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League Confederate and co manager of LeBlanc.
Status: Crazy beyond compare

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We are gathered here today
<i>The hunter is just sad that Nyarlathotep is now gone.</i> Rest peacefully fellow demon. We will all miss you friend. <i>He to takes off his hunter's cap and salutes.</i>
Thank you to the Phansite
Glad to meet you also sorry for the late announcement. I am more busy then relax for the last year. Also my discord name is Black Cerberus #5650 And also #ShamelessPlugin
If the SCP foundation doesn't show up in 15 minutes we're legally allowed to breach security
DAMN IT Foundation how do you screw up on containing a simple A.I. who hates humans?!
Petition for Atlus to give a chance to fight Igor in Persona 5 R
That is an interesting proposal. So best to see what will happen.
Welcome to the site Otacon, and I agree what Inari said, use to be very active but now it's mellow out. But still a good spot to just have a nice time.
Welcome to the Salty Spitoon
I hunt fanged beasts and wild animals... with only my fists.
uwu nya
WTF am I witnessing?
I return for a short period of time
Eeeey I see someone whom I am familiar.

Recent topics

For those who are curious of where I am, well here's my Discord Tag which Black Cerberus #5650 so you guys can ask
To @Hazama
I actually miss ya snek boi ;_;
The Workshop Forge
<i>In the middle of night of Shibuya, a small store with a small sign that reads &quot;The Hunter's workshop and forge; Where you can buy or forge mystic charms, baubles, and tools of the trade. I am also open 24/6 because Sundays are my breaks.&quot; And inside the shop is simple, a forge, enchanting and imbuing tables, and a fountain with red liquid in the center and there is Hunter just leaning back behind the counter passed asleep and the newspaper acting as sleepmask.</i> *zzzzZZZZzzzz*...*zzzZZZzzz*
Who wants to see a box of dead mice?
Royal Meeting and Greeting
<i>After the absolute ass pummeling that he and Leo recieved by the PAX unit from the Industrial Deep due to Rep's incompetence, he's at one of Windmire's taverns drinking the pain away.</i>
Ghosts and Machines
<i>It has been three months that Hunter, Leo, Spectre, Sam, Tico and Rom put an end to the Lavos threat, things begins to go back into normality. Xander is with his wife Charlotte continue to stay peace in Nohr while the land's nature begins to be back to it's lush environment but more lively. As for Hunter, he continues his duty as both a retainer and very special ally and friend. Now he wonders in the market place of Hoshido buying some cooking supplies for food.</i>
The Call of the hunt.
[i]Yharnam, the shell of the once glorious city, now writhing of the Beastly Scourge disease. Many of the remaining inhabitants now locked behind chained doors and the smell of incense if hope the turned humans will not tear into their home and not be devoured. One of the sane hunter named Aluke &quot;Hunter&quot; Vlamire wonders on the cobblestone roads, continuing his hunting route.*
Very sick and unhappy campers.
<i>Ever since winter time hit like a truck and seeming that everyone is catching their form of the flu, most of the people in Nexus being bedridden. While the Yharnamite hunter who is in bed disgruntled and feeling like death ran him over with a road roller after a slight mishap of casting a Miasma spell on himself and Leo by accident</i> <b>SNIFF</b> augh... I hate myself sometimes...
5 Possibilities now the repeal is now active.
<span class="underline"><b>DISCLAIMER</b></span> I am not a politically focused individual IN ANY way, these are my four possible things now that this happened and please Hifumi and Hibiki, don't ban me these are my PERSONAL opinions about this for which I am scared. POINT 1: National Disruption. Now with Ajit Pai finally getting Net Neutrality getting taken down, he's a bit narrow minded about the ABSOLUTE consequences that it may incur. Trump's goal was to restore relations with Russia because he's a business man who know's what to do and having a Russian friend, Ajit basically threw a wrench into the works... POINT 2: FCC being a target Yep, I am not going to sugar coat this one. An hour after the vote there was a bomb threat... It's going to rapidly escalate into literal raids... POINT 3: DEEP WEB If you know the internet then you know the Deep Web. Ya know... hire able hit men, hacking groups, drug traders, and more nasty things... they don't wanna be watched over like condors hovering over a dying animal so blood maybe spilled... okay blood WILL be spilled POINT 4: A possible terrorist attack on the FCC building. Again like Point 2... nobody is taking this very well... so someone may cause a 9/11 event on the FCC building in Washington D.C. POINT 5: Ajit now on America's black list. There were two reasons why he wanted to end Net Neutrality... once was that his daughter being harassed on the internet and having major internet providers police the internet. Today shows that he just jeopardized his own life and family due to all of America possible going to take up arms and possibly guns to direct their unbridal rage at him. So yeah expect Ajit to be dead after a week or so.
The very very bright city of Angel City
*after the use of the Hunter's Mark, he is teleported next to a Yharnam Hunter lamp near a building where's Leo's bro and sisters are living while putting on lights* Sweet Blood this place is bright...
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