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Today the sky was overcast, a faint grey providing a melancholic atmosphere as the faint sound of a light rain pitter-patters against the pavement. It was a boring enough day, for a while, until you caught sight of a strange, white, cat-like creature simply standing in the path as though waiting for you. It would pause, as though making sure it was seen before it starts walking through the city.
"ooh a cat! But I have shopping to do. I can just shop later." Luck follows the cat because he has nothing better to do
A young girl wearing a pink t-shirt and blue jeans wanders down the city streets, a smile over her face as she absently crosses a street. Things have been quiet lately, and really that's all she can ask fo-... She'd glance over towards the presence of the Incubator, seemingly waiting for someone, and mutter a curse to herself. "Insufferable monster, what is it planning this time. Grrr, should I even bother looking into it. Guess I won't just leave some random people to it though..." She reaches into her pockets for a moment and pulls out a small bottle of some kind, flipping it about in her hand and simply watching the Incubator depart to see if anyone else follows after it. If someone did, she'd, in turn, follow after them with a very annoyed sigh.
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Kohaku was traversing the city rooftops when she sees the "cat". Huh? That's Mami-san's.... Then maybe... Recognizing it, Kohaku follows after on the rooftops, not noticing anyone else as she goes.
In a nearby alley a woman simply sat on the ground, curled up with her knees against her chest and her hands wrapped around her legs. She sat in the rain, ignoring it as if she didn't fear catching a cold. The water already soaking her tattered clothes and her golden eyes staring absently into the dark clouds above. To any other passerby she simply seemed like one of the many downtrodden homeless that made the darker and more shadier area's their home. In truth that wasn't so far from the truth for someone who had no place to go and return to. She simply sat there without purpose, only turning her gaze to the strange creature upon noticing it's out of place appearance before turning her gaze back to sky and dismissing it's presence.
An older looking boy with oddly absent eyes would be walking through the city on a leisurely stroll. They'd stop upon noticing a group of people chase an odd white cat. Haruka would seem to fixate on the cat for a moment before slowly following behind the group. "I want to pet it..."
Another young girl wearing a green vest and green waist-tie shorts strolled down the streets of the city absentmindedly as she looked down on her phone. She had her headphones in, and to be honest it was a bit of a wonder how she didn't get run over due to how little she was paying attention. She took off her headphones and rested them around her neck, looking up to see Homura just walking around, following the Incubator. "...that's pretty suspect. Maybe I should give in to my nosiness and follow her...yeah, I'll do that." Sonomi muttered to herself as she set her phone to record, putting it in her back pocket. She then disconnected her headphones from her phone and decided to quietly follow Homura as she followed the Incubator cat thing. Despite her lightweight stature and her quiet footsteps, the megaphone device and her headphones rustled when she moved behind Homura.
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Luck and Haruka- The cat? Wouldn’t express much interest in luck, it would briefly turn back as though making sure he were still following it before heading towards what seemed to be a ghetto area on the outskirts. Kohaku- Kyubey proceeds along the rooftops, jumping down onto a much lower building towards the outskirts of town, aimed towards a run-down square Velvet- The Cat-like creature remains gone for a few seconds, before briefly turning back and poking its head out of an alleyway. Though it’s mouth doesn’t move, she can hear a voice clearly “Not interested? Oh well, I have more than enough monsters to deal with already.” Dismissing her before heading off once more Homura and Sonomi- Of course Homura finds another girl following the incubator, seems to be around the right age too. The pair follow it for a time, during which the creature briefly looks back, though it’s beast red eyes betray no emotion it’s voice almost seems surprised “You’re here too Homura-chan? I’m surprised you’re still willing to talk to me”
Homura sighs a bit and looks towards Kyubey. "Yes well... You don't care, right Incubator? You don't care at all about any of it except your goals. I don't see why you'd hold a grudge against me, so what have I got to gain from holding one against you. I don't exactly want people dying to Witches or something, that is what you're here about, right?" Her voice is a bit dull and monotone as she speaks to the being, and really she's not being entirely honest. She does hold a grudge, but acting on it does nobody any good. She'd turn to Sonomi with a friendly look in her eyes and a far more chipper voice. "And hi there newcomer! I'm Homura Akemi, and it's nice meeting you! That's Kyubey over there, an Incubator. Long story short, he uh... Makes contracts of a sort, with a lot of caveats you too could I think become a magical girl. I don't suggest it, but it's your choice in the end."
"Monster.....huh." she repeated with a dry laugh as she eyed her bandage arm. "Is that....all that I am now?" she asked no one in particular Trapped in an unknown world unable to sate her hatred. The target of her revenge not in this world and thus her purpose lost. All she could do was rot here but even that was futile. She would continue to live on even if her body didn't consume sustenance. Instead she would simply sit here. Wiping her mind of thought and allowing the passage of time to take her. Until the day she vanishes from the world or finds new purpose.
Haruka would just continue to follow the group, his eyes glued to the cat-like creature. It was hard to tell his exact intentions since he showed no expression in his face or why he was keeping his distance in the first place. "I want to pet that cat but...I'll have to talk to people if I go over there...Hmmmm..."
I'm sure he's leading me to them... He's definitely leading me somewhere... But... She'd speed up to catch up to the familiar, Leaping down to the square that seems to be it's destination. Where are they? I thought familiars were bound to the phone they inhabit? Of course, if Kyubey continued on, she'd follow, but if it stopped she'd approach while looking around.
Sonomi jumped a bit, startled at Homura's "sudden" introduction towards her, though really that's just her thinking she was completely stealthy when she really wasn't. She did a bit of a bowing motion towards Homura in an attempt to apologize to her for basically nothing. "I apologize, I'm so sorry, I thought that I was interrupting something between...you two. But, I hope, uh..." Sonomi stumbled on her words a bit as she gazed towards Kyubey, taking out her phone and tapping it in order for it to stop recording, she put it back in her pocket once again as she walked up to Homura. "Nice to meet you too, Homura-chan! My name is Maizono. Sonomi Maizono, that is. Sana is fine too, you can say whatever you want!" She extended her hand for a shake, but she visibly side-eyed Kyubey as she did. Sonomi was obviously skeptic, and didn't really want to say anything about their conversation. She didn't want to pry into anything personal, even though she did take the time to eavesdrop heavily on the two.
Homura giggles a bit and waves her hand upon seeing the girl bow. "Haha, no need to be so sorry or anything! You weren't spying on anything I'm not comfortable sharing with people." There's a gleam in her eyes as the girl pushes her glasses up and grins. "So, you can just call me Homura then. And uh, do you know anything about magic and monsters, Sana-chan?" She'd absently keep pace with Kyubey while speaking to the other in a casual tone. "Whatever the case, just note that if you're gonna try and get involved then it'll be dangerous. I suspect we'll be hunting what's called a Witch, they're... Monsters."
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Homura and Sonomi- "I'm actually not here about that. Though now that you've mentioned it we could use more Magical Girls. But I'll explain the situation when everyone gets there." the buildings would grow smaller and more worn-down as they continue. Soon enough it would dive around a corner, vanishing from sight for a moment. Haruka- Haruka would continue following the cat-like creature as the buildings became older and more worn-down until it paused near the end of the street. It briefly looks back, as if checking to see if it were followed, before diving out of sight once more Everyone- following the creature would eventually lead everyone to find it atop a worn-down fountain. The creature flicks its long, floppy ears before addressing the group, its beady red eyes unwavering "I'm glad some of you have accepted my request, there's a fair bit to talk about. You see, I've run into a bit of a monster problem and was hoping to recruit help from some of the passerby. You can run now if you want, or stay for more. Either is acceptable. Though I imagine some of you are already thinking of running, I hope everyone will at least hear me explain." The creature tilts its head, clearly glancing in Homura's direction before looking back into the space behind them as though waiting for some kind of response
Sonomi would put one hand behind her back and the other under her chin as she looked up at the sky, obviously thinking about something as she spoke to Homura. "Hmmm, monsters and magic? I've heard about it, but I've never seen it happen in real life. The most magic I've had is the magician that I've had perform at my seventh birthday party, and the most monsters that I've had were the ones that were under my bed when I was 4." She rambled a bit towards her unknowingness towards the subject, whatever it was. Too bad this was all during their transition of peaceful city to...this. Sonomi had closed her eyes once, and opened them to look at the sudden change of scenery. Her first instinct would be to get closer to Homura as she gasped in surprise. She quickly pulled away as she looked back at Kyubey. "Oh gosh, isn't this a great way to start out...Uhm, I don't mind staying to listen...I guess." She glanced at Homura at first, a bit less panic then one would normally have when something like this happens to them out of the blue. She then glanced back at Kyubey waiting for Homura's response towards it.
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Haruka would stick around as if unaware of what the cat-like creature was saying or perhaps simply of the meaning behind it. "Monster? How terrifying of a monster?" There wouldn't even be a tinge of fear or confusion in his expression, as if such emotions were simply lost on him.
A girl would catch a glance at the many people moving about in one direction to the rather outlandish spot which does nothing but peak some curiosity though also putting caution in mind to her next action, that which simple is to silently move closer into he crowd and listen in on what they say yet not utter a single sound. With luck and high probability nobody will even notice she joined or question it and she could listen with leisure even if her face is a cold blank stare as she does just that.
Homura looks around at the rest of the group, the strange bottle in her hand glows for a moment before a pistol appears in her left palm. And a black rune marked katana in her right. "I don't speak for anyone else, but I live here, people I love live here. So yeah I'll help despite my misgivings. Just letting dangerous things roam freely doesn't sit well with me at all." She just sighs and smiles in a tired way at them all, her weapons gleaming in the light as she prepares. "So, I'm Homura Akemi. And to anyone else coming along, I'll be trusting you to watch my back. Those who aren't? I don't begrudge you at all, and I kinda want to leave too. But I can't do that and still sleep at night so I'm staying."
Thoughts of running do indeed run through Kohaku's mind briefly, but she quickly shakes them away. I'm not like that anymore... No need for those kind of thoughts... She was about to ask Kyubei a question before she notices Homura out the corner of her eye. Akemi-senpai! She waves and makes her way over to the other girl. I knew if I followed it I'd find you guys! Don't worry! I'm better now! I'll prove it! The girl approaching Homura would remind her much of another "friend" of hers, suspiciously so in fact. It was like looking at a copy with minor changes, but the demeanor, magical presence, and especially the eyes were almost exactly the same. And judging by her getup, the girl was most certainly a magical girl.
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She couldn't exactly understand why she was here. Maybe she moved simply out of hunger. The never ending hunger that forever wracked her body and mind. She would stand behind the group, still near the entrance of the alley as the strange creature spoke up to the group. Monster? Was she talking about her? She chuckled at the thought but the word sent echoes in her stomach. She wanted to feed. She wanted to drink deep the blood and corruption of another living being. Reveling in the bloodshed as she drowned in their pungent despair but she held fast to that hunger as she continued to silently listen. She herself drawing no real attention to herself from the distance she was already taking from the group.
Homura looks at Kohaku in a very confused way, her head tilted almost exactly like Madoka's sometimes is. "Ummm...Do I know you? You look a lot like my girlfriend, but I don't recall her having a sister or anything...? Perhaps you do know "Homura Akemi". But not me. If that makes any sense." She'd shrug and smile at Kohaku regardless, speaking in a more friendly tone as her confusion passes. "Anyways, it's nice meeting you! And I'm sorry I don't know you yet!"
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Kyubey would nod, letting everyone get their exclamations out before interrupting them, though its mouth never moves its voice would sound firmly in each and every one of their heads "As Homura noted earlier the monster I'm talking about is a creature called a Witch. These creatures live in their own spaces and sow seeds of despair among humanity. To reap them later. It would be difficult to describe a typical Witch because of how they vary. All Witches live inside their barrier, a space that is impossible for most people to find. That's where I come in." Kyubey would jump down from the fountain and begin pacing around the group, eyeing them individually as it continues "My name is Kyubey, I'm here to help humanity fight off these Witches through the creation of Magical Girls. Magical Girls are champions of hope and light to fight off the darkness of despair for a brighter future and ordinarily Witches would be handled by them alone. However..." Kyubey stops and casts an unmistakable glance in Homura's direction as it finishes up "There's been a drop in Magical Girls recently while Witches are only becoming more and more common. So I've decided to enlist the help of some... Other people. Its an unfortunate situation all around but until things change its all I can do. With that said, are there any last questions before I lead you to its barrier?"
Now it's Kohaku's turn to tilt her head in confusion, also like Madoka's though with a bit of disappointment in her expression. Oh.. S-sorry.. I thought you were... but you're definitely... She racks her brain a bit before seemingly giving up. R-right.. I'm.. Kaname Kohaku... Where I came from.. you were.. uhh... Really close to my sis. Sorry.. I guess that was really awkward.... Just like that, her previous excitement and joy seems to disapate and She makes an inconfident expression that's decidedly NOT one Madoka would make. This however only lasts till Kyubey's speech, which brings back some life and determination to her eyes. Witches? Like.. rogue magical girls? She shudders. .... Though... It looks like you're not a familiar... And you said "monsters"... I'll try. But I won't fight another magical girl. Ok? If it's a magical girl, I won't fight.
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The girl would stare in a mix of emotions trying to take in the information heard, sure it ain't the most farfetched wild idea but it's still a bizarre concept. And it now wish to recruit others into this to make up for a deficit of Magical Girls... Just the name of it gives some creepy shivers for the las and she reconsiders just stepping out of this feeling like she on a trip and should jum- "No stop I want to keep listening lets hear it all out." A voice rang in her head urging her to just sit back and hear out a few more words from Kyubey. To the girl it would come across as both a bothersome and shocking that he would ever even want to listen in on this and still has last minute hesitation to just step back. "Gael stay put or I overclock and take over. I need to hear this out a most peculiar offer has presented itself in line with my interest." The voice rang out again in her head more commanding and sending more cold chills freezing her body up. Very well then it seems she will stay put and listen some more but she isn't to convinced on the words being spoken here really but that just means to she needs to revaluate better this entire situation and maybe the ones even gathered here..
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"Despair, huh? I'd like to see it for myself then. I'm not much of a fighter but I want to know what these creature's who sow seeds of despair look like." There was almost a tinge of something in his eyes for a moment, possibly hope or rather something that looked to be obsession. Regardless, his eyes would return to normal just as quickly as they had changed. "No, maybe I need to see them, even at the cost of this empty life."
The girl would take notice of the crowd, curiosity peeking her interest at the varied spectators to the strange talking..... "Is that a cat?" she mutter to no one in particular before taking confident steps towards the group. She didn't say much more as she listened to it talk about witches. She seemed more interested in the group around her than the actual talk of witches however.
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During all this, Sonomi tilts her head in confusion as she looked towards Kohaku. Her eyes had a feeling of empathy as she looked towards her. Even if Kohaku tried to look at Sonomi, she'd just quickly turn her head towards Homura with a friendly smile. "Oh, Homura-chan, is she a friend of yours?" Was all she said before she walked up towards Kohaku and did a little bow towards her. She looked at Kohaku with the same look she had towards Homura to hide the empathetic gaze she had for her. "I'm Maizono, Sonomi. It's nice to meet you. Sana is fine too, it's what Homura-chan says!" Of course, Sonomi didn't pay too much attention to what Kyubey said, it's a bit concerning, jarring, and overall suspicious. Magical girls and monsters are a bit supernatural to her, and she doesn't want to try and worry about it until it comes towards her, and she sees it with her own eyes.
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Homura sighs a bit and rubs her forehead, how to explain this in a way that makes sense. She barely understands, but... Yeah. "Okay so, your sister is Madoka Kaname then right Kohaku? Yeah, that'd make sense. This place is... Think of where you came from as one string, where I'm from as another, this? It's a messee up yarn ball made from all the strings! You follow?" She'd shrug and move on, the Incubator isn't entirely wrong about all that. Though it leaves out key details. Nothing to be done though. "Not exactly Sana, at least not of me as I am. Of another me I believe. And anyways Kohaku, Witches aren't exactly rogue magical girls... They're magical girls corrupted by despair beyond the point of return, no saving them, just gotta eliminate the threat. They can also spawn from familiars killing enough, but that's more a secondary source to my knowledge." She'd then glance over at Haruka. A stern look in her eyes. "And I don't suggest it. I could loan you a gun and some mag... I can loan you a gun, but it'll only stop the familiars at best. No offense, but I don't want what amounts to civilian in a war zone."
Haruka would just return Homura's stern gaze with a blank look before replying. "I have a gun. A handgun my dad used to use for hunting. I don't leave home without it since I realize I'm the type to not care about getting myself into dangerous situations. I only want to see as well. I won't get into the middle of the fight if I can avoid it."
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"Homura, you know better than to discourage anyone. Ordinary people can't see me, which means he can take care of himself" Kyubey paces around the group, completing one last circle before walking back to the top of the fountain. Standing tall on top of the fountain as he focuses on a space above it "As for witches, its much more effective to show you than to tell. Now I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but you're going to have to climb up here and jump." a round portal opens in the air above the fountain. Its bordered by what seems to be a staff and set of music notes encircling the barrier blue portal. The center of the portal shows an image of crossed swords over a crescent moon as Kyubey waits directly beneath it for entry
"A familiar that can use portals. Only just met and you're already more useful than my own familiar" she chuckled before stepping up and simply jumping up into the portal. She simply wore an expectant smirk on her face as she dived into the unknown. Not even seeming to question where the portal led her.
Homura can see Kohaku's head spinning the moment she compared the world to string. Seems there's no saving her. Regardless, she takes the description of witches to heart. So they're like magical girls who became monsters? .... I-i'll see.. She swallows her courage and leaps into the portal in a single bound.
She just rubs her head with an annoyed look and twitches a bit. "Fine, come along if you really want to risk your life that badly. But try to be useful if you're going to. And I don't take responsibility for what happens to you from this point forwards, it will be dangerous, things will try to kill you, and I don't want to be risking my life for someone without a survival instinct." She'd then glance towards Kyubey and laugh a bit bitterly. "Not so sure on that one here, the rules aren't the same in this madhouse Incubator. At any rate, I've said my bit and he's clearly not listening so don't worry about it. Anyways, come Homulilly." A black card would take shape in front of her, her blade swings through it in an instant and blue flames blaze up around the girl's body. A towering woman dressed in black stockings and a white and purple skirt and shirt with a pink ribbon on her... Well, she doesn't have a head or neck, just a mass of solid shadows instead. And a large black metal rod with a guillotine attached to the end. The girl leaps upwards, her Persona launches her with its weapon and she'd go flying up to the portal with ease. The being she'd summoned would also quickly rush in by floating after her. "Right then, let's start off by just gathering our wits and the basics of the area. No telling what form it'll take, so we've gotta be wary and ready for anything.
"oh..." Sonomi's eyes flashed with disappointment, not directed towards anyone but herself. More things she doesn't understand, piled on top of whatever Kyubey wants us to do makes her general emotion and state of mind be in confusion. She stands still before looking at the others quickly making their way inside the portal. "Well, I hope we'll all be alright. That's my number one priority." She got the megaphone device that was suspended on the string that was tied around her shorts, and held it with one hand in a way that was clearly meant to be used as a gun. She looked innocently at Kyubey, but decided not to hesitate. She followed the rest of the gang inside.
Haruka would enter last, He didn't want to rush in and end up dying before accomplishing what he was set on doing. He entered without much fuss at all as if he simply looked at this as an obstacle before him rather than anything else.
The Girl would see the portal open and the sights are less then friendly in her honest opinion. Will she really have to tag along on something so unusual and deadly to her understanding not even a bit of time to learn and prep before making a mov- "See that portal? I betcha that's just a gateway to a treasure trove of resources we could make dimes and spades of profit and trades, I can just feel it in my guts its pulsating there's got to be something to feast and harvest off of there be it some magical girls or witches we must go. My extensions are up and running you should be well defended anyway now go!" The voice bellow in her head cause her to clutch the back of it and wince. Guess she had no say but she didn't like walking in blind either, regardless she slips in to the portal with out a breeze after the others have proceeded to keep herself a bit under the radar for this.
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The first thing the group would notice is the concrete floor as they emerge. Its simple and almost reminds them of a bunker with the strange lights suspended off of it like lamps. The walls are made of plain brick and mortar, resembling the smaller side corridors leading into a concert hall. Kyubey follows them in, entering alongside Sonomi. He pauses to let everyone go in before continuing "You can throw out regular logic here. It won't be useful as a guide. But that's fine, that's why I'm here." The corridor goes both ways, forwards and backwards with the faint sound of music being audible from both ends. The music sounds faint, making it difficult to make out as Kyubey sits down "With a group this big it would be more efficient to split up. We can't be sure where the barrier's center is so we'll just have to keep going."
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Kohaku stares at the location in awe, even voicing a "woah... There was nothing like this back home..." before she notices Oda, walking up to her rather timidly. U-um.. excuse me? Are.. you Possibly...? At the mention of splitting up, she'd ignore her apprehension and grab both Homura and Oda by the arms and pulling them to her possessively. I-I'm going with them! The two can probably feel her hands shaking a bit as she clutches them.
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Homura sighs upon seeing the place, she can take a guess as to what this one might be... But she can't afford to be depressed about it right now. Instead, her Persona hovers in front of the group with its weapon held at the ready. "Split up? Not sure that's a great idea Incubator, there are quite a few of us yes, but do we even know how powerful this Witch is? I'm not so sure that I'd want to stumble into a fight with it while we're separated." Her eyes drift around the area for a moment, before she shrugs and decides to go forward. "I can't stop anyone from doing that, but I will suggest against going our separate ways. Either way, the Incubator is correct about logic, only the madness and symbolism that Witches are made up of is remotely useful here. It, and I, both know something about that... Though I don't claim to be an expert." She'd blush bright red as Kohaku grabs her, however, voice going from calm and collected to rather flustered while she tries to break free of the girl's grip. Despite that, she does allow Kohaku's choice to remain if Oda doesn't leave anyways. Maybe it's sympathy, maybe she's reminded of Madoka. "G-geez Kohaku, you don't need to be so clingy with me. I'd think you are Madoka if I didn't know any better! A-anyways, we can stick with each other, if that's alright with you as well, miss...?"
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Gael takes a look around the fancy new setting and she could agree this is much more to her aesthetic likings but it also gave warning singles when they hit a fork road in the path and they have to split up...this was an issue because she did not know anyone in here...nor does she think anyone has notice her at all or who she was and now she had to pick. Looking side to side she’s unsure which group to follow and just waits in the sideline probably to join which ever group has fewer members to join unless told otherwise but hey reinforce all potential weakness she suppose... “The only weakness I see is your wussy indecisiveness good lord you are to reserves at times.” The voice crumbled back in her head but he probably didn’t mean to much. He probably would despise it more so he’s fortunate Gael is in control.
Haruka would just turn and leave on his own. He lacked the fear to hold back and the 3 girls seemed to have already decided to go on their own. "I'm going, I'll run away if I need to but sitting around isn't going to help me with my own goals." He'd pull out the handgun he had been keeping in his pocket, making sure it was fully loaded and ready to be used. Though he had practiced before he never thought he'd actually need to use it one day.
Oda would look around curiously at her surrounds as her hands remained in her pockets, walking forward a few steps as she turns and takes in her environment. When she finally stops is when the cat familiar begins speaking to them about splitting up. Admittedly, there was something she found unsettling about this creature but she wouldn't voice, not as of yet anyways. Instead she would begin to walk off on her own before being grabbed by Kohaku. A little surprised she looks over the girl as realization dawned on her. Her eyes carried a curious glint as she thought about the reason the girl would know her name and the answer came immediately alongside a few darker emotions. Those darker emotions glinting off of the crimson of her eyes for only a moment before being replaced by stark amusement as the girls actions. "I don't mind. This looks like it'll be interesting anyways, right Kohaku." a small smirk on her visage as she looked over to the other girl that was being grabbed alongside her as she wondered if this was someone she was supposed to know as well.
Homura would break away from Kohaku a bit and shrug, absently stretching out her sword arm for a moment while looking back at Oda. "So, are you wondering if we should have met or something. If so the answer's no. At least not from my viewpoint, you uh, familiar with the idea of multiple dimensions?" She can only hope that this girl is... Quicker than Kohaku, trying to explain to her was a lost cause. "I'm pretty sure Kohaku is from one, most are around here. But long story short, my best guess is she knew "us" in her dimension. Except, we clearly aren't from around there." She'd smile a bit at the both of them though and shrug. "But, you both seem alright. So I guess it's no trouble! Anyways, either of you two ever done much fighting before? I... Have, if not recently."
Oda chuckled at the explanation before replying "I understood that much simply from her knowing my name. I was simply curious if you were also an aqcauntance of another 'me'." she said before looking back down to Kohaku. "A version of myself you befriended. How very interesting. Well, regardless of how much I would like to know more about my other 'self' I think it would be prudent if we investigated this mess first don't you?" she would say before looking up to Homura. "Since you seem to have the most experience in these kinds of things then lead on." she said more as a command than as asking but that seemed more like a personality quirk than a threat.
Homura winces for a moment, the girl's reaction brings out a small attempt at a reassuring smile towards Kohaku, and the slight offer of a hug as she extends her arms. Seeing this girl in such obvious pain bothers her, and she already knows why... "Um... I won't lie and claim to know you, but you seem alright Kohaku. And um, I guess you're kind of her family so... Try to calm down, I don't want you to be sad!" Regardless of Kohaku taking her offer or not. Homura would nod to Oda and step up to the front with her pistol aimed ahead. "A-anyways, yeah that sounds fine yeah I can lead. I can't be sure, but I have a feeling this Witch might try to attack us using music or something. Maybe swords too? It's just, an educated guess..."
R-right... sorry... I won't slow you guys down... Kohaku gathers her composure, though it's obvious she's forcing herself. She tries her best to stand up straight and follow Homura.
Oda simply stares at Kohaku as she moves forward. An amused smile appearing on her face as she walks forward. "This is definitely an interesting experience, in more than one way." she chuckles to herself as she follows behind the two. Never really even transforming much less pulling out a weapon. She simply takes confident steps forward, observing her surroundings and doing her best to keep any modicum of self control.
Sonomi looked around, while worried for Haruka, she does believe in him, and hopes that he doesn't find any trouble of his own. She didn't want to try and stop him herself, as she observed his demeanor and decided that it would feel awkward to try and intervene. What she did do, was walk up to him and give him something. A knife laced in a blue ribbon, stained in a pink substance. She looked at him with concern, but smiled for him in the end. "I won't try to stop you, but if something happens, try your best to stay safe." She turned away from him and looked towards Kohaku. Sonomi felt a mix of guilt and empathy, and made her way towards her. She didn't stop until her white shoes were in sight of where her eyes were looking. "Hey." She softly whispered her greeting gently, with the clear intention to be on the passive side. Whether she walked away or decided to talk was up to her.
Huh? Kohaku turns to the girl approaching her. Y-yeah?
Sonomi looked at Kohaku with a glimmer in her eyes. She was thinking about grabbing her hand and telling her straight, but decided against it. She hid her megaphone gun behind her back in order not to look threatening. "Let me join your group." She gave her the same friendly smile that she gives everyone. Sonomi twirled her short, blue locks as she spoke to Kohaku. "Even though splitting up sounds like one of the worst ideas that we could ever make, I want to get to know you all better. I might not know much, but I'll be sure to help." She bowed, and then walked away from her, but then stopped to turn around, her eyes sparkled with hope as she looked at Kohaku. "Oh, and also, it's ok. You don't need to worry about it..." After that she'd join up with Homura and Oda casually, as if she was always there. She waved her hand at Oda before looking forward.
Mmm... The more people the better... Kohaku follows after quickly. Though she notes the gun as the girl turns her back to her.
Gael was merely taking note on who was deciding to go where, she must say this cast was peculiar maybe not ideal to work with but make do with what you do. Seeing how the girls have formed a sizeable group of four that just leaves...the ordinary fellow with the hand gun, it's probably ideal to protect him and not let him go alone so Gael decides to silently shift near him and they will go whatever other way in this place. "That's a nice gun can I have it please just take it for a moment!?" She dismisses the voice teasing her its gonna start to be a pain if he keeps this up as if this group of two wasn't already problematic enough.
Homura node to Sana for a moment and quickly begins leading once again. She's never been inside this Barrier herself, so she really is just guessing as to where the center might be based on her assumption of who it is. "Sana, word of advice? Keep that weapon forward and down range, basic gun safety that. Never hold it behind your back, could misfire. And yeah, you can come along." She'd shrug a bit and keep on walking, eyes darting around the area as she prepares to attack at a moment's notice.
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"Alright, looks like we have our teams then. I'm sure Homura can keep you girls out of trouble, so I'll help out the smaller group." Kyubey walks by Haruka and Gael as they procceed down the path behind them, letting the four girls walk the other way Homura, Maizono, Kohaku, Oda- The group proceeds forward, stepping around a few of the lamps dangling up in the middle of the path. Looking up the ceiling seems to change from the same concrete as the floor they're standing on to a nice tile, though no lights seem to be coming from it. As they proceed onward they see the writing on the walls. Literally in this case. Though it seems someone has written it upside down, with enough effort it could still be seen to read "run away." Similarly, there are a few torn-up posters along the wall, all of which also seem to be hung upside down. Most of the writing on which seems to be illegible Haruka, Gael, and Kyubey- "Anyways, on we go. I believe in you guys. Besides, if we find it the witch we can always try running to get the others right?" Kyubey doesn't seem very confident, but his tone had hardly changed since he first appeared in front of you so it might just be your imagination. As with the other group they proceed down their chosen direction, stepping around the lamps hanging upwards into the air. The walls start to change and become more colorful, the rough brick walls changing to a much softer yellow that looks to be some kind of paper. The paper is decorated with swarms of blue butterflies, or at least a child's rendition of a butterfly. Two letter Bs back to back and a pair of antennae are all these creatures seem to have going for them.
i]As they walk the path she takes note of the walls. Like child drawings repeated over and over and then plastered on the walls it had a semi unsettling vibe but more so it just made her question even more where the path will take them besides some foreign end filled with , this of course prompts her to respond to Kyubey and speak for the first time..[/i] "Not to wave your statement aside but this places give off a luring vibe. I would ask if you know anything particular about this place cause I don't feel we can simply try and flee without a catch. Call it a hunch based off experience I suppose or maybe just overcautious." She takes a small poke at one of the drawn butterflies almost fascinated by the littered wall of them in relation to the place itself. "Oh small blue butterflies I think we can certainly taste test these and make a gourmet of them!" The voice in her head spit out which prompts her to sigh by how absurd the statement the voice just proposed.
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Homura sighs a bit as she sees both the scene before her, and the utter lack of enemies in front of them. Not that she loves violence, but it is disturbing to see this much quiet. "Posters and writing... Typical Witch Stuff, don't let your guards down though. It seems quiet, which is usually the prelude to something terrible. We can also expect more of this, it getting stranger. By the end, you ever seen um... One of those old Disney movies, with the really trippy parts? It's like fighting the trippy scenes." She'd gaze at the posters a bit more closely and shudder for a moment, it's typical but... She's fairly sure she knew this girl once. And that makes it all the more disturbing as her face pales and her grip tightens around the gun and sword.
She fidgeted, and blinked curiously at Homura's words before examining her gun closely. While she never experienced the gun actually hitting her, she finds the words of advice from Homura nice and takes then to heart. "Oh, uhm...thanks!" Sonomi fidgeted a bit more before holding the gun with two hands below her waist, the muzzle pointing the floor away from her. If something about this was also wrong, it'd most likely add to more of her confusion. Now adding to the fact that stuff like this was completely normal to Homura made her head spin. "Wow, a room filled to the brim with some nice, ominous, and very vague messages, how lovely!" Wasn't like her to say something like this, though the tone of her voice hints at this not being sarcasm. Might be too convincing to some, but she'd look around the room and give a warm smile towards whatever eyes might be in her direction. She proceeded to shine a purple light emanating from her gun somewhat resembling a blacklight.
Haruka would be focusing on more important things, like whether Kyubey's fur was soft or not as they stared at the small creature. It would only be upon aproaching the wall with child-like drawings that they'd focus their attention. "Butterflies...Reminds me of school a bit. Guess I'm way past that age now though. I guess this witch thing likes arts and crafts."
I have no idea what any of that means.. Both of Kohaku's hands begin glowing with a pink light, orbs of magic growing in her palms as she keeps herself close to the party. She walks right behind them, looking around for anything dangerous, especially focusing on behind and above them. I'll leave the reading to you guys...
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Homura and pals- The music subtly grows louder as the group continues down the hallway, soon they'd be able to identify it as a sorrowful orchestral movement, though which one they lack the expertise to determine. The messages grow more and more frequent, as though giving them one last chance to leave before they have to see what's ahead. Those who ignore the written warnings find themselves at the entrance to a massive concert hall... But some things seem.. Wrong First, the entire area looks to have been drawn, like a rough sketch an artist may make on paper using colored pencil, everything lacks adequate shading making it appear some combination of childish and unsettling. Second, the entire area is upside down. The walls are filled with seats that come down from the ceiling and stretch downward for what seems to be an eternity, filling up the entirety of the stadium. Similarly, on stage the group can see roughly a dozen silhouettes with instruments, presumably the source of the music, all hanging upside down like the posters outside. Sitting in the middle, hanging off the ceiling on its own pedastal is a creature resembling a mermaid. It has a long, fishlike tail with multicolored scales, though the largest central part of it is black, which leads down to its upper half, which looks more like a mannequin, its central body and arms having a strange, disjointed appearance. Finally, the creature's head is shaped like a massive heart, with a black and grey checkered pattern that seems to shift as the creature slowly sways its head from side to side. Its back is turned, interested only in listening to the music as the group approaches its concert all Haruka and Gael- continuing down the hallway, they would find it soon branches into two paths, one to the right lined with the same butterfly pattern as before, whereas the left changes to a sky-blue pattern filled with flowers. Around this time the floor would shift to look like a carpet, however feeling it would show its made out of the same kind of rough paper as the walls around them. Kyubey would stick close to the group, weaving around their feet as he notes "A lot of witches make their barriers a maze in order to protect themselves. I wouldn't suggest splitting up further for this, as either way we're bound to find it sooner or later." As Kyubey says this, the group can hear a sound like the ripping of paper coming from behind them "Preferably sooner."
Sonomi looked around the unusual atmosphere that she had found herself in with the other girls. Even though she silently deciphered the warning with her blacklight, she still felt an urgent need to ignore it once she had heard the music. "It feels incomplete, but it's better than anything I could've made up on my own." She jokingly tried to sit down on the upside-down seats, but stumbled back realizing it would be a bad idea to do something like that. Once she saw the creature on the pedastal, the purple light that came from her gun had faded, and she held it close to her as she proceeded onwards. "Maybe I should stop talking to myself and start asking more questions once they get here." She hid behind the outstretched chair that was closest to the entry-way as she waited silently for the others. Once she saw them, she'd put one finger over her mouth and motion them to come where she was, and then they'd probably be bombarded with some questions said in a whispy tone as if she felt the need to not disturb it.
Homura creeps forwards and her two weapons vanish back into the strange bottle she'd clipped to her belt hook. She'd sigh upon seeing Sana messing around, but decides not to scold the girl when this is clearly not the time. Instead she'd try to hide as well and look their foe over while whispering . "So, things just got real. No turning back. I can't tell you the rules of this fight beyond one thing, it can die. So how are you all good at killing things?" She'd pause for a moment as her Persona's card takes shape. "I can kinda fight up close, but that's more my persona's area. Might be best if I send her in, try to snipe for now. But what about you three? I can't account for our foe, too unpredictable. But I can account for your abilities and that's something."
Gael’s ears twitched at the ripping sounds behind them. No doubt someone decided to tail them just as they hit a fork in the path and it seemed like a quick choice needs to be made abruptly she takes a glance at both hallways but can’t make any valuable assessment on which path to take they not look like two dangerous ends to be caught at. “This is less then stellar but we should keep on the move I say we go down the left path with the sky blue pattern that was we can keep a better memory and not lose ourself in endless same looking halls if that makes sense, but not like we have any better logical idea on how to move about...” She moves over a bit to the left path and waited for the others to object or follow though either option does not inspire any confidence in the choice at hand.
Haruka would nod before following Gael. He didn't seem to show any concern over the situation but also seemed somewhat keen to move on. "I don't mind either way. Even if we stayed I don't think it's bother me too much but I'd rather move on since nothing to help with my objective is here."
Sorry. For some reason I end up falling asleep around the time this gets active. I'll try to be better about that Oda would look on in wonder at the scene before her. Upon reaching the concert hall she is taken aback by the strangeness of it all. At first confused before a glint of interest shines in her eyes. Her gaze wandered around before finally settling on the mermaid. Even when Homura took cover she simply stood out, proud and confident, a smile plastered on her face with a hint of madness emanating from her. She listened to what Homura said without taking her eyes off of the mermaid. Nothing the girl said really made her react to anything. Nothing but a single phrase. It can die More than anything else that's all she needed to know. This thing was an obstacle and their goal for coming here was to take it's head. Wisps of flame began to come off of her shoulders and hair. Her smile only grew as a ball of fire formed before her. Reaching into the flame the ball of flame expanded and dispersed before growing big enough to be a threat. The flames on her shoulders taking shape into headphones and in her hand was a large weapon, though weapon was a strange thing to call it. The weapon had the hilt of a katana quite a bit longer and thicker but instead of a blade from the guard it lead into what seemed like a black board that lead to a circular shaped guitar with a red skull motif. She rested the strange weapon on her shoulder before finally replying to the last statement Homura. "I would like to think I'm very good at killing things." she said before placing strength into her legs and propelling herself towards the mermaid, intent on cleaving it in two right from the outset.
Kohaku's startled by Oda jumping straight into battle. She had expected her to come up with one of her amazing plans, She had always been scolded by her Oda before for jumping into battle before she could make a plan.. Is that the plan I guess!? Ok!? Lunging forward, she dashes about half of the distance between herself and the enemy before unleashing a volley of 6 magic orbs, each exploding on contact, but with the first two being more powerful than the other four.
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Homura and pals- Sonomi would perk out from the entryway, reaching for the nearest of the upside-down seats in order to hang from and hide behind it. However as soon as her hand got close, it would touch an entirely smooth wall, as if the seats were merely painted onto a blank background. As soon as Oda crosses the entryway threshold the mermaid turns around it’s face resembles some kind of greek-era piece of architecture with three holes coming out of it, presumably some sort of mouth based on the scream of outrage that emanates from the creature. She’d also notice the creature’s own long katana, which was earlier hidden behind its bulk. The sword was much larger than Oda, and currently being swept towards her, the flat of its blade rushing at Oda to knock them into the wall. This same sweep would strike out the first two of Kohaku’s orbs, which explode along the blade’s length with no visible damage. Similarly the four weaker ones she spread along the creature would burst on contact, kicking up a cloud of smoke, yet the Witch doesn’t seem bothered at all. Both Kohaku and Oda would begin falling, with the nearest floor being where the endless rows of seats stretched downwards and finally met. Though it’s impossible to tell just how far it is, it had to be a couple hundred feet minimum, not even a Magical Girl could fall that far unharmed. Gael and Haruka- Gael, Haruka, and Kyubey head down the flower-filled pathway, a new sense of urgency in their movements as the ripping sound gets louder. However, they also hear what sounds like a laughing child, a faint laugh that’s barely noticeable beneath the tears. Seconds later the source of the tearing sound would become clear. Anyone who glanced back would notice a cloud of blue rushing towards them from behind. Closer inspection would show this mass of blue to be the very same butterflies they passed on the wall earlier, now peeled off and coming in a storm. Soon the group would reach another branching path, one straigh ahead lines with the same meadow they were in, another to their left lined with the same ugly yellow wallpaper from before, this one decorated with butterflies that were read as blood, and finally to their right the very same wallpaper lined with the blue butterflies that were currently chasing them. Kyubey:”This would probably be a good time to start running. My legs are short so one of you might need to carry me.”
Wha!? In freefall, Kohaku forms an orb in each hand. Throwing one at Oda, the magic would lash out like a rope and wrap around both the girl and Kohaku's wrist. She'd do the same with the other hand, throwing it towards Homura, hoping for the girl to catch it and stop their descent. Senpai! Catch! BTW, Here's a picture of the arena and boss. http://tri4.net/subs/files/madomagi/img/ep09/oktavia03.jpg
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Homura groans and shakes her head, this falling thing could have been avoided if they didn't rush out but nope. Instead, she smashes the card as her Persona takes shape. Shadowy hands aiming to grab the falling girls and set them back onto the seemingly stable ground of the entry. Homura takes aim with a sniper rifle pulled from her mystical storage. "Okay so, if you want to try and get down we'll work something out. But falling over a 100 feet isn't a valid plan. Homulilly, Garudyne!" The girl's rifle sounds out with a loud bang as a pair of high caliber bullets rushes toward the foe's "head". Her Persona would rush through the air and cackle a bit as a huge gust of bladed wind blasts across the room. The fact that it also serves to send the summoner's bullets flying at their target faster as her Persona closes in certainly doesn't hurt. "Anyone have a good idea for getting down though. I mean some of us could stay up here, but I don't think that's workable for us all long term. We'd kind of be sitting targets!"
That works for me! Kohaku lashes out her "rope" again, this time catching on to Homulily and using her as a tether to swing down safely, lengthing the rope as she goes down to get herself cover the distance better. Judging by her persona's strength, Yumina's light, almost malnourished weight ought not to interfere with her. Meanwhile, her unoccupied hand charges an orb. Once Kohaku gets close enough to the ground to drop safely, she'll let go of the rope, dissipating it and landing on the ground with a roll to help stop her momentum without breaking her legs and firing off the orb she charged before beginning two more.
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Ooc: I’m on mobile Rn, so expect slow updates from me until I get home. Sonomi had gave Homura a blank look as she silently reloaded her gun, eyes locked and gazing into hers as if that was to give her a message. “Does that count?” She said that in a subtly sarcastic way, but without bad intent since she gave her an oblivious smile. That same look she gave her when she loaded her gun was gave to both Haruka and Oda as they rushed into battle. “I wonder if that was a part of the plan...did we have one?” Sonomi quickly looked as her body was hiding behind nothing, staggering backwards with her gun in hand. She gasped, looking in awe as she saw Homura summon Homulily and was originally going to be delving deep in thought. However, as soon as she saw the gusting wind blades, she shot a blue orb into the wind directly at the creature on instinct, the purple music notes coming from the gun indicating Colossal Gun Damage, as well as a chance to be a critical hit. “Uh, take this too!” If that wasn’t enough, she shot 5 red orbs at the wind, also going at the creature, as well as making the wind emit a red fiery energy. (Red orbs cause light Fire Damage, chance to burn.)
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Gael glances ahead and takes note of another cross branch of paths and groans. There gonna need to book it fast anyway so no time to complain but stay on the move. She quickly bends down though and helps Kyubey onto her shoulder to hold onto. "Stick on tight ok and lets hope for the best cause now we're really in the swarms hive mind. Let's keep moving forward cause I worry if we run down paths with more butterflies we'll be increasing the size of that swarm." Trying to keep herself calm under the imminent threat she runs forward and tries to drag Haruka so he can keep up and stick close by the more the better since she already feels outnumbered in this spot.
Haruka would somewhat reluctantly go along with Gael's decision but feels a bit of disappointment that they couldn't be the one to hold Kyubey. "I wanted to see what was on the other path but fine. As long as we end up somewhere..." Haruka would aim his handgun as Gael dragged him, using them to make sure he was running the right way as he aimed the gun towards the swarm. He'd take a few shots into the swarm, hoping he could at least slow it down if nothing else.
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Kyubey hope onto Gael’s shoulder, his fur is quite soft and fluffy, almost like a stuffed animal, and he’s light enough to be carried easily. Haruka fires a few shots into the approaching horde of butterflies. A few of them get struck by the bullets, bursting into confetti, but the group doesn’t seem to get any smaller or slower. If anything it seems to speed up slightly in order to keep up with the group’s faster pace. The hallway continues for a while.... Until the wallpaper changes once more, to the familiar ugly yellow paper with blue butterflies lining the sides. This time the butterflies don’t wait to be out of sight before peeling off the walls with a RIP to join the horde chasing them. Kyubey: That night have been the wrong turn. But at least we know where to go when... Soon enough the three would find a branch in the path, a path to their right lined with more of the blue butterflies, and one to their left colored blue and lined with a meadow of flowers Kyubey: “hard left. We’ve definitely been here before.”
Haruka would look at the paths with a curious glint in his eyes. He almost seemed to forget for a moment that they were being chased by a horde of butterflies and...began to try and pull Gael to the right with him. "Butterflies like flowers. It might just be drawing them to us. Besides, we've gone left twice now. One more time and we'd really be going in circles." It was hard to tell if he hadn't even heard Kyubey or was actively ignoring what they were saying. Perhaps he really was just unable to care what they had to say. Regardless, he wouldn't be pulling too hard, as if to give Gael the option to override his opinion.
Gael was gonna make a turn to the left on Kyubeys input but takes in what Haruka says on short notice as well trying to make a quick decision on the fly. "Gonna lose it and hit a dead end at this rate with this endless hall. But maybe your logic applies in a twisted place like this lets give it a shot." She lets Haruka lead her through the right path but gets a underlying feeling that this will still give a the same old swarm result but it was not like they had any other good lead to make a choice on so take a gamble and maybe get lucky.
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Kyubey: "Understanding architecture isn't going to be helpful. A Witch's barrier works on different rules." Kyubey doesn't seem particularly bothered as he keeps hanging on to Gael's shoulder. Instead the hallway continues on for a few more minutes, the butterflies slowly getting closer. The nearest butterflies open down the middle with a rip, revealing a set of small, yet sharp looking teeth within them. The teeth are a pure white and seem to have been drawn on, each about the size of a needle within the already small insects, though they seem to have no effect on their ability to fly Soon the group would come upon a branch in the path, one leading to the left with wallpaper depicting a meadow lined with flowers, while the one to the right shows the same ugly yellow wallpaper lined with blue butterflies. Kyubey nonchalantly comments once more Kyubey: "Hard left. I'm not trying to trick you."
Doing as she is instructed she grabs onto Haruka and banks to the left again not much to go one so she will take what ever is told of her but can't help but grit her teeth under the growing danger looming behind them. "Can't believe running from devouring butterflies is todays fatal end..." "I'd eat them if you want the bone marrow from those teeth should be splendid to sell and gnaw on." She obviously wavered away the voice blabbering about but appreciates the light hearted nature in this moment.
Oda quickly places her weapon between her and the blade as it sweeps and knocks her to the wall. She cushions herself by simply using her legs as she comes into contact with the wall and bends her knees. She then quickly strikes her weapon into the wall and then stands atop it as Kohaku's rope ties around her waist. She looks down at the rope and then to kohaku before bringing her attention to her feet and then the wall behind. "No shadow? That's a problem. Would have been useful here too. Really don't want to use the painful way if possible." she says before turning her gaze to the ground below. A fall from this height would most likely cause a lot of damage if not outright kill her. "Well, not that it matters." she mutters to herself as a large three meter long anti tank rifle formed next to her. She would then stand atop it, much like how a surfer stands on their surf board, then pry her weapon from the wall as the anti tank rifle continued to float. She would then grab the rope Kohaku had wrapped around her as a smirk shown on her face again. This time she would yank the rope and then proceed to throw Kohaku towards the mermaid. "Make yourself useful!" she yelled before using her weapon to cut the rope so she isn't dragged with her and then having the anti tank rifle ascend to a higher vantage point, mostly so she can observe how the mermaid reacts to the human armament she send hurdling towards.
That works for me! Kohaku lashes out her "rope" again, this time catching on to Homulily and using her as a tether to swing up and around. Judging by her persona's strength, Yumina's light, almost malnourished weight ought not to interfere with her. Meanwhile, her unoccupied hand charges an orb. Once Kohaku gets close enough to the roof, she'll let go of the rope, dissipating it and landing on the ceiling, where she fires the orb at the witch and kicks off the ceiling towards the ground. I make this post assuming Kohaku won't hit the ground before she gets the chance to move again.
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Homura and pals- The witch lets out another cry of outrage. Though it doesn't seem to recognize the purpose of Homura and Sonomi's bullets, it does recognize a living threat coming closer to its orchestra. The witch seems to slide to the side, though it has no legs it manages to shift within its barrier rather quickly. Instead of striking it head-on, Homura's and Sonomi's bullets end up striking the side of its heart-shaped frill, chipping away the edge of it, but causing relatively little real harm. The wind, with its much wider, now blazing range manages to strike the witch squarely, and though the creature lets out another cry it does not get dissuaded from its purpose. That purpose being Kohaku, the person hurtling towards the ceiling, and thus towards its Orchestra. It only takes a moment for the Witch to intercept her trajectory, paying no heed to the Homulilly she's attached to, and swinging its sword like a golf club. There's an audible crack as it strikes Kohaku with the side of its blade, breaking a few of her bones in the process and sending her hurtling at the floor, head-first, much more quickly than intended. The sudden jerk on its attached rope would likely bring Homulilly off its course and towards the floor, though not irrecoverably. As for Kohaku, now headed towards the floor, looking out at the stands, everything seems more.. Correct now that she's looking at it head-down.
"Well well. You were actually useful. Try not to die okay." Oda said as she raised her hand. Once she rose her hand three rows of ten flint lock rifles appeared before her. They all aimed at the Orchestra as she held her hand like a general waiting for the right moment to attack, licks of flame coming off of her shoulders as she continues to smile. She then put her hand forth with a shout as the guns released volley after volley at the Orchestra. When one row fired the next would follow and continue like that in an attempt to completely shower that area in a rain of magical bullets, tearing into anything that was unlucky enough to be caught in the crossfire. She simply smiled with a hint of madness as she watched her handiwork while still paying attention to the mermaids actions, ready to avoid an attack from an angry witch.
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"Alright." Haruka would just along with Gael this time. He seemed a bit confused as to what was going on in this place. He thought to just observe for a while without trying to inject his own opinion.
The moment she sees the blade coming at her, Kohaku's smile fads as she realizes she can't avoid it. She tries to use her charged magic to shield herself, but that does little to mitigate the damage. The moment the blade hits her, she hears a crack, and everything goes black. Kohaku hurdles down towards the 'ground', her magic disappearing the moment she falls unconscious. Not only dissolving the rope attached to Homulilly, but also removing her transformation. Revealing her shorter, slightly chubbier, younger, and less "ideal" real body.
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Homura screams to her Persona, not vocally but as an extension of the girl the being understands regardless. It tosses it's gleaming black weapon towards the Witch with a burst of heavy winds... And quickly rushes after Kohaku with inhuman speed and a burst of shadows around her arms, strangely soft shadows that would if she succeeded in catching the girl cushion Kohaku's fall. And with that, the being would try to rush backwards to its master. "Oh hell that's bad, I have something that can probably wake her up though. If we can get her back over here... Come on Homulilly, don't let me down now."
All Sonomi could do was stand there and gape at everything going on around her, having to cover her mouth to stop herself from screaming. She hides behind Homura with a gleam of panic in her eyes, but she loads her gun again in case the creature decides to come closer to them. "So, things like this happen all the time?" Of course, a bit of a stupid question in hindsight, but this really doesn't happen in her own daily life. Despite the almighty power of a gun, she can't do much at this point but hope for the best, even if she has to hope for the best while hiding behind someone. "That being said, I really hope she'll be alright..." She referred back to Kohaku in a worried tone. Although a bit baffled as to why this was Oda's strategy, she doesn't want to try and question it, as she's in no place whatsoever to be questioning anything that the people who know more than her are doing.
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Homura and pals- The Witch pays no attention to Homulilly, it’s attention turned elsewhere for the moment, the creature once again slides along the “roof” to cover as much of its orchestra as it can. Though it doesn’t manage to dodge Homulilly’s blade completely, it instead gets lodged into the witch’s right arm, the very same one that world’s its sword. Homulilly would finally catch up to Kohaku only a few dozen feet away from the “floor.”, cushioning the girl’s fall. Though she remains unconscious they are at least breathing. For now. Finally, the Witch moves to guard its orchestra with its body, using the blade to block as many shots as it can, Oda still manages to strike it head on almost a dozen times, though it’s main body is largely intact its damaged arm seems to be ripping further However, it doesn’t manage to block every shot. One of the familiars at the edge of the orchestra is struck, and although the music gets no quieter, the Witch pauses for a few seconds, as though unsure of what it’s supposed to do.
Homulilly's already begun rushing back to her summoner with the girl in tow, Homura breaths a sigh of relief and wipes some sweat from her head before absently tossing a small bead in her hand while looking at Sana. "The answer is that if we all come out alive, it went well for a witch hunt." Homura would take Kohaku from her persona and rest the girl on the ground, quickly tossing the revival bead into her mouth. Assuming that it's effect took hold properly, Kohaku would awaken feeling far less in pain than she should be. "So, don't think what I just gave you is actual treatment Kohaku. I don't have the items or magic to just fix what's likely smashed up bones. What it will do is dull the pain a great deal and keep you moving, for now. If you need to sit this out from now on I understand, don't kill yourself." She'd stare over at the damage to the orchestra, that... Of course, given who's Witch this is it does make sense she'd be given pause by their deaths doesn't it. Homulilly's weapon is still lodged in, can't use that. Instead, the Persona twirls her hands around for a moment and a cyclone takes shape in front of her. Thick bladed shadows would begin to form as well, rotating within the winds as the attack waits for a moment. "Sana, that fire thing you did. Do it again if you can, into our attack please, I want to see if this works." Assuming Sana was able to comply, then Homulilly's now blazing attack would begin rushing across the room at a rapid pace. Firey wind full of deadly shadows flying straight for the orchestra and aiming to wipe out as many as they can.
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N-nnhg? Aah!? Kohaku would come to confused before grabbing her right side in pain. It takes her a bit of time to comprehend Homura's words and the situation, but once she does, She re-transforms. She then grits her teeth and channels magic through her right arm, making a cast of sorts with her magic to keep her arm still. H-hey.. I'm gonna try to grapple down to the floor... Can someone hold on to the other end of this? She forms a rope, connected to her wrist in her left hand. I need a thing to latch onto.. and I'd prefer something that doesn't move around a bunch...
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Gael and Haruka- The trio of Gael, Haruka, and Kyubey head down the left trail, once again a faint sound of a child’s laughter can be heard, though it sounds distant. The group travels past the meadow-themed wallpaper, though they’d notice this time around some of the flowers seem to be blooming out of the wall, though none of them provide any obstacle to the group. Soon the three would come across abranch once again, one leading straight with the same meadow-themed paper, one leading to the left plastered with crimson butterflies, and one to the right with the same blue butterfly wallpaper the group was familiar with. The butterflies would inch closer throughout the chase, the nearest ones seeming to eagerly gnash their teeth, only a couple of feet away
Homura winces a bit upon seeing Kohaku at work, she must know a better healing spell than... That, right? "Kohaku, can't you use some more magic to heal yourself? I understand you may not want to risk your Soul Gem corruption that much, but it seems worth it unless you're completely unskilled at healing." She'd then sigh and shake her head upon hearing the girl suggest trying to grapple downwards. "Listen okay, I think that my Persona and Oda can handle it from here... Maybe. If you really want me to help you do that I will, but I'm going to suggest that you don't, it seems a little risky..."
Sonomi had nodded compliantly during the conversation with Homura, at basically everything she said, really. She was on the brink of delving deep into her thoughts once again, but she shook her head, holding her gun and aiming towards Homura's attack. She shot 5 more blazing red orbs, making the winds more fiery than usual. However, as she looked towards the creature, she wasn't satisfied. "Hold on..." She switched gears and aimed once more at the winds, this time firing a vibrant yellow orb towards the winds, now making the fiery winds emit bursts of electrical static shocks. Sonomi then looked towards Kohaku, though concerned overall, she believed in her like she did Haruka. She blankly shot a green orb her way to get her attention, and it burst, though it didn't hurt one bit. Almost as if it phased through her. It wasn't obvious at first, but it made the bones that got broken in the impact heal a bit faster than it should normally. "Haruka-chan, if you really want to do this, let me hold the rope. I haven't been of too much use to you all, so it's the least I can do." She glanced over to Homura with a bit of a pleading look, as if asking for permission to do this. Though her little gun device had helped do some damage, Sonomi still felt that she herself was a bit of a defective red herring, and wanted to do more to help.
Oda would take advantage of that one pause the moment she see's it. The rifle she was standing on firing an anti tank magic shell, in hopes of tearing through a good portion of the Orchestra. Even if the mermaid is able to react to it and block the bullet at the very least it should be able to do some kind of damage. No matter how small the damage the fact is her bullets were at least keeping it pinned down. While she kept it pinned down she would allow the others to have the honor of actually damaging the Orchestra if her attempts fail. She eyes Kohaku when she tries to go to the bottom. A cold look at the girl before looking back to the mermaid to make sure she doesn't get caught off guard by any surprise attacks. "Let her do as she wants. If she wants to make herself useful then by all means let her." she shrugs with a smile before making a more serious expression as she looked at the creature and the Orchestra it protected. "What exactly are these witches?" she asked as she continued to bombard it with the lines of guns "Are they some kind of corrupted familiars or........by any chance are they somehow connected to those soul stones you mentioned before? If so, is it safe to assume these witches are magical girls?"
"Soul Gem?""Corruption?" Kohaku didn't understand any of that, but this wasn't really the time for questions. Yeah.. I gotta help at least a little. As long as I don't do something stupid again I should be ok. She hands Homura the rope and begins rappelling down the wall, taking large jumps to get down to the ceiling as quickly as possible. "This thing? A magical girl?" She looks at Octavia as she goes down. Maybe once. But not anymore.. whatever this thing is, it's not a magical girl.
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Homura and pals- The Witch would remain completely frozen, letting the bullets strike it’s body as Oda continues raining fire. Soon Homura’s wind would blow across the stage, popping familiars one by one. As each familiar bursts, a section of the room goes dark with an ominous Clank, much like the lights turning off after a show. Once all the familiars are finished, the final light goes out leaving the group in total darkness. Kohaku would find the floor only a few feet down, and curved. Much closer than it was before the light went off. Soon the group would hear a loud ripping sound, like that of an eager child unwrapping a Christmas present. They feel something glaring at them within the darkness.
Homura mutters a curse, she may have miscalculated the effect of taking down those fammilars. Or maybe they can use this somehow, but either way, her magical storage would quickly place a pair of flashlights into the girl's hand, both fairly large and powerful. One she begins shinning around herself, the other is handed off to Kohaku. Her Persona would move back closer to the group, its weapon having vanished from the Witch and appeared in its hands. "Okay so, however we can light things up needs to be used now. I'm really hoping that whatever happened isn't entirely terrible for us, but I honestly can't be sure right now. Just, need to keep track of the damn Witch as best we can for now everyone. And Kohaku I don't think going down there now is the best idea. Just help us find this thing..." She'd shine her light around the area quickly, Homulilly just hovering near the group with its weapon held ready, preparing to attempt a defense if they were to suffer a sudden attack.
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Homura and the others would soon see a light in the darkness. That light being Oda, still standing on the anti tank rifle with a slightly strained expression. Her hair had changed from it's pitch black to a dim red, embers fluttering off of it as if it was flame. Small wisps of flame formed around her, illuminating a few meters around her as she continued to stare into the darkness. The three rows of ten guns now, instead of firing, were floating around her in three layers to defend her and retaliate if something happens. "You're the expert here. Any ideas on exactly how we're supposed to fight in this kind of darkness or would you prefer me set the entire place on fire?" she said to Homura, still not taking her attention from her surroundings
Haruka would decide to speak up once more considering Kyubey wasn't giving any hints this time. "The path with the bloody butterflies. The meadow led us nowhere last time and when we walked down a path with blue butterflies more came before. This seems like our best bet though I have no proof of that." Haruka would begin moving to the left provided Gael agreed with his logic.
The flashlight is caught by Kohaku, but Homura wouldn't see the light turn on. In fact, the only reason she thinks it was caught was because she couldn't hear it break as it hit the floor. The "ceiling" Kohaku was on now looked like a pitch black pit from above. However, thanks to the little bit of light from both Homura and Oda added with Kohaku's already stellar nightvision, Kohaku could see the arena perfectly clearly. She'd get herself positioned somewhere along the edge of the arena and hold her good arm out, quickly firing off a volley of about eleven shots, directly in the direction of the witch. Which to the others would look like pink lights flying out of the darkness. The first of the shots would be special. And instead of actually injuring the witch would, if hit, instead stick on its center and glow, giving the others a target to aim at. The other ten would simply impact on the witch in rapid succession.
Homura just stares blankly at Oda for a moment. She had to seriously ponder that choice. But she doesn't entirely trust Oda to avoid friendly fire. "That sounds a little dangerous to us possibly to me. No, just wait until we can spot it. Be ready to fire." She sounds pretty sure of herself, that's a bold faced lie but Damn if it isn't a lie she can't carry well. She'd hold the flashlight one handed, a short round tube appearing in the other. A grenade launcher. Her Persona just hovers above. "I might be able to hold the Witch in place, at least for a while. Just need a solid bead on it and then Homulilly should be able to manage that. From there, unload everything on it honestly."
Sonomi jumped, almost dropping her gun. She quickly caught it and thankfully got the purple blacklight to work again, she shined it in every direction she could as she looked all around her in a bit of a panic. At least, not until she saw Oda as she lit up in the dark. Though she would love a bright room again, she'd dread the thought of being inside a burning building. "Uh, I guess I can help by existing." She aimed her blacklight towards the pink lights tht Kohaku shot in the darkness, not really doing much but giving it a clear view to herself where they were going, which was towards the creature. Sonomi slowly backed up until she was near Homura, probably bumping into her on accident, but at least she'd felt safe if she did that. "You know, I hope I can find wherever Kohaku-chan is with this blacklight that I almost never actually use in fights like this." She said, not caring too much whether or not she was just talking to the dark. From where the group was, she probably didn't really want to shine her light on her monster in fear of retaliation, as well as the fact that she can't switch or else she'll shoot blindly.
Gael wouldn't really bother to argue and just go along with Haruka's assessment and bank left with him only taking a glance back to see the progress of those butterflies approaching them and gnashing at them as they run down for what seems like an endless paths. "No objections lets keep moving."
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Haruka and Gael- The trio proceeds down the left path, they pass rows of crimson butterflies, but none of them move off the wall to attack them. Instead there’s nothing but the encroaching horde that inches closer by the second. They can hear the sound of a child’s laughter growing louder as they proceed down the hall, and soon would even see another room, it’s walls a faded yellow like the wallpaper before them. They would burst out of the wall justas the butterflies start nipping at their heels. Once out into the room the butterflies would disperse into the air, no longer paying them any attention, as though their job was complete. Sitting in the middle of the room is a humanoid being, it looks like a child, or at least how a child might draw themselves were they twenty feet tall, with its outline being stilted and not even colored in properly, their color alternating between reds, blues, and yellows as though done simply on a whim. Rather than arms, it seems to have a few sets of crayons, four of them in fact, one red, one yellow, one blue, and one green, each made of two parts which bend to make elbows. It seems to be drawing something resembling a bird on the floor. Once the creature is done, the bird peels off the paper canvas and lets out a tweet Kyubey:”there it is. Don’t let its appearance fool you, the smaller ones are usually more dangerous.”
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The group lights up the place... Or at least they try to. Though they’re able to see the walls around them, the middle of the room seems to be filled with an impenetrable blackness. The room would have changed, from the grand concert hall to a somewhat cramped cave, with maybe a hundred square feet to move around in. Homura and Sonomi would notice that the hallway behind them was now nothing but a solid, stone-like wall. No hiding this time. Kohaku’s balls of light would drift through the middle of the area, before flickering out one by one. It is at that moment they would see a pair of ghastly, slanted purple eyes in the shadows. A dark, rumble voice speaks, it’s tone full of malice ???:”what’s the matter light-dwellers? Scared of the dark?” Kohaku and Oda would recognize the voice, though it’s one they’d likely rather forget. The blackness before them was massive, standing nearly thirty feet tall, it’s arched back nearly reaching the ceiling. Off to the sides they’d see a glint of gold, a pair of armbands that seem to give it more of a solid shape. The pair would remember it as the first boss from a game they were forced into. And last time, it had no weaknesses.
Haruka would take a step forward, into the room. He showed no fear or resentment in his eyes as he spoke. His tone was cold and devoid on anything really. "So, are you what they call a witch? If you can speak then would you mind telling me who you are or what you're doing here?" He'd keep his hand on his gun but was hoping that they might respond. He thought maybe just seeing it would be enough to cause some kind of stir but he still felt nothing. His only hope seemed to be to try and communicate directly with it.
Gael would follow behind Haruka in suit though a bit more defensive about the witch yet lets him do the talking all she worries about is reacting fast enough to keep Karuka and Kyubey safe if this witch is as potent as they say. "I can feel an aura radiating off of her it's like a heavenly scent of power to devour and dine on!" This prompts a small feeling of disgust in her mind as she watches over the event at hand.
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Haruka and Gael Kyubey would go ahead and jump off Gael’s shoulder as they approached, so as not to bother the pair, like a recognition that he wasn’t going to be doing much. The child’s giggling stops, now that it’s been made aware of its intruders. The creature’s head slowly turns around, revealing a pair of shears where it’s mouth should be, as well as a total lack of eyes. The creature continues drawing as it speaks in a distorted tone Witch: “Play with me.” As it speaks, the blue bird it had recently finished drawing dives towards Haruka, the closest one to it, though it still seems paperlike it’s claws are pointed as ever aiming to slash at his chest As for the Witch, it continues drawing, all four of its limbs moving in a frenzy. The yellow one works on a pair of butterflies, similar to the ones recently chasing them, while the blue begins drawing something larger and finned. The green begins drawing blades of grass, like the meadow before while finally the red starts drawing a rendition of a cat. Kyubey: “they’re nothing more than desire now, no need to put things off.”
Haruka pulled up his gun and tried to take aim at the bird, quickly pulling the trigger. Despite how hectic the situation seemed he didn't panic at all, just hoping the bullet could stop the strange bird. He would also pull out the knife that Sonomi gave him before with his other hand. He didn't have as much experience with knifes but he thought it'd be better than a gun if something got too close. "Fine with me, I'm not really good at playing pretend."
Gael would run over infant of Haruka, her arms being ignited with a dark black smoke and slime almost and launches a dark misty cloud at the bird just to make sure it was dead never hurts, otherwise she was about she about ready to punch down anything else coming there way with what ever odd power she had in stored. "I'll cover for you just keep the bullets coming and i'll tank the rest unless you want me to...well just blow it up which would feel quite tender if you ask me." She gives a small deranged chuckle before wiping her face clean and focusing on which drawing comes out next from the witch.
Many thoughts run through Kohaku's mind at once. Thoughts like "What!? What happened to the Mermaid!?" and "Oh no, not this thing again" and "Oh crap.. I don't have the quest item this time, do I?" Or responding some catchy one-liner about how the dark is her element. But eventually she settles on keeping silent. She kicks off, leaping to the ceiling and then quickly back down away from the creature, aiming to make herself a harder target to hit, and fires about five more bolts of magic as she does so, these a bit more powerful than the ten, aimed at one of the armbands.
Nobuna frowned as she got a better look at the area but upon seeing the slanted purple eyes she could feel her anger swell. Memories of a hopeless battle flashing through her eyes as she gazed upon the creature before her. Back then they barely won, and even then she wasn't able to find an exploitable weakness to take advantage of. Now, she didn't have enough pawns to figure out if this thing had a weakness. Flame flickered off of her hair, licks of fire coming off of her clothes as she gazes upon the creature. A smirk slowly crept onto her visage. This time will be different though. Even if she had less pawns. Even if she still didn't know it's weakness. She has more power and tools at her disposal than her previous encounter. This time she won't be as useless as she was last time. Her anti tank rifle would begin to descend straight to the ground, leaving the rows of rifles in the air as they began to fire at the armbands and what they could make out of the main body. The moment she reaches the ground she would take a deep breath, readying herself for what was to come next. Her preparations to destroy this remnant of her past would be complete soon.
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sure enough the bullet would strike the bird, putting a hold in its chest, if attempts to finish its dive only to get struck by Gael’s slime, leaving a smoldering pile a few feet in front of the pair. As for which drawing would be next, the answer was all of them. The yellow arm finishes it’s drawing of butterflies, which immediately split up, one each going to Haruka and Gael’s left and rights in order to flank them. The red crayon finishes, bringing out something resembling a cat, though it’s tail is all crooked and it lacks a mouth, the cat immediately starts walking in their direction, low to the ground and ready to pounce. The green would finish drawing its grass, which soon pops up and begins to grow, spreading in all directions away from the witch to turn the room into a meadow. It would be a while before it got close to the pair. Finally, the blue crayon continues drawing, now giving shape to what clearly resembles a shark, it’s rather large, easily able to eat someone in a single bite and almost finished.
Homura's eyes go wide with shock, for a moment she just stares at the target in confusion but that dies quickly. She can't afford to waste the time. "What the... That isn't normal even by the messed up standards of a Witch. I wonder, is thing even real!?" She'd replace her grenade launcher with an assault rifle, can't see everyone well enough to avoid friendly fire with explosives any more. Homulilly twirls it's weapon around as green energy flows over the whole group, they'd all find themselves moving a good deal faster and dodging more easily. "I'm starting to wonder if we might be dealing with some kind of illusion! But if so, I haven't figured out where the real one is..."
Sonomi quickly covers her mouth again as she waves around her blacklight in a bit of a panic in order to avoid screaming once more. It'd be better that it wouldn't know where she was instead of trying to fight it off in the dark. "I appreciate the buffs, but..." She inches a bit closer to Homura, keeping her shaky grasp onto the only thing giving her light. While this would be helpful for dodging, she can't really take advantage of it any other way, and she didn't want to let them know. "I'd just feel safer knowing somebody's with me..." A bit of a creative truth, maybe a little white lie. She did need someone close to her in order to survive. Her flashlight would be great if she could use it while she could shoot. Sonomi would inch closer to Homura since she's the one she was closest to in the first place.
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Homura and Pals The darkness almost totally ignores Kohaku, as though she's simply not worth any of its time. It almost absentmindedly sweeps its left arm, catching her orbs of light with its shadowy hand before snuffing them out. As for Oda's gunfire, the darkness treats it as one might treat rain, a mild irritant at most, not even worth considering. The creature doesn't even try to block as most of the bullets simply vanish within its large shadowy mass. Some of the bullets strike its armbands only to bounce off and strike into the walls, with no visible damage done. Darkness: "Pitiful light-dwellers. Fit only to be snuffed out. One. By. One." The creature turns its attention to Oda, narrow purple slits focused entirely on her. The creature slowly reaches its left arm towards her. As its arm approaches it begins to split, once, twice, thrice, totallying with eight smaller arms, seven aiming to cut off any attempt at escape so one of the eight can smash her against the wall. Its left armband doesn't stretch the entire way, instead simply hanging in the air about halfway between Oda and the creature, in full view of the entire party.
"Ok. Magic isn't working. Let's try something else. Pleasedon'tkillmePleasedon'tkillmePleasedon'tkillme" Kohaku swiftly kicks off of the ceiling towards the left bracelet, aiming a heavy kick at full speed at it. Should she strike, whether or not it reacts, she'll immeditely kick off of it and aim another high speed kick at it's face, specifically aiming for the left eye.
Haruka would stare blankly at the bird as it was melted away. He'd turn to the witch was more, his expression now seeming diffrent. He didn't seem to be afraid or even angry just bothered. "I'm can't die yet. I'm not afraid yet. Make me feel something already. That's what witches do, right?" Haruka would quickly try to shoot to the left and right of him and Gael, aiming for the butterflies in order to try and quickly dispose of them or at very least knock them away.
Nobuna would simply smile with a hint of insanity as she saw the split appendage coming towards her, making no effort to evade as fire began appear around her. "Heed your masters call. Eternal Flame, SURTUR!!" The moment she said that the area around her was suddenly emblazoned with a raging inferno. From that sea of flame erupted a creature as it's head burst forth, it's arms following as it used it's right arm to block the attack coming towards Oda and it's left arm to begin to drag itself up from the sea of flames. Upon seeing the giant skull and it's skeletal arms you could easily tell what the creature was that slowly began dragging itself up. It's entire body was on fire, two twisted horns curving from the back of it's skull to the front like some kind of crown as it's hate filled eyes gazed upon the creature that would harm it's master. The flame lighting the room for however much this dark world would allow. Nobuna, if the attack was successfully blocked, would be standing on the palm of the giant monstrosities hand. If the hand couldn't come up in time to block the attack then she would put her weapon up in time to block the attack but be thrown across the room and into the wall. The sound of cracking bones in her ears following the moment she crashed into the wall. Regardless her smile wouldn't fade as she spat out the iron tasting crimson that welled up in her mouth. "Last time I couldn't control this thing. This time things will be different." she said as Surtur brought it's flaming fist up and sent a punch towards the eyes of the creature.
With all this action happening right in front of her eyes, in her eyes that can't track whatever is happening in all this darkness, Sonomi was still confused. And after trying to cover her screams twice as of now, she felt no need to keep inside all the stress that balled up inside. "Oh, oh gosh, OH GOD. Why is this all happening?! WHY?! I WANNA GO HOME!!!" Despite her horrible screech, as well as the tears coming out of her eyes, in the middle of her sniffles and sobbing, you can hear some playful laughter as the tears streamed down her face. At the exact moment that she screamed, her blacklight from her gun went out. "I have no reason not to. It's justified. I don't care! I DO NOT LIKE YOU!" Fear had filled her voice, and suddenly from where she was standing, a volley of fire orbs had came out in random directions, and they all seemed not to stop. As they flew by, they had served as a flying nightlight that had not lasted long at all. Blazing red fire orbs flew by the creature, and some had actually made it's mark. Other orbs had grazed by her teammates in a rush, but none actually hit. About 5 had an impact on the creature that Oda had summoned, though not much of an actual impact and more of it just phasing into it. When the volley stopped, so did her crying and screaming, but she didn't want to turn her blacklight back on. She still didn't want to be noticed, not at this moment.
Gael took a quick survey of the three oncoming threats and found the shark to be something that called to her like a daunting challenge which was hard not to resist as she trained her eyes on the gnashing mouth of the beast and hatched a quick idea.. “Stand back a bit I want the shark out of the picture. Torrick light it’s brain up.” Her hands on instants seems to twist in the slime to morph and form a swirling chaotic sphere fuming of mist and pulsating yet right in her palms ready to blow up the beast as she pitched it right at the sharks mouth hoping it would snatch the explosive gift and be done with itself in one swift move.
Homura shakes her head, Sana's wild blasting is understandable for an inexperienced kid in a warzone, but it isn't going to help matters by any means. She'd glance towards Sana and try to offer a sympathetic smile as she begins planning. First, she waits on Sana's fire to end and dodges a few stray rounds. "Hey listen, I know that you're worried and... I kind of am too, but shooting like that isn't likely to help us Sana. Now then... I have an idea, and I don't love it a lot, but um, I can get some more strength from her if nothing else..." Dark magic would begin flowing around the girl and her Persona, for a brief moment Homulilly almost has a head... She doesn't though, what she has is a set of black inky arms formed out of thick magical shadows hanging from her back. She'd rush forward with inhuman speed, she's moving far faster thanks to the magic flowing through her. The Witch-like being cackles a bit and charges in towards their foe, her newly shaped magic aiming to get into a grapple against the Witch's own eight limbs with stunning strength. Homura's body is covered in thick shadows as she shouts out to the voice. It'd attempt to crush and tear at the arms with reckless abandon. The girl shouts to their shadowed foe. "So, what's your bit anyways? I mean, you were a pretty bad Octavia by my guess. No magical wheels, just wanted to protect the mooks vs actually killing us. Now you're what, ranting about our pitifulness after changing your form... Do you steal other better monster's forms to cover up your weakness maybe? Anyways, I'm not actually sure brute force is our best bet here, but I'm hoping to hold it for a moment!"
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The good news for Oda is that her creature would manage to catch the first arm aimed towards her. First of eight. Six of the remaining second would grab hold of the Surtr instead, while the last would coil itself around Oda’s chest, pushing both her and her construct into the wall. Though it was a rock solid wall earlier, the wall would soften and start to form around her, as though trying to absorb it. Kohaku’s Strike bounces harmlessly off the bracelet, before aiming her next strike at the creature’s eye. Unfortunately the eye just shifts in the darkness as the creature turns its “head” causing her to strike beside it instead. She’d find the shadow’s main form to be hard as rock, and also take little damage. As Kohaku’s light did beforehand, Sonomi’s orbs strike against the creature, some hitting its bands, others it’s body, all would simply be snuffed our without conscious effort on its part. Though the ground was solid before, Sonomi would find herself slowly sinking into it... Finally, Homura’s Persona would go berserk, drawing the shadow creature’s attention. It reaches over its left arm, using its right to meet Homulilly and keep them from interrupting its attack on Oda. The two would briefly grapple before something Homura said causes it to pause for a second before it’s eyes flare up, switching from a cool purple to a violent red The creature lets out a distorted cry, much more typical of a witch Witch?: ShuT uuPpp! the witch’s grip on Oda would slacken, no longer pushing her into the wall as it turns all it’s attention to Homura. The right arm that was earlier grappling with Homulilly would split like the left before it, first into two, then four. Two of the arms would remain dealing with Homulilly, aiming to force the persona into the ground while the other two would fly straight for Homura. Though Sonomi is not their target their proximity to Homura would put them in danger too, amplified by Sonomi’s newfound difficulty moving. Finally, from their new position of “on fire against the wall.” Oda would notice letters starting to appear as the creature begins to panic, the words “run away” from earlier repeating themselves over and over. Though it might be your imagination, the creature almost seems a little smaller
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Haruka’s bullet rips straight through one of the butterflies, much like the ones in the horde before, but the one to his left quickly turns to avoid it before heading towards Haruka, it’s wings opening up to reveal a small row of teeth aiming to bite his gun arm. Though oddly if they struck he wouldn’t feel any pain, rather his arm would start to change, becoming more papery and cartoony like the barrier around him the longer it latches on. Gael tosses her bomb at around the same time the witch finishes drawing the shark, however the fish immediately dives into the floor, with only its fin visible as it moves through solid ground like water straight by the explosive, rapidly approaching Gael. This would land the bomb in the meadow near the Witch, where it is quickly wrapped in grass, changing in color to resemble the grass around it. That is before it explodes, wiping out a section of the meadow and stopping its growth for now. As for the cat-like creature, it finally gets close enough to make a leap at Gael, though it lacks claws it’s large enough to try pinning her to the ground, and considering what happened to the bomb earlier.... After its blue arm finishes drawing its shark the witch begins drawing once more, it’s green arm beginning work on a rather large grasshopper, though it’s hind legs are short. The red works together with the yellow to work on a large, 4-legged creature, though exactly what is difficult to tell for now. Kyubey simply watches from behind the pair, flicking his ears as he waits for something.
Homura's gun vanishes, replaced by the rune covered katana that now seems to ooze shadowy magic as her wild power runs loose. She'd quickly aim to slice forward, darkness rushes out of her weapon and extends it. The now very long mostly made of shadows sword would slam forward hard, propelled with shocking strength for a girl her size and attempting to burn away at the Witch with a dark curse that would boil away flesh. She speaks up again in a sing-song voice. "Come on Witch, is this the best you can do~? I wanna see your real form instead of these cheap copies. But I guess that's too scary huh? Was 'Run Away' meant for us... Or you?" The raging Persona smiles, it doesn't have a face but that's not enough to stop the shadows from forming into rows of sharp teeth. It also ducks back and down before suddenly stretching out its inky black "head" and attempting to devour the two arms that had been sent to deal with her. Of course, the magic enhancing her speed wears off shortly after leaving a counter by her foe far more likely to hit. "So what is your nature anyways? Envy at all the other better things than you, that'd explain the copies but I dunno... Maybe you're Cowardice? Whatever the case, you seem pretty unused to people who can fight back! That's adorable, and kinda pathetic!"
"Ok. That could have gone worse." Upon noting that the floor no longer seems to be solid, Kohaku stands on the left arm and launches a rope at Sono, hoping to tether to her and pull the girl using both her good arm, and the pulling of the retracting magic rope for strength. If Sono is pulled, she'll try to catch her and carry on her back. (Not easily mind you, as they're likely around the same height). If it's obvious she's not gonna come free, she'll.... Sorta just sit there on the arm, watching everything unfold as the witch seems to be focusing on the other girls and ignoring her. ... Guess apologizing nicely isn't gonna do anything now.
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Sonomi would turn on her blacklight, her eyes red from crying barely following Homura's figure. Her jagged breaths only became more prominent as she shined her blacklight down below her, realizing that she's sinking. "Oh...how nice. This...this is fine." She had suddenly screamed out again, panicking a bit more as she tried and inevitably failed to get out by herself. More tears streamed out of her eyes, and she had begun to lose hope, until she saw Kohaku's rope come towards her. "Kohaku-Chan...thank you!" As sudden as the screech that had filled the cave once more, she had begun to smile. Tears still rolled down her face, but they were tears of joy. Even though she had known nothing about Kohaku or the others, she'd still want to make it out alive to be able to see her friends. She held onto the rope with gratitude, and hope that this'll be over soon.
"shit." Nobuna curses under her breath when she and Surtur are forced against the wall. At this rate nothing would change from last time. She couldn't really understand the concept behind these creatures called witches. She desperately looked for something, anything that could change their situation at this moment. Her mind froze when it's strength lowered and it's anger was redirected to Homua. The words appearing only made her realize the fallacy of her efforts. She began to laugh, wholehearted laughter left her lips as it finally clicked in her mind. With the arms weakened Surtur would tear itself away from enough to free Nobuna, allowing her feet to touch the ground before jumping onto a newly made anti tank rank rifle and floating up. "Come now. The least you can do is properly kill me but you don't even seem competent enough to do that. Do you feel better trying to trap us so you won't be hurt." she said as three DDM4 V11 assault rifles formed around her and began to fire at the creatures eyes "All that talk just to play yourself up when in the end you're just a scared sniveling child hiding behind your petty tricks and dark curtains. Too scared to even peek out of the darkness for fear of being noticed." she continued with a condescending smile on her face. If she is attacked she would kick into high gear, surfing on her anti tank rifle like a surf board at high speeds to avoid any oncoming attacks while still firing her weapons. Hopefully, she won't be caught unaware this time.
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Homura’s Strike decimates part of the creature’s arm, causing it to dissolve, though it stops upon reaching the armband it’d be enough to stop the attack. As for Homulilly, as soon as it opens it’s mouth the two hands aimed at them would split up, one moving to grab the upper part of their mouth and one the lower, starting to push it further apart Now that they have the time Kohaku would help pull Sonomi out of the floor, though it sticks to her like quicksand, with some effort she’d be safely out. As everyone calms down, the creature gradually shrinks, leading in turn to a sense of relief that causes it to shrink further still. The creature’s armsxwoukd shrink away from Homulilly as it’s form and the cave around it starts to change. The cave shifts into a dusty old house, filled with cobwebs as though it hadn’t been lived in in months. There are all sorts of decorations, little cartoon spiders, lizards, and ghosts lining the wall and hanging from the ceiling. Recognizing that their ruse was up these decorations start sliding along the wall, abandoning the Witch they served. The Witch itself stops shrinking when it’s roughly the size of a mouse, taking on a mouse-like shape as well, with no one afraid of it the helpless creature simply squeaks.
Homulilly laughs madly, the arms that had attacked her master's body falling apart under her blade and curses. Her main body would quickly clamp it's jaws down despite the enemy's efforts, and swallow the arms. "Wow, so that was your deal I get it now! You relied on fear as a weapon didn't you? But now that we aren't scared... You're pathetic." Shadows would curl around "Homura" as she rushes over to the now mouse sized Witch. Her Persona dashes alongside her and soon enough, the enemy would find themselves in the grasp of a shadow arm extending from the girl's blade. "Goodbye you sorry excuse for a Witch, now it's time to die." Homulilly's guillotine blade would quickly slam down into the center of the Witch. If it were as weak as it looks, the target would be split in half down the middle and likely dissolve to nothing. If so, the Persona, shadows, and sword would all vanish. Homura would look around with a slightly confused face. She rubs at her head absently. "Ugh, I've got a killer headache now... Really hope we're done here... I've never pushed Homulilly that far before, or let her do so much.
Surtur would begin to descend into the sea of flames as the cave began to change and shrink, Nobuna being forced to land as a result. As the decorations began to retreat her three guns shot them all without thought before they could truly leave. She walks over and sees the culprit but before she could do anything Homura killed it and she watched as the girls demon, Homulily, disappears soon after. "Fear.....huh." she mutters to herself. Memories of that game washing over her once more before shaking those thoughts out of her head and turning her attention to Homura. "You seem to have a lot of experience fighting these things and you never did explain exactly what these witches are and these soul gems you brought up before......" she paused for a moment before looking around the house. "Where is that pink haired traitor?" she asked as she looked around, only now noticing she had lost track of the girl during the whole confrontation.
Pink haired... Homura scowls at Oda a bit. She has no clue what this girl's issue is, but her attitude has done nothing to endear her towards Homura. "I dunno where she went, but she's got a name and has done nothing to you. As for Witches, aren't you a magical girl? If you don't know, guess I misjudged... To sum up, they're the result of a magical girl's soul gem becoming entirely corrupted. The grief seeds they leave behind are the only way to remove that corruption. I'm sure you see why magical girls have to hunt Witches. Anyways, fighting is over you can all go home now. No more, for the love of god no more." There's a tired and pleading tone in her voice as she stares down Oda, she can only guess but based on the girl's name for Kohaku... Well, that's not something she wants to deal with.
Upon hearing Homura's words her shoulders trembled. Her hair began glowing a fiery red once more as embers began to flicker off of it. Licks of flame spouting from her body in random intervals. She didn't interrupt Homura but she would be able to feel the unfiltered rage that almost poured forth from the girl. The kind of rage that doesn't belong to a human being washed over the girl. "I can assure you" she said, calm and stern, as if ignoring the heat and anger that radiated off of her as she spoke "That bitch has done to me something that can never be forgiven" she said before turning her crimson eyes back to Homura. "So I will ask you kindly, as one who has not done me wrong, to not interfere if I feel the need to burn that pink haired bitch into a smoldering pile of ash." Homura would see it in her eyes. The broiling rage that threatened to engulf all things in it's raging fire. The hate that seemed to almost consume the girl and though it may have been a simple glint, a moment in that vastness of flame and brimstone, she would see a sorrow that could fill the oceans and blot out the sky. She was angry but just as much than that she was hurt.
Homura just stares back at the girl, shadows flicking about around her body as she gives a calm and measured reply to the girl. "So, you want me to standby and let murder happen. Very cool what's your motive? Revenge I'd guess, but that's just a stab in the dark." She pauses for a moment and brings a hand to her chin. Suddenly missing her time magic very much, the girl instead keeps talking. "As much as I hate the idea of fighting you, I can't really forgive myself for just letting somebody be killed. Whatever happened in your own world is done, don't drag along your grudges onto people from other dimensions. I don't care what "she" did, because I'm pretty sure its not the same person. For tonight though, I'm done. Entirely, of this I assure you." A small round object appears in her right hand. Absently moves around as she looks for Kohaku.
Kohaku would easily be found with Sono, making sure the girl was alright. That was pretty good for your first time fighting something like that. Heck.. you were a lot more useful than I was. She scratches the back of her head. Guess I'm pretty useless without Nobbu-chan there to order me around.. She turns her attention to Homura and Oda. Waving at the former. Thanks for putting up with me senpai. Sorry I wasn't any help. She'd notice the tension around the two, and Oda's hostile glare. But ultimately wouldn't pay it any mind. "She definitely isn't Nobbu-chan."
Sonomi wiped her eyes as she looked back at Kohaku, still trying to recover from her fit. There was a smile on her face, and overall, she was alright. No bumps, nor bruises, fortunately. Any kind of hits on her frail body probably would've ended up killing her. "Pretty good? No, Kohaku-Chan. I still have a lot to learn if I'm going to get used to this. You did great!" She closed her eyes and hugged her, giving a friendly smile towards the two that approached them. After a few seconds, Sonomi had let go and stood up on her legs. Though Oda's intimidation factor worked wonders on her, she tried not to let it show. It probably wasn't for her anyways. "I'm so sorry, I made everything harder for you all." She did another bow towards them, hoping for the worst not to happen. "I hope you can forgive me!"
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She wouldn't say anymore. As far as she was concerned she already said what she needed once and she wasn't inclined to repeat herself. Homura wasn't her target and until she actually felt inclined to interfere she Nobuna had no plans of actually fighting her. Despite the fact she felt the urge to want to add the girl to her 'collection' she let go of the thought in deference to a better prize. Instead, she would simply watch Homura begin, tightening her grip on the weapon she had resting on her shoulder before holding it in a way as if holding an instrument. She played a cord on it, strumming her fingers on invisible cords as a construct began to take shape next to her. It soon formed into a child, no older than 10 or 12 wearing light clothes of blues and whites, a small beret on her head hiding their eyes with long long black hair. "Look for the girl." Nobuna said to the girl who nodded and then ran off. "I have no reason to fight you and you have none to fight me. What you said is correct. I am fully aware that this Kohaku is not the one from my world. I am also fully aware that killing her will do nothing to bring back the person she took from me but I am a very simple person, a very weak person. My reason to want to kill her is simply because she pisses me off. Her face, her voice, her actions, they all do nothing more than remind me of what once was. A time that will never come back. I will not ask you to understand. I will not ask you for your forgiveness. I will not even ask you to not interfere anymore. I will simply do as I please as I'm sure you will do as you please. If we become enemies as a result then so be it. I hope things will never come to that though, Homura." she says However, upon hearing Kohaku's voice she would immediately turn towards the girl, her guns changing directions to the girl as they were about to fire. She wouldn't fire right away though. Instead she would access her situation. At this moment she simply stood there, glaring at the pink her girl and letting her murderous intent leak out with every breath. Her guns remained trained on Kohaku, as a million different scenarios ran through her mind. She waited however, taking into account the movements of the others, careful not to be caught off guard by Homura who was to her side and the others who were here. She simply remained still, her guns trained on Kohaku as the little girl that appeared from before stood off to the side awaiting orders.
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Kohaku doesn't come any closer, and holds her hand behind her back in a casual sort of way. You should probably get away from me. Oda-san doesn't really seem to care much about whether she hits people accidentally or not. Behind her back, Kohaku charges her hand with magic. She not only keeps her eyes trained on the guns, not Oda herself, but also keeps her ears open for the sound of gunshots, or guns spawning behind her. The moment Oda showed any signs of hostile movement, she was prepared to react.
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Sonomi looked both at Kohaku, and then at Oda. After we defeated the creature, her friends are still fighting? She sighed, and simply stepped away from the whole ordeal. "Fine by me." Her tone had was a little unreadable, but her eyes were basically void of emotion. Might be sarcasm, disdain, or disappointment. Either way, it didn't make her feel happy. But she shrugged it off and left it to the two of them as she sat on the side and watched it all play out. "Hope you all get along somehow."
Haruka would be unable to react fast enough to keep the butterfly from biting onto him. The odd change in his arm would be annoying but almost as quickly as it latched on he'd take the knife in his other arm and attempt to cut the butterfly off. His eyes seemed to darken slightly, something was beginning to bother him as he tried to keep his grip on his gun tight. "Still...why isn't there anything?"
The cat like creature would pin Gael down but she wouldn't try and go down so petehtically like a wild animal she wrestled with the creature until she could expose its face and try to smother its face with the mist she emits hoping to snuff the life out of it and focus on the bigger fish in the sea. "At this rate were gonna get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of them. Torrick now would be as good as ever to come out." Her words were met with nothing though as it seems he was not ready to come out which made her more stiff then anything else but anyways she kicks back away from the cat creature she conjures two more explosives in the spiralling spheres as she arms herself in a more defensive position. Truth be told she doesn't really see any plan or weakness to be made it was a pure fight of survival and she was at this point waiting to kick into her peak while holding out.
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Haruka’s knife would cut through the butterfly much as the bullets had, just as if it were paper, though he’d notice the strange papery effect working on his knife too, it’d remain functional for now. He’d also notice his left arm starting to become numb where the butterfly’s bite had affected him. The first thing Gael would notice is the same papery effect that had affected their bomb, and was currently affecting Haruka spreads to her chest on contact, though it wouldn’t be a major issue for now they would notice some numbness in the area around where the cat had pounded on them. Still, Gael’s smothering mist causes the cat creature to cover its eyes with its paws, as though trying to protect itself from the burning sensation. This gives her more than enough opportunity to get away from the creature, leaving it to cough in place for a moment. However, it doesn’t perish, rather it shakes the smoke out of its eyes before getting back to prowling, slowly walking around to her left. Meanwhile the shark moves to the pair’s right, it’s fin rapidly approaches Haruka until it is only a few short feet away, at which point the entire creature would leap effortlessly out of the ground in an attempt to swallow him whole. As for the witch, the green arm quickly finishes its work on the grasshopper, though it’s hind legs aren’t as large as they ought to be, the entire creature is roughly the size of a boxer (the dog, not the person). It makes a feeble attempt at a leap before simply scurrying closer to the pair. It’s red and yellow arms are met by the blue to continue their work. This one wouldn’t be any real animal, instead it would most closely resemble a chimera, with a horse’s body, a lion’s head, and wings like a bird, it wouldn’t be much longer until it was finished
Haruka would note the new-found numbness in his arm but it didn't bug him. Despite getting rid of the butterfly he'd just seem more bothered second by second until finally...nothing. His pupils seemed to fully darken as red cracks formed in them. Any and all willpower left in his expression seemed to leave him. "There's no point to this even, is there? This isn't going to help me because nothing ever does. If I'm gonna be like this for the rest of my life then am I even really alive? I give up...This isn't even a life worth living." Just as the shark lept out of the ground to swallow Haruka his pupils would shatter until his eyes were full of the same blackness. Something seemed to begin surrounding his body as he would let himself be swallowed by the shark.
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Gael has bought herself enough free time to see the shark making its move and try to attack so she quickly make a dash to Haruka’s side. She can barley question what he is doing more focus on what she can do to stop the threat or keep it away. She had a idea but it requires a bit of cooperation as she began to call out in a cry of desperation? Or perhaps a bellow of power? “Torrick cut it and let loose now!” Her body was engulfed into like a cocoon over her in slime and mist before out of the dark corners of the mine it showed up. Gael was no more as a more giant lumbering freak clocked by the shadows and green bioluminescent covering itself, jagged skin all across the body, and a bright pair of yellow eyes to compliment, the indescribable freak took the place of where she was and boy was he happy. With a cheeky grin it leapt out and tried to tackle down the shark to the floor and wrestle with it furiously try to twist it’s tail and jab at its underbelly anything dirty is in his book.
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The shark would eat Haruka in a single bite, leaving him in a bit of a black space within the creature as the same papery numbness spreading throughout him. If nothing else were done, it'd only be a matter of seconds before he were absorbed into the familiar and that's it. Torrick manages to catch the shark before it is able to submerge itself once more. Torrick manages to rip the creature's tail off and keeps pummeling it, the creature's form would start to crumble like paper with the blows, but it doesn't seem to let go. The cat would gladly take the opportunity presented to it, once again moving to pounce on Torrick while they're busy with the shark, likely forcing them to let go of it and deal with the cat once more. The grasshopper continues approaching the group, much like the cat had before it, only pausing a few feet out, where it begins salivating before spitting a bunch of sticky webbing at Torrick, to further tie him and the cat together. As for the witch, with its green arm now available, it joins the other three and draws a green snake as a tail for its chimera, which then peels itself off the canvas. The ten foot creature takes a few steps before launching itself into the air. Kyubey watches the development calmly, taking steps to remain a fair distance away from the actual fighting as it absentmindedly comments, more to himself than anyone in particular Kyubey: "Just a little bit longer...."
Haruka would just lie there idly, not minding the numbness spreading through him. He was already used to the world lacking any feeling. He'd have given up, his eyes completely filled with a black inky fluid that seemed to previously be his pupils. Within them, only a little light remained now making up a white dot. Haruka: "This is fine, right? There's no more pain this way. I don't need to be cured because giving up means that it doesn't matter..." He'd idle there for another second before a sudden pain coursed through his body. The dark substance surrounding his body seemed to wrap around him more and more. Haruka: "W-what? Why...does it hurt?" Another voice would speak to Haruka from deep within. The voice was cold and uncaring, it spoke without any hesitation as if its words just came naturally. ???: "You're sick and have refused to heal. Now, it is my role to make sure you perish. Did you believe that you could truly die on your own terms? You haven't yet succumb to apathy fully." The black shadowy substance would completely engulf the boy making a transparent film around him that could easily be mistaken for a gel of some sort. From the transparent substance another darker colored layer of sludge would seem to grow. Dark inky hands began to form out of the outer shell from a variety of spots at random. They'd begin pushing outwards trying to break the shark from within, not caring about what else they may push against in the process. During this whole process Haruka would feel nothing but pain as he could feel all reason fade from his mind. He felt like all his senses at once could only focus on the presence of the odd entity overtaking him.
Torrick feeling like he did a bang ol job on the shark not even realizing what happen to Haruka just decided to give one last slam on the head of the shark and raises his hand in a fist like a sign of triump...only to then have it get webbed up by the grasshopper unfortunately and tries to shake it off to no avail. “Quite the trick you have here I see very authentic, yes this silk is decent you can make a good price for some but perhaps itd to silly i’m Sorry hopper I have to pass you and the chimera plus the subpar artist must wait in line for the deal is closed!” Torrick turns around and gives a cackle distorted by his ever so old and arrogant ways back in the day. It was clear to see he gave no care to the witches or any of their creation to him it was another inconvenience that would batter him around and either he slits or slides it offf because he wasn’t very impressed. Why well because he had other idea in mind like the cat creature. “Oh now let’s take a gander at you! there’s enough fur on that body to make some nice rare frantic and what’s left...a nice bare...fat...tasty source of corrupted food. Oh yes this is perfect I just have it now!” Craving taking over his next set of actions Torrick decides to take on where Gael left off and try to pin the cat creature down with his own god hand free from the grasshoppers webbing and begin to quickly chow down on the cats creatures giving the utmost disrespect to the bigger threats of the witch but he at least tries to make it a quick meal in front of the enemy and makes them question if they should strike while he’s vulnerable or not.
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Haruka's..... Thing would rip through the shark almost immediately, tearing its papery substance to shreds and saving its... User? Either way that would leave him with some kind of shadowy abomination near Torrick, which Kyubey is glad to stay well away from. Torrick grabs the cat in midair as it leaps towards him, before throwing it to the ground and beginning to eat it. Unsurprisingly it tastes like paper and probably isn't particularly filling. But this action would cause Kyubey to scratch his ears as he comments Kyubey: "That's... A new one. Just when I thought this place couldn't get weirder. Anyways um.. Good job holding up." The grasshopper would try to keep Torrick occupied, throwing out more and more webbing in an attempt to keep him from moving. The chimera dives towards Haruka's... Thing, taking advantage of its close proximity to Torrick to breath fire on it while the snake head spits a cloud of acid at Torrick. Though they would look vague and papery like the chimera that breathed it, the fire and acid would burn like the real deal. With its latest artwork finished, the Witch begins working on something else, the red arm starts with a pair of feet while the yellow, a large, round body for a bee, the blue and green begin working together.... Only for the blue arm to be cut off near the witch's base by a fairly sizeable sword. The blade looks like a katana, though it has a hand guard that wouldn't be typical for that kind of weapon. the source of which is a young, blue-haired girl wearing a long white cape who seems to have just torn a hole in the sky. She quickly assesses the situation, though her eyes go wide at the mess around the group, and she glares at Kyubey Kyubey: "Took you long enough." Sayaka: "You're going to have some explaining to do."
The fire would cause the substance that made up the out layer bubble before retreating a bit towards the core but as soon as the flames ended it would swell out once more, the arms beginning to stretch out even further than before. The hands almost seemed to making a hissing noise at the Chimera before stretching out and attempting to grab a hold of it. If they were able to grab it they'd begin trying to throw it away from Haruka. They'd throw it at Torrick as if believing him to be a threat as well before trying to move away, several of the hands crawling on the ground.
Torrick would finish the rather disappointing snack grunting to itself and then wiping himself off and turning around to face the enemy. His eye would depan though as he notices a barrage of fire, acid, and webbing and the body of the chimera itself being thrown his way all connecting right into him and cashing is physical structure to break and melt down into a puddle of slime and other liquids on the floor. Almost immediately right after tough the puddle begins to reform back into a sack and out pops Gael like a magic act brushing herself off. “All of that for food...unbelievable...Torrick extensions now.” ”It burns so much who uses acid and fire together the sting will never go away or at least the webbing won’t! Oh what a world!” Though dramatic Torrick would give Gael a proper suit of his power as he tags out and Gael tags in again. She immediately jumps back much further away from Haruka and the paintings firing blasts right back at the grasshopper’s webbing to try and keep it at bay and give herself a moment to talk. “Situation seems like hell anytime us two do something. Kyubey I assume you have a plan and a better approach?”
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