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Sexy Geography
If Scotland opens its voice then i'm done for. and very little life
The Adventures of The Chocolate Cow- Season 2
I pose on top the corpse whilest shouting "YOU UTTER FOOL GERMAN TECHNOLAGY IS THE WORLDS FINEST"
Lazytown: The RP
Filthy furries
Lazytown: The RP
Bob the builder came to the scene, to his surprise no one was fighting with one another. Envy shocked to see bob asked &quot;how's my house coming?&quot; Bob only replied with &quot;We can fix it!&quot;. Then barnie sick of this peace pulled out a sword coated with angel tears. Dora quickly came and blocked the swing barnie attempted. Thanks to dora's stand &quot;We did it&quot; she was able to do it even though she is 4 and buff AF. Barnie got knocked back due to her intense block. Sportacus and robby activated their stands, healthy greens, and number one. Barnie pulled out a whistle and blew it hard. Then from a distance everyone heard it. Airplanes ariving, at first no one noticed, but then envy yelled &quot;SHIT!!! HE CALLED JAY JAY!!!&quot;<div class='edited'>(edited by WeebB0s5)</div>
Lazytown: The RP
This kiss so firm, so intese, so hot, so, juicy. Sportacus thrusted his head back and said &quot;Their all dead because of me.&quot; Robby rotton laughed &quot;so what, you're now free to be with me like you always dreamed.&quot; &quot;But, but, i feel so bad, i tried to teach them about a healthy living.&quot; &quot;Who caaaaaares their dead now, all because thet went after monsanto, in your name.&quot; &quot;Exactly.&quot; Then NANI what is this? Oh shit here comes ma homie himself barnie the fuking dinosaur. Proudly walking up to the sad couple he said &quot;The Fuk you bitches doing kissing over my wifes grave?!&quot;
Lazytown: The RP
Shit got real as robby rotten jumps out fron the bushes as says &quot;But sportacus, they waged the war in your name, and they didn't surrender like the lazy shits they are!&quot; Then pulled out a chocolate bar and started chewing that shit so hard sportacus popped a boner. Sportacus couldn't think straight, robby rotton suddenly appeared so handsome he couldn't resist. Sportacus leaped his tight ass at that chocolate bar and took a bite off the other end (lady and the tramp style) they then kissed firmly placing their lips upon one anothers.
Who is the best p5 girl
For me personally it has to be haru, but objectively it's all of them.<div class='edited'>(edited by WeebB0s5)</div>

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Sexy Geography
Persobally italy is tge sexiest shaped country, but sweden is pretty close. And mother russia is a damn hot milf.
stupid question
does anyone have a picture of arsene's cane from persona 5? i'm trying to do a joker cosplay, and i can not for the life of me find a picture of the cane's model.
Haru best girl
It has come to my attention that best girl Haru gets a lot of hate in the Persona 5 community. so I'm creating this thread for all the hardcore P5 fans out there.
Is dancing star night a good dancing game?
Is dancing star night worth a purchase or would I be better off blasting the P5 and P5 dancing soundtracks and pray to kawakami no one walks in on me dancing?
Wait a minute...
Waaaaaait a second... Humor me if you will. Arsene the persona is based on Arsene Lupin the Gentleman Thief. And Lupin the Third is Arsene's grandson... And Sherlock Holmes made an ironically illegal appearance in the Arsene Lupin books. And well persona is a JoJo reference... Thus meaning Benidect CucumberPatch an actor who portrayed Sherlock a JoJo reference meaning the recently released trailer for 1917 in a JoJo reference prequel if you like. And if that means WWI is a JoJo reference obviously the hit sequel WWII is a JoJo reference and wait Hitler the antagonist of WWII was in persona 2? So wait where does that leave Stroheim the helpful Nazi. And basically what I am saying is Arsene is a bad add designed character in all incarnations. Whether it be the OG Lablanc. The 1967 Japanese sequel series. Or the Stan- Persona their all great examples of true gentlemen. As a fan of putting to much thought into worthless things character design is one of my favorites and helps improve my cosplay efforts. So seeing a design as well crafted as Arsene the persona it pains me he is so horrible statistically... And that's all I wanted to get off my heart (pun intended)
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