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This account will be usually used for meme purposes from now on.

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Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
<i>Teddie looks around.</i> &quot;Huh, so it wasn't ordinary fog, I guess.&quot; <i>He sees the group leaving so he shouts to them.</i> &quot;Hey, wait for meeeee!&quot; <i>He starts walking quickly as he can before he trips. Then he starts rolling towards the group, because that's a good idea.</i>
Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
<i>Teddie looks at the strange fog.</i> &quot;Huh, thought more people would be here to investigate this. Well then, it seems I must be the investigation team!&quot; <i>He enters it with no second thought.</i>
Destroyer of Worlds: Closing the Divide
<i>A new arrival appears... Actually, he's not new but he hasn't been seen for quite awhile.</i> &quot;Oh, this GYM place. I remember people talking about it but I can't remember if I ever went to it! Maybe it won't hurt to take a peeeeeek~&quot; <i>He enters the GYM, blissfully unaware. Some may recognize the strange bear mascot.</i> &quot;Wow, this place does fill me with the beary strange feeling of deja vu.&quot;
And run, run until it's done, done, until the sun comes up in the morn'
So fight, fight like it's the last, last night of your life, life, show them your bite,
Creepers, you're mine
Quality and "Quality" Persona Fanfics
I mean, if you're fine with non-persona submissions, still gotta go with iSonic as the worst. As for persona related, that one Persona 4 fic we read long ago.
The shadow castle
<i>Teddie chugs an Amrita Soda™. He's not really doing much, seems like everyone here has it handled.</i>
The shadow castle
<i>Teddie stops rolling and starts going into a jog.</i> &quot;Ugly bear thing? That's beary rude of you.&quot; <i>He sniffs the air.</i> &quot;Hey, you... Smell familiar, you also look quite familiar too, are you sure we haven't met anywhere, red guy?&quot;

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Why people saying Kasumi is best girl are objectively wrong.
y'all mfs don't even know her personality yet we don't even know her arcana wait until the game comes out because all you're going off of is those thick thighs
Hot take: Pokemon Let's Go appeals to filthy casuals
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/453074249649881089/512676097205338113/Screenshot_20181115-114214_iFunny_.jpg am i wrong
This goddamn cat speaks to my soul.
About the Siivagunner King for a Day tournament...
If Unregistered Hypercam 2 doesn't win, I will do a vocal cover of Paralyzer.
Important Announcement.
There's been a lot of talk going around that due to Ace from PPG begin part of Gorillaz that Jack Black is in Samurai Jack... BUT. With the new Wreck-It-Ralph movie being based around the internet, that means that Fat Albert is canon to KH3 due to Ralph being a summon... But it doesn't end there. This means that everything is canon to everything due to everything being on the internet. <b><i>WRECK-IT-RALPH FUCKED EVERY CANON IN EXISTENCE</i></b> <i><b><span class="underline">THIS ALSO MEANS THAT ONCE THE MOVIE RELEASES, OUR UNIVERSE WILL COLLIDE. HIDE YO KIDS</span></b></i>
PK, I don't feel so good...
the anons did nothing wrong
leave my friends alone, stinky
the bestest jojoke to grace this earth
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