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I stared at Link shirtless in BOTW because I think he’s hot.
Fun facts with me
-When referring to me call me Rem -I made boob mountains in Minecraft when I was 10 -Theo is best boy -Naoto is best girl -Koromaru is a good boi -I make stupid Jojokes

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Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Remake
Why would it be on the virtual boy? It should of been on the NES duh
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Remake
Honestly Super Monkey Ball IV was <b>WAY</b> too happy after what happened in Super Monkey Ball III. Especially after they started milking the series. Like, who asked for Super Monkey Ball IV: Dancing all Night?<div class='edited'>(edited by TheRemitron)</div>
Late to the Party (Spoiler Free)
Yep I’m talking about blue hair boi. Oh by the way here’s a tip, I don’t think this is a spoiler but I suggest you max out the maid confidant as quickly as possible. The rank 10 ability is super useful
Late to the Party (Spoiler Free)
Have you met Yusuke yet?
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Page 69 would be the greatest achievement of mankind
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
We’ll just have to make a second one when that happens
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Let’s absolutely get hasty here
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
How long till we get to page 10?
SMT be like
Those signs are super common in Utah too<div class='edited'>(edited by TheRemitron)</div>
Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
Thank you pineapple for the dead memes

Recent topics

I did an oopsie
So I’m replaying Persona 4 and I got to right before Kanji’s dungeon <i>buuuuuuuut</i> I might of locked myself out getting in there. So what you’re supposed to do is talk to Kanji’s mother in the shopping district then a lady in Junes and then wait a day and go back to Junes and talk to Naoto and <i>then</i> you can go save kanji... <i>...buuuuuut....</i> My dumbass forgot about that and assumed it will tell us in one or two days and just did some social links instead. And now I think I just locked myself out of Kanji’s dungeon because I don’t have any saves that go back to the 18th and I didn’t talk to Naoto
Just take the vacuum Futaba
I bought this expensive vacuum for Futaba and the game is telling me that it’s too awkward. That vacuum wasn’t cheep god dammit just take it
Back from vacation
I went to Oregon this weekend. I’m from Utah so going from seeing a church every 5 minutes to seeing a place that sells weed every 5 minutes is truly and experience.
New P5R info
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SVNcmXopUeo I haven’t seen a translation but this is what I got so far from watching it and reading some comments. -Kasumi’s arcana is Faith and she only has five ranks -Weird skull potato fusion -Ryuji has a healing skill -You can ambush shadows with a grappling hook
This thread includes spoilers for P3
So I’m wondering, if Door-kun came back in a future (non PQ like) persona game, how would you like him to return?
Making Pancakes for Akechi
Today we will be making the perfect pancake for our boi. How this game will work is that we will write a recipe to make the perfect pancake. It can be as ridiculous as you want it but we all have to go along with whatever is going on. Example: Person 1) Stir while screaming “We are the phantom thieves” Person 2) Take a drink of water because your throat hurts from screaming
Found a Jojo X Persona Fanfic
So I found this fanfic the other day and I enjoyed it. <b>I didn’t write this</b> but I think it’s pretty good. I suggest finishing P5 and being caught up with Jojo up to at least part 6 before reading it. The main character is the Invisible baby from part 4 and it takes place after part 6 <spoiler>in a timeline without the reset</spoiler>. It doesn’t go into “Yep this is garbage fanfic” territory ( to me at least) but it goes away from canon sometimes. To me there’s a lot of fan service for Persona 3 and 4 compared to Jojo fan service but it’s fine. <i>Cries in barely any part 5 references.</i> If anyone is interested I’ll get a link for it so you guys can read it to.
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