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Fe Echoes, but that was the final battle...and more
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The final battle was quite tough, I did not want to lose anyone so that was difficult. I loved that everyone had dialogue for the final battle, that was cool. For the actual battle, first of all, witches and the bow knights, they were hell on earth to deal with. Well at the beginning at least, then the actual bosses come in. Of course, they were difficult to deal with, but Jedah. Jedah won't attack me first so I ignored him. But then we got the final boss, Duma, he was really difficult (obviously) . Huge range and not much can be done with anyone else except for Alm. But the one who did the final blow against him was Delthea. So that was cool. And then credits.. I'll explain more stuff in another post.
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Did I like this game? Well it is difficult to say really, but it is not perfect at all. The gameplay was dreadful, Alm's boring maps and then Celica's ridiculous maps. The voice acting was amazing though, and the art was cool too. Music was great as well. Storywise, it was really good, but Celica made things difficult. Stupid decisions, selling your soul to Duma for a obvious bad guy?? And then, the supports, they were just there really. Nothing special, Kliff only had one with Tobin and that is it. They cared more with other characters I guess. But did I enjoy it? That is difficult to answer. A love hate relationship would explain it. Overall, 6/10, I can see why others love it, but I cannot for some reason. I just kinda like it, but it was not fun at all. Time for me to return to a dumpster.
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