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A sentient piece of toast that likes anime and video games.

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Who is your best girl?
Somebody: a-actually, I like Hifumi Everyone else: SHUT THE FU-
Futaba best girl! Agree or agree?
I disagree to disagreement
P5 Protagonist name
My first playthrough was Ren Amamamamia(not really), then when I got to new game plus I named him Toasty Crumbs.
Look up johnny flesh. It is the true cursed image.<div class='edited'>(edited by Toasty)</div>
Who is your best girl?
I'm going with Pancake boi and Medje- I mean Alibaba on this one.
<quote user="BBBam04"> Well, I think we can agree to disagree on that one.</quote> Actually, I have a better girl. https://statici.behindthevoiceactors.com/behindthevoiceactors/_img/chars/toranosuke-yoshida-shin-megami-tensei-persona-5-0.75.jpg
https://i.redd.it/vm0k7jd8x0t21.jpg Futubs
One of my managers tried to ban me from talking about persona to customers.
That is really stupid, but getting fired for talking about persona is literally the best way to get fired.

Recent topics

Is Yusuke gay or European?
Look at that tan well-tainted skin, look at the killer shape he's in, look at that slightly stubly chin, oh please he's gay, totally gay!
What was your most memorable persona moment
What was the funniest, annoying, etc thing that has happened in a playthrough of a persona game?
Share some images (no nsfw) of the best girls
Post some images of the best girls of the persona series (idea provided by Joker)
What's the best persona may may?
Persona may May's are pretty good, but which one is the best one?
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