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Anyone know what to do with a talking cat?
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This cat won't leave me alone and keeps telling me to go to sleep, anyone know what I can do about this??
You can't do anything. You must accept this. You could run, but you can't hide. You WILL obey
Ask for Shane Dawson's advice. I'd rather be forced to watch idol anime for all eternity ww I'd rather die a billion times and watch weird videos complaining about people... oh wait I have those.
I feel like the talking cat is the least of your worries.
Thread Creator

I feel like the talking cat is the least of your worries. Hmm. You sound like you know something
Ah, a fellow person being forced to sleep at reasonable hours. I share your pain.
Robot waifus are nice, but they’ll insist on being an alarm clock for you
Hey!! Enough joking around! You must be tired by now. So go to sleep dammit!
We need to steal Morgana’s heart!
Stealing Morgana's heart, it is! I got the squad, Jokers, let's go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXUYZxsku-Q
(edited by Jokero_Kujoker)
Is Morgana’s treasure fatty tuna?
I can offer a hard 'Maybe' on that one.
Noo!! I'm asking for some you imbacils! Don't take it away from me!!!
Noo!! I'm asking for some you imbacils! Don't take it away from me!!! Give us no bedtimes, or we take your tuna!
You always eat my share anyways Joker, it's about time you brought my share of the food, UNTOUCHED.
Or else it's bedtime at 9:00!!
Persona: Morgana Location: Leblanc Distortion: A vault of Fatty tuna
(edited by TheRemitron)
Hey! It's not my fault the 'chief' was hungry! What am I supposed to do, say 'no'? I can't do that to my Brojiro!
Ugh.. Still, no excuse! And I don't have a palace!! But if I did, then I suppose it would contain a vault of tuna...mmmeoww~!
How do you know Morgana?
That sounds like something someone with a palace would say, Morgana...
Hurry put it in the Nav!
...Because I just don't! But at this rate, the more I am denied such a superb and delicious meal, the more twisted my desires will become! Time to take serious measures and hide in Joker's backpack when he goes out to that sushi place...hehe!
Yeah sure Morgana
Well, with that in mind, guess it's time to Nav it.
Well? Does it work
I'm seeing way more than just one hit.
Oh yeah!! Must be my multiple vaults! Meoww!!
Why are you happy about having a palace
Good luck getting past that guys~
That's why~
Now hand over the tuna! Or meet my needy shadow!!
I would rather steal your heart instead
!! Wha-! ..Fine! The hard way it is then!! Go with Joker and deal with the consequences of ignoring my necessities...and we shall see who emerges victorious!!
Uh does this count as a calling card?
Umm, I guess so? I do feel like I'm at a high security level!
Great we need to do the whole palace in one day
Now let the fight for tuna vs no bedtime begin!! ????
Challenge accepted.
Looks like you only have a few hours too, because night is approaching! I can already smell the fatty...tuna...~
All right let’s go then what are we waiting for?
Thread Creator

Wait,, I'm still freaking out here!
No Ren we don’t have the time for this we need to steal is heart!

Talking cats aren't real. Don't be stupid.
Thread Creator

O-- okay! Which vault could it be? Wait, if we're going into the palace, what's your codename? Are you a Joker like me or...?
I’m Pancakes nice to meet you, ok we good?
Well, technically I'm a 'Jokero', but uh...too similar, just call me JoJo! Now let's win back our lack of bedtime!
Thread Creator

Yeah, we're good. I think. Pancakes sounds familiar...
Great! Are we going or not?
Thread Creator

Yes! It's showtime!
Morgana'll never see it coming!
Thread Creator

starts humming last surprise Perhaps I should have given this the rp tag
Perhaps, but I'm guessing you weren't expecting to meet a fellow Joker?
All right boys three out of four party members is pretty bad, but we got to do it. For staying up late!
Thread Creator

It was a pleasant surprise, and the community is so nice here that I haven't yet heard any dispute on my name. For some reason people keep calling me Akira around school...
All right! Tuna’s Gross anyway!
Well saying encouraging things won’t steal the treasure for us
Once they venture far enough into the vaults, they will have to deal with my true nature on a personal level...I can't wait!!
True, so let's steal the treasure, then! ONWARDS!
Thread Creator

True. But really, we'll be here for hours if we don't know what vault the tuna is in
This place is a distorted Leblanc, so my guess it’s Joker’s room
Thread Creator

I didn't get a chance to clean...
It doesn’t mater! We need to get to your room to obtain his treasure
To be fair, I'm sure Morgana would still see it as a mess.
Smells awful in here
Thread Creator

sighs You're probably right...
Thread Creator

Smells awful in here Hey!!
*shadow Mona emerges* It does not smell bad!! Tuna is a delicacy!! Meooww...!
I mean, you'll never find the true tuna block within the many vaults of Leblanc~ For it is not within his room at all!
Hey Morgana is there a type of tuna that you think is better than any other tuna in the world?
Do you want to be all out attacked, Mona?
(edited by TheRemitron)
Jeez!!! Fine, if you insist, I suppose a fight it is! Find me in the vault which contains the treasure, and then we shall fight! You should know where I'm talking about, for I'm sure tuna isn't kept in a bedroom!!
Uh, the Kitchen?
Thread Creator

Must be, To the kitchen!
Ok where’s that?
Finally, a genius in the group. I shall protect the fridge with my life!! Meeeooow!!!!
Thread Creator

I will take that fridge if its the last thing I do
*A Joker cognition suddenly appears on the path to the kitchen* "No one will attack Mona as long as I'm here!"
So is this cognitive Joker like an almost exact copy or what?
"To late to think, Arsen will attack if you let your guard down, hahah!!
Thread Creator

This is how you see us Jokers, Mona? Very well. Arsene!
Thread Creator

Arsene vs Arsene? Back me up, Pancakes!
Hehe, go my Joker!!!
Shoots at cognitive Joker
Don't worry, I've got this! Satanael!THE WORLD!
Uh does that mean you just stopped time oooor...?
Joker: Concentrate!!!
Thread Creator

steps back Take the stage, Jojo
Wrong Stand- I MEAN, PERSONA. Satanael's power is the power to do what people never saw coming!
Thread Creator

You know what I would never see coming? Getting betrayed. You guys?
Neat I guess I’ll just stand here now
Joker: Multi-one shot hit!!!!
Also, my persona ALSO has a gun, so that's like, two guns for the price of one.
Eradicate them Joker!!!
They talk too much!!
Oh, right, cognitions. gunshots, gunshots, and more gunshots
Joker: "I love Mona, no one shall touch his...precious tuna blocks..!!
Thread Creator

Hey cognitive Joker? Go to sleep. Arsene! Dream needle! cognitive Joker is inflicted with sleep
Okay I’ll finish it! ROBIN HOOD! Cognitive Joker was hit with a bless attack
Joker: "Noooo!...to think that... the one thing which would betray me...would be bedtime itself....z.zzzz..z...
Joker noo!!!! What have you thieves done!!
No wonder the Joker Rebellion was about not having a bedtime. Someone who goes to sleep at the demand of another, that's how you see Jokers???
I...shall not fight.. If even my Joker has lost his life over guarding my tuna, then I really have been quite selfish...
Take it, take the treasure now...
Thread Creator

takes the tuna This marks the dawn of a new day
The day where we choose our own bedtimes
Are you sure it isn’t fake?
Thread Creator

sheds a tear It's beautiful
Thread Creator

Are you sure it isn’t fake? For Mona's sake I hope it isn't
(edited by Ren-kun)
Are you sure it isn’t fake? For Mona's sake I hope it isn't I fully agree, it better not be
All right let’s stay up tonight!
Thread Creator

Woo! looks at time I should be studying, midterms are going on! No, tonight is for celebrating!
Who cares? you can't do worse on your exams than Ryuji! Let's celebrate our freedom!
Thread Creator

Though that may be true, he makes up for it with his... Charm?? Idk
Hey guys, welcome back! How'd the palace go? Did ya take the treasureeee??~
All right where are we going?
Thread Creator

We took the treasure, Morgana, and we no longer have a bedtime!
Fine, that's good and all, but where's the treasure?? Give it!!! Meooww!!!
Thread Creator

throws the fatty tuna to Morgana Here ya go you troublesome cat
This was probably a trick to get him some fatty tuna
Ahh!!! Thank you Joker!!! I owe you one!! No more betime for a week!! Mmmhphmm soooo gooood~!!
Thread Creator

That is a really convoluted way to get free fatty tuna
Hehe, so you noticed that this was my plan all along! Evertime you deny me my tuna, a new palace shall appear! But let's not go there right now....mmmmm....fatty tuna...~ Now, enjoy your late nights!! You deserve it.
Or you could just go to the store and buy me some like a good and responsible friend, after all.
We've been played like a fiddle! Although, no bedtime still seems like a considerable trade-off...
sigh I guess...
Thread Creator

sighs I will put money toward the fatty tuna funds Meanwhile, I should write something. Also, I need to research the Madarame rumours in a few days So much to do...
Hehe, that's right~
Grrr... I want to effing kill this cat right now!
Morgana, don't you make me get the vacuum.
Thread Creator

I encourage the vacuum
No!! I'm scared of... vacuums...so loud!! Just as long as it's settled, all is good. Come on guys, let's focus instead on the present investigations.
Thread Creator

Madarame can wait, justice must be served

eat the fucking cat, you're in asia, it's culturally acceptable
Thread Creator


don't quote the post above your own
Thread Creator

AMERICAN JUSTICE Oh wait, that's still not much better, uh... screw it, I'll just get the vacuum.
Thread Creator

Heh, yeah...
And Morgana wasn't seen for the rest of the night, choosing to enjoy the rest of the tuna at Ann's side, whom he knew would go to bed on time too
Note to self, keep the vacuum handy.
why can't we just let our boy stay up? he gets to decide to do whatever he wants to do, it's his body
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