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A sentient piece of toast that likes anime and video games.

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switch lite
The switch lite Is basically for people who wanted the switch, but was out of their budget and didn't know if they would use it. Even though it's an upgraded Wii u controller, its useful to a specific demographic.
Hi, We're the Kidz Bop Kidz!
I was reading this thread and had the TV on. I turned of my phone, and was going through channels. Almost IMMEDIATELY after I went pass the first channel, an ad for kids bop was playing and was playing "S O I T A K E M Y H O R S E T O T H E O L D T O W N R O A D-" I am shaking and crying rn
Just take the vacuum Futaba
Mc: hey look I got a vacuum for you i bought it with all of my college funds. Futaba: fuck that shit man that's way too a w k w a r d Mc: boi
Which persona game has the best soundtrack
Trust me, A good majority of people think persona 5s soundtrack is not the best.
What is the best video game ever
Okay guys, no more joking around. The clear winner is desert bus.
What is the best video game ever
Trust me, there are going to be less personas then you think. Most people see the fansite as a secure place to write threads. It's amazing how many people don't talk about persona on here.<div class='edited'>(edited by Toasty)</div>
Insulting Your Smash Mains
I have a few mains, but I usually stick to two. My two favorite mains are ness and joker (both infamous for b-spam) but I like R.O.B. and dare I say it...<b>little mac.</b> This post is easy bait, and I have a feeling I know what your going to say, but screw it.<div class='edited'>(edited by Toasty)</div>
In memoriam
Is it pride month? Huh.
In memoriam
This thread is not even complaining about &quot;too much RP, not enough shitpost&quot; and is obviously not serious. Also, you did not answer #1.
In memoriam
Woah. Okay, I've got a couple of things to say. #1, why do you read and comment on threads that you don't like? #2, what do you mean &quot;we've had this discussion more then enough times&quot;? I literally said I haven't used the phansite in forever. #3, I'm not even upset about the RPocalypse. I was just making a stupid little memeorial for people to just acknowledge and laugh at. And #4, I don't have any &quot;memer buddies&quot;, I just want to make some humorous threads.

Recent topics

Do you member...?
Do you remember that one boss in persona 5, <spoiler>freddy freaker</spoiler>? That was by far the hardest boss in the game.
Which persona game has the best soundtrack
My personal favorite is persona 5.
What is the best video game ever
Hoo boy, I have the feeling this will be a long thread.
In memoriam
This thread is dedicated to the bygone days of the Phan-Site. Memes, waifu threads, actual discussions about persona, h o o b o y s,ridiculously long threads that shouldn't be that long,and elmco (seriously what happened to that guy he just disappeared), rest in peace. ; - ;
Totally an RP thread
Wow another RP thread such emotion and story! <b>RP starter: I went to the store, and bought some milk. As I was walking out of the store I noticed something. Could it be a silhouette of an OC anime character!? I broke into a sweat and thought &quot;OC anime character has been dead for three years! How could this be!? but when I opened my eyes and look at the door, he was gone. <i>scene end.</i></b>
What is the best Buzzfeed quiz?
Pssh, who needs conversation about a topic related to the forum it's posted on? Let's talk about Buzzfeed.
Is Yusuke gay or European?
Look at that tan well-tainted skin, look at the killer shape he's in, look at that slightly stubly chin, oh please he's gay, totally gay!
What was your most memorable persona moment
What was the funniest, annoying, etc thing that has happened in a playthrough of a persona game?
Share some images (no nsfw) of the best girls
Post some images of the best girls of the persona series (idea provided by Joker)
What's the best persona may may?
Persona may May's are pretty good, but which one is the best one?
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