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What is a case of the fandom making a character better
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We always talk about how cringy fandoms can be, but we never talk about how good they can be. Specifically, how they fix a character that was terrible on the original product. My example isn't a very obvious one. Quint, from MegaMan. This character was introduced in the Gameboy version of MegaMan 2. He was a very interesting concept, being a version of MegaMan from the future that Wily stole and reprogrammed. However, he was extremely weak and got beaten really easily. But the MegaMan fandom redeemed him, thanks to two wonderful fangames. MegaMan 8 Bit Deathmatch has an amazing secret boss fight against him, painting him as a false futuristic hero bent on saving the timeline, meaning destroying you. This insane 5 phase boss fight is extremely hard and super fun. Then, there's Quint's Revenge, a retelling of MM2 GB where Quint breaks free of Wily's control and wants to defeat them in Megaman's place. What are some examples you have of this?
Literally the entire RWBY cast being improved by the actual good fanfic writers.
cough Akechi cough For real though I love Pancake Boi, I hope he actually becomes your friend in P5R. Or at least something more than “Mom committed suicide and now I hate my dad” as a backstory
Sometimes I wish we could give Mr. Pancakes a hug. I believe P5R is a perfect chance to improve him as a character. Especially with it not actually being seen that he dies and the whole third semester thing. It would just be nice to see Akechi as a real person (or as close as a real person as a fictional character can be) then a crazy lunatic. Maybe even a flashback to Akechi before he became magical serial killer man. Just anything to make Akechi a better character. Oh and I also find Akechi attractive
Literally the entire RWBY cast being improved by the actual good fanfic writers. jokes on you, not even good writing can turn the rwby characters into realistic, 3d people (pun intended)
I’ve never watched RWBY is the characters that bad?
The characters were pretty decent up until season 4. Then they were shit.
for me, the show was mediocre in the first two seasons, then it turned to shit
the first season had pretty bad animations and story, as the entire thing was pretty much made by 2-3 people. Season 2 was a bit better, far better animations, story was still meh. Season 3 was one of the best seasons. Then season 4 came around, and the entire show just went to shit. Season 4 was a plot dump season, season 5 ruined so many characters, and I haven't even touched Season 6.

basically every danganronpa character because the fans bring them back to life.
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