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Leblanc Finale: The End of the Road
<i>drives car into Leblanc</i> &quot;Who wants candy?&quot;
The City Night
<i>Yashiro fails to realize Hat Kid and 6, and simply continues driving away</i>
The City Night
<i>Out of the corner of his eye Yashiro notices a strange blue huge hourglass. He parks nearby and gets out of the car to examine it</i> &quot;OwO wat's this?&quot; <i>Yashiro picks up the time piece and puts it into the shotgun seat of his car. He then begins to drive away </i> &quot;This make a nice souvenir&quot;
[P.H.R.I.E.N.D.S] Episode 2: "The One with Will Smith"
I have your keys right here! *Throws the set of keys at Bona04, stabbing him in the eye*
Senorita Dora... Get in me coche... Yo tengo caramelo...
Inokashira Park
Ok, you want some? *Yashiro opens a compartment filled with a random assortment of candies, such as lollie pops and snickers bars.*
Inokashira Park
*Yashiro pulls up in his car and speaks to Kuudere* Hey, kid, wanna get in my car? I have candy.
PSA: Don't be racist
Racists are the scum of the earth
Hey, kid, don't believe everything you hear! After all, it's not like there's a magical force that makes all rumors come true.

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*Takes a single bite into a snickers bar*
&quot;Woah, i've just had an epiphany. Murder is bad. I better go apologize to all my victims.&quot; <i>Eats the rest of the snickers and starts walking towards his car.</i>
Mmmm i'm in my car
Who wants to see me stick my candy up my mouth?
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