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Creativity Confidant - Persona Artists/Designers Unite!
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Hello, Pneumos here! I wanted to try and create a thread where all the Persona artists/designers who visit this site can drop their work and support one another in the spirit of strengthening our bonds with each other! Go ahead, drop some portfolios, some art posts, whatever you got to show us (as long as it's SFW, don't wanna be spreading anything we shouldn't be, y'know)! I'm sure our fellow users would love to see your skills in action. :) FAIR WARNING: Some spoilers may be depicted in the works linked, so use caution if you haven't finished the game yet! Artists, if this is the case with your works, please use the Spoiler tag accordingly!
Thread Creator

I only have one thing Persona-related I've done so far, but might as well use it to start things off... might even make some of you more comfortable with showing off how much better than me you are posting your own works! It's a Twitter header I made in Photoshop for Ren Amamiya/Joker! https://twitter.com/Pneumos/status/1131820218186194944
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