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all you really need to know about me is, im a gamer and i love to roleplay.

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Another Day
<b>But he doesn't die and Corbin was just waiting for some people to come in or see what happens with the two Homarus</b>
Another Day
you didn't say that in the first place, you snooze you lose... so just go deal with someone else please
Another Day
it defeats the invading monster that was fighting the city... that we didn't notice until now Corbin just drinks some soda
Another Day
He just reappears like it didn't happen which for Homura. nothing did seem to happen to Crobin &quot;um, guy in the business suit... have you think that the whole reason why im. quote on quote corrupted. is thanks you all just being assholes to me&quot; Corbin looks at Homura &quot;Sorry about that, that's a lot... well the craziness part&quot;
Another Day
&quot;yeah, now saying that out loud does make it sound a bit weird... but yeah, this world is going to be quite different from your original world. Everyone you see here are from different worlds/universes... and the girl that looks a lot like you is well you but from another world&quot;
Another Day
&quot;About as lost as... well someone who somehow entered a different universe which is what happened to you&quot; Corbin said before he drinks some more soda
Another Day
&quot;no, your not. want me to pinch you to prove your not dreaming&quot; Corbin said in a calm tone... and slightly monotone
Another Day
Well unless your a god ok now thats over with... lets see what else happens in this rp and well lets see what happens with the Homuras... and wonders if he's going to even talk to them in this rp or later when he plays as his OCs or other characters
Another Day
Corbin knows that and he doesn't care about physics, and besides this is just an rp... nothing about this is real, just a fantasy. so he could make it that the black hole just go away as for the stops time thing... well he just doesn't care, he doesn't want a black hole to destroy everything... maybe just go destroy a city or something
Another Day
Corbin first use one of his powers to stop time. he would get up, walks to the black hole and snaps it away... and gave Evolt some more power for the hell of it he soon walks back to where he was and restores time back to the way it was... he would soon look at Homura was going to help but saw the MS Paint Homura already did that, he just sighs.

Recent topics

Another Day
<spoiler>(this rp is just well, theres no real plot to it, it's just do whatever you want to do, just enjoy rping. if you want to, you could maybe somehow create a plot in this post but yeah, just enjoy roleplaying on this post with no real plot and just crazyness)</spoiler> it was a calm and peaceful morning nothing was going on, that's a first, but soon a teen around the age of 15 and has black hair... oh who am i kidding, it's Corbin. Corbin was just holding a bottle of soda and was just drinking the soda as she sat down. he began to wait for, whatever happens
Stuff I want to talk about
Hey everyone Corbin here. It's been awhile since I've been on the Phansite and well I have some things to say First thing is something I been thing about talking but now seems like a good time to talk about it I have Asperger which doesn't really help me at all when I just to do rps, i always get angry went something doesn't go right, I might think all of the things that might go wrong if I post something... but that doesn't stop from trying to rp next thing I want to talk about is google +, yeah you guys already heard it was shutting down and well it was a huge part of my life. I've been on that site since like 2015, i'm sad its going away and well I have gotten a Twitter account and discord account but yeah fresh start on their... I might think about being more active here again and the last thing is well I just hope you all have a good life
The Party
<b>In Corbin's house well the one in the Nexus anyways</b> <b>Dark Corbin and L.H.C (Light hero corbin) were putting up gifts, balloons, pretty much everything needed for a birthday part, who's birthday was today... well it's the guy's whos making the thread aka Corbin</b> <b>Corbin had pretty much invite everyone to his part since WHY NOT</b>
Phignting game evil theme songs
So the others have talked about Team fight Quotes, nicknames, Alternate costumes but what about a theme song and not you normal theme song but your evil theme song. For Wakui or Broken Wakui (&lt;-Pretty much evil Wakui) I should say. I dont really know what Evil Wakui/Broken Wakui's theme song should be.
A new start
*A young boy about the age of 14 walks up to what seems to be a well but inside was glowing green, in the boy's hand was a orb full of his powers that he had gain from his adventures, the boy soon dropped the orb into the well and walked away, soon taking his phone out of his pockets and press a button, the boy was soon teleport somewhere* *somewhere else* *The boy was now in a room but soon walked to the door, he took a deep breath and opened it, he walked through into a new room where a darker version and a lighter version of himself were asleep on some beds, the boy walked over and put two pieces of papers before walking off into a new room, soon coming out of the room with new clothes on and a backpack full of things, the boy would soon walk to another door, he looked over at the two before opening the door and leaving* *Time skip* *The boy was walking through the streets, looking around with his hands on the straps of his backpack. The boy kept walking until he saw a park, the boy soon walk to the park. This boy's name was Corbin and his new life starts* OOC: What Corbin did was he gave away all of his powers and what he gain was nothing, he just wanted a new start
Hangout house
Well, we need a place for everyone to hangout and I chose this house... We're going to get a name for it later but for now, its known as the Hangout house. Also you can kill Dark Corbin as many times as you want for exp. Dark Corbin: *is tied up to the wall* I hate you so much Corbin
just another day for corbin
*corbin was walking down a street of a random town after killing a monster that would have destroyed the town.* *sigh* just a normal day for me... *corbin keeps walking down the street, just pretty much minding his own business*
the underground tavern.
*you find a elevator in the streets above it says &quot;the underground tavern&quot;, you enter the elevator and it takes you down and once the doors open. you soon see a modern looking tavern, and you soon see me, asleep*
the night of a vigilante
*you were walking back home or somewhere when you heard a man cry in pain in a alleyway and for some reason you went to investigate and you soon see a 17 year old teen with a rifle aiming at a man. the teen soon begins to talk not knowing you are there* ????: why do you harm a innocent man, revenge? a hit? or just because like it? the man: why don't you just go to hell *the man took out a knife and trys to stab the 17 year old but he gets tripped and falls to the ground, the man tries to get up but the 17 year old put his foot on the man's hand that had the knife and aim the rifle at the man's head, soon pulling the triggered and a loud bang was heard as the man died* ????: now you will not hurt anyone *the 17 year old got off of the dead man and sighs*
the underground tavern: the reopening
*you find a elevator in the streets above it says &quot;the underground tavern 3&quot;, you enter the elevator and it takes you down and once the doors open. you see that the place was like a fancy tavern where people of all ages can go to. soon you saw me running the bar/counter* welcome to the underground tavern 3. relaxing, have fun, sleep, and get anything you want for free
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