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MK Infinity Tournament: Registration to Preliminaries
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While wondering the streets of a desolate city, you notice that a blaring voice comes on the radios declaring a sense of urgency. The screens on the display televisions in stores painted the picture of a mature adult male in pure business attire. He speaks calm and confidently to the passersby "Hello there, my name is Itachi Nagi, CEO of Ouro Corp. You may have never heard of us, because up until now we have decided to maintain complete covert operations. However, our work is near complete and for the first time ever we would like to open the doors to our facilities to allow select combatants to engage in continuous combat, the first season of many spanning the next few months. While this may not sound all that appealing to some, I am well aware there are many of you who are urging to show off your talents. The registration cost is simple, merely present an item of significant sentimental value to us. Rest assured, it will be returned to you as soon as the tournament is concluded. Those who are interested, download the OuroNav from any mobile device's app store or visit a partnered establishment at the time of the event. Partnered establishments include GameStop, EA Games, McDonald's, LeBlanc, Hee-Ho Mart, etc. From the home screen of your OuroNav, simply navigate to the events menu and register for the "MK Infinity Tournament" or after preliminaries begin select "Holographic Arena" from the locations menu. Using our advanced AR technology, any of our facilities can be brought straight to your home, as if you were really there. ...That's all I have for you today. Thank you for your time, and good luck should you choose to join us." Upon following Itachi's instructions, a chrome lobby like room would replace the space that once surrounded the user, altering the physical area to fit its shape. Inside the simulation, it appeared to be a massive area yet the exterior of the building appeared no larger than an ordinary living room. Any door that was in the space affected changed to a white door with big red letters labeled "EXIT". Entering these doors would cause you to appear in the connected room, but it would not dissolve the virtual building. To do that, it would require one to press the "CLOSE" button on the OuroNav app. Partnered business had the main establishment in the front and a door installed near the bathrooms that leads to the facility. As of now, the only function in the facility was a digital receptionist who would relay instructions to participants and hand out paperwork. The paperwork is simple enough to fill out; She explains that once enough participants have successfully completed it that all combatants would first be pit against a digital boss to determine initial placings. The full extent of the details were yet to be given out and would be revealed once the onset of official matches began.
"Nya-ha ha! The feline fighter returns! I'll be sure to win THIS tournament! Now, let's go-" The cat demon was immediately stopped by the receptionist. He grumbled and sat down to finish the paperwork. "...Okay, NOW I'll be sure to win this tournament!"

Welp, the last one didn't end. Might as well try using all I have this time around. Sam (Comms): I told you holding back was a bad idea And now I know not to take these people lightly. I almost lost to that sword juggler and then the tournament died cause some wierdo tore Star's heart out. I'm going again. *With a smirk, Gin would head forward and add his name to the participants of the tournament.*
Well I'm bored and basically have nothing left in the world so why not. Kisaragi the continuous optimist would stumble before making it to the receptionist desk, but quickly grab onto it to regain her balance. With a relieved smile she would accept the paperwork and then pull a pen out of her horrific looking satchel. Okay so my name is Momo an- Hey does this tournament cover for snake induced trauma? Actually nevermind. She continues to fill out the paperwork with her choppy handwriting.
"Hm? What's this about?" Risako would fiddle around on her phone at home, not quite used to the device yet before she finally manages to download the app. Once she does she'd be surprised to find her room transforming in front of her. After taking a minute to adjust, she heads up to the service counter and asks "Excuse me, do you have one of these written in Braille? Or at the very least someone to read it to me." though her eyes apparently aren't clouded, the girl still looks over all the paperwork, having a hard time trying to take everything in.
A young woman wearing a hoodie and a black ponytail wanders up to the front desk, she isn't quite used to this weird digital stuff but that's not about to stop her from taking part. After signing in she'd just absently take a seat in the waiting room and twirls around a gleaming glass bottle that appears to be holding far more than it's small size suggests it could. "Hmm, fighting matches of some kind... I guess that it's a chance to get stronger, and it isn't exactly as though I have any better ways of getting used to fighting weirdos or something... Alright Homulilly, let's do this thing I guess."
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The receptionist smiles confidently and begins pulling out a drawer in her desk "Yes, I would be delighted to assist you!" She pulls out a copy of the same paperwork written in braille and hands it to Risako, then bowing after they take it.
"Oh, alright, thanks." Risako would gratefully accept the paper, now rather than one written with letters it would be covered in a series of raised dots. The girl would dutifully glide her fingers over the paper to read every bit of it, before finally signing her name at the bottom with practiced efficiency. Once the girl is done with it, she'd bring out a cute black ribbon as her registration fee "I.. If that's it I'll just wait for enough people then." before finally taking her own seat with the others
Oh right, the registration fee! After finishing up his paperwork, Cait gave his hat to the receptionist. "Here's my fee, nya! Be sure to return it safe, 'cause it's as good as mew!"
The boy looks over to the source of the announcement with a dull outlook, listening attently while gazing at the person with his blank eyes. However, once they got into the front of the desk, people who were paying attention could see a split second of the boy before they were met with a girl who resembled him quite a bit, skipping up to the receptionist with a gleeful smile. "He probably hates paperwork, so I'm here to take on the role!" She filled it out with adequence and competence, her handwriting being very cursive and girly. All her i's had a heart instead of a dot. Once she was done...the boy who looked at the announcement shifted awkardly around the room giving unamused glances to the other participants. He gave the receptionist the paperwork with a signature that resembled a child's first artwork more than a business signature. After that, he gave the receptionist a couple of ten dollar bills, plus a stuck of gum. "My name is Asena, and I'm only here because the prize might be good...don't tell anyone that." He left and sat down on a seat, and with him he carried an ominous looking box with a lot of locks and tags with weird symbols on them. The boy fidgeted with his phone, doing his best to cast aside any kinds of attention he might've brought. If he forgot anything, the girl who filled out the paperwork would take his place and go over there herself.
Okay and finished! Momo sighs with relief after finishing her haphazard writing. It looks like chicken scrawl on paper, but hopefully they take it. She then reaches for a keychain on her satchel of some weird fish monster creature and rips it off with little fanfare. Here is my fee for this event so please take care of it. I happen to love this little guy a lot. Rubbing the keychain against her face one last time she hands it off to the receptionist.

Paperwork done and done. Geez, I don't remember such as a hassle for the last one. Sam (Comms): Maybe after the last one, they wanted to take extra precautions. I guess. Anywho, here you go. My piece of eight or entry fee or whatever you want to call it. I'll be wanting that back afterwards mine. Don't go pawning it off somewhere. *Gin leaves a metal chain tied to a simple steel ring on the desk with his paper work before making his way to the waiting area.*
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Hikaru approaches the receptionist's desk. He has a stern look on his face as he looks around the room. Jeez, looks like all the interesting characters decided to show up today. Whatever. Even if I don't go all the way I'll at least know the extent of people's powers. It's a good thing I packed a small arsenal with me, I doubt The Smiths' powers will get me that far. He reaches inside of his jacket pocket and pulls out a cigarette and a lighter. As he lights the cigarette, he begins to fill out the registration form. As he finishes, he reaches in his pocket again and pulls out a gold squeeze lighter. It's empty but he keeps it around for luck. Yo, reception lady, here's my registration and entry. He flicks the cigarette butt without looking where it will land, it rolls in the general direction where all the participants are
“Ouch” A high, girly voice shouts out from over in the waiting area, the girl quickly brushes off the cigarette butt, blinking as she struggles to figure out what direction it came from as she mutters to herself “Is... This what normal people are like? Could have at least used an ashtray...”
Homura glares at the man and walks over to Risako, a smile on her face as she'd stand next to the girl. Not that it can likely be seen, but at least she'd no doubt hear the friendly tone of voice. "Normal people? Not sure about that, assholes though yes to be sure. Homura Akemi, nice to meet you despite the fact I guess we're competing. No cause to be rude to each other though, right?" She'd sigh a bit as shadows flicker around her, though they'd die down as she takes a deep breath and tries to chat a bit more. "What brings you here though? Kinda an odd place for you, though I'm no different really. Could say in my case, I just need to get better for someone important's sake is all."

Please don't lump us in with him. I hate smokers. *Gin chuckles, shaking his head.* Not that I'd call anyone here normal by any means.
“Risako.. Kohiyo Risako.” Risako would quickly stand up so she could bow in the direction of Homura’s voice. As she places her hands together Homura might notice a solid silver ring on her left hand. “I... Well. I mean..” The Girl straightens up, shifting back and forth as though unable to find a comfortable way to stand “You could say I’m here for the same thing. I’m a little indecisive when it comes to new things. My friend said it just comes with experience so I thought maybe if I did one of these things it’d help.”
Homura would wince a bit as she sees the ring, she knows what that kinda thing means on a girl this age... All too damn well. "The same thing huh... What would you say if I told you that I kinda understand. Heh, I used to be scared of a lot of things actually. and Um, there's something else about you I can understand too..." She'd trail off for a moment, taking a deep breath before going on. "We might have more in common than it first seems, though I'm not quite like that any longer. Um, strange to say I know, but do you keep a phone? I'd, be willing to talk later if you want, somewhere less full of people." Homura leans back for a moment, pondering her words before letting out an embarrassed noise and turning red. "Um, I mean... I know what that ring is not anything else. In hindsight my words may have been chosen poorly so, sorry about that. But err, if you want any help with well, one might call it a job I think, lemme know?" She can't see it, but Homura would bow politely for a moment. What the girl can hear, is the black haired young woman's very apologetic tone.
Risako simply looks confused for a bit, tilting her head at Homura before brushing out a few stray hairs “Are, you quite alright? You sound.. I mean it’s not like you did anything wrong.” The Girl would put one hand on her chin, not thinking too much about Homura’s response, if anything she’d sound slightly annoyed “I mean... I wouldn’t mind talking some time.. I guess. But if I don’t get used to working on my own I won’t get much better. So I’m not sure... I mean we DID just meet and everything...” Risako simply keeps trailing off, unable to actually finish her sentence, at some point it’s like she forgets Homura is even there and just keeps talking to herself
Homura chuckles, of course, she didn't notice anything strange. This girl must be very sheltered, or... Best not think about it. "Right, yeah I didn't intend to either, it just coulda been taken the wrong way but glad you didn't do that." As Risako begins trailing off, Homura would snap a finger quickly and loudly and just sigh a bit. "Yeah that's fair enough I guess, but I'd still be willing to try and teach you if you want. If you just run off to fight on your own without practicing any first, that's very very dangerous. Isn't that part of why you've come here?" She could also mention some... Other things, but there's no telling how a magical girl would react to the real facts. Best leave it under the sleeve.
Hikaru heard the ouch. He turns around to Kohiyo Oh, excuse me lass. Shoulda paid attention to where I flicked it. Hope it didn’t hurt too much
The girl would jump at the sudden loud snap, but it gets her to focus again. "S.. Sorry about that. I mean.. Its just. I already have a mentor. Suzuki-senpai's the one who wanted me to get out of my comfort zone..." Risako looks towards the sound of Hikaru's voice, the girl brushes off a few leftover ashes before replying "Its fine no... I mean.. I'm fine. It was... Surprising, to be sure... Is that... um.. What did that serious-sounding guy call it.... That smoking thing normal?"
Hikaru gives a curious look, usually most people would give him a mean stink eye for smoking in public, but her curiosity struck him as curious as well. For some people, yes. Others hate it but I don’t really mind them, it just helps me relax. Gotta say I’m surprised you don’t know what this is, most people give me a look of disgust for smoking.
"Well, I don't get out of the house much.. Is all." Risako looks away from Hikaru, blushing a little as she ends up showing her ignorance again. She does her best to change the subject "My parents don't really talk about that kind of thing whenever they're home so... A.. Anyways. Um.. Why are you entering?"
Homura would shrug a bit and make a so so noise to the other girl's reply. "Heh, not shocking. But I've always found trying to learn more than one viewpoint can help at times. That said, feel free to say 'no'. I understand that not everyone who does this stuff is all that... Altruistic, I am, but you just have my word so I get it." She'd then turn over to Hikaru with an only slightly annoyed look. She won't hold a grudge for that though, not really, so he's met by a neutral greeting. Not overly friendly, nor hostile. "Mmm, probably should. But it's fine if that doesn't happen again. Can't say the habit bothers me that much, just as long as ya have some courtesy. I'm curious what brings you too though."
A dark skinned girl trips through the entrance, quietly cursing technology as she does so. She walks up to the receptionist and signs her papers and pays the fee, A simple sword. Nothing fancy, nothing special, seemingly of no importance, though the girl seems reluctant to part with it. Once she finishes, she notices Kohiyo and Homura and walk up to them, still muttering. "stupid technology being stupid and stupid fake people being..." Hi Homura-chan. Hi uhh... Risato? Right? It's been a while.... While Homura would instantly recognize Kotori, Risako would have NO idea who this girl is except for a slight, familiar yet not tone of voice...
The girl walks back up to the desk for a moment. She'd almost forgotten the fee... But here she goes, the woman at the desk would receive a photograph. Of a younger Homura with glasses and braided twin tails alongside three other girls, one in a school uniform with pink hair, one in that same uniform with blue hair, a lastly a girl in jeans and a t-shirt with very long red hair, smiles on all their faces. She's not happy to hand it over, but oh well. She then turns to Kotori and waves happily. "Oh hey Kotori! And her name's Risako, we actually just met. Anyway cool seeing you around here, I can already guess what brought you, just felt like it right?" She giggles a bit, Kotori always did like fighting for some reason. She can't figure out why, but it's kinda endearing in a way.

A rock appears, with a paper signed for it to enter the tournament, and a generous amount of monopoly money to go along with it as a bribe to let it in
"I mean its not that I don't appreciate your offer or anything. Its just that miss Suzuki might not. Anyways.. Um... It was nice to meet you." Risako would bow to Homura again before turning to a part of the waiting room that seemed unoccupied. She would go ahead and start heading away before someone said something... Close to her name, which forces the girl to look back "I'm... Sorry should I know you? I don't think we've met."
I haven't fought for a long time. And every fight I've been in recently has been.. uhh... anti-climatic... for me at least. So yeah. She turns to Risako, smiling. Ah.. right, Risako. Kotori! Uhh we met in that witches labyrinth. I was trying to stop you from contracting with Kyubey back then. It was years ago though, so I'm not surprised you don't remember. She scratches the back of her head and giggles. I got pretty heated. And kinda upset over nothing. Sorry about that. Guess I was really terrible to you.
Another girl would suddenly seem to appear within the lobby. She would be a bit more reserved, mostly trying to keep to herself and wearing an anxious expression as she approached the front desk. Though, for any who saw her they wouldn't be able to help but find something horrifying about her appearance, as if the night itself had entered the lobby. "I...I would like to enter this spectacle, if that's alright..." She would take the paperwork but immediately it was obvious that she was a little confused in regards to filling it out, yet she set to do just that anyway. Sitting down and getting started on it.
Hikaru turns to Homura Well to answer you both, I'm curious to try my abilities against others. Not every day there's a gathering of people like this, so I figured why not? He reaches into his jacket pocket and grabs another cigarette, puts it in his mouth, and shuffles around for his lighter
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A holographic image of Itachi appears in the center of the room, holding a paper in his hands and bellowing out information “I would like to inform everyone present that the registration period is over. The first match will begin shortly, which while not an official battle in the tourney, will decide who is eligible to participate. In my hands, I hold two groups of people, who will each separately fight a powerful opponent together. Please note, it is not required and not expected for you to cooperate with each other. You will be graded based on your individual performance.” The CEO then reads the groups aloud to everyone, as well as having them displayed on a virtual screen near the front of the room. “Now, would the individuals known as Rock, Faye Knox, Hikaru, Asena Otome and Kohiyo Risako please step on up to the plate!” The man dissipates and leaves behind a glowing light blue circle with a strange insignia of a snake eating its own tail on it. Upon entering, the participants find themselves on a stone platform elevated above a murky swamp. In front of them stood a towering amphibious giant a skyscraper high and a football field long. It had eight towering, scrawny legs forming a regular octagon with their position. It’s kneecaps had giant mucus bubbles as some sort of guard. It had a head on both sides of the football field, two in total, and two eyes on the side of each head, making eight in total. It’s chin could inflate into a ginormous balloon when it breathed. A square platform stood on each cardinal direction. The one the party was situated on had a floating blue circle above it, preventing the party from acting, as well as keeping them protected, until the entire party was ready.
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Faye would begin growing anxious upon seeing the giant toad like entity after entering through the insignia. She'd at first back away before reminding herself what she was here for. "That...misbegotten is huge...What kind of energies must it have been released to? I...alright...not time to panic..." She'd look at the rest of the group, though they may find her oddly horrifying to look at. "What's everyone else going to be doing exactly? I don't mind working on my own but...That thing's kind of big."
"Oh! That's me right?" Risako would get up, finding her way to the next arena, she'd nervously tug at the edge of her shirt, before realizing that everything's about to begin. So she slips the silver ring off her left hand, holding it close and tight to her chest "W.. Well, if its big then it'll be hard for me to miss right?" The girl concentrates on her ring, letting her world shrink down to this as she's covered with a silver light. Once it fades, her large, casual shirt would be replaced with a long, frilly silver dress decorated with gold ribbons, its a little ridiculous looking, but there's obviously magic imbued ino the fabric. Similarly, in her hands would be a long, golden staff topped with a heart-shaped arch that has a simple, if rather large silver gem in the middle of it "Just... Try not to get too close. I'm... Not the best shot."
The boy merely takes a look at the giant toad...thing, but shockingly enough, he doesn't raelly seem too phazed by it. He just sighs, and looks over at the others...completely forgetting there were others. He stepped the shortest step back, clearing his throat, before a sudden pop sound was made. Then, taking his place, was the girl who filled out the paperwork. "Wow, how scary. He did say that this was what those crazy people did deal with these days." The girl said with an air-headed tone, like a 7 year old girl that was half her own age. She scoffed, and giggled like a giddy schoolgirl as she looked at Faye. They actually seemed pretty similar, at least when they took a good look at each other. Same short black hair, probably clothes that were also black in the same manner, just with gray and white added to the mix. "I...can help! It's what he told me he should do not to look like "dirty team-killers"...whatever that means." She fidgeted with her black newsboy cap, twirled her short, black locks, adjusted her black glasses that made her brown eyes pop out, and gave a friendly smile towards Faye and Risako. Despite the ominous presence giving an otherwise weird atmosphere a fearful air, it seemed not to affect the girl too much.
Hikaru takes a quick look at the giant creature. Finally finding his lighter, he lights the cigarette in his mouth, takes a puff, and sighs. Man you are on UGLY sumbitch. But not really scary. I don't know much about what these other guys can do, but it's time to show this thing who's the big scary monster around these streets. He unzips his jacket, and pulls out his prized revolver. He takes aim at the creature .357 Magnum, man's best friend. Let's see how you like this you giant freak!!
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The barrier dissipates once Rock has been confirmed MIA, allowing the party to attack at will.
Bring it on!! Hikaru fires at it's chin, not having quite a clear shot of the giant abomination's head
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Faye would panic briefly before turning to Risako specifically, though anyone would probably be able to hear her. "Um, just, if you feel really really scared and start hesitating then you're probably about to hit me." A large pair of black wings would seem to form out of her back as she took to the air. A field of darkness seemed to begin surrounding her...not solid darkness or a cloud but just pitch blackness obscuring her image completely as well as anything around her. She'd remain in the air trying to get above one of the toad's heads.
"Oh, um... I'll be careful then?" Once she hears the barrier fizzle away, Risako nods to Faye before taking a deep breath and focuses on the end of her staff, which begins glowing with a silver light "In the name of the light let us bring forth a glorious charge to disperse the darkness. Scatterburst!" A few seconds pass as the girl chants, which charges up the heart-shaped end piece of her staff until she finally points it in the general direction of the abomination. Once she does a shotgun like burst of light is launched towards it, each blast would burst upon contact, peppering the creature with a well-spread series of weaker hits aimed at its legs, though some of the shots would likely end up hitting its face and neck too
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The bullet from Hikaru’s gun pierces the monster’s chin, causing small drops of blood to fall, scabbing up momentarily. It hardly notices, but is somewhat distracted by the bulb of darkness flying around. It tries to attack, but is caught off guard when an overwhelmingly bright flash is shined in its face. It appeared to cause burns to the creature, although not effectively damaging it. In a blind fit of madness, it begins stomping around and assaulting the party with a tsunami, flooding their platform and most likely pushing them into the murky swamp and in threat of drowning. After the light would dissipate, it opens its mouth and extends one of its four pillar tongues with huge suction tips at the end. It swings the tongue around the dark mist trying to feel around for whatever’s there, possibly catching it in the saliva
hearing a loud disturbance, Risako goes ahead and assumes the worst, starting a new chant "I call upon the light to safeguard the innocent and chase away darkness. Light Barrier!" Risako's staff reacts as before, glowing as her spell charges up, and discharging that energy as she announces the ability's name. In this case, she erects a dome of solid light around the initial platform, causing the water to simply run off it and protecting anyone else still in the starting area "Tell me when I'm good to drop it, ok?" on command once the water has mostly fallen to normal, she'd release the barrier to allow others their chance to attack again
Hikaru tries to fight off the tsunami, but loses his footing Shit!! As he is about to be swept away, a tall, muscular figure appears in front of him. It's body is a deep blue color wearing a dark purple chestplate decked out with a pauldron on each shoulder and an armored kilt. It's hair is long and flowing and has bandages covering it's mouth. It's wielding what seems to be a javelin. It plants the javelin firmly into the ground and has a solid grip on it, while having a tight grip on Hikaru's forearm This thing is insane! Guess bullets won't cut it
Faye would fly through the air quickly, The darkness wasn't following her as much as just filling the area she was in. Her movements would be oddly precise as the darkness wouldn't even bother her, as if she could see perfectly within it. Some of the saliva would still get on her...grossing her out but it would only be enough to slow her down. The darkness around her would begin to rearrange itself in order to try and further confuse the toad. Faye would slowly...back out of it simply using it to make sure the toad didn't see her behind it. She'd focus for a moment on the darkness before bits of it would begin solidifying into what looked to be a solid blade. The blade would fly according to her will. The blade would attempt fly into the toads mouth and try and cut at its tongue from within.
Asena looked all around her in awe, actually not being used to the all fast pace of action that was currently occurring around her. She immediately shielded her eyes from Risako's light spell, only to uncover what was in fact, another barrier. Apparently the big toad thing was trying to flood them. She gave Risako a bright smile that she most likely couldn't get to see. "Oh! Cool...Thanks a bunch for that. Yep." She gently reached into her black purse with red streaks, casually tossing some of what seemed to be cosmic dust into the air, most of it landing on her body and others just dusting the floor of the platform that she was still on. "Hmmm, this is a bit weird. I wonder why he decided entering would be a good idea..."
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The dark blade tears the tongue of the frog’s body, causing the severed tongue to fall to the ground, causing both the segment cut and the segment remaining to disappear into binary code floating in the air then dissolving. The monster then lets out a stunningly loud, gargled shriek. It’s three remaining tongues fall to the floor, causing them to crash into the swamp and creating a smaller burst of water compared to the previous stomping fit. However, the monster quickly slurps them back into their mouth and closes it, preventing further damage. Froggy then gets ready for his next attack, inflating their chest up as big as it can and then squatting, slamming it down on the barrier and party like a giant blimp crashing down. Everyone was caught between a rock and a hard place, quite literally. The chest was hard enough to mangle the party like bubble wrap should it breach the barrier.
Hikaru sees some people behind a barrier, though he couldn't make out who. He had his Stand, The Smiths, let go of his arm and let the current carry him to where the party was, not caring how he landed, he just needed to get the hell out of there HOOOLY CRAAAAAAAAAP!!! He tumbles towards the barrier, though The Smiths stays put SOMEONE STUPID GET IN MY WAY!!!
Faye would just try to gain a bit more distance, the darkness continuing to float in front of her. She'd shift it a bit to make it appear as a large bird of shadows but it's be large enough as a mass to still hide her behind it, around 30 feet tall and wide. She'd begin panicking slightly, unsure of how to help the others who might've been crushed but she didn't want to let that get her down. She'd breath a moment before attempting to summon another shadowy blade as the one before faded away. She'd move forward behind the large bird and hide the summoned blade within it's talon. The bird would move to appear as though it was clawing at the toads eyes while it was slammed down but the only thing hitting it's eyes was the shadowy blade, attempting to blind it.
Asena simply sighs when she sees Hikaru coming their way, but simply snickers when she looks towards Kohiyo. She actually feels a bit bad, but doesn't really consider thinking of another plan when the cosmic dust around her starts to form that of an elliptical galaxy, spinning in a counter-clockwise direction. "...blind girl, sorry I don't know your name but, you could PROBABLY afford to drop the barrier now. It'd be best to." She steps into the rotating elliptical galaxy, and it instantly would vanish once her whole body went inside. Then, it would appear in the air, spitting out the girl as the cosmic dust that got on her rotated around her, making her float in the sky. She spun around like a ballerina, the cosmic dust keeping ahold of her in the air. "You know, Asena, maybe you should try and do something useful...yeah, I'll do my best!" She got right in front of the frog, and with a handful of dust, blew it into the frog's eyes, at least, the side that Faye's blades didn't get to hit. The dust formed into small stars that exploded on impact, approximately 7. When the stars had hit the huge frog thing, it actually did a bit of respectable damage given it's size (light Bless Damage x7), and Asena merely floated away form it in order to try and not to get hit by it.
Risako flinches upon hearing the creature's horrid shriek, her barrier flickers for a moment, but she soon regains her concentration to restore it. Upon hearing Asena, she would blink before asking A... Are you sure? before dropping her barrier anyways. This leaves her right in Hikaru's path, with the young, light girl getting bowled over and knocked off of the platform, leaving her soaked, but not crushed "Awww... Eww, this is so gross. What's the big idea here?"
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The frog’s chest is pressed against the barrier, making it vulnerable enough to suffer attacks heading it’s way. It notices that his prey were targeting his eyeballs so he covers them with his eyelids. While the metal blade was tough enough to tear right through them and rip the eye from it’s socket, the light stars failed to cut through the massive eyelid, only so far as to scratch it. Annoyed and injured, the frog’s chest falls through the now non-existent barrier and hits the stone platform. It quickly gets up and tries to take down it’s two assailants, ignoring Hikaru and the one who created the barrier. It starts by sniffling for a brief moment and then blowing through its nose, causing two giant, torpedo-shaped, explosive mucus missiles to launch and track onto separate targets. One headed straight towards Asena and the other following the trail of the illusive bird.
The mucus would pass through the bird as if there was nothing there, which in truth there wasn't. Faye would begin creating a different kind of weapon in her hand from behind the bird, one that couldn't be seen with normal eyes. In her hand was a lance made simply out of fear. She'd nervously look at the frog unsure of how her ability might effect them. She'd throw the lance down and if it hit than it would simply pass through the frog and seep into it's mind. The illusion she'd try to cast was that of the bird letting out a loud horrifying screech and that it was slowly beginning to grow in size.
Hikaru lands in the swamp below. His body floats upwards, with his rear sticking out of the water and his head submerged. A few bubbles surface before he quickly lifts his head up, coughing out water. He throws his now completely soaked cigarette away, now visibly annoyed, he notices Kohiyo next to him. Sorry there lass, I didn't mean for you to get caught in that, but we're at least out of harm's way, yeah? He then yells to the platform above where The Smiths was still present ALRIGHT YOU, DO YOUR THING!! The Smiths removes it's bandages from it's mouth. It opens it's mouth and yells, though instead of hearing the Stand's voice, it makes a very loud and menacing barking like noise, almost as if an otter was calling out. It then violently throws the javelin at the frog's chest
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Risako lands in the water with a splash, she soon surfaces, hands clutched tightly to her staff as she spits out some swamp water "Ugh, I can't believe its you again. Just try to keep a safe distance" Like magic, the rod would simply float up a few feet above the water, with Risako clinging tightly to it with all her limbs as if she's hanging on for dear life. She closes her eyes, for whatever purpose that might have, and begins to chant once more "I call upon the light, encircle the darkness and trap it within the confines of justice to.... Uh.... " She stumbles on the wording for a bit as the loud, otter-like noise interrupts her train of thought, so she simply finishes the actual spell rather than trying to complicate things further "Luminous bonds!" For the first few seconds nothing would seem to happen, until a series of eight golden chains burst out of the swamp water, growing until they can wrap around the creature's legs, impeding its movement and likely tripping it if it tries to move
Asena initially winced, putting her hands out in front of her and her face away in order to hope that something intervenes and tries to stop the disgusting missiles coming her way. "Oh god, oh god, oh god! Why that?" She closed her eyes and braced for impact, but more cosmic dust came out of her purse, and it spun around to form a big spiral galaxy that sucked in the mucus missile. She opened her eyes, and gave a big sigh of relief. "My luck is supreme, bitch!" As soon as she said that, the spiral galaxy had emerged right in front of the big toad, spitting back out the mucus missile that came her way. She danced around her constellations of dust, catching hold of another handful of dust and manuevered like a graceful ice skater. "You tried. And hopefully what I did is a sign of that." Asena then spread the dust around, 5 more stars forming around her and darting towards the frog, though, sadly they did the same damage as the other 7 had done before. "Oh, come on, really?"
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The frog notices that its attack phased through the bird, then narrowing his eyes. He also remains skeptical when the bird began to grow in size, feeling as if there had been foul play. To confirm his theory, he had his mucus missile pull a u-turn as if he was controlling an RC-car. He also noticed Asena was keeping on the offensive, turning his own attack against him. Instinctually, he swats it out of the air with one of his remaining tongue, causing it to fall on the stone platform beneath the head, spreading over the whole area. It then whips it to Asena’s side, trying to swat her out of the air as well or it least get her into his mouth. It was distracted, but it still heard the mysterious sound from the stand. He looks around with his other head to check for the source of the nose but is unsucessful, so he ignores it. With delayed reaction, it noticed that it was bound and pierced by a javelin. Firstly, it tries to undo the binds by forcefully lifting its legs one at a time in an attempt to exert enough pressure on the chains to break.
Faye would notice the mucus coming back from her position behind the bird. She wasn't exactly sure why it was coming back but she thought it may be a good idea to keep up her performance. She shifted the shadows to begin flapping its wings and to softly move out of the way of the mucus, almost what would seem impossible for a creature its size. Of course, she tried her best to keep up with the shadows pace and remain behind it, the mucus that had slowed her down beginning to dry. She would take another lance of fear in her hand and try to throw it at the frog once more. This time she would create the illusion of the bird growing larger and striking at the toad with one of its talons. Despite no physical damage being done the pain of the attack would feel real.
The frog would be able to slowly break the chains, one at a time. They would expand with it to a certain extent, straining against its every motion, so it would take several seconds to break off even one of them. As it struggles, any remaining chains would continue wrapping further up its legs until they reached the joint areas, where they would wrap around the mucuous guards and attempt to crush them. While the creature remains otherwise busy and straining, Risako would sit up on the side of her rod, riding it like a witch's broom as she starts her next spell "In the name of justice and hope I shall make an oath upon the light, never to fall into evil or cower before the darkness....." as she chants her staff would shine brighter and brighter, reaching a new intensity as she gathers more energy, trusting her chains to hold long enough to pull one more round...
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Hikaru notices the chains around the legs, having a small idea, he smirks That's pretty cool lass, now let me do some fighting too! The Smiths recalls it's javelin. It breaks it apart at the handle to form a pair of swords Let's do this! GO FOR THE LEGS!! The Smiths then makes a loud, snake hissing sound, and proceeds to slice one of it's hind legs
Asena simply dances in the air, narrowly avoiding the frog's tongue with style and grace. The cosmic dust that trails her, seeming to form something. She looks over to Risako, and decides to try and make her forget that she got her hit by Hikaru. "Alright, cosmic dust, do your thing!" The dust that was in her trails all formed another sperical galaxy that rotated in clockwise. It spun, and spun, and spun, until it spit out an asteroid that made it's way towards the big frog. Fortunately...or unfortunately, it was actually only 6 feet wide, but at least it traveled at a fast pace. "Oh my god, why does the universe hate me?" She sighs, twirling her finger in the same direction as the galaxy to make it go away. Coincidentally, a big star formed right above the frog's head, immediately bursting making ten other stars spiral downards to hit the frog from above.
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The frog, assuming the bird was a mere illusion, was surprised when the talons cut into him as if they were real. He stumbles back in pain, forgetting that its left hind leg was still bound by gold. It’s crushing grip destroys the mucus guard, causing deadly corrosive acid to rain down on Hikaru and the area near him. However, the broken guard revealed an incredibly thin knee, able to be torn like a candy wrapper. The chain manages to tear the leg clean off when the guard was broken, causing it to dissipate. This sudden change as well as being attacked caused the monster’s hind face to fall towards the leg that disappeared and the leg diagonally across from the severed leg to rise. It struggled to gain balance and was momentarily defenseless.
"Grant me the power to vanquish evil, and bring hope to the helpless." The light in Risako's staff reaches a fever pitch, to the point where its almost blinding to look at and lets off a high-pitched yet faint humming noise as she angles her staff upwards towards the creature's underbelly, hanging off it sideways as she calls out her attack name "Sanctuary Blade!" on Risako's command, her staff emits a massive beam of light at the creature's softer underbelly, aiming to pierce straight through the off-balance creature and illuminate the very sky itself
Hikaru notices the acid making it's way to where he is, he panics and recalls The Smiths FUCK!! GOTTA MOVE The Smiths returns, grabs Hikaru by the forearm, and hurls him upwards. He manages to avoid the acid and notices the frog is collapsed Alright, time for the one hole shot! He takes aim with his revolver again, and whilst in the air, aims at the frog's head, this time having a clear shot. He fires the remaining five bullets at it's head, aiming for the same hole the first bullet may cause. He then enters a free fall back into the water HAHA RIBBIT RIBBIT MOTHER FUCKER!!!
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Asena looked at the frog as it had gotten to a point that it was now defenseless. Now, the universe can try and cooperate with her, and she can hope to god that it won't act up and screw this moment over. A smug expression formed on her face as she gave a mischevious chuckle. "What blind girl said!" She didn't really know why Risako was chanting. She didn't feel the need to question it. Most of the time people need to chant her spells, but she just let the constellations align, forming a shining bow. She grabbed it with a lot of excitement. "Wow, now you choose to let me shine. Alright Froggy, I guess the stars just didn't align in your favor." Asena aimed the star-crafted bow at the frog, carefully aligning it where Risako had also shot her beam at. Once she thought it was perfect, she let the arrow fly, leaving a trail of stars and having it dart right towards where everyone else is shooting. The arrow would explode impact, then the stars that made up the bow would also fly towards the frog to add insult to injury.
Faye would see the frog get thrown off balance and decided to pull more power into her next gift to invoke a miracle. She'd focus on the area outside the simulation, calling upon the avian creatures that might reside in that area. "Defenders of the skies, head my call! Form from the air itself and lend me your strength! Maker of Wings, tear them to pieces!" A great amount of energy would coarse through her as, one by one, a large swarm of large-billed crows would form out of thin air. They'd seem to fly around the larger shadow bird before Faye manipulated the larger bird to swipe it's wings towards the Toad. The swarm of crows would fly forth as if following it's order. They'd attempt to use their beaks to tear at the Toad's flesh wherever they could, ignoring any potential danger that might pose a threat to them. Faye's wings would begin to slow down as she was clearly exhausted from using such a power. She would slowly float to the ground before landing and trying to catch her breath.[/i]
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The monster's inner stomach was disintegrated by radiating light, one of its brains shot through several times, it's body pierced by arrows and stars, and it's flesh torn from bone by a swarm of birds. All in all, it was straight up not having a good time right now. It's body started to have too much strain put on it, causing it to dematerialize. Suddenly, a carpeted floor began to rise from beneath the swamp, the water disappearing as well. In an instant, everyone is dried off as if they were never wet. Each party member disappeared into a trail of light, returning to where they began. Once they do, Itachi stands from a bench where he was sitting in the edge of the room. "Give a round of applause for group 1, who has defeated their demons and will all be heading to the next stage of the tournament! excluding the rock." He starts to slowly clap, prompting those of the other group to clap too.
Upon hearing the sound of the applause, Risako realizes the fight's pretty much over. So the young girl lowers her staff, setting herself on the solid, carpeted ground before she breathes out a sigh of relief, changing back to her normal clothes as she alights "Wait, there was a rock? Oh, I hope I didn't hit it... Everyone's alright, right?"
Stopped in the middle of free falling, Hikaru faceplants hard into the carpet. Though it didn't hurt much, it still felt as if he plummeted from a very large height (Muffled) Okay, adding giant frogs to the list of fears He lifts himself from the carpeted floor, looking around and realizing the fight is over Holy shit I was not expecting any of that. Wait I'm not dead am I?
Faye would still be tired after summoning the birds. She'd just stumble to ground where she was and wrap herself in her wings. "Maybe I shouldn't have gone so hard at the end..."
Asena gets a hold of her surrounding once she gets transferred by the light...or rather, he did. Because now Itachi would just be seeing the boy that was waiting in the lobby once again, with a dull expression on his face. "Wow, thanks. I never knew my demons could be something as stupid looking as that frog did." He stretched his arms and yawned, looking back at all the others that Asena had been teaming up with...hopefully she left a good impression, because from what he could tell, he hadn't actually made one yet. "Anyways, yes blind girl, we're all fine. Good job on surviving." Asena simply sighed, and plopped back on the chair he was originally waiting on the first time, taking his ominous box with him. He got out his phone once again, playing games and watching videos to avoid conversation.
"Oh, good. We got it too" Risako would grin, letting out another deep breath before heading back to the waiting room and sitting down on the first unoccupied chair they find, after which they close their eyes for a while
Hikaru grabs a cigarette and lights it, as he takes a puff he sighs and smiles, now feeling a bit more relaxed Fire bullets at the frog I said. This'll work I said. Whatever, I at least survived that swampy hell. I should probably apologize to that girl too, she really shouldn't have been caught in my stupid idea. He turns to see Risako with her eyes closed Maybe some other time. For now It's time to relax. He lays down flat on the carpet floor. He didn't mind it much, he does most of his sleeping on the ground anyways
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After a brief celebration, Itachi manifests in the center of the room once more, only to find a hunchbacked pharmacist in his place. He steps aside, visibly confused. The pharmacist nasally monologues to the group waiting "Congratulations, heroes! You managed to beat this company's Simulation-inator. But, I fear you won't fare so well in this next challenge. Which was designed by I, Heinz Doofenshmirtz!" Doofenshmirtz is interrupted by a sudden shove from Itachi as well as a peeved outburst "Dr. Doofenshmirtz, you are not authorized to access this machine. What you doing here?" "Why, i'm co-hosting, of course! After all, I did build the next opponent. And, please, call me Heinz." Itachi lets out a heavy sigh and shakes his forehead rigorously, throwing his arms down "Fine, i'll allow it." "Oh, gooodie! Now, then, may the, um… the other guys please come forth!" The holograms disappear, leaving behind just the magic circle once again. Those that enter it would find themselves in the middle of a giant still conveyor belt, with fire plus a crushing compactor on both ends of the belt. Two conveyor belts of the same size accompanied the side of it, with the same deadly obstacles. The room was completely walled in. Additionally, a giant iron mickey mouse clubhouse helping hand made of iron reached out of a slot in the corner of the roof of both the left and right side of the factory. Heinz appears once more ready to explain his backstory until the entire party gets ready to fight. He then exclaims with great vigor about what he had invented. "Behold, my greatest creation yet, the Deus Ex Machinator! Watch as I use it's strategic talent to take over the tri-state are- oh, wait, I forgot i'm not doing that anymore. Well, just remember, have fun with it!" Heinz then fades into thin air, prompting the pre-battle ring to wrap around the party.
Homura stands in the area, a grenade launcher in her hands as she absently watches this... Display of madness, she can only call it madness at least based upon what she's just seen. Regardless though, it's a simple fight at least in theory and she's got no reason not to take it seriously. "I'm sure that you have plenty to say, but I'd like to try and focus on dealing with... Whatever that thing you built is." The girl aims her weapon towards it curiously, not entirely sure what to make of this odd machine she's met with. But there's nothing to do about it for the moment, given that as of now her... "Allies" aren't gathered up yet after all. "Either way, I'll be ready whenever we begin."

Well, this is stupid. *Gin steps up, hands in his pocket.* What even is this supposed to be anyway? Well, whatever. Can't bow out now. That would be embarrasing. I'll try not to hold anyone back as long as you all promise the same. *Gin would take his hands out of his pockets and summons two copies of his blade Elementa in each hand.* Game on.
Kotori enters and looks around. Ugh.. more machines.. .... This... Doesn't really look all that threatening... She enchants herself with fire, letting off heat and a soft glow. The enchantment would make her immune to any fire. So.. are we supposed to smash it? I can do that.
Momo grimaces at the machine in front of her and nervously raises a thumbs up. It looks like something out of the horror movies she likes watching, but she doesn't like being on the other side of things. Nope not one bit. Not having anything cool to summon she stands there fiddling with the skirt of her uniform. May the best person win?
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Once everyone was gathered, the protective barrier dissipated, allowing the battle to begin. Suddenly, the conveyor belts start thrusting at inhuman speed, the one in the middle moving northwards and the ones adjacent going in the opposite direction. The hands slam down in between the conveyor belts, preventing easy transition and essentially walling the party in. The palms of each hand face the party and reveal a hatch, unleashing thousands of paper triangles that are liable to cause paper cuts but also distract from the force of the conveyor belt. However, there was a small time frame between the conveyor belts starting and the palms opening which would allow someone with great agility to quickly move out of the way or defend themselves, but not necessarily fight back against the creation.
“Nyagh! Sorry, spaced out for a sec.” When did the cat get here? Ah well, at least he’s present. The feline dashed to the side where he thought the attack would be less intense, then leapt into the air while crushing a tarot card. A black, odd-eyed cat appeared behind him in a burst of blue flames. “I ain’t stayin’ on the ground! Black Cat, Garudyne!” A green whirlwind formed under the Cait Sith, keeping him suspended in the air and sucking in any nearby triangles. He’d use this chance to get his bearings.
The sound of glass shattering rings out, blue flames But I up around Homura as she leaps into the air and much like Cait she'd rely on magic to stay aerial. A figure dressed in a strange sailor outfit, utterly lacking legs. A clock can be seen in the center of her chest and instead of skin, her head and arms are formed from inky black shadows. Darkness would form into a platform under Homura, with a wall between her and the attacks. She can't aim well at all though, grenades simply flying from her gun vaguely towards the foe. Homulilly would have less fear though, a black metal rod with a guillotine blade on the end twirling in her hands as she rushes forward. Hoping to cut through the attacks on her way, and if she reached her for quickly aiming to slam blade directly into it. After waiting to make sure her master's grenades didn't strike her as well.

Heh. Really? That's your opening gambit? Alright then. *Gin would smirk before slashin behind him in a circlular motion and snapping his fingers, creating a wall of ice to form behind him, stopping him from moving past it on the treadmill in the process. The paper cut attack would all hit but such minor damage would only be slightly visibile on his Ice Armour for a few seconds before vanishing entirely. He would lean back on his ice walk, his two swords floating above his shoulders, watching everything unfold.* This should be interesting.
Yeeep! Momo stumbles a bit as the conveyor belt turns on beneath her feet but quickly catches her step. Instantaneously using her sudden step to leap to the closest object she can think of. The hands themselves. She secures a hold on one of them and tries to hold on as they move around.
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Suddenly, the hand not being gripped by Momo retracts, a giant machine in the shape of a blow dryer in it's place. The machine fires rapidly upon the party one at a time, manipulating their instincts and causing them to dance uncontrollably. As well, hypnotic country music is playing in the background enticing the listeners to "obey" it. Momo would notice a bright red button on the back of the hand titled "Self-Destruct"
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Not even the writer knows how exactly to react to this. Then again, this is the doctor we all know and love. Back to Cait, he fell out of the green whirlwind after being hit by the machine. "Nya... wha... uh..." He began to panic as he realized he couldn't stop this dancing. "Nyagh! This is somehow worse than being charmed! I can't fight while dancing! Oh wait... Force Dance!" Calling upon this spell, the feline spun around and struck a few poses that wouldn't be out of place in a disco dance, sending three weaker green whirlwinds out. Two swirled towards the blow dryer, but the last went towards the remaining hand instead.
Enchanting her body with wind allows Kotori to keep up with the conveyer at a jogging pace, and her boots would simply crush any of the triangles underfoot as she keeps in one place. Sooo... We just supposed to not die or something? Cuz I can do that easy. As she keeps pace, she looks at the crushers, gauging how powerful they are and whether or not they look breakable. [Next post] Upon seeing the cats reaction to the dryer, Kotori would simply leap up onto it before it targets her. As for the country music, the sound of the machinery would be too loud, and Kotori would fail to hear it over the sound of slamming metal and firing bullets.
Momo's eyes spin as she continues being flung around on the hand. She notices the ominous, red button out of the corner of her eye but has difficulty reaching it with motion sickness setting in. Once her body starts moving on her own the task seems almost impossible. Ugggggghhhhhh this ride sucks. Unable to hold her head up any long she does a shaky lunge and aims to drop her head on top of the button.

*Gin would raise an eyebrow at the combined effect of hypnotic country music and a dance inducing hair dryer.* Wow, that's dumb. *Before the blow dryer can target Gin, he summons 4 copies of Elementa and commands them towards the blow dryer. They each charge their own beam of light before firing together, the light beams combining into one more powerful in an attempt to destroy the blow dryer.* Quintet Ray
Homura just groans heavily at this point, her dance is... Non existant, the girl's simply anchored in place by her own shadow, magic flowing though it and holding her in place. She can't really do much beyond taking cover though for the moment. Homulilly for her part doesn't seem to care much about any of it, her bladed weapon flies through the air with a toss and casual disregard, a horrible burst of Cursed magic takes shape from it. If the weapon made contact with the target of this strange machine's drier then it'd explode in a black blast of magic that'd begin melting down whatever or whoever happened to be in its path. "This is... Far more absurdist than I would have expected it to be, but alright then. I guess there's nothing to do but try and take down the target."
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Cait's magical dance manages to create a noticeable disturbance in the normally void air, rippling through it and throwing Kotori around in the direction of the attack and barely scratching the machine. Momo is also flung off the machine after slamming the button… ultimately resulting in no change. Doof shows up in front of the hand to commentate on it. "Not so fast, little warrior. I see you fell for my… fake self-destruct button! That's right, you'll never find where I hid the real one!" Gin and Homura's combined efforts create a dangerous collision, ultimately falling to destroy the machine and merely searing its outer layer. "And you won't break my toys so easily. After all, they're reinforced with the most powerful material known to man, Nexite! Yes, they're so powerful that not even a direct attack from a blah blah blah blah" Interrupting Doof was an explosive beam flying from outside the walls and flinging a giant wall of debris in Doof's face, causing dust to kick up and blind the party whilr throwing Doof to the floor. He lifts a single finger out of the rubble to wave at the sudden occurrence. "Hey, I don't remember inventing a get-hit-with-piles-of-rubble-inator!" Out of the dust, a stark, metallic, deep and intimidating voice could be heard. It spoke with contempt at the party. "I am the end… And the beginning…" The beam had shorted the circuitry, causing all the machines in the room to disable. A static voice can be heard emanating from the room. "*kzzzt* what's- *krsh* -ng on. I can't- *whishcrackreeee* -get out. *reeeee*" All of a sudden, the voice cut off and the world started to slant like a hologram with a hand put through it. The dust started to clear revealing a silver steel robotic round body with no head and four spider legs. A red visor stood at the forefront of it, alighting an otherwise obstructed view. Aquamarine pillars of destructive light one by one filled the room, obliterating and disintegrating everything it is path entirely, bringing the wounded to the brink of death.
“So is THIS the actual boss? N-nyavermind, EVERYONE SCATTER!” The demon cat let out a “mrrow” and broke out of his dance soon enough to attempt to dodge the pillars. If possible, he’d try to flee to spots where a pillar of light had once been but already faded.

*Gin would smirk, looking over to the new challenger approaching.* Oh good. I thought for a second there that easy thing was all we were dealing with. *Gin would grab one of the Elementa clones and throw it at the robot before moving to dodge the robots beams.*
Homura's shadows bend in an instant, she'd suddenly be sent flying up into the air an effort to dodge the beams of light. Aiming to blast upwards and come back down after the attack has passed by. Her Persona would vanish through this maneuver. "Gah, what a sudden shift but oh well. Nothing to be done about it except keep up the pain, Masukukaja!" The shadowy magical girl outfitted figure appears once again, gleaming green light flowing over the entire group save their foes and easily raising their speed and agility. The girl begins rushing forward as a black katana forms in her hands. "Now come on, let's try and take this thing out quickly. I'd rather not give it too much of a chance!"
Gaaaaah! I hate Friendly Fire! Kotori hits the wall, but manages to land on her feet. However, upon seeing the destruction on the monitor, she quickly enchants her body with earth magic, as well as converts the previous two enchantments to earth, strengthening her defense to incredible levels, though she'd be so heavy that it's become impossible for her to move. She would however, be able to place her shield between herself and the source of the light once Homura's buff hits her.
You have to be kidding me! Momo growls this with a note of annoyance and slowly starts to stand. Her legs are covered with light bruises and mixed with a few angry red after her unplanned slam against the ground. Yet she doesn't seem too fazed by it. When the robot appears she deadpans. Great ... Her eyes turn red as she attempts to direct the robot's attention away from her. She also immediately drops to the ground and tries to crawl out of the way.
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Meanwhile at the Euro Corp, everyone in the staff was struggling to figure out why they were unable to communicate with the simulation room. They rapidly searched through their databases looking for a solution, but the errors were too indecipherable to figure anything out. Itachi, suspecting that their systems have been sabotaged, sent out a message on the alert system to every visual location in their control, excluding the one group 2 was located in. "CODE RED! CODE RED! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! PLEASE EVACUATE TO THE REAL WORLD IMMEDIATELY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! ANYTHING SCHEDULED IS CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!" He then turns off the intercom and grumbles "just my luck"... The strange being that attacks the party engages in erratic behavior. It turns itself to face and identify everyone present, spurring and fidgeting all the while. It’s attack would just barely scathe Cait if it weren’t for Homura’s support, causing it to pass right by the swerving cat. Gin, however, choked on his arrogance and while going in to harm the deity found himself mortally wounded from the atomic energy of the blast. He finds himself knocked on his feet and scorched by heat hot enough to tear the flesh right off an ordinary human. The robot probably wasn’t too harmed by whatever an Elementa considering the durability of its components. Another of the beams met an earthen blockade, chipping away at it until giving out. The technological marvel was intrigued by the girl approaching it. It had faced such rash opponents before, but was impressed by how swiftly she had evaded its attack. It decided to meet her challenge, pulling out a thick light-blue blade of its own attached to an appendage that could swivel in an axis around the machine’s torso. It makes a few cuts through the air before preparing to swing down upon the girl, hoping their two steels would meet. Its visor flashes vividly as if it had felt a semblance of emotion. It noticed Momo was far away from it, but felt compelled to ignore the being. An edge of the wall fell outwards, appearing to rise up into an indiscernible backdrop of opaque and transparent violet hues. From the party’s POV, the space outside the area they were in appeared to rising.

*Gin would be unfortunately clipped by the robots beams. His ice armour would take the brunt of the attack, mostly breaking apart but at the very least sparing Gin from most of the damage we would have taken. As the armour slowly begins to reform, Gin would smirk, getting up from the ground.* Well, that hurt. Eh. At least the sword made it over there. Let's see how tough you really are, tin can. * The Elementa blade would float up from it's place on the ground and position itself under the robot before exploding into electrical energy.* Elementa: Spark- Lightning Nova
“Nya, that was close... that thing’s pretty sturdy, too. Lemme help ya guys out, nya! Black Cat, Tarunda!” Cait crushed a card again, and the Persona yowled. An orangeish-red light surrounded the enemy, lowering its attack power. “This’ll help, but don’t get hit anyway, nya!”
Homura isn't willing to clash blades against such a thing, instead? Homulilly would lunge forward in a blur of inhuman speed as shadowy hands grow out of her back. "Go ahead, don't hold back anymore!" The girl's Persona would slam her rod straight into the path of the robot's blade, aiming to hold it in place for a moment... Along with sending the black shadowy limbs flying outward, quickly reaching around her target and trying to slam them directly into its back as she clashes against the weapon. The Persona's master on the other hand just tries to cut into her target's right arm, striking for the joints with incredible swiftness and hoping her Persona can distract it enough to avoid her being counter-attacked.
The force of the blast would dispel Kotori's enchantments, however the buff would still be in place as Kotori rushes forward, around to the "thing"s left side. Enchanting her blade with water, the girl would swing the blue blade at it's left side early. It wouldn't hit, but it would spray quite a bit of water at it. Her second slash would come quickly after, enchanted with ice, Kotori's blade would hopefully dig into the things arm. Upon contact, the water on the enemy would freeze and splinter out in piercing spikes of ice.
Momo winces at being blatantly ignored. I hate all the attention but being ignored is just as bad. You are sooo rude! She huffs with annoyance and unties her belt from the frilly outfit she has on. She isn't crazy enough to charge the robot when it can fire deadly lasers. However, playing dirty is fine with her and she tries to slide past the robot fast enough to fasten a belt along one of its lower appendages. With her speed and the tight grip of the belt she hope's to trip the thing before it can continue with the light show.
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The energy from Gin's sword would be conducted by plating on the concraption's skin, slightly wearing it out. Cait's Magic reduced the creature's world-ending abilities to mere life-ending abilities. Homura and her familiar, meanwhile, kept him occupied. He commentated on the state of the battle. "Results inconclusive. Experiment must continue." The creature's own weapon puts preasure on the persona, pushing them backwards and shaking their aim. The front of the machine would be brought down, its head shoved against the floor. Homura's attack scrapes the plating of it as well, it being thick enough to avoid being breached. After being sprayed with water, the machine would shake like a dog to try and fling it at the party members attacking up close, knowing they would be electrocuted by the conducted water. Of course, they are aware this would be largely ineffective, choosing to concentrate on a more primary method of attack. They wouldn't notice Momo's attempts to trip them until after they felt the tug of the belt. Unimpressed by a simple-minded tactic, they rip the belt to shreds by activating 16 large rotary saws on the sides of every leg. They would poke out until half of them could be seen, spinning all the while. Effectively they were meant to disrupt the enemy, with only enough power routed to allowed them to spin at the speed of a house fan. "Defensive maneuvers secured. All systems fully functional. Counter-attack initiated." The being brings down the force of collapsed star on the floor, stomping down with their right leg right through it. The ground fragments into several large plates, tilted towards the origin. The fault lines gave way to empty space, white dots of light visible beneath the group. Although, it wasn't the best time to see the sights. A volley of 15 rocket launchers opened up on the machine's back, each sending off heat-seaking missles at once, evenly distributed amongst the party excluding their personas. "Estimated chance of subjects remaining in-tact: 1.2%"
Hmph! Thinking quickly, Kotori enchants her sword with fire, throwing it across the room where nobody was. This new source of immense heat would become the new target of the missiles, redirecting them all towards the weapon. Kotori herself wouldn't waste any time, immediately throwing two earth enchantments on herself and a lightning enchantment. The third would make her immune to any shocks that may be left over, and the Earths would bolster her defense and strength by a great amount. The girl would then proceed to grab the arm of the machine and use it as leverage, flinging the thing over her shoulder and into the ground with the force of two bullet trains colliding. Not letting go however, she'd swing it above her head again, slamming it back against the ground with the same force. An action she intends to repeat unless somehow overpowered
Cait avoided the cracks, but as for the missiles... well, by the time they reached him it was a bit too late. “I’m leavin’ it to you guys! Sayonyara!” Despite a last-ditch Maragi, the missiles made contact in a fiery explosion.

Woah now! *Quickly, GIn would slash at the ground in a circle around him. With a snap of his fingers, a cage of ice cold cystals would erupt from the ground around Gin, hiding him from view and attempting to trick any missles coming his way to not target him or at the very least shield him from the blast.* Let's get out of this mess, shall we?
As Homura's blade just... Clanks against the thing, she shrugs a bit and decides to change tactics. Homulilly would dash in front of her master, shadows busting out of the Persona wildly and forming a thick wall that would block the path of the missiles... But it does break down, the being's weapon would swing about wildly and cut down the remaining attacks, which of course causes them to go off. Homulilly vanishes into a burst of light. "Well, this is great. Wonderful, you all can do whatever you want. I'm done." The girl's plan would quickly reveal itself, she's been moving away the entire time. Aiming to simply... Leave, she isn't sure that any way out exists at the moment, but damn if that'll stop her from trying after this thing just shrugged off so much. Green light flows over the girl as keep moving, her speed remaining inhuman through magic even with her Persona gone for now.
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The party was battered and beaten, and tried their best to wave off any attacks they could. When all seemed lost, a savior rose from the ashes. The lab-coat wearing messish brushed off the dust and burns and bequeathed his subjects with a message of hope "Oh, no you don't, Mr. Tough-guy! Get a load of this!" Just as the enemy's rockets fired off, Doof threw his Blow-itself-up-inator into the air, the rockets colliding with it and blowing them up. The robot is pushed back by the explosion "Yeah, that 'oughta do it! Alright, guys, you did a great job of distracting that thing while I was repairing my inators. Quickly, everyone get in the trajectory of the Other Dimension-inator! Once we're safe, i'll activate the remote self-destruct-inator an -you know in hindsight it would probably be better to just do it rather then explain what i'm going to do and th-" Doof's droning on thankfully stops before the enemy has time to recoved. He gets in the beam fired by the Other-Dimension-Inator, which would be left open long enough for the others to follow. Those who do find themselves piling up in an advanced "Medical Research Facility". After everyone has been accounting for minus Cait, Doof presses the button on his remote control to blow the Deus Ex Machina as well as the dimension it was contained in, effectively erasing the threat from existence. Itachi noticed a commotion in the room from nearby and rushes to see what happened. He frantically watches between everyone to make sure they were safe, asking all of them "What happened? Are you okay?"
Kotori shrugs and walks into the beam. Rather than let herself be treated, Kotori reaches in her pocket and rubs some healing ointment onto the burns she got from being so close to the explosion. When the man rushes in and asks, Kotori simply shrugs and starts chewing on a bar of chocolate. Dunno. First I thought we were supposed to survive. Then a robot thing attacked us. Musta been one of those "puzzle bosses" that are so popular lately. Nothing we did touched it. But it's own missiles did a lot. So it musta been one of those "only thing strong enough to hurt it was itself" things.
Homura sighs a bit at the man's entry, it does help to be sure. But it is also rather annoying the way he names these devices... That said, she really doesn't have the time to sit around thinking about this crap now. And as soon as the portal opens itself up, she would rush across the area as quickly as possible without even a care in the world for anything save getting out and evading any attacks that might possibly come towards her. Assuming she got in without issue, she'd begin answering Itachi's questions. "I'm... Fine, the cat demon isn't though. He's gone, which is a bit worrying to say the least... In fact I'm honestly kind of terrified consider that could have been anyone." Her eyes would go more than a bit dark as she thinks back to far worse times, but no need to dwell on the past that much, right? "I... Not entirely sure I want to stay in frankly if this is going to happen. Fighting is one thing, but I didn't join a simple tournament expecting to face the risk of death. From outside sources no less..." She'd trail off and go quiet, looking around the room as she breathes heavily and holds her fists tight.
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The man's eyes begin with to genuinely well up as he covers his face with his right hand in disgrace "Homura, was it? Listen, we didn't expect this either, but you're right. We were taking too many risks the moment we showed our faces in public. In the end, I guess we only did it for ourselves. At the very least, I owe you an explanation. If you don't want to hear it, though, I won't stop you from walking away from all this." He wipes his eyes and remains solemn for a moment, kneeling to Homura and looking her in the eye.
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