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What if Joker Smoked T H E D A N K K U S H ! ?
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Play P5 stoned. It’s worth it.
please don't endorse smoking weed on a site that's full of minors. this definitely isn't the right place to be saying this kind of stuff.
Yeah, I think it might be just a little illegal if I were to do that.
I am immune to illegalness. The only states I live in have completely regulated the weeds.
snap Weed is now legal everywhere.
Tried it. I kept summoning and de-summoning my Persona mid-battle because I thought it was the coolest shit.
Thanks thanos
daily reminder to ignore elm because he doesn't know how to take a joke
makoto and SEES smoke weed in the dank hour every 4/20 yes, even with the dog and the robot
(edited by TheRoyalWaitress)
DUDE, spoilers!
Is it really though?
Don't do weed DO name Akiren "Weed Man"
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