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Pokemon Sword and Shield New Pokemon rundown
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Got bored, so I'm making a stupid review thing for the new Pokemon Direct for the new mons revealed. None of these will be too serious. Got it? Good Gossifleur: Fabulous Eldegoss: It's so Fluffy. It's the Haru pokemon! Wooloo: Not as fluffy, but still fluffy Corviknight: Your new badass looking Uber driver Drednaw: Is this a new fossil or would that make it too similar to the other rock/water turtle? Zacian Sif: Now where's our haunted suit of armour pokemon so we can reunite Sif and Artorias? Zamazenta: This name just screams "will be changed in the english version" Short review on the rest: - Remember when the champions were secret? Like with Cynthia in Gen 4. - New feature: Digivolve your pokemon and make them Kaijus - Pal Park- Fight Kaijus with friends in the wild - The Gyms are now sports arenas. So does that mean no more puzzles and awesome unique gym designs? Will I get it? I don't have a Switch, so no.
I... I feel like nintendo just wanted to use the graphics system from BOTW again... Looks cool tho
giant gardevoir hentai
does anyone else feel like the legendary Pokemon for this game are... unfinished? They just don't look done. I think we could get an evolution, or at least a fusion. Kinda like the sun and moon legendary and necrosma(hope I spelled that right).
They look like the same Pokemon but different forms. They just look too similar to me
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