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Regular Metaverse/Real World Roleplay!
OOC: nice to know you're really good at looking at your own thread to update it, sarah
Regular Metaverse/Real World Roleplay!
OOC: so like uh how far into the story is this
Celestial Heaven or Hell: The Mansion of Fear
<i>He sighs as he fires a light elemental bullet at one of the archers.</i> This is a complete waste of my time.
Celestial Heaven or Hell: The Mansion of Fear
<i>Anon unloads his revolver and loads in what seem to be light elemental bullets.</i> Alright, let's get moving. <i>He simply follows the rest of the group.</i>
Just another GYM
<spoiler><quote user="Reperzel">[he looks over at the figure]...mate i have no fucking clue.....its just something ive always done...most of the time ALSO, I WAS THE ONE WHO DID THE TRADITION FIRST!</quote> that's a lie and you know it</spoiler>
Celestial Heaven or Hell: The Mansion of Fear
<i>Anon takes out his revolver, he was expecting a fight.</i> Alright, finally time to get back into action. <i>He fires a regular bullet at one of the dark soldiers, not attempting to use an elemental bullet yet.</i>
Celestial Heaven or Hell: The Mansion of Fear
<i>He... seemingly smiles and follows Mot'Aru.</i> I see, I guess I shall tag along even if this won't be easy. <i>He makes sure to have his revolver at the ready.</i>
Celestial Heaven or Hell: The Mansion of Fear
<i>Anon walks by the mansion and immediately notices Mot'Aru. He then walks over to where they are.</i> Hello again, what are you doing currently, miss? I'm quite... Interested.
Defeat Quotes?
Generic: Ugh, that's what i get for attempting to fight in my state. To Heart: You... Were stronger than I thought... To Batter: Son of a bitch...
Victory Quotes: The Reckoning
Some more cus why not. To swat squad: We call this a difficulty tweak. To Note God: For a god, you're awfully weak. To Eito: Why don't you try next time, it would do you good. To Rep: Please, just stay dead for once.

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The future of this account in specific, and what I plan to do on the site.
Well, as you know, I haven't been posting on the site much lately, well I mean, in terms of my other accounts. Well I'm happy to announce I'm going to change that, and the first thing was to be to make a thread explaining my plans. First one is killing off Anon and a few minor retcons and character changes. Mainly on the front of Teddie-Anon and Morgana-Anon. Secondly, using my other accounts more, they haven't been getting enough appearances and I wanna change that. Now, as for the future of this account? I'm gonna use it more as an introduction account... If I ever make more alts, that is. Bear with me, my RP skills have gotten a lil' rusty again, but I'm sure you'll see me in another thread as another account. Thanks for being one of the best communities I could've ever been a part of.
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