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Are the phantom theives real?
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is it theives or thieves?
Damn... what did Etika's palace even look like? Oh also, yea I think the Phantom Thieves are real...
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After doing some research on the dude, my best guess is a drug house.
Isn’t Etika the guy that screams at smash reveals?
What did he do?

He was having some sort of freak out and was on social media at the time... you know what, there is an entire thread on this. Give me a sec.
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Ah ok that makes sense

yo welcome
Y E S T H E Y A R E R E A L !
I'm a phantom thief and I can say for certain Archer believes Labrys is best waifu. Also phantom thieves don't exist

They will never be real, sadly.
I believe they are real, in fact I believe in the near future I will meet them, I do speak with my own persona sometimes, though Evy doesn't speak in response

We do know that. They are fictional characters from a video game. They do not, and could not exist. If you could show me something concrete that they could be real, I'll change my mind.
I honestly think we need to wait for someone else to have a change of heart
Oh and Mono could a change of heart be solid proof for you?

No. Change of Hearts isn't something with the thieves, as they aren't fucking real.
Not a chance, they're just a myth made to spark fear. You really think some high school delinquent can stand up to Shido?
Maybe, It can happen, but unlikely.
Holy shit you guys are actually convinced phantom thieves are real... This is something from a video game, as in, it doesn't exist. It's fake. Someone at Atlus was like "Hey we need to milk this IP more, let's make a new game." Well if they only made the game to milk the series they did a damn good job of milking. I doubt they put so much effort into an amazing game just for the money. The game could be so much worse
[spoiler][/yes and I,Goro Pankechi will betray them
phjanf thief are not real because i, gor akec, have given them slapp
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