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akechi and pancakes
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Guys we really just need a thread about akechi and pancakes please.
and now we have one, good job everyone, high five
Hi, how are you guys? Oh, you like pancakes too? How wonderful~!
Hold it! You have no proof of that claim! Also Kitagawa, may i have one of those pancakes? I'll give you something in return.... like some art supplier or i dunno not sending you in for being a phantom thief or something.
I will protect my pancakes with my life. It is all to stop the tsunami of akechi profiles.
- - - I have already eaten all of my pancakes. There are none remaining to share. Supply me with the needed ingredients, and I can make enough for everyone next time. - - -
I accept, i can't thank you enough for your kindness ^^ Infact, i already have everything you need to make them. There you go...
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