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I Want to EAT the Phantom Thieves
New question: Which Phantom Thief tastes the best?
Insulting Your Smash Mains
Cloud, Joker, and Ridley
free from school
Stay noided bro
cooking with inari season 2
Yo, this acid’s really starting to fuck with my head. I swear I saw someone dressed just like me walking down the streets of the phansite.
Shitty super powers
You can change history, but only if it relates to the 1998 Winter Olympics.
Very obscure video games you're a fan of
I wouldn’t really call it obscure, but I never see Broken Age getting the love it deserves.
Favorite palace?
Its tough, because while Sae’s palace was definitely my favorite, I was much more taken away at every turn by everything in Kamoshida’s palace since this was my first Persona game.

Recent topics

I am the Pinnacle of Comedy
Bro, you don’t understand. I watch Family Guy AND Rick and Morty. Literally every word that comes out of my mouth is comedic genius. Just look at my user. LOOK AT HOW FUNNY THAT GAG IS! You imbeciles WISH you could one day achieve the sheer brilliance that is effortlessly spat out of my mouth on a daily basis. And now, to prove just how funny I am, I will leave you but with one word... <spoiler>penis</spoiler>
Hi! I’m Lnari! Owner and respecter of Women!
What it do bitch boys??? I’m in Israel
An Unfortunate Announcement
I was unable to find Mishima during my time in Poland, but I DID find a good place to hide the afikoman . On the bright side, I’m going to Israel tomorrow, and that shit’s gonna be pretty e p i c.
My parents took away my stairs because I am grounded
Someone please get me out of here. It’s been weeks.
I Want to EAT the Phantom Thieves
Please, I’m fucking hungry.
Lnari loses 10 pounds and gets a G R I L L
It’s been a good week in the life of an imposter. Tune in next week when he gains the weight back, and the grill somehow decides she’s already lost interest!
Hey Ya by OutKast is the Only Song I Will Ever Listen to Ever Again
I have come to the conclusion that no other music serves any purpose. “Hey Ya” is the peak of human existence, and listening to any other music would be moronic. Andre 3000’s sweet voice shall serenade me to my grave.
What’s the best worst game?
I’m talking about a game that’s so bad, so unplayable, so fundamentally broken, that you can’t help but admire the absolute train wreck that it is. For me, it’s a tossup between Hong Kong 97 and Sneak King.
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