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leon get your pretty boy ass over here and help me off this broken escalator

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Virtual City Casual RP
<i>Though this is usually sarcasm, in her case, she actually felt compelled to let it be genuine, snapping her fingers and pointing at Gad as she chuckles a bit.</i> &quot;Haha, no you're fine. I'm Ashley. I'm an American, if you couldn't tell.&quot; <i>She looked back at Malcolm and rubbed her chin to think about the options that were given to her. In the end though, she looks them up on her phone before continuing with him.</i> &quot;Both of those really sound like they'd help. No idea where those are in Tokyo either.&quot;
Virtual City Casual RP
&quot;Wait, I'm <span class="underline">shady?</span> But I'm just a teenage girl looking for the directions back to America. My dad probably thinks I've gone missing...maybe sent a SWAT team or something.&quot; <i>Ashley indeed does turn around to look at Gad, squinting her eyes to take a good look at him before deciding that she has indeed met him before, and waved at him. Coincidentally she now gets to unintentionally show off her shotgun and rocket launcher that's strapped to her back.</i> &quot;Oh hey, I've seen you before, haven't I?&quot;
Virtual City Casual RP
<i>A blonde girl with a few firearms that she doesn't seem to care about walks about looking at her phone. She seems to be muttering a few things to herself as she strolls around.</i> &quot;Alright, so from what Siri had told me, the coordinates should lead me back to-&quot; <i>The girl looks up from her phone, both awed at the sudden appearance of a city...as well as disappointment considering where she really should be right now.</i> &quot;Yeah uh, not America. Wtf Siri. This is why I should get Android next time. Uhm, uh, hey, what's happening right now?&quot;
Hello, what would u like from Borger King?
thank for supporting an american bye
Hello, what would u like from Borger King?
Look I don't really care about whatever beef you two have I just want a borger.
What you want from macdondal
Hi I am American and I would love to eat at this esablishment
Burger Kyubey
<i>Busts in and cocks gun.</i> &quot;Can I get my Chickyu Fries the American way?&quot; <i>Salutes to air as random airhorns screech in the background.</i>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Why be anime when you can be american
Hey, morons, public service announcement!
You underestimate the power of American internet memers.

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Going to watch Endgame soon
<spoiler>pls no spoilers</spoiler>
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