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Meeting of E.V.I.L.
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A group of individuals would receive private invitations for a wonderful meet and greet for people with... Similar interests, the people who gave them the invitations wore long robes and were covered in bandages so, you know, they must have been trustworthy. The meeting is left to a nondescript area of town, and bringing food is recommended. These same cloaked figures who would have given you the invitation also usher these other villains into a meeting room with an overly long table that already has some snacks and drinks set out in preparation
*Tenkai would arrive, large curved weapon in hand. He take up a seat and place his weapon next to him before leaning back in his chair and putting his feet up on the table.* Good evening, everybody. How is everyone? Does anyone have a clue to why we're here?
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"I'm glad you could make it." At the head of the long meeting table, a tall, cloaked figure obscured by shadow turns around. Like the ones who gave the invitation, this man's entire body is covered in bandages, and a faint red glow can be seen coming from within. He wears a turban adorned with an oversized, purple feather that waves as he moves "I've gathered you all.... Wait." The man looks around the mostly empty room, red eyes blinking a few times in confusion "I could have sworn I invited like, six more people. What happened?"
Three people waited outside, a girl cloaked in dark purple and black with the addition of a black mask with brown hair to her shoulder blades and cold blue eyes, a girl with blonde hair and brown eyes wearing a glittery pink jumpsuit and boots to match, and a pair of glasses, and a boy with black and blue wings, a black suit, black hair with a blue streak and yellow eyes, "Flame, Dazle, should we go in now or wait?" The dark girl asked "Wait" the one referred to as Flame replied "Yeah, let's wait," the one referred to as Dazle said
A man in a fancy suit and top hat entered with a bow. His jewel-tipped cane tapped against the floor. “Ah, am I late? My apologies. I was busy dealing with some business matters. You know how it is.”
Immediately came through a girl with teal blue pigtails, and a cute looking frilly white dress. Beside her were two horribly normal looking soldiers carrying light machine guns that guarded her. "Alright, you irrelevant little idiots, I had to really convince Daddy to let me come to this meeting, so it better be worth it!~"
A three-eyed, purple slithering pile of jailbait abruptly enters the meetint and bats her eyes to the room "Oh, is Desco late? Sorry, I was in the middle of a campaign and must've lost track of time." She scoots over to the nearest seat and leans back in it "Oh, but I brought Spinach Puffs."
A glowing black door would take shape in the room for a moment, a man wearing a red coat and pants, with long hair, a smug grin on his face and a blazing lighter in his right-hand steps out. "Oh, is this the place? Heheh alright then, I could go for a snack." He'd quickly begin grabbing up bits of food... And devouring them in mere moments with a smirk as he looks around the place. "So, what are we doing anyways? I mean, something something evil okay sure I got that message. But what's the real point to it all, I may be just some shadow of a jackass but come on, I got shit to do, people to manipulate. The usual."
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As before, the other three would be led in by the bandaged henchmen, and be greeted by the meeting's owner, who spreads his arms wide in welcome "That makes five. You know, my old running crew had five members. I'm sure this will get along nicely. Now, back to my speech." The man clears his throat before speaking loudly, his voice booming throughout the room "I've gathered you here today to..." his speech is interrupted by the joining of a sixth member, he ends up clearing his throat again before speaking to the new guy and Tabitha "Don't worry, I'll make sure this is worth your while, now then, let the meeting commence! I've gathered you here today to discuss a pressing problem to all villains. Heroes!" he practically spits out that last word as he slams his large, golden gauntlet against the table. "I'm sure you've all met them before, always coming in and taking quests to ruin your plans. As far as I've found that's pretty much a universal constant."
"GeroGeroGero." The door opens to reveal a frog creature carrying a tray with star fruit. With a mischievous gaze the frog swirls around and stops for a pose. "I heard that you pekoponians are the worst of the worst and I as the leader of a superior invading force want in. Together we can all take over pekopon!" He toothily smiles and drops the tray on a table. Wandering around to check out all the cool people in the room. "This is a promising army already gerogero."
In a puff of smoke the grotesque freak himself Torrick has made his not so grand appearance rather disgruntled and riled by his trip all the way here but he takes his seat anyway. "I took a hell of long time to get here so lets get this show on the road. The last one was quite the bummer but the ox made a good meal." He luges over a crate and slams it on the meeting desk with a more gleeful smirk and probably some horrible intent behind that. "Its on the house take a gander if you feel like you need to be quench its the Torrick Special!"
A pale man with the color seemingly drained from their hair enters...through some means. It was as if he entered from nowhere yet anyone who pondered how they entered had vague memories of him doing so, as if they were insistent that they saw him come in despite not recalling how. He wore a simple black outfit, nice by normal standards but store plain in design. The air almost seemed still around him as if it dare not move in his presence yet there was a smile on his face that seemed both pleased and sad at once. "I see, perhaps one who I am searching for is here. There are certainly those on the level around me though. That much is plain to see."
Des appears confused for moment, before snapping out of her daze and slamming on the table in approval "Yeah, and they also befriend you and make you travel with them! It's a total pain!"
“Promising army indeed,” Damon dryly replied. Even so, he couldn’t help but smile at the frog thing. He cleared his throat and nodded. “While I could debate about the relative nature of heroes, yes, it is a major inconvenience. Why, just last week I was tripped up by some ‘hero’ with a mechanical bull. It makes sense in context.”
Dorito tries saying something to keroro but can't because he got Thanos snapped
Hmm... * A strange spider appears from a strange mist on Tenkai's shoulder. Tenkai pets it with a finger.* An interesting group gathered here today. Indeed, heroes like that golden monkey are issues. So, I would assume you would gather us under a banner in order to defeat heroes for villains everywhere. Hmm hmm hmm. Interesting proposal, I must say...
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Tabitha's head perked up the moment she heard the word 'heroes'. The soldiers that was guarding her was immediately dumbfounded as they found it that their guns were stolen, with Tabitha carrying both of them and laughing maniacally. "Heroes? They ruined my fun! They're so stupid! It'll be satisfying to watch them lose!" She immediately gave the guns back to the soldiers guarding her callously, making a gesture with her hand going across her neck to tell them a message that they're probably very familiar with. Tabitha cleared her throat and continued on, taking one measely snack away from Super Shadow Tatsuya before continuing. "Anyways, heroes. Yeah, they suck. I'm running low on servants." She eats her snack peacefully as she drones on about heroes and how much she hates them, making sure that she doesn't chew with her mouth open because it's nasty and gross. "Whatever the plan is, it'll never compare to Daddy's plans!~ But let's hear it."
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The man looks at Torrick's crate, he's curious, but unable to actually drink any of it himself, so instead he calls two of his bandaged lackeys from earlier "Well then, I'm glad you could make it mister Torrick. Lets open 'er up boys." The bandaged men would open up the crate to find its content while Rafaam puts a hand to his chin as he struggles to remember where he saw Elian "Hmmm... I'm not... Well, you're here so you obviously had to have gotten an invite. I mean, its just a nondescript warehouse with totally not suspcious looking henchmen guarding the outside. Its not like anyone would just find us here" Once tenkai makes his own point, the man would straighten up and announce "Yes, straight to the heart of the issue aren't you? Allow me to introduce myself." The man turns to face the group, crossing his arms as his long dark cape dramatically flits upon his shoulders "I am RAFAAM, the SUPREME ARCHAEOLOGIST. One who has traveled far and wide throughout the multiverse in search of the most powerful of treasures. Though many of my hunts have been foiled by groups of heroes, that's when I had the epiphany. To form my own League and take the fight to them. Once they are out of the way we'll be able to do whatever we wish with the world. Quite the devious plan don't you think?"
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My appologies. Did you want to announce that? *Tenkai chuckles. His spider leaps onto the table.* I'm interested in at least the premise. Let's see what you have, Rafaam.
Elian would nod. He seemed to be listening only vaguely though a knowing gleam could be seen in his eyes. "Yes, I'm in agreement. The elimination of 'heroes' would be a good way for me to meet my own goals. I am Elian by the way, in case I forgot to mention. You don't have to worry about me. I'm actually quite dead despite how it may appear." As if to prove his own point the man would pull out an odd looking knife and cut off his own pinky finger on his right hand. It wouldn't cut immediately though either as his skin seemed to be harder than usual. Once he sawed the finger off it'd crumble to dust revealing his insides to be hollow. "Oddly, being like this is more convenient than naught but I am nothing to fear."
Tabitha slammed the desk that they formed were around, immediately pointing towards Rafaam with a smug grin on her face as if he were about to get prosecuted on the spot. "That plan...it sounds like something Daddy would make!~" She jumped up and down giddily, and then put her elbows on the desk and looked at Rafaam with curious eyes. There was also a pistol in her hand, and the soldier guarding her checked their back pocket to find out that it was gone. "So, Rafaam. Daddy's not here. Which means that you will have to supply me. Is that fine with you?" Her other hand was also under the desk, taking out another pistol and shrugging casually to flaunt about how good she is at pick-pocketing. "Those stupid heroes won't be able to taste lead any other way!~"
“Hm... you do raise a point. While your qualifications are questionable, it would be wise to have you and many other powerful beings as allies.” The man smiled and sat down in a chair with one leg draped lazily over the other leg. “Damon Lumien, at your assistance. I may lack the raw power some here may have, but my Guardian Spirit is more suited towards my cunning.”
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"Ah, I see you too have a horrible skin condition Elian." Rafaam unwraps some of the bandages around his right hand, revealing nothing but red energy which would rapidly surge out. The ethereal quickly wraps his hand back up to prevent further loss as he closes his eyes. "But back to the matter at hand. I have the perfect idea to not only announce our presence as the league of E.V.I.L., but also to see what you all can do." The man brings out a map that seems to be the interior of a mall, he points at a single store labeled "Em's Armory" "The plan is simple, in spite of its name this place is actually owned by a man named "Tatsuya Suou". Or at least, he's the only person I've ever seen working there. This man is one of the greatest heroes of this realm, so the plan is to break in..... And destroy his store. With MAXimum prejudice. Once we've completed this TRULY E.V.I.L. task, and you agree to join our new League, I will grant each of you one of the many powerful artifacts I've collected over the years." Rafaam nods to Tabitha, before signalling to one of his lackeys to get something. The other bandaged man goes off somewhere for a few minutes, before bringing back a friend. And a large mirror with a curtain over it. "This is the Mirror of Doom, it has the power to multiply one's body a thousand times at the cost of their mind. Of course, henchmen have no need for such a thing, so if you join, you'll have as many soldiers as you desire."
Torrick would clap as he sees his crate of success be open up. “One of the most refined crates of Soda dripping with flavour, energizing fizz, and some other classified traits we don’t talk about it but it’s the best you can taste in the many realms which is all the more you should try it!” He would lean back and talk out loud about his prize creation though in relation to the...heroes. “Ah yes it would be more successful though if not for the fact some dubious do gooders wish to stop most of my trafficking routes and shut done me vast shipping services sure most of it is illegal but it’s my business why don’t they mind their own.” He would slam the table and grunt in frustration. “I lost 10 cargo shipments already this week due to some little pesk leaching of my chemical batches! I’d drop the vats on those moral compasses if I could catch them myself!”
“Hm... a terribly costly thing, don’t you agree?” Damon nodded as something in his mind replied. He shifted his legs so the left one was over the right instead. He made a square with his fingers as if lining up a photo shot. “That’s an easy task. Leave it to me for last-resort support. Of course, I can give the exact details later, but regardless, with some planning this’ll be a simple heist.”
I can do destruction, but isn't your plan just petty vandalism?
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"OK LOOK." Rafaam would slam his fist down on the table, shaking the photo bottles and nearly causing his minions to drop the mirror "Its not about effectiveness, its about making a statement. We can even leave propaganda posters all over the place for publicity. Plus if we're lucky he'll be there so we can kill him. I mean it's a 6 v 1 not counting lackeys, how hard could it be?"
"I'll destroy the store no problem with this amazing thing." Kerero reaches behind his back and pulls out a black ball with multiple button and a long antenna. All the buttons have different symbols on them capable of mass destruction should he figure out which one to press. "Taaa data the kero ball!!!" "Gimmie a few seconds to figure it out and we could have all sorts of destructy things appear!"
*Tenkai raises an eyebrow.* You, my friend, are in desperate need of a strategist. *Tenkai would clear his throat* Would it not be more efficent to bide our time, wait until we now this "Tatsuya Suou" is certainly there and then kill him and blow up his store. Instead of looking like possible common thugs, we can assertain ourselves as an actual threat by killing one of this places most valued heroes as well as robbing the heroes of a valuable place to buy supplies at the same time.
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Elian would seem to smile calmly as if the suggestion was perfectly normal. "A plan is a plan, as long as it brings us closer to our end goal. There's no such thing as inconsequential actions. To point out as well that helping with something like this in exchange for what you offer seems like a wise deal to me, especially when I have nothing to lose." Elian would pull out a gun with a grim design. The gun would almost look mystic in nature as a power devoid of any life poured out from it. "That being said, I wonder how much destruction I could actually cause if I tried?"
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"I don't think you know how this whole 'hero' thing works. As soon as you go in the middle of the day when they're guaranteed to be there, he'll get visited by like, a dozen of his friends. Then they'll get to deal with us all at once and it really won't be a good time. Trust me, you'd be shocked how often it happens." Rafaam puts his gauntlet to his forehead, feigning wiping sweat though of course none could be detected through his bandages "Look, do you want artifacts of incredible power or not?"
Tabitha pouted as she looked over to the stupid minions that almost drop the mirror, and immediately snatches the mirror away from them, glossing over the veiled mirror with glee and mischeviousness. "Whatever your plan is, it'll sooooo be possible with this thing you gave me! I can't wait to tell Daddy about this!~" She looked over towards where one of her soldiers were, pointing a pistol at them with her free left hand, and a callous grin on her face as her voice had been completely void of any kindness. "You. Servant. Minion. Idiot. You were late when you got my coffee. Now you can help me test this mirror." The pistol in her left hand was fired at the head with no remorse, and she stepped on the soldier's corpse after they rolled over and died on the floor. She looked over towards the other soldier and almost considered shooting them in the knee to prevent escape, but decided against it since they were only shaking in their boots as their eyes failed to keep themselves onto Tabitha. "Oh, I'm sorry. I was mistaken. You can help clean the floor after I'm done testing." She quickly unveiled the mirror in order to use it on the soldier that was still alive.
I do believe you're understimating the importance of making a show of things. *Tenkai shrugs, leaning back in his chair.* Besides, this place is likely to have a security system. Trip that and no matter what a hero and a few dozen of his friends are going to appear. Even if we don't, they'll show up after we cause a scene. And if we're not causing a scene, what's the point in even doing this. Either way, we're going to get in a fight. We should aim to be the ambushers instead of the ambushees is all that I am saying.
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Kerero nervously sweats as he sees Tabitha's cruelty and almost thinks a worse pink haired girl in her place. She was way too much like the great destroyer of dreams and that didn't really sit well with him So naturally he presses the button and hope's it bails him out. "C'mon work for once." The button he presses on the kero ball makes a loud clicking sound and a huge cartoonish pan immediately drops on Tabitha's head. Kerero continues to click and more pans follows each aiming for above Tabitha's head.
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"I'm glad we're in agreement Elian, I think we'll get along just Fine, hehehe." Rafaam lets out a bit of a laugh before he notices Tabitha's attempt to test the mirror "Oh, Wait, NO, Don't use that Indoor... As Rafaam had promised, the mirror absorbs her henchman, only to then begin churning out clones at a rapid pace. As promised, these clones would be mindless, only fit to follow orders. They would start filling the room as Rafaam shouts. "Everyone outside, don't forget to save the snacks!!!" As the building starts filling up with clones of Tabitha's soldiers Rafaam and his henchmen grab a wide variety of things that seemed like junk, yet glowed with power as they started running out the door to the lot just outside. Once everyone is out... Or smothered by Tabitha's soldiers, he'd let out a sigh "This may not have been the best idea. But since we're out here anyways its about time to make our names known no?" Rafaam glares at Tenkai, shaking his head once again "My men are already dealing with the security as we speak. Once this is done, you can do whatever you want, alright? Or just leave, I'm not MAKING you join. This is a one time opportunity, now either take it, or go."
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I'll play along for the moment. I'm just saying how astounding your lack of planning is. *Tenkai picks up his spider spirit and heads outside.* That being said, It is quite obvious you didn't think this through in it's entirely. Even Nobunaga-Sama had better ideas than you. It's truly quite amazing. But if you don't want to listen to the mind that out-witted the combined strategies of Kuroda and Takenaka, then I suppose won't step in to correct your oversights.
Elian...wouldn't have left. He'd just have continued smiling as the solider accumulated. Despite this though, he'd meet the others outside, perfectly fine. "I have to say, this is sounding like the most fun I've had in centuries. Almost reminds me of...never mind, I lost my train of thought."
Torrick would trudge our a bit disgusted by the clones take over everything but shakes it off and converses with the others. “Do yourself a favour and always keep your prize possession out of other finger tips that child seems grubby and you best not waste your artifacts ya hear. Now where were we I do believe we were discussing how to lure a target out without allies at his side?” Torrick would spin around and pace back and forth thinking. “I do agree that if this person you says is such a problem should be ambushed but how will you leverage it so the battle field and advantage is yours to claim? More importantly where do we even begin in eliminating such a person as you describe? Heh...got a lot of prep to do to pull this off fellas just putting that out there, and perhaps if you share the details I can help cover the minor details.”
The Dark girl grabbed Flame and Dazle and dragged them away, "Flame, can you fly us out of here?" She asked "You bet" Flame said He grabbed both Dazle and the dark girl and started flying, dodging walls and anything that would alert the people inside to their presence, he flew out the door and went straight for the sky, "Good job, Flame!" Dazle exclaimed
Tabitha laughed with joy as she looked at all the soldiers multiplying from the mirror. She skipped around with glee, the soldiers immediately moving out of her way to let her do so, until she looks at everyone else fleeing the meeting and going outside. "Wait, where do you think you're all going! We're not fini-" Suddenly, she got struck with a pan to the head, making an exaggerated sound as she made a dramatic fall to the floor. Afterwards, all the soldiers looked at the frog simultaneously, all crowding around it to escort it out of the building. "That's right...stupid..." Tabitha fell asleep on the ground where she fell, and then all the soldiers looked back at her and carried her outside, dropping her safely whereas the frog would just get thrown to the ground.
Flame dashed through the sky, however... he would still be in sight, "Flame, get above the clouds, we'll be spotted down here!" The dark girl exclaimed Flame nodded and went into the clouds, hiding the trio from sight
Elians eyes would dart over to where he detected a lack of death in empty space, specifically in the sky. Despite this however, he'd ignore them being able to clearly tell they weren't what he was looking for anyway.
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Rafaam would simply strike his forehead with his gauntlet, shaking it with a sigh before he clears his throat. "Well, that definitely could have went better... But if there are no more complaints. OFF TO COMMIT PETTY VANDALISM. Only on guns." With that, Rafaam would lead the way to the Sun Mall. Of course, the mall would be closed and all its doors locked, however Rafaam would simply lead the group to a spot on the wall outside the mall and, after leaning against it to make sure the door was clear, wave to the others "Alright, the shop we're after is on the other side of this wall. Now, show me what you can do. The more blown up the place is. The better." As he speaks, the man puts up a poster that says "I want you for E.V.I.L." against the wall, marking a good spot to break in.
"Alright, focus on the target" The dark girl said The trio flew over the sun mall and Dazle would send a beam that would cause any electric device to stop working, Flame sent down several bolts of lightning, and the dark girl started shooting at the group E.V.I.L. with her gun,
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Elian would just...disappear again. Without warning he'd appear right next to the trio as they flew overhead. Oddly he'd just be smiling with a calm expression and even speak without hostility. He seemed to almost just stand on thin air as well. "Hello, might I ask what you're trying to do to my companions and I? Lightning is quite rude to the unwary."
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Desco floats behind the group of three heroes, the tentacles on her back starting to slither around their shoulders. "What's this, I see? A couple a naughty heroes showing up early for their punishment?" She then readies the big sword on her back preparing to attack with it
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Rafaam would hear the signature sound of a spell being cast, and with a sigh, draw out a single long, golden staff from beneath his cape, its adorned with an eagle-shaped crest and projects a shield once he raises it into the air. The lightning, beam, and especially bullets would simply bounce off the shield as he does so "SEE? This is what I was talking about with all these Heroes. Not that it matters. The Staff of Origination exudes an impenetrable field while its charging. And once its done... Hoo boy."
Lightning strikes Desco and the dark girl starts shooting at her, "Nice bolt, Flame" the dark girl said
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Elian would finally frown a little as he spoke once more. "ignoring me is quite rude. I didn't even make any moves against you so would you mind answering a simple question?"
Torrick would just be a ways away from the whole thing and groan at the sight before him. “Man the quality of Justice affiliates has really decreased in quality. This is what I have to face on a day to day basis now as world security...” He would scoff before turning to Rafaam while he gives his talk. “Ah yes sounds like quite the slugger. Does this by chance mean we should go knock these peeps out I missed the memo but would gladly like to hunt just say the world!” He would fire a few misty black orbs at the one who fired the bolt as well not really sure what to make of such oddities but hoping he can go punch something right to death.
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"I mean, all I'm asking is for someone to destroy this store. But if you'd kill these pesky self-proclaimed heroes that would be great. I mean. That is the ultimate plan after all." Rafaam's staff would just keep charging as he talks to Torrick, though he doesn't seem to be able to actually... Move, or do much of anything while it charges. He's just kinda... Waiting.
"Sorry, had to deal with that, and they have to be stopped, that is why I sent that bolt" Flame said A shield formed around his hand and he reflected the dark orbs back, "Glad I still got that one" he chuckled
The two kill Desco. She dies. A cop notices and calls for reinforcements. A hundred cop cars and helicopters surround the trio of heroes. One of them pulls out a megaphone and shouts at them. "Stop! You violated the law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence, your civil rights are now forfeit."
"She was about to attack us, you idiots! Plus that bolt was weak she will be fine" Flame sighed
Tabitha, who was being carried by a cloned soldier that came from the mirror, had finally awoken from her sleep, casually standing up as she pushed herself off from the soldier. She finds herself near Rafaan, rubbing her eyes and yawning casually. "Oh, what is going on now?" She looks over near the sun mall, and blinks a few times before she can tell her eyes are decieving her. She'd initially jump with joy, but then finds out that the mall is actually closed. Bummer. "Oh my god! I wanted to go the mall today! This place sucks!" She snaps her fingers, and suddenly a big plane aptly named the "Great Owl" would fly through the sky, most likely hitting the trio if they didn't do anything about it. Afterwards, it'd hover over the mall, dropping nukes onto it that'd make quick work of the place and also set up lots of explosions. "I know Penny would be proud. She's stupid so she likes stuff like this."
In the span of a couple minutes, the Forensic guys return an autopsy revealing that Desco is, in fact, dead. The police also now have an arrest warrant which they got from minute court. They all grasp the handles of their guns. "If you do not come willing, we will have to apprehend you by force, and you will be charged for resisting arrest as well as first-degree murder!"
Elian would disappear once more as if never there. He'd suddenly be standing on the wall next to where Tabitha was. He'd looks somewhat disheartened as he spoke in his usual calm way. "They didn't even acknowledge me, talk about rude."
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Tabitha thoroughly nukes the mall with devastating force that causes Rafaam to blink and lose his focus for a few moments. Fortunately his invincible staff would protect him and anyone still near him from the blast as he tries to focus. "Well, the store is destroyed. Mission accomplished. Now we just have to... Um..." Rafaam stops charging his staff, walking over to the ruins of the mall and setting out a few propaganda posters "There we go, now everyone knows we did it. Mission a..." Rafaam finally notices all the officers pulling up outside. After muttering a curse he flaps his cape in the wind... And starts to run "More heroes, I just KNEW something bad would happen, SCRAM. We can do the distributing once we're somewhere safe."
(Okay my phone is being a pain and not showing me what everyone is saying UNTIL I POST WHAT I AM SAYING and also, Flame did answer Elian's question,) Flame bolts out of the way, he was starting to get a little worried, "Evy, go ahead and heal that lady, but restrain her" the dark girl murmured A angel-like being appeared by Desco and used a healing ability on her, but then put a bunch of sand on her legs and arms, then the being disappeared, Flame nodded, "Thanks Evy" he said
A girl walks in, or rather, seems to sneak into the door. Head to toe in a black dress, with long black hair and red eyes, carrying nothing on her person except for a katana and a mirror. Hello? Am I late? Ah! Upon Seeing the fighting, she steps back against the door and mutters outloud to herself. Oh geez.. they're fighting.. should I join? Should I stay out of their way? They all look so strong.. maybe I shouldn't be here? Maybe this isn't the place for me... She'd shake her head and slap herself in the face with both hands. No! You gotta do this! I know you've been thrown out of every meeting you've gone to, and the last villain who you apprenticed under left you for dead. But you can do this! You HAVE to do this! You are a villain!.. in training! You'll find a nice villain who'll teach you how to be a good bad person, and you'll strike terror into people's hearts! After all.. they can't ALL be mean. Right? You wouldn't be blamed for not noticing the girl, who looks like a cosplayer, rallying herself, by herself, in front of the door in the commotion.
Tabitha looks over to Elian, and scoffs in response, her gaze clearly being that in a level above condescending. So much so that it'd be possible if she weren't even human...or at least, a functioning one. "Pfft, yeah, they looked kinda goofy too. They'd be too easy to toy with." Afterwards, she looked back at her clone soldier, immediately gesturing for them to carry her, which they did. Then, she simply clapped her hands, signaling the soldier to move. "Thank me later, boss man. Now run, servant!" And with that, Tabitha was being carried to wherever they were going next by the clone soldier, Tabitha herself playing with her phone to try and take her mind off all these stupid heroes.
The angel-like being appeared again, only this time, by Elian, "You going with them?" She would ask
Some cops look watch closely at the angel's actions in disgust "Now they're disecrating the body for some sick ritual? That's it, let's get these perps!" A volley of assault rifle shells fly in the direction of the heroes, as well as fire from the helicopter's machine gun. Desco's body begins to rapidly decay into dust. Healing magic hurts the undead so you double killed her.
Torrick would be salvage the wreck the Nuke caused for whatever he wants in the hellish wreck. “Ah yes a bit of fallout and a whole lot of radioactive waste is what we get I told you it would work out in the end...fair point we weren’t really here for the waste but compared to our alternatives this works out much nice as a souvenir. Now then we must flee from this scene behind!” Like the smile he came from he blend into the darken toxic clouds and makes a move to avoid the sudden attention from all these heroes and the fact a nuke just randomly dropped.
The angel-like being grabs Elian by the arm and flies out of the way, joining with the others, they then take off through the clouds, "If we stay in the clouds they will be firing blind" Flame said "But we will be flying blind" the angel-like being said "Fair point, Evy..." Flame sighs
Elian looked at the angel undisturbed by its presence. "Of course, I already foresee them bringing me closer to my true goal. Whatever, it takes." Elian would disappear once more but this time he simply wouldn't reappear as if gone with the wind itself.
"Intriguing ability he has" Dazle said "I sense that we will meet again... soon" Evy said "I feel it to" Flame said "You know, I was starting to like him" Dazle said "Really, Dazle?" Flame asked "Oh don't give me that tone!" Dazle said
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after running from the police, Rafaam would take a breather in a dark, secluded alleyway, taking a few deep breathes as he looks back, both to see if he lost the officers and if he still had any of his league with him "OK. That could have gone better. But mission accomplished. And I think we're all glad we DIDN'T do that in broad daylight. Now, as agreed. I have a few tools for your assistance. Who's interested?"
Sorry, friend. But your inept. I'm out. Here's a parting gift though. *As Tenkai walks off, he sets off a flare. This flare would explode into a loud blue light, naturally attracting any hero and police officer in a 5 mile radius.* Enjoy. *Tenkai then vanishes into a cloud of Yokai pollution.*
Damon's suit was wrinkled and had some post-explosion dirt on it, but he was relatively unharmed. He kept a casual smile on his face. "I'm certainly interested. And look! I got these quaint things from the rubble." He held up his hands to reveal two puppets on them: a Jack Frost and a Pyro Jack. "Who knew the store sold these?"
Flame was way off in the distance, he finally lowered down onto the ground, he was shot in his left wing, "It hurts..." he whimpered "Oh my goodness! Are you okay? Why didn't you say anything?" The dark girl asked "I didn't want to worry you where we were, you were worried enough, the injury's minor, long as we get it patched up soon..." Flame spoke A girl with pitch black hair wearing a black gown with bright green eyes approached Rafaam, "May I join you?" She asked
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An officer notices the flare and chases it "Hey, you there!" He points to Rafaam "You're those upstanding citizens who were attacked by those three convicted murderers, weren't you? Are you okay?"
“Yes. Totally. We’re definitely not evil at all. If you excuse us, officer, we’d like to be alone for a bit. We’re rehearsing for a secret puppet show.” Damon held up the Jack Bros puppets. Somehow he kept a straight face explaining everything.
Elian would once more appear next to Rafaam, except he was standing on the alley wall...sideways. He'd just smile as usual before speaking. "I feel like I didn't do much honestly. Though with the sudden bombardment I think it was chaos either way. Still, couldn't hurt to see what you're offering if you are still that is."
"We need to stop them" the dark girl said She now dressed in something completely different, but still awfully dark, she wore a black t-shirt with black jeans and a black leather jacket, her mask laying beside the black one Flame wore and the pink one Dazle wore, Evy was healing Flame's wing, which seemed to flop a little, "Sure is flopping again" Flame chuckled Evy giggled lightly, his wings did that a lot when he wasn't using them or mad or feeling threatened, once his wing was fully healed, Flame looked to Dazle, "Without the mask the only thing identifiable are my wings, think you can hide them like you do, Ela?" He asked "You got it!" Ela said She used a hiding ability on Flame's wings, hiding them from sight, "Lets warn the others what's going on" the dark girl said The trio nodded to each other before taking off, (Twilight: Hey, Flame, Dazle, which of those villains is the one you want to kick their butt the least? Dazle: why? Twilight: well I was wondering if I was the only one who favored that Elian guy, Flame: he was pretty nice, so I guess I would show him the most mercy, Dazle: can we like... avoid fighting him all together? I really think he is the coolest villain we have encountered, he's so nice! Flame: we can't avoid fighting a villain because they are nice, Basically, you are my favorite villain, Elian)
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Rafaam... Well he's covered in bandages so its not like you could see it, but he's definitely scowling at Tenkai as he runs off, with Rafaam muttering to himself for a bit "Oh you'll rue the day you messed with E.V.I.L., I'll make sure of it. But until the big guns show up." Rafaam starts digging through a small bag, pulling out a few random trinkets as he does so "Let's see, actual rewards... The staff of Origination is mine, but aside from that... Lantern of Power, Timepiece of Horror.... What even is this?" Rafaam pulls out a small horn and squeezes the end of it, everyone who hears the sound would find themselves highly annoyed, including Rafaam who throws it against the wall. "Ugh, I completely forgot about that one. Lets all try to pretend it doesn't exist." he rummages around his sack for a few more seconds before pulling out a gilded wand that seems to glow with power "Aha! This is an old favorite. The Rod of Roasting shoots fireballs at random until something dies. Neat party trick eh?"
"Timepiece...?" Elian would almost seem afraid to ask as his expression showed worry after that horn went off but he'd remain calm non the less. "What exactly would a Timepiece of Horror do? I may not seem like much but I'm actually somewhat of an expert when it comes to time."
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"Oh, you're interested in the Timepiece of Horror? It was one of the first artifacts to join my collection." Rafaam picks the timepiece back up, its a silver pocketwatch, though instead of giving actual hours its divided into images of the sun, moon, and other celestial bodies, with its two hands seemingly unmoving "The Timepiece of Horror is said to count down to the end of existence. Which might be more useful if it were easy to read, however I have found it to be quite useful as a catalyst, channeling the destructive energies of the end of time through something eternal. Its like the universe itself refuses to let the watch be destroyed."
“I never want to hear that sound ever again. But... why do we need to roast everything at random again? I mean, I’d rather not destroy my suit any more than I have to. Although Cry Wolf could mitigate that...” Damon sighed and lowered the brim of his hat. “But regardless, what is that Lantern of Power you mentioned?”
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“I’ll have you know the Kobolds I stole it from revere the Rod of Roasting as a true test of skill.” Rafaam waves the rod around a few times, pointing it at various people before putting it back in his sack “But fine, we’ll leave it be, now as for the lantern of Power...” Rafaam picks up a glowing green lantern decorated with golden wings and gestures to it “It was my old go-to before I received the Staff. The Lantern of Power grants its user the strength and durability of AT LEAST ten men. It also has an INEXHAUSTIBLE fuel source, which makes it an excellent night light.”
“Hm, yes, that can be useful. Would I be able to call ‘dibs’ on it?” Damon tapped his chin with the Jack Frost puppet. Something that appeared to be a patchwork stuffed wolf peeked over his shoulder, apparently interested as well.
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“Well no one else wanted to claim it, so sure. Just remember to use it in the name, of E.V.I.L. Mwahahahaha!” Rafaam holds out the lantern of power for Damon to grab as he continues laughing E.V.I.L.L.Y.
“Thank you, sir. I will use it wisely.” Damon bowed, and the patchwork wolf delicately held the lantern in its paws. It examined the glowing object with its button eyes. “So, if I may ask, what is our next, er, E.V.I.L. scheme?”
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“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..” Rafaam just stands there for a few seconds before slowly nodding “Yes, I definitely have an E.V.I.L. scheme in the works. It just... Needs more preparation. So we can’t do it now. But I promise it’s something truly devious. Like... Robbing a bank.”
“No, too cliché, even for us. You need to think outside the box. Like... taking over all the gas stations in the city and charging ridiculously high prices. Or filling up all the parking spaces in a lot outside a convention. Something large-scale but truly evil like that.”
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"Look, I'm gonna be entirely honest with you, I have two modes. Stealing things, and sitting in the back laughing E.V.I.L.L.Y. while other people do the dirty work. Creativity isn't really in my repetoire"
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The villain girl laughed, "How about we kill The Masquerade?" She asked with a devious laugh
“Is that a song title...? I’m sorry. I don’t know what that is.” Damon frowned and pointed his cane at the girl. “I don’t recall you being here. But I suppose I could try that as a quick time-filler if you could lead me to them.” The patchwork wolf at his side nodded enthusiastically.
"The Masquerade is a trio of masked heroes, the three that attack your group earlier, lead By Twilight, the two by her side are Flame and Dazle, I have clashed with them many times, two of them have personas, the girls, the boy however... he has the powers of a persona, but doesnt have a persona, which is confusing to say the least, that one is Flame, the winged one, he uses common weapons and special abilities in battle, while the other two fight alongside their personas and attack with their weapons, Dazle uses special gear to help the other two, I only know one of their real names, Twilight's real name is Haley, I found that out when I ambushed some place with the three of them, not knowing it was them, I was wanting a hostage... then Dazle referred to Twilight as Haley, I haven't forgotten that moment, because I have a much easier time tracking her down in attempts to kill her, but she still beats me with the help of those other two" the girl said She explained she didn't know their current location, but killing them would catch a lot of attention, since they became pretty well known,
"Hm... well, as I'm just an ordinary man with a few connections, I suppose I could try to help. They tend to have a flashy way of going about things." Damon put the Jack puppets into his pockets and took the lantern back from the patchwork wolf. "What I need for you to do is... do something to attract their attention, but something that won't result in a quick police response. Something that's more... out of the way. I work best with fewer variables."
"You got it! There is a flashlight some stores sell that is really bright and it's made to catch their attention, kinda like the spotlight that gets Batman to come save Gotham city, except it's made to get the masquerade to come, since it has their emblem" the girl said "the police won't notice but The Masquerade will, and they will come without a second thought"
“Cliché, but it works. I’ll purchase the flashlight. Meet me outside the E.V.I.L. place we met the first time with a cutout of the emblem. 72 inches in diameter, no more, no less.” The wolf faded away, and Damon walked off to another part of the city. “The name’s Damon Lumien, by the way. Don’t forget it. See you soon.”
The girl got some black paper and cut out the emblem, a mask with fire cutout and little star cutouts representing the marks of each member, Twilight's mark being the mask, since it was shaped like her mask, the fire for Flame, and the stars for Dazle, she then went to the E.V.I.L. place, waiting for Damon
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Damon arrived fashionably late with a searchlight in tow. A man in a suit was following him with a cooler. “My apologies, but moving this thing around is a pain. Anyway, let us begin.” He had his assistant plug in the searchlight into the very disturbing warehouse, then Damon smirked and turned on the light after the cutout was on it.
Haley made note of the light very quickly, "Looks like someone needs our help" she said The trio threw their Masquerade outfits on along with their masks and Dazle unhid Flame's wings, he grabs the two girls and takes flight toward the light,
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“Ah yes, here they come.” Damon snapped his fingers, and the assistant gave him an Amrita Soda™ from the cooler. He cracked it open and took a sip. The patchwork wolf appeared behind him again. “Wait a bit, Cry Wolf. Anyway... hello! Down here, please!” He waved at the three flying above.
"He was with that group! Why would he want to see... isn't that Shady with him?!" Dazle gasped "Its a trap!" Flame exclaimed "Might as well take it on... someone might actually be in trouble" Haley said The trio landed, ready for battle, the girl laughed lightly, "Well... well... well... The Masquerade... we meet again" she chimed "Awe! What a cute little wolfie!" Haley exclaimed She was looking at the patchwork wolf,
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“Indeed. And now... we have you right where we want you... to discuss business matters over some Amrita Soda™!” Damon gave the three a big smile and leaned against the searchlight. He gestured for the assistant to get out three opened cans. “I know this may seem odd,” he continued, taking sips of his soda in between pauses, “but I’m no villain. I’m a simple businessman with a plan to create a future of my own. And young Persona-users like you, with abilities similar to Guardian Spirit users, can help build a bright future. The youth will run the world one day, after all!” He gestured towards the cans. “I insist, grab a drink, and let’s talk this over like reasonable people. Don’t mind my colleague here. She’s got some problems with you that are irrelevant to this discussion.” As Damon talked, Cry Wolf smiled at the mentioned person knowingly.
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"I'm not a persona user," Flame said "they are, but I ain't" "H-hey! I thought we were going to kill them!" Shady hissed "No fight? Good, then I don't have to fight the cute little wolfie" Haley said She seemed way to amused by the patchwork wolf
If Cry Wolf had blood, it would have blushed. It waved a paw shyly as if to say “Oh, I’m not THAT cute.” Damon chuckled. “You have no tact, Miss Shady. Now, let’s begin.” The assistant handed each of the Phantom Thieves an Amrita Soda™ as Damon continued. “As you know, this world is a chaotic place. It’s full of individuals with unique powers like yourselves and I... although mine come from my pact with Cry Wolf here. But my ideals are simple: gain control of this power to end all conflict. It’s a monopoly, in a way, but alliances with powerful people will end this clash of strength, you see?”
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(Goodnight, but one quick note: The Masquerade and the Phantom Thieves are not the same)
Shady seemed to get madder, she pulled a knife out of her dress pocket, "If I have to, I will kill all four of you!" She stated She got into a battle stance, a tome in one hand, her knife in the other, The Masquerade got ready for the coming battle,
Damon sighed, staring into his lantern. "You don't get it, do you, dear lady? Well, I'll step back. You youngsters can handle the start of this." Cry Wolf draped its plush body over his shoulder as its master stepped behind the Masquerade.
Flame snapped his fingers and lightning zapped Shady, Twilight quickly attacked with her sword, then Dazle summoned her persona and had her use an ability that upped her attack, Shady sliced at Flame's wings, causing him to jump back and whimper a little, at least one of the strikes hit his wing, as it started bleeding,
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Cry Wolf swayed anxiously, but Damon gave it a pat on the head to calm it down. "Patience, boy. Wait and observe." A small smile formed on the man's face. He knew that if any of the Masquerade had drank the sodas, the sedatives he had put in them would kick in. And if not... well, he was decent at improvising.
Being more fond of tea, everyone but Dazle had passed up, since Haley always had some tea with her, Dazle fell asleep, catching the other two off guard, "What the...?!" Twilight exclaimed
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"See, Miss Shady? Tact always wins. Cry Wolf!" Damon pointed at Flame. The wolf's stitched-on smile widened, and it leapt at him, lashing at his wings with his metal claws. Damon himself kept his distance.
Flame gasped in shock and pain, Twilight's persona, Evy appeared, "Flame, are you alright?" She asked "I'm alright Ev" Flame said He flew out of the wolf's reach "You tricked us!" Twilight hissed She glared at Damon, a small blast sparked off of Flame's fingers, being eiha, one of the things Shady had warned about, his persona abilities, he sent the blast at Damon, blood quickly dripping from his wings, a robot-like being shook Dazle's arm, trying to wake her, Twilight summons Why and has her heal Flame's wings, Shady attacked Twilight, slicing at her repeatedly, Twilight fell for a second but got back up quickly, "Take the pain... and battle on" she said
"Tch. This lantern's really something..." Damon stumbled back. The only reason he wasn't more hurt was because of the Lantern. Still, he called Cry Wolf back to him. "Of course I tricked you. I figured an opportunity like this would be... entertaining. And I can see what 'heroes' we'd be up against. Again, Cry Wolf!" The patchwork wolf lunged forward again, aiming at Flame again, although this time went for the face. Its teeth were felt and sewn together, so it couldn't bite, but its metallic claws were still a threat.
Flame was still above the ground, out of the patchwork wolf's reach, "Evy! Iron wings!" Twilight called out Evy appeared and her wings became iron and she slams them into Damon, Flame uses zio on Shady, then Shady bolts forward and stabs Twilight, though she was going for Flame, Twilight had stepped into her way and got stabbed instead, Shady pushed Twilight to the ground, but still, Twilight stood up, "I ain't giving up..." she said "What a bummer" Shady said
Damon hissed and stepped back a bit. That still hurt as well. He waved for Cry Wolf to return to his side once again. "Alright, you're staying with me, buddy. Let's go. One last round. Miss Shady, your assistance?" He ran forward and commanded Cry Wolf to slash at the easier target: Twilight. It would leave him more open to Flame, but finishing off at least one target would make things go smoother.
Evy was still out and so she shielded Twilight with her wings, Twilight was in bad shape, but obviously her determination burned bright, Shady attacked with magic this time, sending a sword made of darkness through Flame's wings, the sword disappeared, but Flame fell to the ground, he stood up quickly, whipping out his gun and firing repeatedly at both enemies, "Don't even try to command me, you need to be healed" Evy said Evy healed Twilight's more minor wounds and partially healed the stab wound, which was enough to get Twilight a lot closer to full strength,
Cry Wolf noticed the gun and pushed its master off to the side. The bullets tore through its body, and Damon let out a cry of pain. "This... no, I'm not built for this... Okay. Cry Wolf. Time to show off your true ability." Damon clutched his chest as he spoke. Despite its injuries, Cry Wolf nodded and raised its head towards the searchlight-lit sky. A static-like pulse coursed through the area. "Now... neither of us can hurt each other. Nice, isn't it?" With a pained smile, he put one foot on Dazzle's chest to keep the sleeping girl down. "That's Cry Wolf's power. None of us will get hurt any further."
The robot-like being pulled Dazle away from Damon, Evy healed Flame and Twilight, since they both were badly hurt, then Evy showed Flame a stone "Elorna handed it to me when Dazle fell asleep, you can likely use it to get Elorna and Dazle over to this side" Evy said Flame clenched it and his outfit switched, his wings grew to about twice their current side and his black suit was switched with a bright colored outfit, his black mask staying the same, but that being the only thing he was wearing that didn't completely switch, the addition of a hat added so much to his look, he bolted through the light and grabbed Dazle, then he flew back, shielding Dazle with his wings while still managing to fly, the robot-like being disappeared when Flame grabbed Dazle, Flame rested Dazle on the ground near him and Twilight, "Stop being a coward, fight us!" Twilight hissed
"No. I know when to cut my losses. Unlike some here, I'm just an ordinary man. A bullet to the head will take me down instantly." Damon snapped his fingers, and Cry Wolf draped itself across his shoulders to rest. "However, remember that had it been one of my other colleagues in E.V.I.L., you wouldn't be standing right now. It was just Miss Shady and I this time, but there's plenty more where we came from. So, know your place, children. Farewell." Damon bowed the best he could, then walked away with a slight limp. Cry Wolf kept an eye out in case anyone would follow them. Once he was out of sight, the energy Cry Wolf had emitted vanished, along with its effects.
Shady followed Damon, "You did some bad damage to those two, if we kept trying we could have even killed them, you were too merciful" she said "especially towards Flame, I may have been doing some heavy damage to Twilight but that was me trying to get her out of the way so I could rid of the true threat, that Flame guy got through that barrier thing you put up with the help of a mere stone"
"Hm. It wasn't a barrier, per se. It was more like a... passive effect. Cry Wolf essentially nullifies all damage within an area, be it towards enemies or allies... with some exceptions. And I suppose I was merciful, as they were mere children, but don't forget that I'm just an ordinary man." Damon smiled, petting the patchwork wolf that was clearly not ordinary at all. "Cry Wolf, despite his look, isn't a Guardian Spirit built around combat, but I'd say the damage you did made up for that. Next time we fight them, how about we get a few allies to join in, hm? Even with just the two of us, we managed to be a threat."
"That would be perfect! They could barely handle us two! Course we won't be able to knock Dazle out like that next time... and she is still dangerous, just nothing compared to Twilight and Flame, Flame is actually the strongest, those wings not only allow him to fly but he can guard himself and others with them, and those stones make him much more powerful" Shady said
"Right. Anyway, I'll be off. I need some rest after this..." He pulled out a phone and let Cry Wolf vanish as he walked away... (And now I must go. Was fun rping with you.)
(See you later)
Flame kept trying to wake Dazle, "Those drugs did a number on her... but should I let her sleep?" He asked Haley nodded lightly, Flame picked Dazle up "Lets see if we can find a place to sleep for tonight" Flame said
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