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We are gathered here today
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A young, silver-haired man wearing similarly glowing armor steps up to a podium. In front of said podium is an urn filled with ash, as well as a sign nearby that says "Rest in Peace Nyarlathotep" The dawn of time - 2019 There are many creatures gathered for the funeral, from humans to demons, to things you probably shouldn't look at for risk of losing your sanity. The silver haired man leading this funeral clears his throat and speaks a few words "Thank you all for coming, we're gathered here today to mourn the passing of a dear friend. Some of you may know him as the Crawling Chaos, though his friends often referred to him by his nickname 'Nyarly'. In a tragic turn of events our dear friend recently perished in a wildfire occuring in California. It was a great surprise, not that there were fires, but that dear Nyarly perished in them. If there is anyone else who would like to speak on our dearly departed friend, please stand now, and make your peace." The young man would solemnly walk off the podium, standing next to the urn to give others a turn
[Kazuya dressed in all black was sitting by the front, being one of Nyarly's oldest friends. He was fighting back the tears.] And he was so young, what a pity... [The usually joyful, yet tragic youth was there on his own, in mourning like he never before.]
The frogcat places his human hand upon the urn, murmuring a prayer. "Truly, he was worse than Bowser!" Overwhelmed by tears, he trips on the urn and dies instantly.
A man would step up to the podium and begin speaking in a somber tone. "What can I say that hasn't already been said about our dear friend, Nyatherlothetep. I like many other knew Nyarlothetothetep on a very personal level. You could almost say that Nyarlothenartolothetep and I were like brothers or even the same person. Yes, Nyarlothetotenarthotethotep and I were just that close to one another." The man seemed to be holding back tears as he stepped down from the podium.
A black cat in a hat and boots sniffled. His green eyes glittered with tears. “Such a noble demon... taken away from us by typical California weather...” He took off his hat and started crying into it.
The hunter is just sad that Nyarlathotep is now gone. Rest peacefully fellow demon. We will all miss you friend. He to takes off his hunter's cap and salutes.
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