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GYM DX: This time it's for realsies
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Following weeks of inactivity regarding the strange mascot and the white sheet, it fell. The white barrier between the new and the old had dropped revealing a neon sign, made in impact font reading GYM, and in a fancier cursive neon, 'Deluxe'. Apart from that, the exterior seems to have only been cleaned up and repaired in certain locations. An automatic door stands at the forefront of the structure, marking the way in. Behind the glass, it seems that the inside has been entirely remodeled, with the floor being a clean hardwood, glimmering in the yellow light beaming from hanging lamps. Only over the arenas are the lights solid white, coming from floodlights hanging at the corners of the structure. The outdoor area once fenced in by a concrete wall has been bricked up from the outside, with smoke billowing into the air from behind that high wall. The windows on the first floor light up with red and blue light as an 'Open' sign flickers to life. "Welcome! Welcome!" A cheerful voice can be heard upon entry, its source is a strange figure in a pink apron standing behind the counter. The emerald eyes gaze at the new entries, almost indicating a smile, despite the face having no form of movement.
A young, punkish girl leaps onto a nearby rooftop, cracking a grin as she thinks of returning to her hideout. Only to stare, dumbfounded at its new bright colors, automated doors, and overall not old and abandoned look. The girl blinks, before jumping back down a short distance in front of the entryway The girl is dressed in a clear rocker outfit, complete with a black, spiked leather ribbon in her hair, a skull motif in her dress, and topped off with a wicked axe-shaped guitar strapped to her back, the girl steps through the automated doorway and looks around before asking the only person there "Yo, what's the big idea, remodeling my hideout? I thought the place did a good enough job yellin' 'keep out'."
Well now. It has been an age since I've been here. 400 or so years, give or take a decade or two. *In through the GYM doors walks a tired looking man in a black lab coat. Next to him is a young girl, smiling as she looks around the new GYM.* Kairi: Oooh. Fancy. Nero: Focus, Kairi. Do not forget we are here for research. Kairi: Yes Father. *Nero would wave over to Tot and the person with the pink apron.* Greetings. My thanks for the warm welcome, sir.
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Deneb would appear confused at the mention of a hideout. He brushes off a portrait and points with earnestness towards it. "My apologies, but the owner of this establishment is named Kalib, an individual known for his, well charming personality. You'll have to forgive me if what I've done with the place has in any way disrupted your day to day activities, but do understand that the remodelling was perfectly allowed by the owner!" Deneb would bow humbly toward the pair. "It's my pleasure, now what can I help you with!"
"Yeah, that's what I was told the first time. But Kalib ain't here so I was workin' with it." Tot lets out a sigh, crossing her arms and tapping her foot in a show of annoyance. The girl looks aside at the other two who entered the now not falling apart establishment "See? How am I supposed to keep a secret base if everyone walks in here all willy-nilly? I can't even lock the door anymore... Not that locking the old one mattered...."
*Nero stuffs his hands into his trouser pockets.* Well, I am only here to measure the emotional stability of sentient beings when put under heavy physical and mental pressure against opposition in a power based setting. As such- *Nero is interrupted by Kairi jabbing him in the side. He clears his throat.* My apologies. To put it simply, I am here to study how emotions of people change during combat. It's... for a research paper. *Nero would then look at Tot.* Perhaps if you do not want secret hideouts being over run by the state, you should not use abandoned buildings. They can be purchased and renovated at any moment, after all. It's your fault for poor decision making, I'm afraid.
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Deneb would tilt his head, confused. "Why would it be a secret place though? Upon my arrival, it was fairly well maintained inside, only a few pieces of rubble had fallen off the front. The electricity was still on as well! As much as I wish I could help you, the building is property of another individual, and I am currently running it in his stead, or until one of the many other people he trusted with running this business turns up to take the reins." He'd then direct his attention back to the pair. "I'm terribly sorry, but all of the brawls here are for sport, and typically done with friendly intentions! Emotional instability is rather difficult to encounter, unless they were emotionally unstable in the first place, and if things got out of hand I'd have to, well intervene, that is to say, end the fight as fast as I can!"
Ah, you seem to misunerstood. My apologies for not explaining further. I am not searching for issues like Insanity in combat. No, nothing of the sort. I am simply measuring how emotions change during combat. How happiness at a challenge can become anger at losing or how determination between fierce rivalries can be measured through changing of emotions. *Nero would smirk.* I wish to know how heart and mind register these feelings and how they are put into actions during a fight. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Tot Pop lets out their breath, calming themselves down a bit as they looked back to Deneb "Its secret cuz no one was using it for a long while. Aside from an occasional straggler I was pretty much left undisturbed. You didn't think I'd let the place go to ruin right? Long as its actual owner was away I was pretty much in top shape." Tot glares at Nero out the corner of her eye, obviously not taking too kindly to their little remark "Technically, as I was informed, I wasn't using an abandoned building. I was using one still under private ownership and left empty. I've done it before, like takin' over some rich businessman's summer home. Never even noticed." As she remembers some of her old tricks Tot's expression lightens up a bit, relaxing and putting both hands behind her head
*Nero chuckles at Tot.* Well if it was owned property, that's even worse. Of course this was going to happen sooner or later. People do like making use of their land, after all. Abandoned or not, they will naturally sooner or later want to make a profit on it. It's human nature after all.
"Thankfully, no one asked your opinion, nerd." Tot winks at Nero, a wide grin across her face to contrast her confrontational words
Kairi: Hey! Don't be rude to Father! *Kairi pipes up, glaring at Tot.* Kairi: Just cause you're dressed like wierd goth doesn't mean you have to act like you were never taught manners.
A blue-haired woman quietly stepped inside the GYM. It was surprisingly empty... perhaps because it had just been re-opened. Aside from the gold-marked gun she was holding, the woman was relatively nonthreatening in appearance. And manners, too, as she bowed to Deneb when she got near. "Ah, hello there. You're in charge at the moment, I assume?"
"So what? You planning on doing anything about it toots?" Tot Pop leans in closer to Kairi, pretty confident in herself after her last few adventures "We've got a sparring ring, why not use it?"
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Deneb would appear to become flustered, a mild amount of stammering. "N-Now if you h-have some s-s-sort of disagreement, I can c-certainly recommend f-fighting it out in the ring!" He'd begin messing with pots and pans on a stove top as if to disinvolve himself until the problem goes away. "O-Oh, Welcome! Welcome!"
Hmm. This wasn't quite the scenario I was thinking off, but so be it. If you wish to fight, we shall take you up on that offer. Kairi: Put your money where your weird vampire emo mouth is *Nero would summon a portal, reach into it, and pull out a metal book.* Kairi: If you aren't scared of us, that is. Tee hee.
"The customers are a bit... feisty, I see. You must have your hands full." The woman laughed a little and twirled some of her light blue hair around one of her fingers. "But it's a pleasure to visit this place again, even if it's different than last time. Perhaps I'll find some old friends here. Oh dear, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Primarina. Well... there's many with my name, so I suppose I'm better known as Prima. What's your name, sir?"
"Now we're rockin'. Show me what you've got" Tot would exclaim with glee as she slings her guitar off her back. The girl's first act is to jump back towards the arena while striking a single high cord. As she does so a music note bursts out of her guitar. This one would be a whole note roughly the size of a basketball aimed directly at Kairi. As soon as this note struck anything it would shatter into dozens of shards like glass
Very well. *Nero and Kairi would soon join Tot in the arena.* Kairi: Oh, this is gonna be fun. Let's play. * As Kairi got pumped, a mask would form over her face, metal with a cheeky smile and two bright eyes, one of them winking. As soon as Tot would launch her note, Kairi would raise her arm, causing an arm canon to rise out of her wrist. This cannon would launch a wave of sound at the note, destroying it.* Kairi: What else you got?
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Choosing to let whatever mayhem may occur run its course, Deneb would begin to enjoy the quiet conversation. "My name is Deneb! It's nice to meet you, Prima! Welcome to GYM Deluxe! Yes, it certainly has changed. The owner always seemed to have takeout piled up, so I decided to implement a kitchen, after all, the best cure for sore muscles is a good meal!" He seemed to have recited that last bit.
"Just getting warmed up. Not bad. not good either." As mentioned earlier, the note would shatter into dozens of glass shards headed every direction, some towards Kairi, some towards Nero, and some at Tot herself. Tot simply leaps over hers, ending up in the air near the roof as she strikes a riff. Rather than the single big note from earlier, these come out as a series of eight quarter and eight notes which fly at Kairi and would impact like rubber bullets, seriously stinging but not enough to cause major harm
Prima smiled and nodded. Even with the fight in the background, this was a pleasant interaction. "I can see why. A meal made personally means a lot more than one pre-made elsewhere... and is fresher, too. But regardless, it's a pleasure to meet you, Deneb." She bowed once more. "I may leave you to spar, but I've enjoyed our conversation. This establishment is quite different from the style of fighting I'm used to. But that's what happens when you throw Persona-users and other unusual humans into the mix."
*Slabs of the floor would raise up, blocking the glass from hitting Kairi or Nero.* Kairi: Thanks, Big Bro *With a smirk, Kairi would aim in the air, another sound wave blaster rising from her other wrist, firing a larger, more powerful burst of sound, blowing throught the rubber bullets and towards Tot, repelling the rubber note bullets back towards Tot in the process. Meanwhile, Nero would begin writing in his metal covered book.*
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Deneb would reach into a basket hidden beneath the counter, and off a piece of its contents to Prima. It seemed to be a spherical candy, wrapped in yellow paper, emblazoned with Deneb's face on it. "Here, you go! On the house, one of my world famous 'Deneb Candies'! Those two seemed too involved to enjoy one, b-but I'm sure they'll want one when they're done!"
Seeing her attack repelled, Tot would simply push off the ceiling, back to the floor and letting a section of the roof get hit in the process. The girl closes her eyes a bit as she keeps playing. The next four quarter notes wouldn't come anywhere near her opponents, instead aimed at the side walls of the area, where they'd proceed to bounce around "Weren't we supposed to be fighting? Neither of you have done anything but stand and hide."
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"Thank you, Deneb." Prima gave him another gentle smile, but then was faced with the task of opening the candy. The primarina-turned-human hadn't encountered the fearsome device known as a wrapper before. Others had always done it for her. Somehow, she solved the problem by tearing the part on the candy's surface, then popped the candy into her mouth after throwing away said wrapper.
*Kairi and Nero look at eachother.* Well, if it's a whooping your a wanting *A portal opens next to Nero, sending a number of odd devices and scrap metal towards and begins to orbit Kairi.* Kairi: Allow me. * Using her blasters, Kairi would propel herself towards Tot. Raising her hands, the pieces of metal would shift and combine. Soon, with the exception of a few rouge pieces still floating around her, Kairi had formed the devices into a Zweihander, soon bringing the large blade down, aiming for Tot's head.*
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Tot would easily swing her guitar up and around as she sidesteps, deflecting the Zweihander's blade into the ground, before kicking off of Kairi towards Nero. If able, the girl would take a few more quick steps before swinging the blade-like side of her guitar at the nerd "So you're the mage right? This shouldn't take long."
*Nero barely even looks up at Tot as, like before, the floor raises up, protecting Nero from the attack. From behind the barrier comes a voice differant from the other two, deep and growling.* Sycamore: No touching the Scientist. *Recovering from the kick, Kairi charges again, hoping to hit Tot with her sword while her attack is deflected.
"Awww, what's the point in fighting if you're not gonna join the fun part?" She shouts to the voice before simply jumping over Kairi once again, not even taking the time to look at the girl. Now that she'd be directly above Kairi, Tot lets loose another barrage of quarter notes. Now that they're closer the four notes she'd sent would be capable of chipping away or breaking rock Around this time the notes she'd sent bouncing around earlier would bounce back, aiming to strike Nero from behind, or at least keep him busy for a little longer. Since these have been bouncing around for some time they'd do little more than sting and distract, even for a normal person, but its doubtful they'd end up hitting anyways
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*Kairi would be suprised caught by suprise of the sudden acrobatics of Tot and be pelted by notes, but Sycamore's shield would hold strong. However, due to guarding from the front, he would be unable to counter as Nero is hit from behind by the notes. Giving an annoyed sigh, he would channel electricity into the back of his book from his hands and cause it to rise in the air above Sycamore's shield.* You are interrupting my research and I would appriciate it if you let me write down my thoughts *With that, Kairi would flip behind Sycamore's shield as he tilts it up slightly. With all three protected, Nero's book would begin to fire lightning charged lasers across the field at Tot.*
"Woah now, that seems excessive." Tot would start by making a note in the air for her to kick off of, sending it slamming into the roof while she dives under the first laser. Tot makes for the area near where she started, rolling to the side of another before finally jumping into the hole in the roof made from their second round of combat. Once she grabs onto the edge, the girl salutes to the pair "Well, I know when a fight's done, later losers." before flipping up and out of the GYM once more
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*Nero's book floats down back to Nero's hand as Sycamore nods and returns beneath the arena floor. Nero leaves the arena, Kairi close behind as her mask removes itself and the schrapnel around her returns through a portal Nero opens. She grins happily. Nero slams his book shut.* Kairi: Ha ha! We win. We win. She was aaaaall talk. So it would seem. But please, do refrain from mouthing off to dangerous strangers in the future Kairi. That was a mess. *Kairi scratches the back of her head nervously.* Kairi: R-Right. Sorry father.
A young man wearing a strange metal suit walks into the building, he just looks around for a moment before shrugging and taking a seat upon the ceiling. High tech mask lenses narrowing a bit as the door is watched. "Heh, it's been a while since I've gotten into any superpower kinda brawls. Wonder if I'll meet somebody cool tonight, like an Avenger or something." He'd absently hum a tune and bob his head up and down while watching the ground.
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A new face enters the establishment, only to see on the counter a note written in very floral handwriting. It has a face of something inhuman winking, or at least that's what it seems like. "... 'I am sorry, but I have to run an errand, feel free to use whatever facilities, but please clean up! -Deneb'... I guess a place like this doesn't worry about getting robbed..." The man sets down his rucksack, sitting on a couch near the door. He checks his phone, covered with stickers of some idol or other. No service. Figures... "Damn... this doesn't make any sense!" His stomach would growl, almost joining in on his anger. He'd sigh, and go behind the counter, taking liberties with the note's instructions. He'd go to the far end, going through some large fridge, and coming out with several plates piled with ingredients. He'd scan the kitchen area, only to let his eyes fall upon a frilly pink apron. "... Better than nothing..." A savory scent would begin to emanate from the stove, and shortly, a plate of noodles topped with veggies would find itself on the counter. He'd begin cleaning the stovetop, not wanting to leave a mess before he ate.
A crow would fly in through the door quickly while it was still open. It's sit on the couch nearest to the one Kazumi was sitting on. It's just rest there...staring at them...There was something terribly off putting about the look of it.
Soon enough, a slim line of webbing bursts from the ceiling and down to the counter. With ease the boy rushes down to the ground and just snatches up the bowl of noodles. He'd chuckle a bit as a small opening forms in his mask and nanobots form themselves into the amazing shape of... Chopsticks. With a grin he'd quickly begin diving into the food and wave cheekily. "Mmm, ya know these aren't half bad at all Mr. Name's Spider-Man, or at least that's what I call myself when dressed like so. God, I was starving, by the way, haven't eaten nearly all day." Indeed, he'd devour the way only a hungry superpowered teenage boy can. Having quickly finished the food off with a happy sigh in mere minutes. "So beyond short order cook, you here for any other reasons tonight pal? Gotta admit, I'm kinda looking to practice my fighting moves but I'm not so sure a chef is the best guy to spar with. Then again, don't judge a book by it's cover especially here."
He'd look up from his cleaning, catching a glimpse of the bird. "What... you makin' fun of me?" Seeing his work being tossed away so flippantly, he'd simply stand in shock for a minute. After recovering, he'd feel around his shirt, apparently finding what he was looking for. "Well, you've certainly given me a reason to beat you up, huh? Fine then, Spiderdude, I'll give you a practice you'll remember, but if I win, and you're still conscious, you're gonna make me dinner, and you're gonna answer a few questions of mine." Without waiting for a response, he'd head over to the standard pit style arena, standing in the corner with a strange smirk on his face. "I will admit, I didn't think I'd have a party this early..." With that, he'd pull out a strange light blue device, placing it firmly above his waist, causing a silver band to stretch and latch onto the other side forming a belt.
Spidey shrugs a bit, making fun of the dude? Not exactly. "Hey man, I'll make you dinner either way. Or at least order a pizza on the boss's credit card, don't worry he's rich the guy won't even notice! And the questions, depends on what they are, but as long as it doesn't involve my sizes or secret identy I'll probably answer those either way too." He laughs a bit and grins upon seeing the belt, he's actually seen one not entirely unlike that once before in this very place. Ah good times, but that was then and this is now, and for now he just watches and waits, wrists aimed towards the man as he steps into the ring. "Oh oh, I think I know this part man! It's the part where you go 'HENSHIN' right? Saw another guy who had a fancy belt, his deal was coffee though, I never knew how much danger coffee could be till I fought him."
Coffee? Never heard of him. Though, he would vaguely laugh at the idea of some rider being stuck with coffee. After this detour, he'd pull out a golden packet with a silver nozzle. "You bet your ass it is." He'd twist the top of the nozzle, and toss it up before catching it and slamming it down into the belt, causing a burst of what looked like transparent motor oil to fly out onto the floor in front of him. ROBOT JELLY The sound of loud industrial machinery clashing and banging could be heard from his belt, as he did a pose of sorts, holding his finger to his head, then pointing it to the sky, letting it fall before it aimed at Spidey. He'd point it back up without changing the location of his hand. "Henshin." He'd flick his wrist up and let his arm rest at his side as a large beaker formed around him, slowly filling with the same fluid that came out of his belt earlier. As the beaker filled, it seemed that the walls of it would begin twisting in, until it covered his body. Within seconds the wall would disappear, leaving him in a golden armor with a white helmet. CRUSHING! OOZING! OVERFLOWING! The top of the helmet then shot out the same fluid, covering his body in it until it formed into a black transparent chestpiece and helmet. ROBOT IN GREASE! BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRAH!!!! "I'll set my soul ablaze... and crush you!" The fluid would this time emerge from the palm of his hand, forming into a blaster of sorts mounted on his wrist. He'd pound his chest and begin charging him, shooting golden beams as he ran.
Peter cracks his knuckles a bit and watches the man's armor form, it is quite impressive if he's honest. But there's little time to admire the coolness as he's soon being shot at, Grease would find the boy darting and ducking about the battle field with superhuman quickness. Though despite that one of the beams does manage to slam into his chest. Despite that, Spidey returns fire by blasting off a couple web lines, one flying straight for Grease and if it hit quickly being yanked backward to try and bring the man towards him. The other flies to... A skillet in the kitchen, which the Rider would quickly find flying towards the back of his chest if he were able to evade the first web. "You can try and crush me man, but I'm pretty crushing resistant in this suit! It's actually just super tough so, I wish you the best of luck. Except not really because ya know, I take serious offense to being crushed!"
Grease would roll around the first shot of web, but is then struck in the back by a pan, it doesn't phase him, but he would look disdainfully at it. "What's wrong? Didn't bring your own weapon? I have mine right here!" He'd pull a strange purple bottle out and place it into his wrist weapon. SINGLE! SINGLE FINISH! As soon as he fired it, the golden beams would be replaced by golden strands of web, which, should they hit, would bind the jumpy lad. "If you don't fight back properly, you'll ruin the party!"
A man wearing green, train-themed armor entered the GYM. "Deneb you dumb bitch I know you're in there"
A girl wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt walked into the building, her hair was done up in a way to make it look although she didn't belong, she had a fancy braid with a bunch of rose and snowflake hair duties in it, she also wore short gloves that were light blue, her eyes were a unique blue, mostly dark blue but with streams of blue so light they could be mistaken for white, she also had a fancy mesh-like hat, the shape based off of a cowboy hat, she pulled out a flute and started playing some music.
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(Sorry, I was just bored and desperate to roleplay)
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