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Daily Life of Garfield
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Garfield wakes up from his bed, wondering what to do today. Then he realized what day it was "Monday... I hate Mondays... I'll destroy all of the Mondays so I never have to experience it..." Garfield gets up and finds Odie. He promptly kicks Odie off the table and laughs "Stupid mutt you make me look bad" Garfield walks up to Jon, and demands for Lagna. Jon does not give him Lasna. Garfield is angry. Jon is angry. Garfield uses his power of Time and Space to delete Mondays in a rage. "Garfield, what are you doing?!?! If you destroy Mondays, then Tuesdays will just take it's place!" Garfield, levitating, raw power flowing out of his eyes, glares at Jon, hate seething through his expression "Then I'll destroy all of it Jon, Monday, Tuesday, Wendsday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, ALL OF IT. YOUR POWER IS NOTHING COMPARED TO MINE JON, BOW BEFORE YOUR GOD" Jon, exasperated from this happening every single Monday, releases his own power, a Stand. "I'LL STOP YOU ONCE MORE GARFIELD, MY STAND, [L A S A G N A], SHALL DEFEAT YOU" They clash, trading blows. Jon's stand shooting Salads and menus for cats on diet pushing back Garfield, who is repelled by the very word 'Diet'. Garfield stops holding back and destroys the very space where Jon is, but was dodged by his Stand giving him information on what Garfield was going to do "YOU CANT STOP ME JON, JUST GIVE IT UP!" "I'LL PROTECT THE VERY UNIVERSE FROM YOUR OPPRESSION GARFIELD!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" They say this battle is still going on to this day. Whenever it seems as though you forgot what happened on Monday, Garfield won, deleting Monday. Whenever your Mondays drag on, Jon won... The battle to save the universe happens weekly, only ever stopping on Saturdays and Sundays so they can enjoy their weekend.
ooc: d-did... you just... finish the rp before even starting it...? ooc 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDqUDt3K5Mk
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ooc: It was more of a one shot in RP format
ooc: ok i guess that works then
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