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nintendo e3 direct
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aight, they delivered yet again. so much to look forward to. so, things i'm really looking forward to: a lot. to start off, fucking no more heroes 3? ayyyyy my guy. we also got lugi house 3: hotel edition, which looks fun as fuck. then, animal crossing minecraft, looking fun, hoping isabelle is in it. botw 2, fucking dorf is back, but as a skeleton! zelda cut her hair, it really looks fucking sick. it's also the third time (i think) a zelda game has had a direct sequel (adventure of link, phantom hourglass). astral chain looking hella spicy, mario and sonic at the olympics is back, more resident evil, link's awakening is hella cool. so much good stuff. i haven't played witcher 3 before, but i've heard it's amazing and it definitely looks the part, so i'll for sure be picking that up when it comes out. the smash dlc fighters were disappointing to me. i'm not surprised DQ hero got in, but i don't care for DQ or banjo in the slightest, so that part was a personal letdown. i may be forgetting other shit because there was a lot. feel free to voice your opinions on shit as well
BotW is actually the forth game that’s a direct sequel. Majora’s Mask was a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time.
i gotta say i'm excited for the new games legend of zelda games and nah majoras mask follows what happens after the events of ocarina of time.
Botw2 is high on mu list will pokemon and mm2
Mm2?! As in... Majora's mask 2?! What?! And also breath of the wild 2 seems sooooooo epic, saw the preview on YouTube earlier today
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