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MK Infinity Tournament Round 1: Cait versus Gin!
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After a speedy recovery in the hospital, Itachi waits for the opportunity to speed things along and pulls Gin & Cait aside to talk to them. "Listen, I know this is rash after everything that happened, but it's important that we get back on track here. First off, you two will be competing in the first match. This match will take place in a physical location. People will no doubt think that my world was to blame for the mishap, and I don't wanna take any chances. Our heli-carrier will transport everyone to a remote island location. Casualities are estimated to be at a minimum this way." The man adjusts his glasses and walks away. After a brief transport, the two find themselves on opposite ends of a serene island, lush with vegetation and star-shaped fruit

First again, eh? Tch. Naturally. No hard feelings Cait. *Gin takes up his mark. He summons a single copy of his sword Elementa and watches slightly as it begins floating around him.* Welp. I'll give you the first move. Come at me!
"Sorry for bein' late! Time to beat ya up, nya!" The cat shook the sand off his fur, then started running across the island. Soon, the feline was obscured by the vegetation, aside from the occasional flash of red through the undergrowth. This was mostly cover to help him close the distance between himself and Gin.

Yeah, I'm not giving you the element of suprise, Cat. Sorry. *Gin would grab his sword and shoot a jet of fire into the vegetation in hopes to set it a blaze.* Come out before you die of burns or lack Oxygen, would ya?
"Bold of you to assume demons need oxygen. Fire Dance!" Three swirling pillars of flame roared out of the wall of fire, appearing in order from left to right. A few seconds later, Cait leapt out of the forest, skidding across the sand. He held up his sword in preparation for any retaliation.

Ho? *Gin summons and sends three copies of Elementa at the ground in front of the fire pillars before summoning an earthern wall, blocking them. He then looks back at Cait.* Are you gonna fight for real now or do you want to keep playing around?
"Hey, what do you expect? I'm not an elemental Swiss army knife, nya! You wanna Tarunda? Would that make you happy?" Cait crushed a card, and an odd-eyed black cat appeared behind him, yowling and sending out a light that reduced Gin's attack power.

Tch. Clever. But not clever enough I'm afraid. *Gin smirks. The three copies of Elementa appear infront of him, forming a line, before sending out a powerful Soundwave across the beach at Cait Sith in order to try and knock him backwards.* Element: Triple Pulse. Let's see how you deal with the sound barrier
"Nyagh! Hey, these ears are sensitive! Er... what did ya say? I can't hear ya." Cait shook his head. "Barriers... barriers... easy to take down with force. Force Dance!" Two tornadoes of Garu-like appearance swirled towards two of the swords, then the final tornado swirled towards the last one. Cait was riding the last tornado to be launched.

*The trio of swords are sent flying into the air and vanish..* Hmm. Sandstorms, eh? *Gin smirks. He uses the base form of his sword and jumps into the air before swinging it forward before sending a few slash waves of wind down at the ground around Cait. If his plan is successful, he would scatter the sand, creating a cloud that would reduce visibility around Cait.*
The second part of Cait's plan was to leap off the tornado. Unfortunately, the cloud of sand threw off his aim, so his sword impaled the sand to Gin's right instead. With a hiss and a cough, he yanked it out and lashed out with his blade. "Urk! Mazan!" These tornadoes would hopefully clear the air, as well as hit anyone nearby. It was a weak spell in terms of power, though.

*As the sand clears, Gin would rush in, attempting to catch Cait by suprise and impale him with Elementa* Hah!
"Whoa!" Thanks to his small stature and cat reflexes, Cait came out of that with only a painful-looking scratch on his side. "A sword duel, eh? That's what I'm meant for!" Cait held up his own sword and attempted to dive past Gin's left side, sword out to slash his opponent's leg on the way.

*Gin get's hit by Cait's attack.* That hurt. But now I've gotcha. *Gin would slash at the ground. After a slight rumbling, A wall of ice would erupt from the ground in an attempt to trap Cait inside it, freezing him solid and ending the battle quickly.*
Cait hissed and leapt onto one side of the wall, letting it take him upwards. If the wall would, in fact, freeze him solid if he touched it, he slashed a card instead and gave one command: "Mudoon!" It wasn't in good practice to do instant kills, but in Cait's defense, Gin started it. Black Cat's leash wrapped around Gin, and shadows rose from the ground. If Cait wouldn't be frozen by his plan, of course, the spell would be cancelled early.

*Cold to the touch as the wall is, Cait would find himself stuck to wall as he summons his Persona. Gin would chuckle, spinning his sword arround and planning to drive it through the ice wall. However, the darkness distracts him. Instead, his sword starts glowing with light as he drives the blade into the ground in an attempt to dispell the darkness. This would give Cait the opportunity to escape from the wall if he had the strength to break the ice.* Dispel the darkness. Elementa: Shine.
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Cait growled. He couldn't get out of the ice with his strength, but he could do one last thing... He threw his sword at Gin. If Gin dodged, Black Cat would catch the sword in his mouth.

What the- *Gin would finish dispelling the darkness but get suprised by the sword and the blade would become impaled in his shoulder.* Gah. Bastard... *Annoyed, Gin would go back to his original plan: Stabbing the ice Wall. The wall would shake before spikes would erupt from the opposite wall. If Gin's plan was successful, Cait would be impaled by the icicles.*
(edited by Gin)
"G-Garu... dyne..." Being immobile, Cait couldn't avoid the ice spikes. Still, this was a last-ditch attempt to defeat Gin, attempting to send the human towards where Cait was with a green whirlwind. Possible ice impalement, definite attempt to give a good chomp.

*Being on the wrong side of the wall to where Cait and the spikes are, the best the Garudyne would do would make him crash into the flat side of the wall, which would hurt like someone hitting a wall would, but otherwise leave him unscathed.* Ow... That hurt.. *Gin would grab his sword and look to see if Cait is still able to fight.*
Narrator is fashionably late. Cait, with all the strength he could muster, tossed down his hat. “You win, nya... now if you excuse me.” He got himself out of the ice the best he could while chugging down Life Stones. Probably not a very healthy choice but it works somehow. Perfect healing.
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