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Nanako need to be protected at all costs

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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
<quote user="Sayaka_Miki">stahp you're gonna trigger my ptsd</quote> Does this PTSD include a jester splitting in two, exploding eye ball or basically any Kirby final boss
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Stop threatening our Last Post wins thread Elmco! :(
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
“Fuck You Narrator!”
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
“Excuse me what the fuck”
The board of education are a bunch of old guys that haven’t been to a public school in their life
Joker's Bizarre Adventures
“Yeah.... I definitely don’t trust you now”

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This thread includes spoilers for P3
So I’m wondering, if Door-kun came back in a future (non PQ like) persona game, how would you like him to return?
Making Pancakes for Akechi
Today we will be making the perfect pancake for our boi. How this game will work is that we will write a recipe to make the perfect pancake. It can be as ridiculous as you want it but we all have to go along with whatever is going on. Example: Person 1) Stir while screaming “We are the phantom thieves” Person 2) Take a drink of water because your throat hurts from screaming
Found a Jojo X Persona Fanfic
So I found this fanfic the other day and I enjoyed it. <b>I didn’t write this</b> but I think it’s pretty good. I suggest finishing P5 and being caught up with Jojo up to at least part 6 before reading it. The main character is the Invisible baby from part 4 and it takes place after part 6 <spoiler>in a timeline without the reset</spoiler>. It doesn’t go into “Yep this is garbage fanfic” territory ( to me at least) but it goes away from canon sometimes. To me there’s a lot of fan service for Persona 3 and 4 compared to Jojo fan service but it’s fine. <i>Cries in barely any part 5 references.</i> If anyone is interested I’ll get a link for it so you guys can read it to.
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