, feeling near it only to found it actually bleeding. She simple wiped it away on her sleeve and gave a sigh that couldn't be heard, pushing up her glasses and glaring at the source of the sound. "I've heard stuff like this before, and those were all only little sounds compared to the extremes that you decided to go." Though she couldn't hear anything at all, not even her own voice coming out of her own mouth, all she did was simply laugh. Laugh at how he kept this a secret. Guns and a cool looking stand...to this. It was horrible, really. "Fine then. If this is your last resort, then..." Suddenly, with the control of the panel, she made her house float into the air, not bothering to pay attention to gravity anymore. Afterwards, she made a star from outside the house explode, propelling it towards Hikaru and closing the distance between him and the house. "I feel bad for you." Once that was finished, her purse started letting more and more cosmic dust out, filling every part of the house to the brim. Once his bullets had shot through it, the house would simply explode into another huge burst of light magic, with Asena seemingly being nowhere to be found afterwards. However, like how it was last time, her presence still clogged the area.
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Hikaur’s eyesight returned, as he saw the house being flung towards him. The Smiths sliced through it with ease, though he couldn’t see where Asena is You’re only gonna make this worse for yourself Though his voice couldn’t be heard anymore, The Smiths could still tell what commands it’s given, and still move around on its own though not as far without it and Hikaru being completely in sync with each other, and as it stands, Hikaru is still blinded by the light magic Alright, you asked for it, SOUND BLAST TIMES 4 The piercing screech then got stronger and even more louder, sounding like 200 little children screeching at the top of their lungs. Hikaru’s ears began to hurt a little, though this is nothing close to his threshold. The Smiths floated around close to Hikaru, looking to protect its master from further harm
Little did Hikaru himself know, the girl known as Asena was gone. Nowhere to be found, seemingly she had left. However, since Hikaru was still blinded, The Smiths could clearly see a young boy in place of Asena who looked horribly similar to the girl they were fighting from before. "And here I thought I was going to be spending this whole tournament that I signed up for in the lobby." He picked his ears and blood got on his fingers, but the boy just shook his hand to make the blood get off his finger. He simply glared at Hikaru as he looked down at the ground. "Sound blast times 4, my ass. These annoying sounds won't stop me." The boy had finally took out the ominous looking box that he just lugged around in the waiting room, finally deciding to do something with it. As it turns out, he cut off the lock that secured it and punted it across the room heading where Hikaru was. "Asena's a prissy little bitch sometimes, she didn't feel like taking all this to the ear." As the box flew towards where Hikaru was, the box opened itself, and shadows erupted from under it. Then, the silhouettes of hundreds of fish-like figures ranging from many different sizes had came out, and started to bite at Hikaru while it went in one certain direction, which was up. Afterwards, the box seemingly had teleported itself back into the boy's hands, but the shadow fish creatures weren't finished. They soon went back down onto where Hikaru was, some biting him again, others just ramming into him, some even piercing them with a noticeably dark blade substance. By the time the boy was finished, all the shadow fish had dived into the floor, ending up back into the box as it shut itself like nothing ever happened. If Hikaru were to open his eyes now, he could only see the girl that had blinded him on multiple occasions, but the stand most likely knew otherwise.
The Smiths valiantly deflected most of the fish, but not all. As the torrent of vicious creatures continued, Hikaru would soon find himself bitten and ramming him multiple times. By the end of the attack, he laid on the floor for a while. It seems as if he were unconscious, but through sheer force of will, and an unyielding amount of anger, he seemed to be moving. Bloody, battered, but not defeated ...is that the best you can do...? He struggled to get up, but he found himself back on his feet. He noticed that his target, which seemed to be a young girl, now turned into a boy, but it didn't matter, as his patience ran out long ago, and now he was angry WELL BOY? I SAID IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?
The boy looked over to Hikaru, almost seeming to feel bad, though it was very hard to tell by the look of the boy's blank eyes. He pushed up his glasses in response to his question that HIkaru yelled at him, scoffing and opening his box once again. "I have a name, and it's Asena." He said with a dull expression, slight annoyance added into the mix. The box simply let out a small, tiny fish. Similar to the ones that were a part of the ones that were in the flurry of sea-life that had attacked him. It opened it's mouth wide to reveal it's dark fangs, aiming to bite down on Hikaru's arm. "Oh, and by the way-" He reached into the box, and a dark energy formed in his hand. He threw it forward at the fish that tried to bite Hikaru, impaling it from behind and instantly killing it. Though, due to this, it also rushed forward to where Hikaru was and tried to pierce him as well. "Sure. You can say that's the best I can do."
Hikaru dodged the dark energy swiftly, and began to run towards Asena You've tested my patience, and now I'm pissed Hikaru aimed his revolver at Asena, this time aiming straight for the forehead Don't think I won't do anything fancy like intentionally miss any vital organs He fires, instead of one or two shots to test the waters, he instead emptied the entire revolver. The bullets flew straight ahead. As he shot, The Smiths flew above Hikaru, heading over Asena, driving it's javelin down to where he was standing
The boy simply shrugged as it casually followed Hikaru advancing towards him with his dull eyes, carrying the box in his arms nonchalantly. "Well, don't blame me. Wait, how did that girl of all people piss someone off?" He sighed out, dropping the box to the ground, leaving it open and dangling. Suddenly, a big silhouette of a great white shark came up from the ground and ate Asena, supposedly. The boy was nowhere to be found, and it's shadow swam in the ground like it was actually water. The shark took the bullets and absorbed them, but it dived back down as soon as it saw the javelin. "She must've been annoying, huh. Really peppy as of late, probably." His voice could be heard from under, and suddenly, instead of the shark resurfacing from the ground, the boy just seemed to materialize from the shadows behind Hikaru. The similarities between the two were starting to show a bit. "I dunno what your problem is, but uh, I have a tournament to win." He extended his arm and pulled it backwards, revealing that a dark thread was connected to the dark matter that he had originally threw at him from before. He got it back swiftly, and then threw it back, changing it to the shape of an eel. Despite it's properties of looking to be only a shadow that'd ram into Hikaru, it'd still shock him.
Hikaru reacted almost instantly to where Asena would appear. Though he couldn't shoot, The Smiths quickly picked up the javelin and threw it at the eel, penetrating from the mouth Come here!! He then ran full speed at Asena. This entire match he used almost every tactic possible to hit them, now at this point, all he thought of was pummeling them. He tackled the boy and proceeded to pin him down, and instead of dealing damage with The Smiths or his gun, he just proceeded to pummel him with a flurry of left jabs to the face You damn well know how to take a bullet, let's see how fists taste like!!!
The boy didn't really react to the punches that were being delivered to his face, not bothering to try and fight back nor block. Though if Hikaru was actually looking whenever he punched, he noticed that his glasses aren't breaking one bit, and that the boy had a had bled a dark purple liquid that was similar to the ones that had been summoned from the box. "Wow, you're mean. Hitting me with my middle school memories." Asena sighed once again, his head now practically oozing dark purple liquid turning towards where he dropped the box. Unfortunately, Hikaru made the dumb mistake of not bothering to try and take what seemed to be the source of power and was completely focused on beating the child to death. The boy that was now on the ground, looked back at Hikaru in an effortless attempt to mock him. "Just so you know, your fists were just as bad as the bullets." His whole body had disappeared into the ground, only leaving his shadow. The shadow in turn, would only be covered by Hikaru's own shadow, which in turn, would just not care about actually making a complex shape, and just made a circle. Of course, the circle made it so that it dragged him into the middle, setting another shadow shark (that was unfortunately smaller than that of the great white) to dive right up and bite Hikaru. When it dived down, Hikaru was left on the ground, the boy now sitting on top of him, looking at him once more with a blank stare. "If you feel like it, you can actually hit me. Asena didn't want to be hit because she was a girl."
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Hikaru wormed away slightly from the shark bite, and while it missed anything vital, although he did get a mean gash on his arm. Though he was in pain, Hikaru stood back up with the young boy. At this point, anything thrown at him, he's determined to tank through any pain. He stood back up and shoved the boy away from him. With his device he constructed a solid wall where he stood behind. You hear the faint sound of beeping, and a small chuckle Bingo. On the backside of Asena there was a large stick of plastic explosive, almost enough to bring down an entire small building. Somewhere during the scuffle, he managed to stick it on there without the boy noticing. Hikaru pressed on the detonator, exploding the plastic explosive, creating a massive explosive that nearly enveloped the entire arena. The wall wasn't enough to hold, as the explosion blew back Hikaru. He laid on the ground and loaded his revolver, feeling this wouldn't be enough to take the boy down That case, if only I can destroy it, he should be powerless. Though I doubt it'll make this any better. Shit, I knew I should have brought that prototype sword with me. He looked at his shoulder where he noticed a large cut. He tore off a piece of his shirt and wrapped it around his wound If you did survive that, I'm gonna freakin' lose it. All this shit you've thrown at me, I know this may not bring you down. Bring it on kid!
"Actually, you missed a spot." Of course, since his chest was still with him, it made dark energy that enveloped into a ball that simply broke open in order to let Asena inside, not even bothering to make any actual fish species, and instead just opting for survival. The ball bounced around from the force of the explosion, making it go in sporadic directions like it was inside a pinball machine. Once there was nothing left, the ball vanished, only leaving Hikaru to see Asena throwing up on the ground, his back turned behind Hikaru. He turns around, adjusting his glasses and holds his chest. "What, were you actually expecting something different?" While it looked as if he was going to prepare some other type of aqua sorcery, he just slammed his chest down, and looked at it for a little bit with a blank stare. After a few seconds, he lifted his head up to face Hikaru one again. "I hate it whenever it drags on for so long. So, I've made a choice." He picks the chest back up and dusts it off, the locks and chains that were enveloped around it before magically appearing back onto it as if nothing happened. The boy walked over to Hikaru, and stared at him. His voice couldn't be any duller when he makes this announcement right to his face. "Look, my luck is supreme, and you don't feel like quitting. But it's getting boring, so I do." He bows his head, taking out a red card as to signify that he's resigning from making the match go further. "Bye. Tell the announcer that I'll be going to losers." Once he said that, the box disappears, and so does he. The card only left. If Hikaru were to read it, it would read, "you win. idiot. ps, i wrote this while you exploded everything stupid" in horrible chicken-scratch.
Hikaru crumbled up the note, though he won, he didn't feel satisfied at all. He reached inside his tattered jacket and pulled out his cigarettes, put one in his mouth, and then lit it. He took one long puff, before falling backwards and hitting the ground with a loud thud Lost my cool again huh? Kid's got skill but god damn did not being able to hit him piss me off. Just goes to show how much work I need. Sure I've taken down street thugs, but nothing like this. He stares at the sky, a small pool of blood forms, but nothing alarming Shit, I overdid it in the first fight. I know I'll see that kid later on, I'm gonna finish this, I don't much like leaving a fight unfinished... He continues to puff his cigarette, slowly losing consciousness
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